Kris Jenner’s Christmas Eve Bash Guest List Includes Scott Discick and Kourtney’s BF

Kris Jenner’s huge Khristmas Eve bash goes down Sunday night but the air could be filled with tension. Sources close to the Kardashians tell TMZ … Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend Younes Bendjima and her ex Scott Disick BOTH got…


Jimmy Kimmel Makes Emotional Return… with a Surprise Guest!

Jimmy Kimmel made a triumphant, emotional and tear-filled return to late-night television on Monday.

After taking last week off because his child had a heart procedure, the comedian came out for his opening monologue yesterday with a very special guest:

His son, Billy!

“I was out last week – because this guy had heart surgery," Kimmel told his audience, his seven-month in his arms and tears in his eyes.

"But look he’s fine everybody, he may have pooped but he’s fine. Daddy cries on TV but Billy doesn’t… it’s unbelievable.”

Kimmel shared the story of Billy's health problems with viewers back in May.

He then became an advocate for universal health care, making it his mission to make sure kids everywhere – regardless of their parents' wealth – could afford the best care possible.

In this case, though, the only message Kimmel sent was about little Billy and how he's holding up these days.

“Billy is doing great, by the way. He has one more surgery – this is amazing – he had an operation a week ago," the host said, adding:

"They say he’ll probably on track to win at least a bronze medal at the Olympics in 2036.”

Billy was born in April.

He underwent his first surgery just days later because he wasn't getting enough oxygen, the doctors explained at the time.

After giving a heartfelt speech about his son and pushing for a better health care system, Kimmel found himself at the center of a political debate.

But he held his ground. He continued his fight.

And, most importantly, so did little Billy.

Watch the adorable toddler and his father make all late-night viewers cry now:

Jimmy kimmel makes emotional return with a surprise guest

The Voice Recap: A Surprise Guest Appears

The Top 11 performed on the latest episode of The Voice, and Gwen Stefani made a surprise appearance. 

During the commercials, she started taking pictures with Blake, and it was all then shown on live TV. Yes, it all took place during a split screen, so there really is no hiding from the cameras. 

Back to the performances. There were some real shockers, and we have all the details below!

Janice Freeman – “Shine” by Collective Soul

Janice’s performances have been a bit all over the place throughout the season, and this one was no different. One second she can have the best voice around, and then she starts shouting, and it ruins the whole thing. 

Shaky performances are not good because they can be a sign that the person is just too nervous to own a song, and that could be her ultimate undoing.

Red Marlowe – “The Dance” by Garth Brooks

Red likes to show off his country voice, but this was not the best song to do it. The performance was average at best, and he struggled to hit some of the lower notes, and that’s a bit alarming. 

As a whole, it was decent because it was just the low notes he struggled with, but it should be a cautionary tale for him to choose the right song in the future. 

Shi’Ann Jones – “Listen” by Beyoncé

Performing a Beyoncé is no easy feat, but this was a surprisingly convincing rendition. There were shaky vocals here and there, but for the most part, it was solid, and it should keep her fighting in the competition for another week. 

Adam Cunningham – “American Girl” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

With the instant save saving Adam last week, the artist had to switch things up this week to garner some more votes. Thankfully, he delivered a rendition that was one of his best to date. 

He really went back to the drawing board because he knew it was time to fix his vocals. 

Brooke Simpson – “What About Us” by Pink

This should have been another excellent performance for Brooke, but there were some issues, and it was difficult to hear any of the vocals. This will not bode well when it comes to voting. 

Davon Fleming – “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston

Who would have thought Davon would go with a Whitney song and make the judges putty in his hands? It was a phenomenal rendition that immediately put him up the food chain. 

Ashland Craft – “Chicken Fried” by Zac Brown Band

Ashland went all out for her latest performance, and you could tell she had taken all the feedback on board. The whole package was great, and she should have no trouble staying in the competition. 

Addison Agen – “A Case of You” by Joni Mitchell

Changing a song up is part of the game, and Addison did just that during the live show and it benefited her. With some high notes thrown in for good measure, it was one of her best performances yet. 

Keisha Renee – “It Matters to Me” by Faith Hill

Keisha’s performance left a lot to be desired. Her vocals to date have been astounding, but this song was not the best one to show them off. Generally, she is one of the best of the night, but this was her worst night of the season. 

Noah Mac – “Electric Love” by BØRNS

Woah! Noah turned in a stunning rendition that practically saw him parading across the stage! Everything about this was something you would expect from a recording artist, so that’s pretty good. If he winds up in danger tonight, then there will be trouble. 

