Kim Kardashian Surrogate Speaks Out: I’m Happy, Healthy and RICH!

As you’ve likely heard by now, Kim Kardashian welcomed her third child this week.

The baby was born via surrogate at Cedars Sinai Hospital in LA early Monday morning.

Kim made the announcement via her subscription-based app, but at this point, details are still relatively scarce.

We know the baby is a girl, and the delivery went smoothly–but that’s about it.

It might be weeks before Kim and Kanye go public with additional information, but one person who was directly involved in bringing their child into the world is speaking out … kind of.

Not much is known about the surrogate hired by Kim and Kanye, and it seems that according to her contract, she’s not allowed to speak to the press.

But that doesn’t mean her parents can’t speak to the press.

Yes, the anonymous surrogate has contacted her mother and father, and in turn, they gave an interview to Radar Online.

It might be the closest we’ll ever come to hearing from the surrogate directly.

Fortunately, the parents have remained anonymous, which means the surrogate is not in violation of her agreement with Kim and Kanye.

“She is doing well,” her mother tells Radar.

“[Tuesday] she told me she felt fine.”

Asked if there were any complications with the delivery, the surrogate’s father replied, “No, everything went well. As a matter of fact, she’s at home resting.”

“She’s safe at home with her husband,” the mother added.

Unfortunately, there are two matters on which the proud parents played it coy.

For starters, they refused to reveal if their daughter was a fan of Kim’s before carrying the reality star’s baby.

“She may have been!” her mother remarked vaguely, adding:

“According to what my daughter told me, yes, they got along.”

And per their daughter’s contract, the parents offered no information on how much Kim and Kanye paid for the use of her uterus.

We suppose that’s okay.

It’s not like we need an exact figure to tell us that the anonymous woman who had the honor of delivering the newest member of the Kardashian-West clan is now very, very wealthy.


Lady Gaga: Happy New Year! Look at My Butt!

Lady Gaga is poised for a pretty big 2018.

Back in November, we learned that Gaga is engaged to Christian Carino.

Shortly thereafter, the singer announced that she’d signed on for a Vegas residency, an arrangement that’s already proven wildly lucrative for several members of pop music’s royal family, including Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez.

But do true love and a wildly successful career really bring one happiness?

Perhaps for some, but this is Gaga we’re talking about.

She came to slay, and she won’t rest until her takeover is complete.

She wants it all:

The wealth, the fame, the adoration … and, of course, the ass:

Gaga rang in the new year by tweeting the above photo.

“Happy New Year. To happiness. Health. Love. And to the simplicity of beautiful unforgettable nature, life,” she captioned the image.

Yes … nature.

That caption is the social media equivalent of walking into a room naked save for a pair of heels and asking everyone if they like your new shoes.

Needless to say, the pic was quite popular amongst Gaga’s devoted fans, amassing over 4,000 comments in just 24 hours.

The Little Monsters paid tribute to their queen in multiple languages, and while we won’t pretend to have understood every comment, we’re pretty sure most of them translated to “dat ass.”

The Gaga butt has been the stuff of legend for years, but like Haley’s Comet, it’s a big deal every time it makes an appearance.

And with a wedding on the horizon, this might be our last glimpse of the iconic ass in its unmarried form.

So soak it in, folks.

And any time this year gets you down, simply make like Gaga’s fantastic ‘donk:

Turn toward the sun; be your best self, and no matter what happens, don’t allow yourself to be put to be publicly dissed by Leonardo DiCaprio.

He might have an Oscar now, but that does not give him the final say on all things butt-related.

We’re pretty sure Kris Jenner holds that honor.


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Kate Gosselin Can’t Even Wish Happy Birthday to Her Kids Without Getting Slammed

Look, we don’t especially like Kate Gosselin.

She has a really bad temper. She can be very petty and immature. And she often exploits her children for attention, fame and money.

But still. This doesn’t mean Gosselin deserves flak for absolutely everything she does and says.

Just consider what happened earlier this week:

Twin daughters Mady and Cara turned 17 years old.

In response, Gosselin shared a throwback photo of the kids and wrote along with it a pretty sweet and loving caption.

“….And then you blink, and they TURN SEVENTEEN!! Happy birthday to my girls!” wrote the Kate Plus 8 star, adding:

“My heart hurts because you’re almost adults and will soon leave for college, yet it smiles because I am seeing who you’ve become: brilliant, beautiful, kind, caring, logical, responsible, empathetic, honest, amazing individuals!

“I love you both SO VERY MUCH! Let’s have a wonderful day together celebrating YOU!”

