Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber: Yes, We’re Married!

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have reportedly put an end to one of the weirder controversies in recent memory.

Simply put: Yes, the stars are married.

We never thought we’d have to clarify such a thing about such a famous couple.

But Bieber and Baldwin have remained oddly coy ever since entering a New York City courthouse a few weeks ago and… maybe tying the knot?

Maybe just obtainining a marriage license?

This has been the question ever since: Are they actually husband and wife or not?!?

On Wednesday, a woman named Nona Melkoni told Us Weekly that she sat next to Bieber and Baldwin at the restaurant at Joan’s on Third in Studio City.

And she evidently took it upon herself to play investigative reporter.

“I asked them if they were married and they simultaneously said yes!” Melkoni explained to this tabloid, adding:

“They were both very happy and kind. He told me that she’s his angel. They were super sweet!”

Wow. So there we have it, we guess.

Earlier this month, we reported that the pair had, indeed, exchanged vows inside the aforementioned courthouse and even that Baldwin was pregnant with Justin’s child.

We now stand by the first half of that sentence, but we cannot verify the second half.

Previously, insiders have claimed that Baldwin and Bieber did not want to acknowledge their status until they had a religious marriage ceremony.

They almost didn’t even view the legal side of their arrangement as “counting,” if that makes any sense.

At some point down the line, Hailey and Justin will have a far bigger ceremony and reception.

They will be married by a priest, presumably, and celebrate with all their family members and loved ones.

It’s simply unclear exactly when this will happen and exactly why they went the courthouse route to begin with.

What’s crystal clear, however, is how in love the singer is with the model.

Sorry, ladies, but it’s true.

After rekindling their romance in June, Bieber and Baldwin stunned the world when they got engaged in July.

They’ve been pretty open about their feelings for each other in the months since. To wit:

“He is incredible,” Baldwin gushed in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar published Tuesday. “He crushes everything. Every song, every feature.”

In this same interview, Hailey didn’t hesitate when it came to having children with The Biebs, bringing up the topic herself in a sort of roundabout way by remarking:

“I want more (tattoos), but I’m keeping space for my kids’ names, and certain sentimental things, and I don’t want to fill all the cute spots before … I get there.”

Due to the witness account outlined above, the question no longer seems to be whether Baldwin and Bieber are married.

Instead, attention now turns to whether the latter will make the former sign a postnuptial agreement in order to protect his giant fortune.

It’s been estimated at $ 250 million.

We know Justin is head over heels over head again in love with Hailey and everything… but we’ve simply seen too many celebrity marriages fall apart.

Make her sigh the document, dude.


Hailey Baldwin is Being Blamed for Selena Gomez’s Hospitalization Because People Suck

Selena Gomez is in need of your prayers at the moment.

But instead of wishing the singer well during an especially difficult time for her, many dumb people on the Internet are instead wishing Hailey Baldwin ill.

The dots here are not hard to connect.

But they’re still sad and upsetting to consider.

Gomez, as previously reported on The Hollywood Gossip, agreed this week to another trip to rehab.

She had been hospitalized twice over the past month or so due to a low white blood cell count, which is a common ailment that results when one has Lupus.

According to TMZ, however, Gomez suffered what a source described as an “emotional breakdown” during this second hospitalization, as she was basically sick of being sick.

Shortly afterward, she checked into an East Coast psychiatric facility, at which she’s receiving dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) meant to identify and change negative thought/behavioral patterns.

Selena, of course, has been battling mental health issues for five years.

She recently admitted as much in a moving Instagram video that announced a hiatus from social media.

Despite this well-documented history of suffering from serious illness, a handful of Internet users out there simply assume Gomez is all sad and in need of help because her ex-boyfriend is engaged.

This ex-boyfriend is Justin Bieber.

And this fiancee is Hailey Baldwin.

And the latter is now receiving death threats and hearing harsh criticism from those who blame her for Selena’s ongoing problems.

“Hey, Selena in hospitalized. Be ready Justin will drop you anytime soon for his real love Selena Gomez. Your time will coming,” wrote one angry person on Instagram.

Added another:

“So sad that youre [sic] always the second choice.”

As you can see from some other examples below, these are not isolated incidents.

Lots of dumb and cruel trolls out there really are targeting Baldwin in response to Gomez seeking a new round of professional treatment.

mean hailey comments

This is very dangerous and just plain stupid.

