Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Is Catherine Dying?!

Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy featured the return of Catherine Fox who was out of town dealing with her foundation and a health crisis. 

It also featured her husband, Richard at his darkest moment yet, and some relationship drama for that pesky ‘ship that is Jaggie. 

At the top of the hour, Meredith and Koracick were whisked off to L.A. with the aim of helping Catherine who summoned them to help out with a patient. 

Once at the building Mer and Kor (It has a certain ring to it, right?!) were ordered to room with technology that you would expect in a futuristic movie. 

They noticed a tumor in the vascular and nerve domains, and when the two surgeons wanted to know who the patient was, Catherine confirmed it was her. 

It was a stunning twist. But Catherine didn’t want to be taken away from the ribbon cutting of the building, so she was adamant about business as usual. 

The three went out for drinks, and while Catherine wanted to know whether her prognosis was grim, the doctors had no answers until results returned. 

She went on to say that she couldn’t tell anything to Richard. 

“I don’t know if he can handle this,” she said, which explained why she text Richard at the top of the hour to say she was spending more time in Los Angeles. 

Later, as the ribbon cutting kicked off, Koracick admitted to Meredith that Catherine was suffering from cancer, and he was scared that he could not save her. 

“I have no idea how remove it without paralyzing her or killing her,” he said with a sad look on his face. Grey’s really wasn’t lying with its “15 seasons of feels” promotional efforts.

As for Richard, he was going through some struggles of his own. Hell, he’s been spiraling since his sponsor died last season. 

At the hospital, Nurse Frankie had some major complications with her pregnancy. After stabilizing her, she died in the O.R., and it left Richard in a horrifying situation. 

He went to the bar and talked about his sobriety. The barman poured him multiple shots of vodka, and let him have at it. 

But this was not the type of support Richard was looking for, so he trashed the bar and found himself in jail. How far will he spiral after his wife’s cancer diagnosis?

As for Jaggie, things took an awkward turn when Maggie noticed a woman was texting him and learned that her knight in shining armor was romancing other women. 

Well, he got close with another woman while having his crisis of faith. This rubbed Maggie the wrong way, and she took it as him sleeping with other women. 

Maggie claimed she thought she would be the reason their relationship fizzled out, and Jackson countered that she was the first one to run in any given situation. 

Jackson went on to say that he was made he and April had the crisis of faith at different times, and that was enough for Maggie to call the time of death on the relationship. 

What are your thoughts on the latest episode?

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Grey’s Anatomy continues Thursdays on ABC. 


Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Who’s Dying?

Ghosts from the past roamed the halls of Seattle Grace Memorial on Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy as Día de Muertos weighed heavily on the minds of our favorite characters. 

It was all thanks to a girl named Flo who was in the hospital for surgery, so her family decided to celebrate their tradition, and it resulted in a lot of blasts from the past. 

Before that, Richard pulled Meredith aside to let her know that one of his friends told him her father was dying of cancer and was in a hospice. 


This threw Meredith for a loop as she tried to conclude whether her deadbeat father deserved to be graced with her presence one last time. 

As such, she turned to Maggie because they’re as close as ever, but Meredith quickly realized the journey ahead was one she had to travel on her own. 

Cece set her up on another date, and she wasted no time in talking about her issues with her father, and it rendered the whole romance a dud. 

Both Link and DeLuca were in a battle for Meredith’s heart, so they were especially pissed to learn that she was still dating. 

After embracing Día de Muertos, Meredith exited the hospital, but there were ghosts from the past walking the halls. 

There was Derek, Lexie, George and even Meredith’s mother, Ellis. Meredith somehow found herself getting closer to Link after visiting Alex instead of her father.

Elsewhere, Miranda and Jo worked together with a woman who was planning her funeral because she was under the impression she was not getting the liver she needed in time. 

A patient died, and Miranda decided to try and salvage the liver from his body because he was a match with the woman who needed the liver. 

Despite the liver functioning, Alex shut the whole thing down, claiming that he couldn’t allow it to go ahead in case there were issues down the line that put the hospital under scrutiny. 

But Bailey and Jo went ahead with the surgery thinking they were saving a life, and that they did. The surgery went well, and the woman survived with a new lease on life. 

