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Ariana Grande Remembers Mac Miller on 27th Bday … ‘miss u’

Mac Miller would’ve turned 27 on Saturday, and one very important person in his life definitely didn’t forget the occasion … Ariana Grande

Mac’s ex paid tribute to the late MC on social media just after the clock struck 12 on what would’ve been his next birthday. She tweeted at 12:13 AM … “miss u.”

She also posted what appears to be a personal photo of the two of them on her Instagram story, where it looks like they were hanging out in a studio and goofing around.

It’s been 4 months since the tragic passing of Mac Miller — and Ariana has been mourning his death ever since … both in song and in her personal life. Just last month, she posted a photo of his hands on a keyboard … but quickly took the post down.

We’ve been told Ariana is still grappling with his demise to this day … and her latest tribute is clear evidence of that. 

TMZ broke the story … Mac died of an accidental overdose in September after ingesting a fatal combination of fentanyl and cocaine. 

He might be gone, but he’s certainly not forgotten. 

Ariana Grande Mum On Allegedly Ripping Off Nokia for ‘7 Rings’


Ariana Grande smiled but had nothing to say about claims she ripped off another artist in the creation of her latest song, “7 Rings.”

We got Ariana Friday night in L.A. leaving Rockwell Table and Stage, and had nothing to say about Princess Nokia‘s claim the lyrics to “7 Rings” are way too similar to her song, “Mine,” from her mixtape “1992.”

Ariana’s lyrics — “My wrists, stop watchin’, my neck is flossin’ / Make big deposits, my gloss is poppin’ / You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it / I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.”

Nokia’s lyrics — “Rock my many styles then go natural for the summer / Hair blowing in the Hummer / Flip the weave, I am stunner / It’s mine, I bought it / It’s mine, I bought it.”

Ariana perks up a little when we congratulate her on Coachella, waiving as she drives away in the night.

Ariana Grande I’m Dropping ‘7 Rings’ … But My Friends Got 7 Rings Too!!!


Ariana Grande‘s “7 Rings” drops Friday … and we’re told Ariana and Co. expect the song will become an anthem for female empowerment … with more than a mention of retail therapy as a cure for breakups.

Sources involved in the recording say “7 Rings” wasn’t just a random song title … the name was inspired by something that happened shortly after her breakup with Pete Davidson. Ariana went out with her girls on a shopping spree, meandered into a jewelry store and bought 7 engagement rings for her friends. 

One verse goes like this … 

       They say money doesn’t solve your problems

       Whoever said that must not have enough money to solve them.

The lyrics also reference her breakups — just like “Thank U, Next” 

“7 Rings” is Ariana’s first single since releasing “Thank U, Next” … and her people think the new song will do at least as well as its predecessor. 

We’re told the song will also feature a new music video. 

TMZ Live Ariana Grande Headlining Coachella For Women Empowerment


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Ariana Grande Coachella Headliner … Meant to Empower Women


Ariana Grande is a hard left turn for Coachella, but it’s a turn that was made consciously and involves women, empowerment and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Sources connected with production tell TMZ, choosing Ariana to headline the festival was a little tricky. There have only been 3 other women who headlined — Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Bjork — and Beyonce’s appearance last year made it all the more daunting to choose a female artist who would not stand in Bey’s shadow.

We’re told the pick was designed to showcase female empowerment, noting Ariana has been through hell recently but always managed to pick herself up and move forward. Our sources say everyone involved in the decision believes Ariana can measure up to Beyonce … and they believe it will resonate especially with women. As one source put it, “Ariana is inspirational, and millions of people, particularly women, will connect with her.”

They also note Ariana has an international audience, and the media and social media pickup the announcement has generated proves the point.  


Ariana Grande Headlining Coachella With Tame Impala & Childish Gambino

Ariana Grande will headline this year’s Coachella music festival along with Tame Impala and Childish Gambino.

Coachella released its lineup Wednesday night and revealed Ariana will be the final performer of the event … which goes for two weekends outside Palm Springs, California. Other acts include Kid Cudi, Zedd, Khalid, Pusha T, Solange and Weezer.

Grande is coming off a massive end to 2018, with her single “Thank U, Next” and plenty of headlines including her broken engagement with Pete Davidson and death of her ex Mac Miller.

TMZ broke the story … Kanye was in negotiations as one of the festival’s headliners but ultimately decided against it because he wasn’t allowed to design his own stage.

Coachella sees more than 100,000 people attend per weekend each year.

Ariana Grande Who Am I Dating NOW??? No One in 2019, Or Ever Again (Probs)

Ariana Grande is about that single life heading into the new year, and probably for the rest of her days … according to her, anyway.

Ari responded to an article on Tuesday which speculated on who she’s been seeing lately by hilariously tweeting, “can they tell me too?” She followed up with, “spoiler for the rest of this year / probably my life: it’s no one. please refer back to this tweet for future questions.”

It goes without saying … AG’s had it rough this year in the love department. She called off her engagement with ‘SNL’ star Pete Davidson … and, of course, her ex, Mac Miller, tragically died of an accidental overdose from a mix of fentanyl and cocaine.

Ariana seems to be joking about the never dating again thing, but her point is coming through loud and clear … her dating life shouldn’t be the subject of such scrutiny in 2019.

Have you heard her new single yet? It’s her … she’s single. 


Ariana Grande Posts and Deletes Mac Miller Tribute

Ariana Grande had Mac Miller on her mind Sunday night, when she posted this pic of the late rapper’s hands on a keyboard.

Our sources say Ariana is still trying to cope with her ex-boyfriend’s death … a tragedy that has weighed her down in a tumultuous year, which included her bad breakup with ex-fiance Pete Davidson.  She also took heat over her posts about Kanye and mental health … something that set Pete off when he threatened to kill himself a few weeks back.

Ariana deleted the pic during the night … unclear why.

TMZ broke the story … Mac died from an accidental overdose back in September, after ingesting a fatal combination of fentanyl  and cocaine. 

Hoping for a much better 2019.

Ariana Grande Vegas New Year’s Eve Weekend Concert Canceled


Ariana Grande has bailed on her New Year’s Eve weekend concert due to illness … TMZ has learned.

Ariana was set to headline at the Cosmopolitan hotel Saturday night, but moments ago we learned the plug has been pulled.

Sources connected to Ariana tells us the singer has been sick all week and wasn’t getting better. We’re told she has bronchitis.

We’re told Ariana will reschedule at a later date.

This caps off a rough year for Ariana … most recently her difficult breakup with ex-fiance Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande Puts Pete Drama Aside … Let’s Make a Music Video!!!

Ariana Grande‘s putting a tumultuous week behind her … and getting back to business.

The pop star was spotted at a home in the Hollywood Hills Friday, all glammed up to shoot a music vid. Ariana’s back to her classic look too — a sexy black getup … to go with her long ponytail.

As we’ve reported … it’s been topsy-turvy times lately for Grande. Not long after the release of her massively successful “Thank U, Next” video, she got into it with Kanye West on Twitter and subsequently offended her ex-fiance, Pete Davidson, with a comment about mental health.

After Pete posted an ominous note suggesting he was suicidal, Ariana rushed to check on him at 30 Rock … but he refused to see her.

Dr. Drew suggested she should just stay away from Pete for now … and it looks like that’s what she’s doing.