Kendra Wilkinson: Sorry for Ruining Your Life, Hank Baskett!

Earlier this week, Kendra tweeted and deleted accusations about Hank. She said that he recorded their conversations, blamed her for ending his football career, and blamed him for his own affair.

Kendra clearly thought better of it, deleting those tweets and instead putting up a heartfelt apology.

And, surprisingly, she even admitted responsibility for one of those things that Hank blames her for.

In some (yet again deleted) tweets, Kendra poured out her regrets by apologizing to her ex.

“I want to apologize publicly to Hank.”

One would assume that it was simply because she aired their dirty laundry, but there’s a twist.

“I was the reason your football career ended.”

That is … kind of a huge admission.

“I regret doing that to u and i hope you learn to forgive me one day.”

Honestly, given that the vast majority of football players endure massive, chronic brain trauma and other physical stresses that doom them to an early grave, she may have done him a favor.

But she doesn’t point that out. There’s a time and a place.

“I loved u and was always your number one fan.”

Kendra’s tweets continued.

“I was 24 when i got married. Now I’m 33.”

That’s publicly available information, but it’s not always easy to admit that you’re anything older than 29.

“I made a lot of mistakes through those young years and im sorry for making u feel the way i did.”

Well, we all know that Kendra can get a little … intense

“All i ever wanted was family because i never had a solid one.”

Viewers of Kendra on Top are all too aware of what Kendra’s mom is like.

“But me being immature was the reason i couldn’t give u more.”

The day before, Kendra had aired the couple’s difficult communications.

“He’s blaming me for his football career ending. He’s blaming me for cheating on me while I was pregnant.”

Hank allegedly hooked up with a transgender model while Kendra was pregnant with their daughter, Alijah.

This was years ago, and it is difficult to imagine how Kendra could have magically forced him to get an extramarital handie.

“I tried so hard. I did everything by the book and loved and i get s–t on. I’m so sorry for u all to feel awkward [right] now.”

She explains, apologetically, to her followers that she had freaked out when Hank (allegedly) started recording their conversation.

“When i was being recorded i felt threatened.”

Kendra Wilkinson apology tweet

In a non-deleted tweet, which is seeming scarcer and scarcer these days, Kendra writes:

“[I] am done tweeting about hank out of respect for my kids.”

People don’t think about this enough (though it’s been mentioned during recent Southern Charm drama), but celebrity children will one day grow up and have unlimited internet access just like everyone else.

A parent having a sex tape or whatever is just garden variety embarrassing. Seeing their parents feud … that’s something else.

“Love will always win and he’s a great guy…”

That sounds vague, like she just wanted to say something nice about Hank.

“We will all be fine after this hurdle is over.”

To be clear, we don’t think that she’s saying that she and Hank will be back together.

“Fine” can take a lot of forms, and so can families.

Kendra Wilkinson dick tweet

Kendra, being Kendra, also tweeted something of a very different nature.

“I think i just need some dick.”

That’s not a surprising admission. Kendra has openly described herself as “one horny-ass motherf–ker.

She had joked (we think) about wearing out the batteries on her personal sex toys (most electronic sex toys come with chargers these days) to explain her need for the real thing.

Some people have very high sex drives and feel like they’re losing their minds when they’re not having sex. Just like how some people cannot handle missing lunch.

Let’s hope that Kendra, um, gets everything that she needs.


Kendra Wilkinson: Hank Blames ME For His Extramarital Handjob!

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett, after weeks of what we can only awkwardly characterize as "hype," split.

At first, things were looking more-or-less amicable.

That has now changed.

Kendra has gone from posting about being sad and single and needed to feel motivated and excited again to tweeting some accusations against Hank.

These aren't what you'd expect — they're not accusations about his behavior during their nearly 9 years of marriage.

These are accusations about his behavior towards her now that they have broken up.

Kendra hastily deleted most of the tweets that we are about to show you.

Take a look:

1. Kendra and Hank are over

Goodbye hank
And it looks like things have turned downright nasty

2. First, Kendra accuses Hank of recording her

Kendra wilkinson tweets 01
In most places in the United States, it is illegal to record someone speaking without their permission.

3. She says that he blames her for a lot of things

Kendra wilkinson tweets 02
I’m no sports expert, but it is my understanding that the Vikings making him a free agent was the end of his football career. That’s something that happens, sooner or later, to every athlete.

4. That wasn’t his most outlandish claim

Kendra wilkinson tweets 03
While Kendra was pregnant with their daughter, Alijah, Hank reportedly cheated on her with a transgender model, though he insists that he was, at worst, a passive participant. Other reports claim that the two went further than he claims. Regardless, it’s hard to see how a pregnant Kendra could have forced his hand (or any other body part).

5. Kendra was outta there.

Kendra wilkinson tweets 04
No one likes being recorded or disrespected. Especially by an ex. There are clearly a lot of emotions in play.

6. But Kendra wasn’t done

Kendra wilkinson brunette
Kendra deleted those tweets — which included some accusations. But then she tweeted out some further thoughts, which have ALSO since been deleted.

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Kendra Wilkinson Goes Brunette After Split From Hank Baskett

Kendra Wilkinson is unrecognizable.