Jo thought Alex was going to flip out, but he loved that she was right and they got hot and heavy in his office.

Elsewhere, Betty went missing, and it threw a wrench in Teddy’s plan to tell Owen all about her carrying his child. 

Yes, this storyline is going to be dragged on until the midseason finale, you guys!

Amelia, Teddy, and Owen worked together to find the teenager, but their mission was unsuccessful. They ultimately gave up when Amelia had to go to a meeting because she thought she was being triggered. 

The mystery of Betty’s whereabouts will continue on next Thursday’s installment. 

What are your thoughts on the latest episode?


Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Who Returned?

Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy featured Teddy coming out of hiding, Jackson’s return, medical mysteries, and all the relationship drama we’ve come to expect from this soapy ABC drama. 

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy online, you know that Teddy has been in hiding ever since she told Maggie about her pregnancy on Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Episode 1

With Meredith in the know thanks to Maggie’s loose lips, she aimed to help Teddy because she knew she was suffering because Owen and Amelia were back together. 

In one of the series’ most comical openings to date, Meredith found Teddy at a park in a huge lie, and before we knew it, the pair were making cookies in Meredith’s kitchen. 

Teddy admitted that she as initially prepared to tell Owen about her status as an expectant mother, but then she realized he was sleeping with the enemy. 

The enemy in this instance is, of course, Amelia. But that was too much for Meredith to handle, so the surgeon asked her pal whether there was any way she and Owen could raise their child together amicably. 

“I hate him so much, I wanna smash his face in!” Teddy yelled as she bashed some cookie dough. 

But by the end of the installment, she admitted that she loved Owen and that she didn’t want to come between him and Amelia if they were in a good place. 

Teddy felt like Owen would ditch Amelia in the name of being a stand-up guy, but Meredith refuted that, saying that he will do the right thing, whatever that means. 

While Teddy was chatting through her issues with Meredith, Owen and Amelia were loitering outside Betty’s school to make sure she was not doing drugs or cutting classes. 

It allowed them to chat about the past, and finally get on the same page as each other in terms of where they stand with each other. 

It’s just a shame that will all fall apart when the baby bombshell drops. 

Back at the hospital, Jackson returned with a patient from abroad to perform a complicated surgery, and he was desperately trying to win Maggie back. 

But his girlfriend was less than enthused about it, and it took him saving a young boy’s life for her to realize she needs him in her life. 

As for Jackson, the crisis of faith seemed to subside thanks to his brainwave that helped save the young boy’s life. 

Was there really hope for this couple? 

Meanwhile, Bailey and Jo tried to help a woman who wanted Meredith Grey to go through the process of elimination to find out what condition she had. 

After giving up, the woman consumed a sandwich, and they realized the problem only occurred when she consumed food, so they cured her. 

What are your thoughts on the latest installment?

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Grey’s Anatomy continues Thursday on ABC. 


Sarah Drew Had a Problem with Her Grey’s Anatomy Exit

Can Sarah Drew be honest for a few minutes?

Can she just go ahead and keep it real for a moment?

Okay, great. The actress really appreciates it.

As you very likely know by now, Drew was let go from Grey’s Anatomy in March, about two months before the end of Season 14.

She had starred as Dr. April Kepner for years and was considered a fan favorite, which is why both Drew and millions of viewers out there felt blindsided by ABC’s decision.

While producers have not come out and said it, both Drew and Jessica Capshaw were not brought back to the series for budgetary reasons.

This is the assumption most fans have been making at least.

As for how April was written off the drama?

Her storyline wrapped up for good up when she got married to former fiance Matthew Taylor and left Seattle.

And now Drew has spoken out for the first time about whether she thinks April received a proper send-off.

“In the moment it felt rushed, to be perfectly honest,” the actress told Entertainment Tonight about her depature, adding:

“I felt like it wasn’t really earned because we just didn’t get enough time. We [had] like a scene together that whole season and hadn’t seen each other for four years before that.

“I would’ve liked to have actually grown their relationship to a point where it felt earned for them to get married.”

That’s a very fair point.

It’s reasonable to wonder how far in advance ABC made the choice not to bring Drew back for Season 15.

Still, Drew wants to make it clear:

She isn’t really complaining.

She’s grateful for her time on the show and she can even see how her character’s closing arc made a special kind of sense.

