Jeremy Meeks and Chloe Green Are Expecting a Baby

In 2014, Jeremy Meeks reached viral fame as the Hot Mugshot Guy after police posted his photo after he was arrested. When he got out of prison, he had a modeling job lined up.

Which is how he came to be photographed on a boat, cheating on his wife with Topshop heiress Chloe Green.

That was no idle fling, however. And now, Jeremy and Chloe are expecting their first child together.

This is going to be one beautiful baby!

Us Weekly reports that Chloe Green is pregnant with Jeremy Meeks’ baby, which they announce was confirmed to them by multiple sources.

Even though we don’t yet have an official statement from the Topshop heiress or from the virally famous hot felon, this is exciting news for the couple and for their fans.

Yes, they do have fans.

Many see Jeremy Meeks as a shining example that a seemingly random opportunity can arise and allow someone to transform their entire life. He went from a life of crime to becoming an international model because of one famous photo.

Chloe Green is an heiress, but we suppose that she’s a reminder that you can land the man of your dreams if you’re extraordinarily wealthy and happen to run across him when he’s separated from his wife by an ocean.

So, about Jeremy Meeks’ wife.

Melissa Meeks is pissed that her husband allegedly cheated on her while overseas. He had to travel for work, of course.

Looking at it from her perspective, she waited for him for a few years while he was locked away in prison, only to have him stray almost as soon as he had the opportunity.

To make matters worse, it was Jeremy who filed separation papers … and listed their date of separation as before his relationship with Chloe Green began.

That would undercut accusations of cheating.

And then, last October, he filed for divorce from the mother of his child. Well, from the mother of Jeremy Meeks, Jr. And Junior is about to get a paternal half-brother.

Since they were first spotted on that boat together in 2017, Jeremy and Chloe haven’t exactly been shy about their romance.

In fact, the Topshop heiress has been happy to show off her beautiful new beau as the couple has traveled all over.

They kiss in restaurants. They kiss on Instagram. Sometimes they kiss while wearing very little clothing.

That’s what you do when you’re living your best life and happy to share your romance with the world.

Ultimately, we don’t know how much support Melissa Meeks is getting or will ultimately be receiving from Jeremy.

A judge is likely to look at the woman who waited for her husband while he was in prison with sympathy.

That said, the fact that she was apparently able to support herself and her children while he was locked away may hurt her when it comes to final rulings on divorce.

At the same time, Jeremy is definitely the higher earner at the moment, since he’s working as an international model.

The whole reason that he took the modeling gig in the first place was because the money was too good to pass up.

But Jeremy’s been happy to post photos of himself with his son on Instagram, so whatever the alimony ruling may come down to, we certainly hope that Jeremy Meeks, Jr. will get all of the support that he needs and deserves.

Reactions from fans to this pregnancy news are mixed so far, in part because the couple hasn’t officially announced it.

Some are still shaming Jeremy Meeks for having cheated on his wife.

Others are disparaging Chloe Green for being “conned” by a hot con, since they believe that Jeremy is only interested in her for her family’s wealth.

Reactions are likely to grow more vocal — but perhaps more positive — when these two finally confirm the good news.


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