Mady and Cara are four years older than Gosselin’s sextuplets, Aaden, Alexis, Hannah, Leah, Collin and Joel.

They really have grown up right before the eyes of anyone who has followed the career of Gosselin and her ex-husband ever since they co-starred on Jon and Kate Plus 8.

So… that’s that, right? Case closed?

Gosselin simply wished her kids a happy birthday and now the Internet can move on with its life?

HA! You’ve clearly never met the Internet.

A multitude of critics jumped online to use this birthday message as an opportunity to throw shade at Gosselin.

For instance:

kate hate

The question about Collin is a reference to a scandal from July in which Kate celebrated the birthdays of her other kids… without including son Collin.

Where was he? Why wasn’t he invited to his own birthday party?

It’s mostly unclear. Many reports have indicated that Collin has some kind of learning disability and is off receiving therapy somewhere.

But neither Kate nor Jon have been very candid about what is transpiring here.

Meanwhile, along with disdain for Kate, there was actual hatred for Mady and Cara online as well.

“I’m sure they are as snarky and eye rolly as ever, one person wrote, while another took it to a whole other level:

mady hate

Jeepers, Internet users!

These are 17-year old girls you’re destroying here!

Again, it’s worth repeating: we pretty much hate Kate Gosselin.

We can think of MANY reasons to make A LOT of fun of her.

But sending her twins a bit of birthday love simply isn’t among them. And it certainly doesn’t warrant these types of replies.

Leave the kids alone and wait for a more appropriate reason to tear Gosselin a new one.

We’re sure she’ll provide you with one any day now.


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Tori Roloff to Amy and Molly Roloff: Happy Shared Birthday!

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff might seem distant from Jeremy and Audrey’s newborn, baby Ember Jean, these days.

She’s definitely in the thoughts of her other daughter-in-law, Tori Roloff, however. And so is Molly Roloff, Tori’s sister-in-law.

As you may remember, Amy and Molly share a birthday.

We don’t know everything that’s going on in their family right now, but Tori seems to be on good terms with everybody, because she offered up birthday wishes with zero awkwardness.

Like we said, we don’t know what’s up with Amy Roloff, her son Jeremy, or her daughter-in-law Audrey.

It might be nothing.

But while Amy Roloff is a proud grandmother to Jackson, her grandson — Tori’s baby — we haven’t actually seen her in any photos with her second grandchild.

After Ember Jean was born, Amy Roloff got slammed by haters for posting an Instagram ad instead of a photo with her newborn.

To be clear, Amy has absolutely posted about Ember’s birth:

“And my baby granddaughter is here. I’m so so excited and happy for Jeremy and Audrey. I’m a grandma again. Ember Jean is beautiful. What a blessing. My heart is full of joy!!”

But no pictures.

This has led some fans to wonder if Amy has met her granddaughter.

Like Audrey, Tori Roloff married into the Roloff family.

But Tori, at least, seems to have a very close bond with Amy.

Tori posted the above photo to her Instagram story as a tribute to Amy’s birthday – and she posted a matching shout-out to her sister-in-law, Molly, which we have for you below.

Tori gave birth to Amy’s first grandchild, a beautiful baby boy named Jackson.

There are tons of photos of Amy Roloff spending “grandma time” with Jackson.

She delights in spending time with her grandson, and clearly has a healthy bond with her daughter-in-law, Tori.

Tori also has a close, sisterly bond with her sister-in-law, Molly Roloff.

“Seester” is such a cute thing for people to call each other!

Actual siblings use it, in-laws use it, and sometimes just very close friends use the variant of “sister” as an affectionate label for each other for for their “seesterly” bond.

We can’t imagine that it’s easy for anyone when a mother and her daughter share a birthday.

Two presents to get (at least!). Two cards. Possibly two parties.

It was cute that Tori came up with matching birthday shoutouts for both of her in-laws.

We know that we talked about possibilities that Amy has some sort of “issues” with Jeremy or Audrey or both, or vice-versa.

But … let’s please keep an open mind rather than jumping to conclusions.

It’s absurd to suggest that Amy must be a heartless grandmother who only loves her grandson.

(Yes, some commenters have really assumed as much)

Instead, let’s think of something a little less interesting but also a lot more plausible:

Maybe Jeremy and Audrey are just trying to limit the number of photos of Ember Jean so early after her birth.

It could be something with Ember’s coloring not clearing up yet (sometimes babies even have a kind of acne!).

Or it could just be that they’re waiting for the right moment to spam us with a bunch of cute close-up photos.

Whatever the case, let’s not assume that there’s some sort of silent fight going on behind the scenes of Little People, Big World.

If there is … we’ll know sooner or later.