Dream Kardashian is Growing Up Before Our Very Eyes

Rob Kardashian’s relationship with Blac Chyna was an epic disaster. It was upsetting, it was dramatic, and it’s over.

But one good thing came out of it: Dream Kardashian.

She is 18 months old, and Rob just shared a new photo of his precious daughter. Look at how much she’s grown!

Dream is growing up right before our eyes.

Rob shared this adorable photo of Dream in a big-girl stroller on Thursday, writing:


He follows that word with a smiley face emoji.

Dream is flashing him an awkward smile, like all kids flash at their parents when asked to smile.

Like we said, she’s growing up quickly.

And, not for nothing, but we cannot help but think that Blac Chyna would have trouble throwing this stroller across a theme park. Though … let’s not put it past her.

Just a few weeks ago, in April, Rob also shared this photo of Dream looking happy and adorable.

His provided caption made this pic even sweeter.

“Mornings start with a tea party.”

This is so cute!

Dream is unspeakably cute, and there is something emotionally overwhelming about a baby’s expression of true joy.

And, sorry parents, but it’s not the same as the smile that you see when you get them to say “cheese.”

Adults don’t generally change drastically in one year. Maybe they gain or lose weight or change their hair, but they’re usually pretty recognizable.

Babies, on the other hand, are growing rapidly and changing every day.

In the space of a few weeks, a baby could learn hundreds of new words, pass multiple developmental milestones, and also gain several pounds — in a good way.

As Dream continues to grow and learn, she develops more of her personality. She also increases her understanding and awareness of the world around her.

One day she may gain greater insight into the relationship that her parents had and the possible financial motive that some believe was behind her conception.

But … let’s not waste time worrying about a day that is likely many years off.

Following recent pregnancy rumors about Chyna, reports claimed that Rob was exasperated, afraid, and angry about the idea of Chyna having getting pregnant again while Dream is still a baby.

Of course, there was also talk that Rob’s feelings were more mixed than people had realized.

Because at least one report said that Blac Chyna was seducing Rob all over again by sending him nudes and reminding him of the good times.

There’s always a chance that Dream’s parents could get back together one of these days.

Even though they’re probably too toxic together for it to work out.

Also, Rob’s family would absolutely lose their minds.

Dream is so cute and so precious, and every photo of her is a gift.

She’s one of the only reasons that a lot of people would like to see Rob permitted to have his own Instagram account again.

(He shares photos and videos of Dream on Twitter)

But his Instagram was taken down last year after his revenge porn attack against Blac Chyna, so … it does make sense that they’re not trusting him to upload only acceptable photos again.

In the mean time, the world can enjoy the pics that Chyna shares and, of course, the ones that Rob tweets.

She’ll be grown before we know it.


Jessa Duggar Stuns Fans: My Kids Are Growing Up SO Fast!

It seems not a month goes by that without some news of another Duggar birth or pregnancy.

At this point, Jim Bob and Michelle have so many grandkids it can be a struggle to keep them all straight.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem as though the kids are wanting for attention.

In addition to the love of their parents, the new generation of Duggars enjoys the affection of an army of aunts and uncles, as well as millions of fans all over the world.

So when a milestone is reached, the occasion is celebrated not only by the family but by the entirety of Duggar Nation.

And lately, there’s been so much cause for celebration coming from the Seewald household that it’s been difficult to keep up with it all.

Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, are parents to 2-year-old Spurgeon and 11-month-old Henry.

Needless to say, it’s a hectic home, and quite understandably, Jessa’s house is often a mess.

By while the mother of two has been applauded for sharing candid photos of cluttered abode, it’s the achievements of her two boys that really win fans’ hearts:

This week saw a handful of memorable moments, as Henry (above) stood on his own for the first time.

Jessa shared photos from the big day and noted that it took place shortly after Spurgeon turned two:

“We had a fun time celebrating Spurgeon’s birthday yesterday. We’re so grateful to God for this sweet little boy,” Jessa wrote on Instagram.

“It has been such a joy to watch him grow and learn this past year. Can’t believe he’s already 2 years old!”

Of course, they call ‘em the terrible twos for a reason, and it seems Jessa has already come to accept that she’ll need to take the good with the bad:

Jessa posted the above video to Instagram earlier today along with the following explanation:

“Henry tried to break apart Spurgeon’s car tracks, so big bro shouted ‘Noooo!’ Baby replied with, what sounded like, “Yeaaah!” So big bro hovered over his tracks in a protective manner and said ‘Nooo!’ again.

“Ha! And so it continued. The toddler was distraught, and the baby didn’t have clue. #FirstVerbalArgument”

It’s a good thing that Jessa has a sense of humor about moments like these.

