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Anthony Scaramucci Suprise … I’m Not A Real ‘Big Brother’ House Guest!!!

Leave it to Anthony Scaramucci to leave the ‘Big Brother’ house in a surprise twist … just like his shocking exit from President Trump‘s White House. 

The Mooch wasn’t really a house guest, because he bounced from “Celebrity Big Brother” after less than a week … and, as it turns out, Scaramucci was actually part of a bigger plot twist.

Scaramucci revealed his true purpose Friday, surprising the rest of his celeb pals when he revealed he was never a real contender for the $ 250,000 grand prize.

With all the celebs gathered in the living room, Scaramucci appeared on TV — rocking a suit in front of an American flag backdrop — and delivered the shocking news. 

The Mooch said he was leaving his mark on ‘Big Brother’ … just as he did at the White House. As you know, Scaramucci was ousted as White House Communications Director after an infamous 11 days on the job. 

While Scaramucci’s exit was a shock to the ‘Big Brother’ house guests, everyone else knew it was coming … because he made a surprise appearance Wednesday in Switzerland, where he talked about his experience on the reality show.