Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 12 Recap: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Who won the surgical competition? 

That was the big question on Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 12, as the doctors inside Grey Sloan Memorial went out of their way to level the playing field and emerge with a win. 

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy online, you will know that April has been struggling to keep the faith after three of her patients died in one day. 

This has resulted in viewers getting to see a different side of the character, and it’s obvious she does not care about the way people view her any longer. 

This new April has been sleeping with an intern, and even struggled to find a way to deal with the all of the doctors who showed up late to the big meeting. 

“Good God, I’ve created a monster,” Webber said as he realized the severity of what April was going through. Maybe he should have dealt with the competition on his own instead of delegating his tasks. 

April was not the only one struggling with losing patients. Arizona’s heart was also feeling heavy, and it sent her back to her ex-girlfriend, Carina DeLuca. 

Arizona wanted to find a way to reduce mothers dying during and after childbirth, and given Carina’s experience, she asked her to partner with her for the contest. 

Carina accepted, and the two women wound up making out later in the episode. They are a breath of fresh air. 

Then there was Bailey, who was still coming to terms with her ordeal at the hands of downright terrible doctors on Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 11

While she was under strict orders to rest up, she tasked Levi with bringing her things from the hospital to conduct a study of her own. 

However, the intern was not allowed to tell anybody about it because Ben and everyone in the hospital wanted her to recuperate following her ordeal. 

“What happens here, stays here. No one needs to know what we do in this room,” Bailey said to Levi. 

The intern thought Miranda was coming on to him and you could tell he felt strange about everything. Yeah, keep dreaming, Levi. 

Finally, Jo Wilson was feeling happy because she could enter the competition with Meredith and not worry about her name being featured in the press. 

This was a big contrast from earlier in the season when Meredith had to keep Jo’s name and picture out of the paper because she was living in fear that Paul was going to return. 

Thankfully, Paul is gone, and he will never harm her again. 

Okay, Grey’s Anatomy Fanatics! What did you think of the latest episode?

Who will win the award?

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Grey’s Anatomy returns in March. 


Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 11 Recap: (Don’t Fear) the Reaper

Miranda Bailey is the glue that keeps all of the characters together on Grey’s Anatomy. 

During Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 11, the character found herself at death’s door multiple times. 

When the episode got underway, all was right in the world of Miranda. She was dropping her kid off at school, driving to work with Ben, and she was still very much against Ben’s new job. 

ICYMI: Ben is heading to the new Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, Station 19. Thus, he will be a firefighter in the original series. 

Miranda has struggled with this because she is worried that he goes to work and does not come home. It makes sense, right?

Just when Ben started talking about his day, Miranda checked out and ordered Ben to let her out of the vehicle. 

It was bizarre, but we quickly found out the exact reason for her behavior. She made her way to another hospital with symptoms of a heart attack. 

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy online, you will already know that Bailey is one of the best in her field, so she knew what she was was right.

Nobody seemed to want to agree that she was taking a heart attack and kept ushering her out of the way. 

Then, Dr. Maxwell appeared and wanted to rule it as a mental issue as opposed to a physical issue and ordered a psychiatrist. 

Bailey then decided enough was enough and told Maggie to visit her because she needed help. 

Maggie arrived, along with Richard who knew there was something wrong because Bailey had never taken a day off. 

Fresh off saving the life of the patient next to her, Bailey collapsed. This was confirmation enough for Dr. Maxwell. 

After the blockage in her artery was dealt with, Bailey’s pressure started dropping, and it emerged that the deluded Dr. Maxwell had failed to order some follow-up treatment. 

Maggie had had enough and demanded to be allowed to perform the surgery. Maxwell agreed because what else could he do?

Bailey realized it was time to let Ben in and she got Maggie to call him. Ben made a run straight to the hospital. 

Bailey survived her ordeal, and in the aftermath, Ben said he had quit his new job. Bailey admitted that her stance had changed on it. 

Life is too precious to waste doing anything less than what makes us happy,” she said to her lover. 

Peppered throughout the hour were flashbacks of Bailey growing up and the struggle she faced moving out of her home. 

Her mother was always worried about Bailey getting in trouble, and that was because her sister died at just two months old. 

It was a poignant episode that was great at educating the audience about heart attacks. 

What did you think of it?

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 10 Recap: Personal Jesus

Wait a minute!

Who would have thought that Grey’s Anatomy would still be throwing crazy twists our way after fourteen years on the air?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 10 was filled with enough twists to last a whole season. 