She’s sure to experience many more of them in the years to come.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Mario Batali: Fired From ABC’s The Chew Amidst Growing Sex Scandal

The narrative arc of Mario Batali’s fall from grace is one that’s become tragically familiar in recent months.

On Monday, Batali stepped away from his various business ventures following allegations of sexual assault and harassment from several female staffers.

The celebrity chef issued a boilerplate apology in which he accepted blame for his actions, while simultaneously defending himself against the more egregious charges.

As time went on, the accusations against Batali continued to increase in both number and severity.

As more women came forward, the evidence against the 57-year-old food icon mounted, culminating in claims from a former employee who says he looked on in horror as Batali kissed and groped an unconscious woman.

The incident was allegedly captured in footage taken by a security camera.

Yesterday, Batali’s most high-profile employer, the Disney-owned ABC network, announced that it would the chef and restaurateur had been fired from his role as one of the hosts of the daytime, food-focused talk series The Chew.

“Upon completing its review into the allegations made against Mario Batali, ABC has terminated its relationship with him and he will no longer appear on The Chew,” said an ABC spokesperson.

“While we remain unaware of any type of inappropriate behavior involving him and anyone affiliated with our show, ABC takes matters like this very seriously as we are committed to a safe work environment and his past behavior violates our standards of conduct.”

To many, the news of Batali’s misconduct is sadly unsurprising.

However, to those familiar only with the more family-friendly side of the Croc-clad chef, as presented on television and in social media, the allegations against Batali surely come as a shock.

Within the NYC restaurant scene, Batali had a reputation for crude comments and predatory behavior.

In a scathing New Yorker piece published earlier this week, author Helen Rosner recounts several tales of boorish behavior from Batali that failed to raise eyebrows in the pre-Weinstein era.

“You will eat your pasta or I will rub the shrimp across your breasts,” Batali casually told a friend’s wife at one meal.

At the same meal, the chef reportedly remarked to a waitress, “It’s not fair I have this view all to myself when you bend over. For dessert, would you take off your blouse for the others?”

It remains to be seen if Batali will face any criminal charges.

But whatever his future holds, it appears that the celebrated chef’s kitchen career is now decisively over.

And the world of fine dining is all the safer for it. 


The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 Episode 6 Recap: Growing Up Jersey

Bravo’s successful Real Housewives franchise has always aimed to bring high drama to viewers, but the drama is all based on whether the cast members want to bring it. 

Unfortunately, the current housewives on The Real Housewives of New Jersey are not working. On The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 Episode 6, Teresa thought she was getting a break from the drama. 

However, her vacation was ruined by her daughters continuing to whine at her every single time she spoke to them.

It was painful to watch, but it certainly made me think those kids are sick of having cameras around them. They have been on the show for the entire series, and the recent bad press about their parents has to have had some sort of effect on them. 

The producers are trying to implement this whole storyline about Teresa letting the children get away with everything, but it seems more like that’s just been thrown in to explain their very blatant hatred of the cameras. 

It must be difficult for Teresa because she was gone from their lives for a considerable amount of time, but the kids either need to be left out of the show or be told they need to participate if they are in front of the camera. 

Teresa’s storyline this week consisted of her trying to get through to her children while trying to have a little fun herself and you could tell she was miserable. 

What didn’t help was everyone at the resort in Puerto Rico staring into the camera. Maybe Teresa’s storyline has just run its course, and it’s time to follow some new people. 

Back in New Jersey, Siggy went to get pellets to get her hormone levels back on track because she admitted she had something wrong with her. 

Hey, it’s the first step to recovery, so everyone should be giving her the thumbs up. Her mood has been all over the place, and it’s a little bit unethical to have her in front of the reality tv cameras in that manner. 

Margaret decided it was time to nip all the feuding in the bud and called Dolores to meet her for lunch. It started off very awkward, and it was clear Dolores wanted to stick up for Siggy. 

That’s what friends do, and Dolores is coming across as the most loyal woman on this show nowadays. Margaret is a real hoot. She has eyelashes on her mini cooper, so she must be a great person. 

For some reason, Margaret opened up about raising her ex-husband’s children for several years before they fell out with her for leaving their father. 

It seemed forced, but Dolores reacted to the waterworks. The two women found some common ground, and it helped Dolores understand what Margaret was about. 

Dolores took the news to Siggy during a double date with Frank and Michael. Initially, Siggy was against being friends with Margaret, but Dolores continued to push the fact that she thought the woman was misunderstood. 

Siggy finally decided to give Margaret another chance, but it’s difficult to expect the two women to do anything other than fight until the bitter end. 

This was hands down the worst episode of the series. There were no big talking points. It was all filler to show off Teresa on her all expenses paid family vacation to Puerto Rico. 

