Kate Gosselin Shares Cute Halloween Photo, Gets Roasted on Twitter

Kate Gosselin should really just take a break from social media at this point.

A nice, long, looooong break from social media, we recommend.

The reality star is getting dragged left and right on the Internet, earning backlash from Twitter users no matter what she does or says.

For instance:

Gosselin recently shared a throwback photo of her twin daughters on the occasion of their 17th birthday, only for critics to jump all over both her and even them in response.

It’s gotten to the point where celebrity gossip followers have grown so sick of Gosselin’s whining and self-centered ways that they try to cut her down to size at all times.

Consider the latest example:

As so many famous mothers (and not-so-famous mothers) did on the night of Halloween, Gosselin posted a picture of her kids on Instagram this week.

“I had a trick-or-treating date with a couple of cute pink dinosaurs and a few adorable astronauts!” wrote the mother of eight as a caption to the photo above.

It features 13-year-old sextuplets Aaden, Alexis, Hannah, Leah and Joel, all smiling for the camera.

But it does NOT feature brother Collin, who has been enrolled in a program away from home for behavioral issues.

No one is really sure where Collin is or what his issues actually are – but viewers have often been quick to criticize Gosselin for keeping him away from his siblings.

Heck, Collin did not even attend his own birthday party in July.

And Gosselin offered no explanation for his absence.

“No Collin, of course. That’s sad. He’s been gone for like 3 years now,” one person commented in response to Gosselin’s picture, while another added:

“He should be at home it is terrible.”

Should he be, though?

We don’t actually know, of course.

If something really is the matter with Collin, he should be receiving professional help.

You have to respect the privacy of a possibly troubled 13-year old, right?

But Gosselin could end all speculation with a simple statement.

She did at least say the following to ABC’s Nightline in November of 2016, regarding sending her son away:

“It was not even really a choice, it was on the advice of his doctors and it had to happen.

“He’s plodding along and we are too. This is the best thing I can do for him right now and that comforts me.”

It’s hard to really know what to make of this situation.

Gosselin hasn’t given us a ton of faith that she knows what’s best for her children.

But we’d like to believe Collin is somewhere for a very good reason and therefore we sincerely hope he’s getting the help he needs.


14 Famously Dumb Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a time for three things:

  1. For kids to dress in some kind of adorable outfit.
  2. For women to turn the most benign of costumes into the skankiest of costumes.
  3. For celebrities to cross certain lines with their controversial costume ideas.

With the third point in mind, we present 14 especially scandalous celebrity Halloween costumes over recent years:

1. Tomi Lahren as…The Flag?

Tomi lahren halloween costume
Tomi Lahren thinks she’s being all Patriotic with this photo. But she’s really in violation of the flag code.

2. Snooki as a Missing Child

Snooki as a missing child
It may sort of seem like a silly concept, but milk cartons are actually used sometimes to alert people to missing children. Not exactly something one should mock, Snooki.

3. Julianne Hough as Crazy Eyes

Julianne hough halloween costume
Julianne Hough going as a character from Orange is the New Black was a funny idea. She just should have avoided the whole blackface thing.

4. Chris Brown as a Terrorist

Chris brown as a terrorist
Chris Brown went as a member of the Taliban in 2012. We were impressed he managed to dress up as the one type of person more hated than he is.

5. Bill Maher as Steve Irwin

Bill maher as steve irwin
In 2006, mere months after the death of Steve Irwin, Bill Maher dressed as a “dead” version of the crocodile hunter. His outfit included a bloody stinger stinking out of his chest.

6. Adrianne Curry as Amy Winehouse

Adrianne curry as amy winehouse
Adrianne Curry dressed as Amy Winehouse in 2009. The costume included a beehive wig and a fake hypodermic needle sticking out of her arm. Yikes!

View Slideshow

Jenelle Evans: SLAMMED For Controversial Halloween Photos!

Halloween is a time to celebrate the more frightening side of life–and since Jenelle Evans scares us half to death on a daily basis, you’d think it would be right up her alley.

But alas, Jenelle’s holiday is not going according to plan …

… unless, of course, her plan was to land herself at the center of another mom-shaming mini-scandal, and considering how much Mrs. Eason loves the spotlight, it really might’ve been.

That’s Jenelle dressed as a deer, posing with her hunter husband, David Eason.

Maybe a bit of a poorly-timed choice given the recent allegations of abuse between Jenelle and David, but ultimately pretty tame, right?

Could this be the year that October comes and goes without any Teen Mom Halloween drama?

Ha! That’s a good one!

Not only have fans found ample reason to get pissed at Jenelle’s Instagram page, this year, she’s the subject of two separate controversies.

It’s a Halloween miracle!

First the hunter/hunted dynamic of Jenelle and David’s costumes rubbed many fans the wrong way.

“Hunter and his prey, so very appropriate,” quipped one commenter.

“So is this foreshadowing that David is going to kill her in a hunting accident or what?” remarked one fan, who sounds like a lot of fun at parties.

Some of Jenelle’s followers took issue with the involvement of Jenelle’s daughter in the group costume:

“The deer costume idea is cute – but when your husband dresses up as a hunter? Stupid and morbid – especially when your infant is also a deer.”

Speaking of little Ensley Jolie, the 9-month-old new addition to the Eason clan achieved the rare feat of sparking controversies on her very first Halloween!

That’s Ensley with the family pit bull.

Jenelle captioned the photo:

“Doesn’t she give you baby fever?! My little pumpkin princess!”

We probably don’t need to tell you that fans got all irate about the baby’s proximity to the family dog.

Many alleged that Jenelle was putting her dog at risk, but it seemed just as many defended her, arguing that pit bulls generally get a bad rap.

Some conceded that point, but then argued that Jenelle’s dogs are dangerous because they’ve been mistreated … which is not a bad point.

Fortunately, Ensley emerged from the photoshoot unscathed, which is no big surprise.

The girl has Jenelle for a mom–if she can survive that, she can survive anything.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Jenelle’s many questionable parenting decisions.