We picked up in the immediate aftermath of Paul Stadler being brought into the hospital after an alleged hit and run. 

Jo and Alex were pleading innocence to Meredith who was floating the idea of them both fleeing to Canada in case they were arrested. 

The surprising thing about it was that Jenny even thought Jo was the one to do it, and that set off alarm bells for everyone. 

Paul’s condition, however, gave Jo and Jenny time to compare notes on the abuse they encountered at the hands of him. 

It gave Jenny the courage to confront a bedridden Paul who lashed out at her in front of Jo and Meredith. 

When he tried to get up from his bed to attack Jenny, he tripped and smacked his head on the bottom of the bed. 

This rendered him brain-dead, and Jo was the one who got to decide to pull the plug on him, and his organs were donated for the greater good. 

The moment Jo learned she got to be the one to pull the plug, she burst into laughter. It was poignant. She got to take down her abuser and no longer had to live in fear. 

Meredith later confirmed that a drunk driver knocked Paul down so nobody had to make their way to Canada. 

April was struggling to keep the faith after her patient, Eric died. The kid was shot by a cop while he tried to enter his own home. 

Jackson backed April up several times as the police tried to get a statement from the kid before everything went South. 

Things for April were far from over. Ruby, the woman Matthew moved on with after April left him at the altar a few seasons back, was in the hospital. 

April helped deliver her baby, but the woman’s organs started failing. Ruby passed away, and Matthew was left all alone with the new child. 

Earlier in the episode, he was talking about how much he loved her and how April leaving him was a blessing in disguise. April made her way to the bar. 

That’s when the new intern, Vik got close to her and, well, we’re sure you know what happened next. 

Will April be able to find her faith or has losing three people in one day ruined it for her?

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 9 Recap: 1-800-799-7233

Paul Stadler was back on Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 9, and all he wanted to do was cause trouble for his wife, Jo. 

When the episode got underway, Jo was face-to-face with Paul, and he was boasting about how he was engaged, and for him to be married, he needed to divorce Jo. 

As if that was not bad enough, he had his new wife-to-be with him at the hospital. He played the good guy and wasted no time in painting Jo as the villain to all of her friends. 

With the hospital still messed up because of the hack, he pitched in, and this made Jo’s day go from bad to worse. Paul acted like the long-suffering husband who was shocked by his wife running off with his money. 

Meredith orchestrated the divorce proceedings by setting up a meeting with Jo and Paul. Paul told Meredith to leave the room, and she declined and then went one step further by saying that she would be the one to deal with the papers. 

As Paul was leaving, Jo yelled that he was a “monster” and that his day will come. Paul left with a huge grin on his face, but Jo wanted to try to get through to Jenny. 

Arizona asked Paul for information about how he does procedures, but this was all a ruse to let Jo get to Jenny. Jo recounted the times he attacked her in places that nobody could see. 

Jenny was horrified and initially called Jo crazy, but Jo passed on her phone number and told her that if she ever wants out of the relationship to call her, and Jenny seemed happy to call if things got gnarly. 

Then, in a dramatic twist, Paul showed back up with Jenny and went crazy at Jo, calling her a liar because of what she said. He then said he would hold on to Jo’s cell phone number so he knew where to find her. 

Just as she Jo realized she was back to square one, Paul was brought in after being involved in a hit and run. But who knocked him down? Meredith seemed to think it was Jo or Alex, but they both stared at her with blank faces. 

Elsewhere, Bailey was shocked when one of the interns helped stop the hack without Jackson forking out $ 20 million. He revealed to the shocked doctor that he once hacked the DMV’s system because they would not change his gender on his license. 

“I’m a proud trans man,” he revealed.

Then there was Maggie and Jackson who got closer and closer as the hour progressed. Ultimately, Maggie said they could not become a thing because his mother was dating her father and a whole other load of complications. 

What did you think of the episode?

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Grey’s Anatomy continues Thursday on ABC. 


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Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 8 Recap: Who Hacked the Hospital?!

The action went into high gear on Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 8 when it emerged that the hospital had been hacked. 

Everything was calm in the opening scenes of the hospital, with Meredith wondering what her next big milestone would be while preparing for surgery. 

During an interview about the Harper Avery win, Meredith was surprised when she realized her surgery time was diminishing. 

So, she cut the interview short and went to grab an intern for her surgery. Jo was struggling to play a mean doctor, and Meredith took Schmitt off of his hands. 

Meredith’s patient needed her spleen operating on, so she prepared the woman for surgery. They went the keyhole route because it would leave the least amount of scarring. 

