Halsey Hosts Halloween Party With Gotham City Villains Theme Post Breakup With G-Eazy

Halsey looks like she’s doing just fine post-breakup with G-Eazy … having the time of her life at her annual Halloween bash.  As you can see, Halsey went with a Gotham City villains theme … dressing as Poison Ivy. She danced the…


Halsey and G-Eazy: It’s Over … Again!

In early July, Halsey dumped G-Eazy after a year of dating, and there were even hints that she had caught him cheating.

The split didn’t last, however, and they ended up back together … until the last couple of days.

Now, they’ve split again, and you’ll never guess the reason.

E! News reports that Halsey and G-Eazy have broken up again.

“G-Eazy and Halsey were doing well until a couple of days ago,” an insider reveals.

According to the source, things turned sour “when G-Eazy performed at the Karma International party in Los Angeles on Saturday.”

Apparently, G-Eazy was a little too friendly with his fans.

“And,” the insider explains, he “was flirting with several girls in public.”

You’d think that fans hardcore enough to actually attend a G-Eazy show would know that he’s in a relationship.

But he was ready for that.

“G-Eazy was telling everyone that he was single,” the source shares.

The insider adds that he claimed this “and that he and Halsey are always ‘on-and-off’ but they are currently split.”

You know how a lot of self-help advice talks about mantras and speaking what you want to come true so that you can manifest it?

Well, it sounds like G-Eazy was so convincing that he manifested a very real breakup.

G-Eazy and Halsey are no longer following each other on Instagram.

As we have mentioned with past breakups, this could mean serious bad blood — or simply that nobody wants to see their ex’s face all over social media.

However, it looks like there was more to their breakup than G-Eazy’s public display of horniness.

They’re both busy professionals whose careers take them all over, and that has exacted its toll on their rekindled romance — just as it did in July.

The insider reveals: “They have been having issues with the distance again.”

You know what? It happens.

That pesky distance may have been what drove G-Eazy to be so flirty — though that’s obviously not an excuse.

The two made it official that they were back together in September.

At G-Eazy’s New Jersey show, the two locked lips in a public kiss.

“Make some noise for the most beautiful woman on this planet right now,” G-Eazy instructed the audience.

He also said at the time: “Make some mother f–king noise for the queen, Halsey.”

As we mentioned, it was in early July when Halsey and G-Eazy last broke up.

“I normally keep this kind of thing private,” Halsey wrote at the time.

“But,” she continued. “Provided our public nature I feel I need to inform my fans.”

Halsey then announced: “G-Eazy and I are taking some apart.”

A little over a week later, and G-Eazy was seen partying with Demi Lovato as fans worried that she had relapsed.

Famously, later that month, Demi was hospitalized for a suspected overdose.

While G-Eazy and Halsey are on the outs, it may be that G-Eazy indulges himself.

Whether it’s with other former Disney stars or with groupies remains to be seen.

But even though their careers are likely to keep them on different schedules and G-Eazy is unlikely to change his spots … they might get back together.

Some people get hooked on their exes and keep going back for more.


Halsey Comments on Ex G-Eazy’s Big Dick Energy Claims

Just a few weeks ago, Halsey dumped G-Eazy and publicly implied that he had cheated on her. Yikes.

G-Eazy moved on and is currently touring. He decided to announce to his Instagram followers that he has “Big Dick Energy.”

Well, Halsey had something to say about that in the comments. Take a look:

G-Eazy posted a photo of himself at the Sunlit Supply Amphitheater, standing on a car with countless spotlights providing a dramatic visual effect.

His caption for the photo reads: “Big Dick Energy.”

While a man describing himself as having BDE is just about the polar opposite of actually possessing this quality that became a meme in recent weeks, that’s not what got people’s attention.

No, what made people marvel in wonder is that his ex, Halsey, commented under the photo.

She left three emojis — a cloud, a tornado, and a water droplet.

Followers absolutely noticed Halsey’s comment, which left many scratching their heads.

“I’m so f–king confused,” one fan wrote.

It’s unclear if they were confused by her emojis or the fact that she commented at all.

Another commenter explained: “Couples can break up and not hate each other.”

That is true!

When one commenter accused Halsey of being “petty,” the singer explained herself.

“No petty here,” Halsey writes. “Caption damn funny and stage looks dope. Jealous of everyone who gets to see the show.”

Her words are clear. Her emojis are … less so.

We don’t know exactly what Halsey meant. Interpreting a string of emojis like that is a little like trying to work out hieroglyphs without the Rosetta Stone.

If she had replied with an emoji conveying mocking laughter, that would mean one thing.

If she had replied with an eggplant emoji, that would have been another thing altogether.

But, with the cloud and the tornado, it looks like she’s referring to a storm — or possibly energy.

The water droplet can be used to imply thirst (as in, sexual attraction) or, well, ejaculation.

We should, of course, clarify that Big Dick Energy is not synonymous with someone who is assumed to be well-endowed.

They can totally overlap, but they don’t have to.

The meme has made it very clear that someone might be known to have an absolutely gargantuan penis but lack Big Dick Energy.

Similarly, a cisgender woman can absolutely radiate Big Dick Energy with an intensity that should set off Geiger counters.

That, folks, is the difference between Jared Leto and Tessa Thompson.

This really does seem to be a situation of two exes who still respect each other.

Even if Halsey’s emoji choice was all but inscrutible. But that’s okay.

They’re exes, and she can post whatever emojis she likes. Considering what some of the other emoji options were, her reply was very tasteful.

In the mean time, G-Eazy has been spotted being a bad influence on Demi Lovato as her relapse continues.

This is a guy who’s still getting past that little incident where he got into a fight and was then caught with coke. Whoops.

Big Dick Energy or not, he and Halsey were together for nine months. It’s healthy for them to not treat each other like enemies.