Now that Kendra is divorcing Hank Baskett after months of hints and build-up, she’s making other major changes in her life.

And she’s saying goodbye to her trademark blonde hair and going brunette.

Since parting ways with Hank after recent troubles in the couple’s marriage, Kendra has been hitting the slopes and spending quality time with her children.

But now she’s decided that it’s high time that she make a change in her life that she’s always wanted to try.

As she explains in the captions of her series of photos, Kendra is dipping her toes into the world of brown hair.

“Been wanting to experiment like this for a long time and here it is.”

Take a look.

Kendra looks great.

And you can practically feel her enthusiasm about this new ‘do emanating through the screen.

“So excited for this change.”

But she promises that she’s still the Kendra whom fans have come to know over the years.

“But I’ll always stay true to my roots.”

What Instagram post would be complete without a cringeworthy pun?

Fans took to her comments to praise her brunette style:

“Right?? Makes you look so much younger!”

“Sooooooo much better than [blonde].”

“Love’n your new hair color! I think the change is great!”

“Oh my gosh! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Beautiful!!!”

“Love the brown hair, your beautiful eyes really pop!”

“Welcome to the Darkside Hottie!!!!! I freaking love your Vengence Look!!!”

Of course, not everyone was a fan. Though they were definitely in the minority, some followers did not like the change.

“Back to blonde pls!!! I thought this was a random 50 yr old on my insta.”

“Whoever says this looks BETTER then her OG look is straight lying to her.”

“Looks good. You should’ve went red though ;)”

Several people suggested that she dye her hair red. Let her live her life, folks.

“I like better your hair blonde … That color makes you look older.”

Everyone’s a critic.

Each individual will have to decide for themselves if Kendra looks older or younger, since fans and followers have very different takeaways.

One might say that she looks the same age, but just with brown hair.

But her carefree attitude and the emotional relief that comes from putting an end to a troubled marriage could account for why some fans perceive her to look younger now.

In other words: it’s not the hair, it’s the Hank. Or Hanklessness.

Stress really can make a person seem more tired and therefore older, which could absolutely account for why fans see her looking so different here.

At the same time … she’s also posing in a youthful, carefree manner.

And one should always consider that perhaps a celebrity’s fans and followers are just, you know, being nice.

The critics who said that she looks older or less distinctive or whatever, conversely, may have simply being being unkind because saying rude things to beautiful celebrities on social media makes them feel better about themselves.

Also, beauty is subjective.


Hank Baskett Hints at Kendra Wilkinson Reunion, Gets Owned on Twitter

Hank Baskett played wide receiver for parts of seven NFL seasons.

But he isn’t best known these days for having great hands.

He’s instead best known for having received a hand job from a transgender model back in 2014.

Yes, Baskett was also married to Kendra Wilkinson for nine years and helped create two small human beings with the former Playmate, a son named Hank IV and a daughter named Alijah.

But Hank’s celebrity gossip legacy will always revert to what he admits transpired in a hotel room over three years ago.

As Kendra on Top viewers are likely well aware of, Hank has confessed on camera to meeting someone named Ava London back in the day…

… and then unexpectedly having his penis massaged by her, all the way to orgasm

It’s true: Baskett has even talked about how he went to the aforementioned hotel room to purchase marijuana and then, somehow, ended up being fondled to completion by London instead.

It’s one of the most unusual stories of infidelity — and we bring it up now for a reason.

Earlier this month, Kendra filed for divorce from Baskett.

She made it clear in the days leading up to this announcement that trust had simply eroded between the stars and that the love between them was no longer enough.

However, Hank was asked on April 13 by TMZ whether the relationship was truly over and he responded as follows:

“You always leave the door open for that, always.”

Would a reconciliation be under consideration due to the presence of the ex-couple’s two kids? Or because of the feelings that still exist between Baskett and Wilkinson?

“I would say both,” Baskett replied.

But this is not what Twitter would say.

In a nutshell, Twitter would instead say: LOL!!!!!!

One Internet user scoffed at Baskett’s response, saying he would only return to Kendra as part of a new “reality TV” deal, saying the “plan all along” for the twosome was to create enough drama for a network to try and work with them.

Another user, meanwhile, simply relied on NeNe Leakes to sum up how she feels about this reunion possibility:

no hank

But one other user takes the reactionary cake.

“Classic love story,” this person wrote in response to this report, adding:

“Boy meets girl. Boy married girl. Boy cheats on girl with granny. Girl takes boy back. Girl eventually files for divorce.”

This individual may want to hire a lawyer pretty soon… because he or she just straight up murdered Hank Baskett!

ouch hank

The day she filed for divorce, meanwhile, Kendra shared a selfie with Hank on Instagram and wrote along with it a very moving caption.

It read:

I will forever love Hank and be open but for now we have chosen to go our own ways.

I’m beyond sad and heartbroken because i did believe in forever, that’s why i said yes but unfortunately too much fear has gotten in the way.

We are both amazing parents and our kids will be happy n never know the difference other than seeing mama smile. Sometimes love looks funny.

We certainly do with Hank and Kendra the very best.