Danielle was not even part of the episode. Her voice was in it thanks to a phone call with Teresa, but isn’t this woman supposed to be, like, causing all the drama to keep us tuning in?


What did you think of this episode?

Sound off below!


Ben Affleck: Multiple Sexual Harassment Videos Resurface Amidst Growing Scandal

It’s hard to think of a celebrity who’s been who’s been at once so unfathomably successful and so transparently troubled as Ben Affleck.

With two Oscars, several successful turns behind the camera as director, and a lucrative multi-feature gig as one of the most iconic characters in cinema, Affleck has the kind of career most leading men can only dream of.

And yet, it’s impossible to talk about the 45-year-old without mentioning the persistent dark side that seems to have plagued him at least since young adulthood.

We’ve seen Affleck struggle with alcoholism and endure a difficult divorce that considerable damage to his public image.

He’s been accused of cheating on his wife, gambling compulsively, and indulging in fits of rage indiscriminately.

And now, Affleck may be on the verge of most sordid scandal of his career thanks to a pair of newlt resurfaced videos that show the actoe engaged in some truly unsettling behavior.

On Tuesday night, fans were stunned by allegations that Affleck groped actress Hilarie Burton during an appearance on MTV’s TRL.

Now, video of the incident has emerged, and it’s every bit as unnerving as it sounds:

Yes, at 30 years old, Ben–who was already an established star in Hollywood–took it upon himself to “tweak” the breast of a 20-year-old up and coming media personality in front of a crowd and a camera crew.

Burton laughed off the encounter in the clip above, but she tweeted last night that she “laughed to keep from crying.”

Sadly, that’s not the only example of Ben engaging in egregious misconduct with a young female journalist.

The clip below, shot in 2004, shows Ben pulling a Canadian TV host into his lap and embracing her while encouraging her to do the remainder of the show topless and asking to see more cleavage.

Needless to say, the footage is upsetting, to say the least:

At the 4:00 mark, Ben also mocks people suffering from cerebral palsy. 

The footage was shot over a decade ago, but it’s worth noting that Affleck was 33 years old at the time.

Earlier today, Ben issued an apoplogy for the Burton incident, tweeting:

“I acted inappropriately toward Ms. Burton and I sincerely apologize.”

He has yet to respond to the uproar over the second clip.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.


Jessa Duggar Shares Baby Photo of Henry: He’s Growing Up Too Fast!

Five months … Where does the time go?!

Jessa Duggar asked that time-honored question pondered by all parents in posting a precious five-month photo of her youngest son.

Here’s Henry Wilberforce Seewald!

Over the weekend, the 24-year-old Counting On star shared a photo collage of how the tiny youngster has grown since his birth.

Jessa, who gave birth to Henry in February, said in the caption that – as all kids tend to do – her baby boy is “Growing up too fast!”

In the pics, H-Wil can be seen wearing a series of white onesies with colorful ties, each designating his age in months at the time.

She also shared some recent pictures of the littlest Seewald hanging out with his father Ben and big brother Spurgeon Elliot, 1.

If you watch Counting On online, you know that going from one kid to two has been a struggle for the young married couple.

A cute struggle … but still.

Ben explained in a recent episode, “One adjustment going from one child to two is there are so many diapers and they pile up so fast.”

“Things have been a little more busy in the Seewald house, ” he added, noting “we gotta take the trash out a lot more often.”

As for how Spurge is coping?

“Spurgeon’s always been a cuddly little boy, but now he has to share mommy’s lap with another baby,” Jessa revealed of her first-born.

“We’re learning to take turns. You know, when baby has to eat, mommy’s going to hold Henry, but you can sit beside me.”

“So maybe that’s been an adjustment for him,” she said, but considering his young age, “I think he’s doing pretty well.”

Yes, raising two kids is chaotic

Who knew?! Well, we imagine every Duggar woman knew, even if they won’t say so through their permanently-affixed grins.

Ben, on the other hand? Taking out the trash a bit more often probably is noteworthy for someone with limited to no jobs.

Just saying, does he work? Do the Duggars have an unofficial or official rule that women have to do all the child-rearing?

Questions for another day. All kidding aside, Henry’s arrival just 15 months after Spurgeon’s means it’s all hands on deck.

“I kind of expected it to be a challenge going from one to two. I feel like every day is different,” Jessa said on Counting On.

“Some days [the routine] is very, very simple,” she said, but when it comes to parenting, we know it isn’t always that way.

“Other days, it’s a little more chaotic.”

Time will tell if they’re as serious about adopting a third child as they’ve claimed, now that they’ve been married two years.

