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‘Riverdale’ Star KJ Apa Shreds on Guitar With Canadian Rock Band

Exclusive Details

KJ Apa might play a brooding musician with an acoustic guitar on TV, but in real life … the dude can ROCK OUT on the axe.

The “Riverdale” star — who plays Archie Andrews on the hit CW show — hopped onstage with Canadian rock band The Steadies Saturday night at Guilt & Co. in Vancouver … and tore it up for them on the electric guitar.

We are told KJ goes to the small club a lot to enjoy the live music — because “Riverdale” films nearby — but it was the first time he had ever performed there. Apa led the funky jams for the band out of Saskatoon for about 35 minutes … and plans on joining them again.

Our sources say KJ might even play on The Steadies’ next album … and he has made it known, his real dream is to be a musician.

It’s life imitating art … or vice versa. Either way — rock on, Archie!