Sonja Morgan: RHONY Star Spotted Humping and Grinding

Real Housewives are often shown drinking and displaying out-of-control behavior on camera. But how do you know when it’s gone too far and is bleeding over into real life?

Eyewitnesses claim that they saw RHONY star Sonja Morgan “wasted and humping” people almost indiscriminately.

Sonja is denything that claim … sort of.

Page Six reports that Sonja Morgan was spotted at downtown hot spot Paul’s Baby Grand last week.

And from the descriptions, it sounds like she was feeling no pain.

“She rolled in straight from the ‘Watch What Happens Live’ studio, wasted and humping people.”

Well, so long as that was all consensual humping, that sounds like she was just living her best life.

And that, the source reveals, was just the beginning.

“She was making out with blondes [of both genders] and then left with one.”

Oh dang. Good for her!

But is it true?

Sonja actually spoke to Page Six to clear the air. Sort of.

“This always happens to me!”

That’s quite the opening line.

“I was dancing with a bunch of girlfriends and my friends.”

So she knew these various blonds and blondes, then?

Sonja then casts doubt on the claims about her behavior.

“Humping? What does that mean? Dancing? Grinding? Humping?”

Well, dancing is … dancing. Grinding involves sliding parts of your body against parts of someone else’s. And humping … we don’t have it in us to explain what humping is, to Sonja Morgan or to anyone else.

“That’s all in the eye of the beholder.”

Is it, though? Those sound like pretty straightforward descriptions of activities.

We should note that she’s not exactly shooting down the rumor that she was wasted. She just says that it’s a bit of an overstatement.

“I was drinking, yes. It’s all so exaggerated. I was having fun.”

No one is questioning that she was having a blast.

“That’s why I like to have my parties on Wednesdays at home.”

That is super specific, but she means that she prefers the privacy.

“Because everything gets exaggerated.”

That’s the price of fame, unfortunately.

“You can’t even go out anymore.”

In case anyone is worried that she’s falling prey to substance abuse, she mentions that this has come up before.

“Bethenny [Frankel] confronted me about my drinking binges, whatever season that was …”

She says that she totally went with Bethenny’s advice.

“I reflected, went to a therapist, talked to my doctors, tested all my bloods.”

Okay, tested all my bloods is an amazing line. Someone please embroider that onto something.

“I wanted to see, ‘Do I have a problem?’ And it came out, ‘No, you don’t have a problem. But, you know, you’re going through a lot, you need to talk to somebody.”

Sometimes, that’s the case.

Now, we absolutely do not mean to in any way victim-blame when we ask this question, but …

… If Sonja is lamenting that this “always happens” to her, but notices that this does not happen to all of her costars, does that mean that she’s doing something that they aren’t?

But let’s be super clear about this:

Sonja isn’t being accused of any kind of wrongdoing whatsoever.

The source simply described her as having a very good time in a way that would scandalize Mike Pence, who probably thinks that the pleasant relief of sneezing is best reserved for heterosexual marriage.

Sonja’s solution might be, rather than fighting the rumors, to just say: “Hell yeah I had a blast!”

Even things were exaggerated.


Kim Kardashian Wears Only a Thong, Talks About “Grinding”

2018 is here and about a third of the country risks freezing to death if they go out to check the mail, but there’s a light on the horizon.

No, sorry, that’s a camera flash in Kim Kardashian’s bedroom.

Kim’s topless. In bed. Wearing nothing but a white thong. And … what’s this about grinding?

This steamy new photo, which you can see below, comes right on the back of Kim Kardashian facing off against mom-shamers.

Kim’s son, Saint, had to be hospitalized with pneumonia.

That’s scary at any time, but especially for someone as young as Saint. Two-year-olds don’t tend to have the most robust immune systems, folks.

Kim and Kanye stayed by his side through that scary event.

But that didn’t stop haters from trying to come for her.

Mom-shamers tried (and failed spectacularly) to take Kim to task.

See, some people tried to believe that Kim was just out partying and neglecting her young child — like pre-murder Casey Anthony — while Saint was sick.

Kim heard about the rumor and shut it down, sharing that she remained by Saint’s side nonstop during his health crisis.

Because of course she did. She can be vicious and petty while feuding with Taylor Swift, but Kim Kardashian is a great mom.

Also, New Year’s Eve was on Sunday, folks. Don’t mix up your timelines.

Anyway, Kim posted this gorgeous photo, early Friday morning:

She looks absolutely gorgeous.

She’s covering up her nipples with her hands — though that only covers part of her breasts, so she’s flaunting plenty of underboob.

Wearing he white thong and posed the way that she is, she almost looks like she’s not wearing underwear until you glimpse the white of the thong above her waist.

Her famous Kardashian butt stands out and proud, capturing the viewer’s attention.

And her caption for the photo was … curious.

Kim Kardashian tweeted out the image (presumably taken by Kanye), writing:

“Rise & Grind.”

While that sounds like the self-explanatory title of a porn video …

(In case we need to spell it out, a lot of couples who wake up in bed together grind against each other; it’s basically sexy instinct at work. Also “rise” … you guys know how penises work, right? If not, you don’t need to be looking at photos of Kim basically naked)

… We think that it’s Kim’s version of a wake-up photo.

Rather than “grind” in the sexy sense, she’s combining “rise and shine” with “back to the grind.”

Still, it’s an undeniably sexy look — whether Kim’s your type or not, you can still admire living art — and a welcome end to the first week of 2018.

Of course, the mommy-shamers tried to go after her again, with inane comments like:

“What if North sees this?”

One, North West turns 5 this year. You’re not supposed to be on Twitter until you’re 13. Twitter might be fine with Nazis having their run of the platform, but they draw the line at little kids.

Two, hopefully Kim and Kanye are raising North to be someone who isn’t scandalized by photographs of … gasp! … a human woman.

Finally … if North’s going to be scandalized by images of Kim, it’s probably going to be from Kim’s sex tape. Not of a photo that Kanye took of Kim one morning.