Arkansas law generally requires parents be married for that long before adopting, which they’ve long expressed interest in.

In any case, she and sister Jill seem to be gunning for a half-dozen offspring each by the time they hit 30 at this rate.

Jinger Duggar being on birth control may slow her efforts to catch up … but we imagine Joy-Anna to be a true contender.


Jenelle Evans’ Daughter Ensley: Growing Up SO Fast!

Jenelle Evans’ household might be full to bursting with children this summer, but little baby Ensley Jolie Eason will catch your eye.

And melt your heart.

The thing about babies is that they grow up so fast. You can look at a series of photos (like this one) and see her growing already.

Some Teen Moms get their happily ever after, but it’s too soon to tell with Jenelle Evans.

(Also, Too Soon to Tell With Jenelle would be a good name for a show — one day she could host a series where she points out red flags in relationships based on her previous bad experience)

But, in all seriousness, Jenelle has had a flurry of past troubles, from custody issues to family feuds to serious substance-abuse issues.

Plus, of course, she became a mom as a teenager.

Imagine having that kind of responsibility before you’re even allowed to vote.

Not that Jenelle is the first name that we think of when we think of responsible parents.

Her love for partying has been well-documented, which would be fine … if she weren’t a mother of three.

But look at how precious Ensley looks in her mom’s arms!

We’re not saying that having this particular baby will just magically “fix” Jenelle’s life.

But sometimes things just click for people.

They reach a point in their lives, or find the right person, and they get better.

We’re not necessarily saying that David Eason is the right (or wrong) person for Jenelle.

But we’d love to think that having three kids (really kind of four, at the moment) and preparing for her wedding are either signs or causes or both that she’s really stepping up to the plate.

The fact that she has Jace for the summer makes it sound like maybe some people trust her more than they used to.

(Remember that her mother’s had custody of Jace for ages, so this is a big deal)

It’d be nice to live in a world where Jenelle is just a young mother and not doing things that get her accused of putting herself before her kids.

But she’s clearly so enamored with Ensley.

And since that’s Kaiser Griffith’s toy dragon that Ensley’s playing with, it looks like he’s enjoying being a big brother.

Look at how big she looks! It seems like it was just yesterday that she was, like, half that size and in no condition to play with anything.

Now she’s in a jumper — a confusing word for British folks, but that’s life — and engaging with the world around her.

Like, babies reach a point where they start to develop and express personalities and really interact with their surroundings.

And it looks like this little cutie has reached that developmental plateau.

It wasn’t that long ago that the only way to make Ensley look like more than a cute human object was with Snapchat filters.


Honestly, adoring this baby is the most relatable thing that Jenelle’s done since her days of obsessing over Kesha.

Like, she’s a 25-year-old reality star and serial monogamist who might have a sex obsession who’s struggled throughout her young life with moderation.

(Along with everything else that a girl could possibly struggle with, it seems)

But caring for children, scary as it can be, can kind of keep people grounded.

Maybe, for Jenelle, the third time’s the charm?

Let’s hope so.


Maddie Brown on Two-Week-Old Son: Stop Growing Up So Fast!

Maddie Brown gave birth to her first child just over two weeks ago now, and she now realizes just how quickly they grow up. 

Maddie and husband, Caleb Brush named their little bundle of joy Axel James, and appear to be happier than ever as they take some of the cutest pictures on Instagram. 

It’s certainly refreshing to have some news from the Sister Wives family that does not lean heavily on Robyn apparently leaving Kody. 

Would Sister Wives ever be the same if she were to just up and leave? We think not. 

Anyway, back to the cute pictures of Axel James Brush. 

The above picture showed off Axel’s smile, but Maddie seemed conflicted about her son growing up quickly in the caption. 

“This little stud is two weeks old today. I’m torn between wanting to watch him grow and wanting him to stay small forever. #AxelJames #BabyBoy #motherhood #Twoweeks.”

Now, all parents worry about their children growing up too fast, but babies have a knack for becoming toddlers very quickly, so we can see where Maddie is coming from. 

Maddie unveiled another picture of her son laughing with his eyes closed. 

She was quick to point out that she did not want to be that mom who posts lots of pictures of her child.

“I am that mom I swore I wouldn’t be, posting tons of pictures of this handsome boy. How could I not though!? #AxelJames #motherhood #BabyBoy.”

Something tells us she’s going to be sharing a whole lot more pictures of her son in the future. It’s natural for a parent to want to show their little cherub off to the world. 

Maddie and Caleb married in 2016 in a Bohemian inspired wedding. 

Unlike Maddie’s parents, she will be living a monogamous lifestyle with Caleb. 

Viewers of Sister Wives are anxiously awaiting news of a return date for the popular TLC reality series.