Things took a horrifying turn when the hospital was hacked and Meredith and Schmitt had to act fast. Meredith realized that she needed to open the woman up, so she sent Schmitt for blood. 

The issue was that the blood room’s passcode was changed during the hack, meaning Meredith had a woman who needed blood on the operating table. 

Schmitt ultimately gave up some of his own blood and it helped garner him some brownie points with the award-winning surgeon. 

Bailey had a snafu with the FBI when she asked them to let Jackson pay the $ 20 million ransom out of his own funds, and it made the FBI go crazy because they did not want it to get out. 

Jackson and Maggie worked together to save a man, but they had to take him to a local hospital because if the electricity shut off, the man would not be able to breathe. 

On the helicopter, the man’s tubing came out and blood sprayed across the whole helicopter, but it did not seem as if the patient was going to make it out of this mess alive. 

Alex and Jo worked with a child who was in trouble because he may or may not have another clot in his brain. As his condition deteriorated, the doctors scrambled to find out whether the kid had been given a vital vitamin. 

They could give him a drug if he had been given it, but Alex and Amelia decided to go ahead with the drug because they thought it was a chance worth taking. 

However, Jo found the doctor who was supposed to administer the vitamin, and learned that he did not give the kid it. As Jo raced back to stop Alex from giving the drug, she bumped into a familiar face. 

Her abusive ex-husband was in Seattle Grace! Oh, and Alex gave the kid the drug. 

What the hell is going on?

We’ll find out January 18 when Grey’s Anatomy returns to ABC!


Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 7 Recap: A Ghost from the Past

It’s hard to imagine that Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air for almost fourteen years. 

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 7 was all about celebrating the show’s 300th episode, and it did so with an emotional episode that proved why this medical soap is still relevant after all these years. 

When the episode got underway, Meredith was getting ready to head off to the Harper Avery event to find out whether she had won an award. 

However, she was stopped in her tracks when she learned about a rollercoaster disaster and rushed back to the Emergency Room to find out what all the fuss was about. 

When she got there, she found a woman and man who resembled faces from her past. They were stuck to a rollercoaster cart. 

The man looked like George, and the woman looked like Cristina. They even had the same mannerisms as the former characters who were such big influences on the show. 

More bizarrely, they were all interns. Meredith realized it was going to be a difficult task, but she attempted to remove the man from the cart. 

His face turned blue, and it became apparent his airways were blocked. She then had to hold his head in place so he could breathe while the bottom half of his body was removed from the cart. 

She decided against going to her awards show because she wanted to save the group. Things got scarier when Faux Cristina found herself with a wound in her abdomen. 

Meredith rushed her into surgery, and the woman asked Meredith to imagine she was Cristina to save her life, and a teary-eyed Meredith agreed. 

She managed to save them and was shocked when everyone screened the awards ceremony in the operating room, and it emerged that she won the award. 

Alex found himself facing a woman who looked like Izzy, and it made him wonder what his ex was up to. Jo thought it would be a good idea for him to contact her and check what she had been up to. 

He decided against it and helped keep her comfortable while she got surgery because her baby was in danger. Arizona decided that the baby needed to be delivered by C-Section, and got her prepared. 

Alex was there every step of the way and helped keep her calm. In the end, the experience brought him closer together with Jo. 

Then there was De Luca who continued to have sex with the new intern even though they both admitted that they were bad for each other. 

Will he ever learn?!

What did you think of the 300th episode?

Would you have liked to see characters return for the occasion?


Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 6 Recap: Come On Down to My Boat, Baby

It was a day at sea for the men on Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 6, as Jackson decided to buy a boat after a push from Alex, but everyone assembled back at the hospital for an awards ceremony.

When the episode got underway, Owen and Amelia chatted about how they would progress as single individuals and Owen even questioned whether they made a mistake by splitting up. 

Amelia claimed they made the right decision because of how long the tumor was embedded in her skull. Amelia wanted to remain and friends and that was enough for Owen. 

Returning to work was not an easy task and she wanted Koracick to help her with surgery because she had a severe lack of confidence. 

She was worried that the brain tumor was the thing that made her brave in surgery and she tried to get validation from those closest to her. 

During the surgery, Amelia emerged as a solid surgeon and Koracick admitted she was better than her. Yes, they totally had sex in the following scene. 

There’s nothing quite like moving on, is there?

Meanwhile, Meredith was riding high after being put on the front page of a medical magazine for her surgery on Megan.

But her next patient was not so fortunate. Jo urged him to sign up for the surgery because it would improve his quality of life and he would always wonder about what would have been. 