“In hindsight, I think there is something beautifully redemptive that goes along with April’s return to faith and rebirth,” she told ET, continuing as follows:

“The person that she hurt the most in her life was the man she left at the altar, and the redemption story comes full circle in the reconciliation between the two of them.

Even in the darkest and the most painful of relationship experiences, there can still be healing and hope and love and joy, so there was something about that that I could totally get behind.

“I just wish we’d had a little more time to play it out.

Finally, while Drew has moved on (she’s currently starring in a movie called Indivisble), she isn’t bitter toward producers or anything.

Heck, she’d likely make a return to Grey’s Anatomy if the opportunity ever presented itself.

“I’ll never say never because they are my family. I still love everyone over there,” she said when ths topic was broached, concluding:

“I love that community and I still have such an incredible space in my heart for everyone over there, but I really do feel like, because of how it went down, I really had to part ways with April.

“I just had to.

“There was no way for me to live in a space of possibility of her returning and also be healthy in my letting go of all of it, so I really have said goodbye to her.”


Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Meredith Has a Date!

Meredith Grey’s love life has been silent ever since her lover, Derek Shepherd lost his life in 2015. 

Despite hints of a relationship forming with a new man Nathan Riggs, the love of his life returned after being presumed dead for several years. 

On Thursday, Meredith returned to the world of dating with some dude named John (Josh Radnor), but did it all work out? 

The moment the Chief of Surgery showed up, there was an awkward moment. That’s to be expected when you’re on a blind date. 

Meredith got new make-up and some new, fashionable clothes for the occasion and she was positively glowing. 

John wasted no time in commenting on her appearance before they got talking about their professional lives. 

The charming man Radnor played was someone who took privacy very seriously. As such, he developed a software that allowed consumers to choose which of their data is shared. 

Meredith was adamant to her friends and family earlier in the installment that the date would last minutes, so she had to rearrange her afternoon appointments when they pair actually hit it off. 

Another awkward moment ensued when the pair realized they were with the wrong date, and the people they were supposed to be with had also hit it off. 

It was great to see Mer out and about and confident as ever, but the little feelings she had for John combusted when he said that single moms were needy and desperate to speed up relationships. 

That’s when Meredith politely ended the date, admitting she had kids and headed back to the hospital. Could John return again to prove he made a mistake? 

In all honesty, he was an ass, and our favorite TV surgeon can do so much better than him. 

Elsewhere, Maggie continued to feel the weight of the secret Teddy asked her to keep, and it spilled over into her case of the week. 

A young mother was rushed into the emergency room, and after some investigating, she learned the woman had taken a heart attack possibly a week before. 

As such, she stood a slim chance of pulling through. Maggie informed the woman’s husband, who was against telling the son about his mother’s grim prognosis. 

It got worse when it was actually time to switch off the machine and say goodbye. The man refused to allow his son into the room. 

DeLuca took the kid to the helipad while the father said goodbye, but the kid bolted out of the hospital. 

All of this proved too much for Maggie, and she blurted out the truth to Meredith about Teddy having a bun in the oven, and how it could ruin Owen and Amelia’s relationship. 

In doing so, she broke Doctor-Patient confidentiality. Will Meredith keep quiet? 

As for Owen and Amelia, they had their work cut out for them with Betty. She returned home under the influence of drugs and called Amelia a “hag” for like two minutes. 

The teenager denied taking any drugs, or even alcohol, prompting Amelia to drag her to the hospital for a drugs test. 

Betty flipped out when she heard about it, but Owen managed to get her to own up to smoking marijuana. 

After some assistance from Owen’s mother, Amelia doled out a month-long punishment for Betty. 

Then there was Alex. He was still struggling to find his bearings as the Interim Chief. He and Dahlia treated a college kid who had a pulmonary bleb that could burst after his breathing was getting worse. 

The kid didn’t have the insurance to cover the operation and was willing to live with it. His mother was already working three jobs, and he didn’t want to worry her. 

Karev didn’t take no for an answer, so he slashed the kid’s leg, so he had to go into emergency surgery. The kid’s insurance covered emergency medical care. 

Dahlia ratted Karev out to Webber, and Alex was put on blast for his actions. But Alex told Webber about a time his sister was sick, and he hot-wired a car to take her to the hospital. 