Selena admittedly has a mental illness.

She has Depression with a capital D.

She isn’t just sad for some short period of time because an old flame has moved on with a new woman.

Not only is the above line of thinking, as represented in these comments, mean to Baldwin and unecessarily inflammatory — they are disrespectful to those who suffer as Selena does.

Depression is a sickness.

It can maybe be triggered by outside events at some, but it is always present and it can’t be blamed on anyone; not the person who has it and not the actions of any third party.

It’s silly and ignorant to think otherwise.

Many times over the past few months, sources have said that Gomez is actually doing just fine in the wake of Bieber’s engagement. 

She hasn’t been moping all around time, thinking her life is over. She knows she can do a lot better!

So, instead of directing any wrath at Baldwin or writing cruel remarks on social media, please take a deep breath here, folks.

Dedicate your time to thinking positive thoughts and focus them entirely on Gomez. She needs all she can get right about now.


Justin Bieber: MAKING Hailey Baldwin Have a Boring Bachelorette Party?

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are engaged and they’ve been piling on the PDA as they race to the altar.

Unlike their public outings, however, it sounds like Hailey’s bachelorette party plans are going to be decidedly less wild and steamy.

Is Justin the one insisting that Hailey tone down her last night as an umarried woman?

Life & Style reports that Hailey Baldwin’s bachelorette party is going to be a pretty tame affair despite the celebrity guests.

Hailey and her guests “will play games about the groom,” their insider reports.

She and the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner will do that “and take tons of pictures in a photo booth,” the source describes.

“Hailey and Justin want it to be a classy and fun-filled celebration,” the insider explains.

In other words, there are some things that Hailey will not be doing.

Allegedly, it’s Justin who insists that the event be dialed down a little.

“So,” the source continues. “What you won’t see are any of the girls wearing wedding veils and playing beer pong,”

And they certainly won’t be “getting a five-minute lap dance from complete strangers,” the insider says.

(We get the feeling that they won’t be getting lapdances from close friends, either)

The source says that there will be no wild antics “or doing any of the other things young brides usually do.”

It sounds like a very PG-13 affair.

Now, this is pretty believable, even though most wouldn’t considering beer pong to be especially out-of-control.

Hailey may be a young, hot model, but she’s also a pretty hardcore Christian.

That is one of the things that she and Justin have in common. You know, aside from fame and terrible dads.

A lot of their “dates” have been to attend Hillsong Church together.

Maybe this super-tame bachelorette was Hailey’s idea.

But … maybe it’s true that this is at Justin’s insistence.

We should also acknowledge something else.

This recent photo of Justin looking very nurturing had an interesting caption.

Justin’s formerly deadbeat dad, Jeremy Bieber, wrote: “To be Father.”

This led some to believe that the man was hinting that Justin and Hailey have their own bun in the oven.

If so, the insistence on a low-key bachelorette party could simply be a cover for why a secretly preggo Hailey might avoid alcohol.

If Justin’s the one laying down the law in this respect, it sounds … very hypocritical.

It seems that he doesn’t trust Hailey and that he might be a little controlling.

But more to the point, he’s done all of this stuff.

This is the guy whose own manager was worried that he’d die from his substance abuse issues just a couple of years ago.

And the guy worried about his fiancee getting a lapdance has reportedly slept with sex workers while touring in different countries.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen signs that Justin might be a little jealous or even controlling.

Remember Hailey’s close personal friendship with the oh-so-desirable Shawn Mendes?

Hold on to that memory, because Hailey purged every photo of Shawn from her entire Instagram account.

The two of them went to the Met Gala together earlier this year. Now, from her IG, you’d think they’d never even met.

Shawn is a Canadian singer and heartthrob. He’s younger and hotter than the Biebs.

Did Justin demand that Hailey do that out of jealousy?

There is just so much here that we don’t know.

There is so much here that we cannot know, really.

If Hailey wants her bachelorette party to just be having a nice dinner and then playing scrabble with some of the (other) hottest models on the planet, that’s fine.

Not every bachelorette party needs a stripper or a sexy pillowfight or a human sacrifice.

We just hope that it’s her choice — and that Justin respects her enough to make his own party toned down to match.

Surely the Biebs has sown enough wild oats for a dozen lifetimes.