Jo asked the patient about domestic violence cases because she wanted Paul out of her life for good and felt like the only way to do that was to divorce him. 

Unfortunately for her, there was no way she could stop him from tracking her down if she did follow through with her plan. Meredith’s patient later died of an infection that had nothing to do with the surgery. 

Meredith was then ushered to accept a Harper Avery Award for her work, but she said, “I need a drink.”

Then there was Deluca who thought he was getting rid of Carina by moving in with Owen, but then he spotted her and Owen getting jiggy in a supply room. 

He also bumped into one of the new interns who he shared a past with. What’s going to happen?

Also, Arizona, April and Maggie hit up Tinder to find a way to move on with their lives, and Bailey stopped by to do some swipes on Maggie’s behalf. 

What did you think of all the drama?

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 5 Recap: Danger Zone

Saying goodbye is difficult. 

That much became abundantly clear on Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 5 as Owen realized Megan was was leaving him once again to start a new life with Nathan and Farouk in California. 

Without thinking about it, Owen decided to drive with Megan, and it paved the way for some intense flashbacks about what really happened ten years ago before she was kidnapped. 

It was a real information dump because of the back and forth between the two timelines. The biggest shocker was that Nathan proposed to Megan with someone else’s ring. 

Teddy figured this out, and that meant there was a big revelation that Nathan cheated on Megan. But, Megan also cheated on Nathan, so that’s why the pair were able to put the past aside in the present. 

Owen grilled Megan about Nathan, saying he was a cheat and that’s when Megan let loose about them both being as bad as each other. It hit Owen that he had lost her when she said that he (Owen) cheated on his first wife, so he should not be judging her. 

Megan wanted away from the Green Zone, so she used the cheating to her advantage in the past, and had Owen okay her to take a woman for further medical help on a helicopter … even though it was against protocol. 

As the helicopter was taking off, Teddy found out that the woman with Megan was the one who was the terrorist and the person they thought was the villain was actually a hero. 

It was too late, and Megan had been kidnapped and spent ten years in trouble. 

In California, Nathan bonded with Farouk and noted that this was the start of a new life for them. When Megan actually made it there, it seemed like it was a goodbye for all three characters. 

They got their happy endings, so why bring them back to create some misery?

Speaking to Megan made Owen realize he and Amelia did not really know each other. In a surprising move, Amelia felt the same, and the pair called off their marriage and parted ways. 

The key moment was them saying goodbye with a hug. This has got to be the most amicable break-up in the history of television. But, it will send the series in an interesting direction. 

What do you think about all of this?

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 4 Recap: Did Amelia Survive?

Who is Amelia Shepherd?

That was the big question on Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 4 when the character underwent surgery to remove the tumor that has been taking up residence in her brain for the last few years. 

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy online, you will already know that Amelia has been all over the place since she started appearing on the show. 

Leaving her husband and job behind in Los Angeles, she appeared in Grey Sloan Memorial and immediately ruffled feathers. He mood was ever-changing, and people questioned whether she was crazy. 

With her erratic behavior, you would think the brain tumor storyline had been on the cards since her entrance. She underwent the surgery to have the tumor removed. 

The show did a great job to show off what was going on in Amelia’s mind as she struggled to communicate with her friends and family in the aftermath of the operation. 

Eventually, she came around and was her same irrational self. She struggled to come to terms with losing the tumor and felt like something was missing from her head. 

In the end, DeLuca said that it was because she grew up for so long with the tumor undetected, and she realized what was going on. 

She told Owen she knew he was dumping her. For that reason, she would be moving back in with her sisters. Owen gave her the whole in sickness and health schtick, and she decided to give their relationship one last try. 

Meanwhile, Nathan brought Megan’s son into the U.S., and it resulted in one of the most beautiful scenes of the entire series. It made sense because Megan was trying to flee the hospital at the top of the hour. 

Meredith also reiterated to Megan that Nathan and she were not going to happen and that she should try and make a go of things with him because they could be a family. 

On top of that, he went across the world to bring her sick son into the U.S. for her. If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is. 

Then there were the new interns. All of them were wrecks, and they should not be working in the hospital, but Bailey and Webber had to pick some of them. 

Will the hospital be able to remain a good one with the six new idiots in training? That will be an exciting watch. 

Also, Jo found herself in a tricky situation when Meredith’s surgery was making it into the press and Jo had to say she did not want to be part of the article in case her psycho husband showed up to kill her. 

That’s a wrap, you guys! What did you think of all the drama?

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