The reason?

The cost to call an ambulance would have destroyed their family. 

What did you think of the episode?

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Grey’s Anatomy continues Thursdays on ABC.


Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Who Got Fired?

Alex Karev is the interim Chief of Grey Sloan Memorial, and he’s messing everything up. 

Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy chronicled the manchild’s first day on the job, and it did not bode well for his future at the hospital. 

Allow us to explain…

Alex was on a high with his promotion and set out to approve just about everything anyone asked of him. The most ridiculous thing he approved was a 3D printer that allowed Link to change the color of prosthetic limbs. 

While $ 500 per colored prosthetic sounds semi-reasonable, the hospital needed the 3D printer that would cost $ 65,000 to order in. 

By the end of the day, Alex was in a tense standoff with Bailey who wanted to know why he was approving everything on his first day. 

That’s when Alex showed his cards, revealing the biggest blunder of his entire career. According to him, he was still below budget for the month. 

After Bailey looked at his figures, it became glaringly obvious he was looking at the figures for the quarter and not the month. 

Alex had spent the hospital’s budget for the entire quarter. 


But Alex did make a good decision. Who would have thought it? 

Vik, who blackmailed Bailey and the hospital to get his job back at the end of last season, finally got his comeuppance. 

He failed to recognize that a man with a nosebleed was about to die. 

“I need an attending!” he yelled upon realizing he messed up. 

The patient died in the operating room, and Vik refused to take responsibility. 

I’m just an intern,” Vik cried. “This isn’t on me.”

He didn’t want to call the time of death, so he rushed off into a room with Nico showing off his abs to Levi. 

Alex followed Vik and decided to fire him on the spot. He had it coming, you guys!

The medical mystery on Thursday’s installment revolved around a school teacher who fell asleep while operating a saw. 

It resulted in multiple students being rushed into the O.R., and Webber took action when Levi said there was a high alcohol level in the blood. 

“The more sober he gets,” Richard said, “the worse he’s going to feel.”

The teacher was against the notion that he got drunk in the classroom, and Webber seemed to think the man was trying his best to deflect the situation. 

Alex ultimately had to remove Webber from the room … maybe because there was a lawsuit on the horizon if he was wrong. 

However, Webber persisted and brought some vodka to the man as he was recovering. The next thing we knew, the man was supposedly drunk again. 

Thankfully, Webber did not give the man the drink and confirmed he had a rare condition that meant the sugar in his body would make him drunk. 

Crisis averted then, right?

Elsewhere, Maggie was trying to set Amelia up with anybody she could, presumably to soften the blow of Teddy’s pregnancy when it is revealed. 

Amelia took notice of it and asked her to stop because she was no longer on the market. 

Okay then. 

What Maggie failed to realize was that she might be back on the market. Jackson sent an email into the hospital taking a leave of absence. 

This was news to Maggie who was visibly annoyed. Jackson was having a crisis of faith, but he could at least let her know what was going on with him. 

What are your thoughts on the latest installment? 

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Grey’s Anatomy continues Thursdays on ABC. 


Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Meredith is Sleeping With WHO?

Meredith Grey has been at the center of the drama on Grey’s Anatomy since it debuted, but if one thing was clear on the premiere of Grey’s Anatomy Season 15, it’s that she’s yearning for love. 

The closest semblance of a relationship since Derek’s death was Nathan, but with the love of his life returning from the dead, well her relationship fell apart. 

During Thursday’s season premiere, Meredith was having wild dreams about her getting hot and heavy with none other than DeLuca, Jackson, and Koracick. 

There was even a guest appearance from the new Ortho God in said dreams, but it was clearer than ever that Meredith needed some loving. 

A woman who fell asleep at the wheel and knocked a young girl off her bike wanted to play the hospital matchmaker, and Meredith was not having it. 

The surgeon wasn’t quite ready for a relationship despite her wild dreams saying otherwise. What we did learn is that she shared a kiss with DeLuca at the wedding, so there’s that. 

Despite all of the drama with her sex life, Meredith wanted to keep Jo and Alex in Seattle, so she was happy to try and get Bailey to take on Jo’s idea to keep the newlyweds around the hospital. 