Chloe Kohanski – “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler

Chloe saved the best for last. Her performance defined the whole night and proved it was time for the others to step it up or go home. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, Chloe just set the bar,” said Blake after hearing it. 

Okay, so that’s a wrap on the Top 11 performances!

Who do you think will go home?

Sound off below!


Wendy Williams: I Was Groped By My “Worst Guest Ever”

Wendy Williams passed along a very personal message on television this week:

Me. Too.

The talk show host told viewers that she, too, has been the victim of sexual harassment.

Moreover, it happened live in front of her studio audience.

During Monday’s episode of her program, Williams brought up the allegations against Charlie Rose and then began to recount her own unwanted experience with an unnamed guest.

“My worst guest? I’m not going to name, but I can tell you this – it had to do with some groping.

“You all saw it, but didn’t say a word and I felt it and I didn’t say a word,” she recalled.

“My staff saw it and that guest will never be here anymore. He’s not relevant anyway.”

As mentioned above, Williams did not name this aggressive guest.

But she did drop some clues as to his identity.

He was a short comedian, she explained, who appeared on the program in either her second or third season.

While Williams assured her fans she would “feel very comfortable in pushing a man through my glass coffee table if anything gets seedy” today, that was a different time.

She had not yet established herself.

She was still new on the small screen and didn’t really know how to react in the moment, especially considering the cameras were rolling.

“I didn’t know what to do because I’m brand new on TV,” Wendy said, laughing a bit:

“Then, after the hug, he looked up at me. He goes, ‘Oh, you’re not Oprah [Winfrey].’

“I didn’t know how to take that and the whole interview was just weird and I just would never have him here again and I am two seconds away from saying his name, but it’s not worth it.”

No need, Wendy.

Astute Internet users have dug up this photo of Gilbert Gottfried from 2011:

GG hug

A short comedian?

Not relevant any longer?

Has a distinct voice?

Check. Check. Check.

Inside Edition reached out to Gottfried on Tuesday and he said he didn’t recall his appearance on the show from so many years ago.

He added that he “wasn’t aware” of being banned from the program or anything of that nature.

Let’s face it, though:

There’s no reason to officially ban Gilbert Gottfried.

There’s simply no reason to have him as a talk show host any longer.


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Jenelle Evans Wedding Guest List Revealed: Who Got Snubbed?

We’re just one month away from Jenelle Evans and David Eason’s wedding, and while reality stars usually keep the details of their big days a secret, so as to ensure a maximum ratings share later on, the soon-to-be Mrs. Eason just can’t contain her excitement.

Jenelle has already confirmed the date of the big day, and she’s documented just about every step of the preparation process.

We’ve seen Jenelle buy her dress and take her fiancee and sons for their tux fittings, and we’ve even gotten some insights into her mindset as she put together her guest list.

Not surprisingly, that mindset was one of intense, seething rage.

Equally unsurprising is the fact that Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans, will not be invited to the wedding.

Jenelle and her mother haven’t gotten along for years (In fact, it’s possible they’ve literally never seen eye-to-eye.), and the Evans women have spent the last several yeats locked in a custody battle for Jenelle’s eldest son, Jace.

So it’s long been hinted that Babs shouldn’t hold her breath waiting for an invitation.

And now the snub has been confirmed.

“Her mother wasn’t invited to the wedding,” a source close to Jenelle tells Radar Online.

It’s a bummer, as many saw the wedding as an opportunity for Jenelle and Barbara to finally begin the long process of burying the hatchet.

But hey, at just 25 years old, Jenelle has already been married once and engaged an astonishing five times, so maybe Babs will get a chance to attend another one of her weddings.

And it seems Barbara won’t be the only immeidate family member to be brutally snubbed by Jenelle and David.

If you follow her online, you probably know that Jenelle feuded with David’s sister earlier this year.

The whole thing played out on Facebook, with enough threats of violence and accusations of drug use and infidelity to fuel an entire season of Teen Mom 2.

So to the surprise of absolutely no one, Jessica Eason Miller will also not be in attendance.

We’re sure the list of people who won’t be invited to the wedding because they made the mistake of running afoul of Jenelle is quite the lengthy one.

Jenelle has a lot of beefs, and she likes to retaliate against anyone she feels did her wrong in the pettiest of fashion.

So it probably goes without saying, but it’s still nice to have a source confirm that none of Jenelle’s Teen Mom 2 co-stars will be invited to the wedding.

Asking the Carolina Hurricane to be cordial to her colleagues who live in different states would obviously be asking far too much.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of how unstable Jenelle really is, then start making bets on how long her marriage will last.