Farrah Abraham Pleads Guilty in Hotel Assault: Will She Go to Jail?!

Farrah Abraham is a mess.

You know it, we know it, whatever random person who knows nothing about Teen Mom but has seen a friend post something on Facebook about her sex tape knows it.

Literally everyone who has every heard of Farrah, even in passing, even just once, knows it.

But man, she really proved it earlier this year when she got herself arrested at that hotel, huh?

You probably remember all the details because it really was just an insane little story, but let’s go over the details real quick, just in case.

Back in June, Farrah was staying at a hotel in Beverly Hills with her daughter, Sophia.

While little Sophia was asleep upstairs, being watched over by a nanny, Farrah was down in the lounge, making a scene.

For whatever reason, she began yelling at other hotel guests, cursing and really just being Farrah at them.

It was bad enough that a security guard was called over to escort her away, but by then, she was already too fired up.

According to the guard and several witnesses, she assaulted the poor man by grabbing his head and shaking it.

She also hit him in the face with her forearm because … well, we’re sure it seemed like a good idea to her at the time.

After that, someone had the good sense to call the police, but you know our girl didn’t react too well to that.

Farrah reportedly gave the officers a hearty “go f-ck yourselves,” and she tried pulling the “don’t you know who I am?” card a few times.

Believe it or not, the police officers were not impressed, and she spent the night in jail.

A few weeks later, she was charged with battery, and also with resisting arrest.

If found guilty, she was facing up to 18 months in jail.

Pretty neat, right?

She was ultimately offered a plea deal, and if she accepted it, the battery charge would be dropped altogether.

Instead of going to jail, she’d have a few years of probation, as well as mandatory anger management classes.

It definitely would have been smart to take that deal, but Farrah is not exactly known for being smart.

Instead, she refused the deal and maintained her innocence.

Because, you know, the police officers, the security guard, and all the hotel guests who witnessed this nightmare all came up with the exact same lie.

So she turned down the deal a couple of times, but yesterday, she had one more hearing.

What happened?

Well, this time around, Farrah actually managed to get a little bit of sense.

She pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor, the resisting arrest one, and after she did that, she received her sentence.

And sorry, but she won’t be going to jail (this time).

Nope, she’s on probation for two years, and she also has to complete five days of community service and 12 hours of anger management.

Don’t worry though, because nobody broke that delusional spirit of hers!

“In my eyes I’m not guilty as my property was still at the hotel and people were setting me up, withholding my phone and my car,” she said in a statement to E! News.

“I’ve already completed the anger management, and will finish community service and will follow through on probation.”

How wild is it that after all that, she’s still able to say that she’s innocent with a straight face?

Then again, if she wasn’t able to do that, she wouldn’t be Farrah, now would she?


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The CW’s wildly popular Riverdale returned for Season 3 Wednesday night, and it was filled with more twists than ever. 

Archie was well and truly in the deep end thanks to being arrested for the murder of Cassidy. As you know if you watch Riverdale online, Archie was framed for the murder for cutting off Hiram Lodge. 

Poor Archie spent the whole summer in the courthouse as the murder trial got underway. He had Sierra McCoy on one side and his mother, Mary, on the other. 

The prosecutor, Ms. Wright held no prisoners with her harsh words as she tried to paint the red-headed teen as a villain, but Mary was adamant there was no evidence to suggest Archie was the killer. 

While that would make one think he would be set free, Sierra put his chances of walking free at 50-50. Yes, the justice system is screwed up. 

Archie used Labor Day weekend, which could be his final time being free, to de-stress and spend time with those who mattered to him the most. 

As such Varchie and Bughead made their way to a part of the Sweetwater River that actually allowed them to swim. Jughead made it clear that Archie could just skip town because, well, he would be free. 

But Archie recognized that he needed to switch things up because he could have gone as far as killing someone. 

Just when it appeared that Archie could be set free, he was offered a plea deal that would find him spending two years in juvie for manslaughter. 

Before anyone could process the offer, Archie grabbed it as though it was a free milkshake from Pop’s. As Archie was led away, everyone was blindsided, but Hiram was smiling from ear-to-ear because he always gets what he wants. 

Elsewhere, Betty was still trying to make sense of what was going on at the stupid farm her mother and sister found to be oh so brilliant. 

Betty wondered what the eff was going on when her family would not shut up about it. But things got downright creepy when she woke up in the dead of night to find Polly’s babies being held over a fire in a cult-like ceremony. 

What followed was the babies being let go and flying above the fire. Betty went out cold before she or the viewers could think about it. 

Betty was mad earlier in the hour about her drug supply being cut off. Could this be a hallucination, or something more sinister?

Meanwhile, Jughead was still finding himself in a lot of trouble while fighting the Ghoulies. The villains took his dog captive, and the Serpents made their way to Sunnyside to get it back. 

Thanks to some flawless archery skills from Cheryl, the dog was saved, but Penny went one step further and said she would wipe out the North Side. 

It’s game time!

Jughead’s worries were far from over, however. Dilton Doyle was going on about the mysterious Gargoyle King. He later went missing, and Jughead went on a mission (alone!) to save him. 

What he found was two teenagers stipped down and unconscious next to the shrine. It was creepy as hell. 

What the eff is going on in Riverdale?!

Riverdale continues Wednesdays on The CW!


Ryan Edwards Pleads Guilty to Yet Another Crime

Ryan Edwards is getting to be very familiar with his local courthouse these days.

Edwards has been arrested three times in the past year, and many are baffled by the fact that he’s not currently behind bars.

(We suppose you can never underestimate how much easier it is to navigate the criminal justice system if you’re both white and mildly famous.)

The charges against Ryan have ranged from serious to relatively benign, but despite his many, many brushes with the law, it looks as though the troubled Teen Mom OG star has no intention of changing his ways.

Edwards’ latest arrest was for a speeding ticket, but because he’s currently on probation in connection with 80,000 other infractions, it could have carried serious legal consequences.

In fact, Ryan spent a week in jail following his latest run-in with the cops, and he was originally supposed to remain behind bars until his arraignment.

But once again, his lawyers worked their magic (“Judge, I’d like to remind the court that my client is both Caucasian and a reality star …”) so he strutted into court on Tuesday having spent the past several weeks at home as a free man.

According to Radar Online, Ryan pled guilty to the speeding charge, having apparently reached a plea deal with prosecutors.

That may sound like a lot of courtroom drama for a simple moving violation.

But Ryan has reached the point where a jaywalking ticket could land him behind bars if he winds up in front of the wrong judge.

All these legal troubles began in March of 2017 when Ryan was arrested for heroin possession near his hometown in Tennessee.

While still on probation for those charges Edwards failed a drug test and was once again taken into custody.

He received a suspended sentence, probation, and five days community service.

Also during this time, Edwards baby mama, Maci Bookout, was granted a restraining order against him after Ryan allegedly threatened to murder her husband.

Needless to say, the man has been incredibly lucky in court — but his employers have been far less forgiving.

Recently, MTV fired Edwards and his wife, Mackenzie Standifer.

Accounts vary as to why the network reached that decision with Ryan and Mackenzie insisting that they’re discriminating against him because of his addiction, and others claiming that Maci demanded the network give her ex the ax.

We’d say it’s a blessing in disguise, as Ryan can use this time away from the spotlight to focus on getting his life in order.

But let’s face it — that’s never gonna happen.