Bailey declined, but later changed her focus following her plan to take a “stress sabbatical” from Grey Sloan Memorial. 

Jo got what she wanted, and Alex was made interim Chief. This was surprising when you consider that Teddy was supposed to be getting the job. 

But Teddy changed her mind when she realized that Owen and Amelia were getting closer and that they likely had a kid. 

Teddy had to tell Maggie everything because she was worried her unborn child was in danger. Maggie helped her, and she was sent on her way. 

Amelia started to worry when she realized Teddy was back on the scene and set out to find a way to express her feelings. 

After a cautionary tale from Koracick about how he let his wife go and regretted it, she plucked up the courage to say her feelings out loud. 

It all resulted in Owen reciprocating them, but they were not out of the woods. Amelia worried that this big life change could kick her off the wagon. 

They decided to take things slow. 

Jackson wondered about faith following what happened with April, and because DeLuca had saved he and Maggie from the car at the top of the installment. 

However, Maggie later realized he had PTSD and it was only further fueled when he failed to save the cyclist. 

He and Maggie chatted about the future and they were in a good place.

And Meredith went back to the matchmaker who didn’t want the donor heart when she learned that the kid from the accident died. 

Meredith asked for assistance in finding a man, thus, giving the old woman a reason to live. Talk about the season of feels!

There was also a new relationship on the horizon: The show’s first gay male surgeon, Nico showed up, and he had an instant connection with Levi. 

But Levi had no idea what was going on. This could be interesting!

Okay then. 

What did you think of the episode?

Sound off below. 

Grey’s Anatomy continues Thursday on ABC. 


Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: What Should We Expect on Season 15?

Are you ready to experience ALL the feels, Grey's Anatomy fans?

You soon will be, according to ABC, which has dubbed Season 15 as the season of "feels" in the first official poster for new episodes, which will kick off on Thursday, September 27…

… with a TWO-HOUR premiere. 

We can't wait.

But we'll need to, for a few more days.

Thankfully, enough has leaked about the first couple episodes, along with various upcoming storylines, that we've been able to put together this Season 15 guide for those who don't mind being mildly spoiled.

Consider yourself warned and scroll down to find out what's on tap:

1. 15 Seasons of Feels

15 seasons of feels
The Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 poster promises that viewers will experience ALL the feels in 2018-2019.

2. Will Meredith Find Love Again?

Will meredith find love again
YES! “The question this season, is not ‘Will Meredith Grey find love again,’ but ‘With whom will she find love?'” show runner Krista Vernoff has teased.

3. With Whom?!?

With whom
DeLuca? Chris Carmack’s new surgeon? Greg Germann’s Dr. Thomas Koracick? There are plenty of attractive options.

4. The Mystery Deepens

The mystery deepens
“I can’t tease who she will end up with,” Vernoff told TVLine. “But I can say that it is going to be a joyful, funny, complicated journey to get there.”

5. Wait, Doesn’t She Hook Up with DeLuca?

Wait doesnt she hook up with deluca
This scene from the Season 15 trailer certainly makes it appear that way, but perhaps it was a one-night stand or even just a fantasy.

6. What About the Love Triangle to End All Triangles?

What about the love triangle to end all triangles
There are many relationships, marriages and babies involved between Amelia, Owen and Teddy. “It’s not going to be the typical love triangle,” and that “it gets complicated, but in a very multi-layered way,” says Kim Raver.

View Slideshow

Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Trailer: Meet the Hot New Docs!

Grey's Anatomy will be featuring quite a few changes on Season 15.

But at least one thing will remain the same:

The doctors at the center of this long-running series will NOT exactly be difficult on the eyes.

A pair of cases in point:

As previously reported, neither Sarah Drew nor Jessica Capshaw will reprise their roles (as April Kepner and Arizona Robbins, respectively) ths fall, but producers are looking to fill these holes with the newbies pictured above.

The official preview highlighted on this page shows actors Chris Carmack and Alex Landi strolling into the hospital as two handsome physicians, along with a female patient lying in bed.

“Oh, my God,” she gushes as they enter her room.

Speaking of bed, the concept of entering (sorry) and a woman expressing awe/satisfaction… it also looks like Meredith will be getting a new love interest on Season 15.

This is the main takeaway from the trailer for most fans.

At the conclusion of this trailer – which teases a two-part season premiere with "one jaw-dropping twist" – Ellen Pompe's Meredith seems rather flustered around Dr. Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti).

Yes, she shot him down last season.

But this season? All we know is that the footage flashes to scenes of the two making out between the sheets.

Elsewhere, Kim Raver’s Teddy Altman appears, announcing she’s “11 weeks pregnant,” as Dr. Maggie Pierce (played by Kelly McCreary) looks at her in disbelief.

We can't wait to see how this storyline develops.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 premieres on ABC on Thursday, September 27, at 8/7c.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Drew said the following about her unexpected departure:

"I was told that the show had too many characters. And that they needed to downsize because they couldn’t service all of the characters effectively…

"It was really hard to hear that.

"But [producer Krista Vernoff] had a lot of very complimentary things to say about the work that I had done – especially this past season – and that April was going to have her happy ending."

We'll miss April for sure.

But we're still psyched to find out what's in store in Seattle on Season 15.

Check out the new footage now!

Greys anatomy season 15 trailer meet the hot new docs

Sarah Drew Finally Speaks Out on Grey’s Anatomy Firing!

This year’s Grey’s Anatomy casting shocker impacted a lot of fans. Some even proposed a boycott of the series.

Fans were not happy to see April leave the series. And no one was more disappointed than the actress herself, Sarah Drew.

For the first time, she is speaking out in detail about how the news was broken to her, how she reacted, and what she wishes had been different.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sarah Drew finally details how she found out that she was leaving Grey’s Anatomy.

First of all, she explains the reason that she was given.

“I was told that the show had too many characters,” Drew reveals. “And that they needed to downsize because they couldn’t service all of the characters effectively.”

So we shouldn’t blame Ellen Pompeo and her huge salary, in other words.

Drew explains: “They didn’t want any of us to be left in the background and not getting much of a story.”

Writing a book and writing a TV series are not the same, and have different considerations because there are real people involved.

Drew also shares that a showrunner explained why her character in particular went to the chopping block.

“Krista Vernoff said that she felt like April had been through so much and had come out the other side,” Drew says. “And that she didn’t know what she could put her through again.”

Viewers are familiar with watching a beloved character suffer again and again and wanting them to get their happily ever after.

Well, shows are built on conflict. Most characters don’t get a happily ever after and to get to stay on the show.

“It was really hard to hear that,” Drew admits. “But Krista had a lot of very complimentary things to say about the work that I had done — especially this past season — and that April was going to have her happy ending.”

The news was, of course, difficult to take.

“It was in the afternoon and I went back to my trailer and I did my crying and called my people,” Drew shares. “A whole bunch of people came into my trailer to give me hugs and cry with me and tell me they were so sad I was leaving.”

Thta sounds devastating.

“I was supposed to be shadowing Kevin this whole episode with the hope that I would get to direct an episode of Grey’s,” Drew reveals. “But [after being let go] it seemed like wasn’t a possibility anymore.”

She says that her Emmy nomination was a source of comfort.

“My confidence had gotten a bit shaken in the wake of being let go,” Drew confesses. “And the nomination after the fact made me go, ‘I don’t need to be worried about anything or have my confidence shaken.”

Like many Japril shippers who watched at home, Drew had imagined that things would go differently for her character.

“In the midst of it, I was devastated that Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April wasn’t an end game,” Drew confesses.

She thought that April would be looking into those famously beautiful eyes for the rest of her life.

“I thought Jackson and April were meant to get back together,” Drew admits. “And they were going to get married again and realize they’d been crazy and it was just going to be this long, slow burn.”

So many viewers have been there.

Drew acknowledges: “But after thinking about it, there’s a real sweetness to that story of April’s faith.”

Drew says: “She ran off with Jackson and loved him and wouldn’t regret a single second of that relationship because it made her heart grow and she got a beautiful daughter out of it.”

“She grew as a woman and as a person of faith,” Drew affirms. “All of that had to happen.”

That was not endgame for the character, however.

“But,” Drew says. “There was something beautiful about the redemption story between April and Matthew.”

When the show you love doesn’t end a character or storyline the way that you’d like, well, that’s why fanfiction exists.