Maci Bookout: I’m SO HAPPY Ryan Edwards is in Jail!

Ryan Edwards was arrested on Monday evening, and as far as we know, he’s still in jail.

And thank goodness for that, right?

After all, if he’s in jail, he can’t get arrested again, and we’d hope that heroin is a little more difficult to come by in jail than it is outside jail.

Because as if it wasn’t clear enough already, Ryan seems to have a very, very big issue with heroin.

This whole mess started last year, when he was arrested for possession of heroin and sentenced to a year of probation.

Then, back in March, just before the probation was over, he was arrested again after failing a drug test.

Surprise, surprise, he had heroin in his system.

After that six more months was added to his probation, and on Monday, of course, he was arrested yet again.

Some media outlets are reporting that he got another charge of possession and some are reporting that he violated his probation for missing a court date.

But either way, it’s not great.

A Nashville attorney has explained that if he has been charged with possession again, then he could be facing nearly three years in prison.

Even if that’s not what happened, he’s facing at least a year and a half from his last two arrests.

Considering that this time around, Ryan is being held without bond, it wouldn’t be too big a surprise if he did spend a bit of that time in jail.

And according to a new report from Hollywood Life, Maci Bookout would be thrilled by that!

“Maci’s heartbroken to see what drugs have done to Ryan,” a source explains.

“She lives in fear that he’s going to overdose and die so getting the news that he was in jail was actually a huge relief because at least he’s still alive and still has a chance to beat this illness.”

The source adds that “Now that he’s back in jail there is hope that he might finally get the longterm help he needs, that’s what Maci is praying for.”

Just so we’re clear, she’s not wanting him to stay in jail out of spite or anything like that.

“While jail seems bad on the outside, Maci is praying that it will save Ryan’s life and help get him sober,” the insider continues.

Demi Lovato’s overdose apparently really shook her up, and “she’s terrified Ryan will overdose too if he doesn’t get sober once and for all.”

And believe it or not, another source claims that Ryan has those same fears.

According to this person, “Ryan can’t help feeling like he’ll never be able to get himself back on track.”

“The past couple of years have been nothing but non-stop drama, and Ryan is just burned out and exhausted.”

As sad as it sounds, “He truly regrets the day he first took heroin” because “it’s really wrecked his life and everything has been downhill ever since.”

“Ryan just hopes and prays that when he gets out of jail he can stay clean, and work hard to regain the trust of all those he loves and has hurt over the years because of his addiction.”

If any of this is true, and we really hope it is, then maybe things will be different this time around.

And with Ryan expecting his first child with Mackenzie Standifer in just a couple months, they really, really need to be.

But on a more tragic, more realistic note, he’s proven time and again that he has a serious problem, and it may take more than a little bit of time in jail to fix that.

Here’s hoping he’s able to pull through anyway!


Jim Bob Duggar: Ladies, Here’s How to Keep Your Husband Happy

For most people, Jim Bob Duggar is up there with O.J. Simpson on the list of people who are least qualified to dole out relationship advice.

But some folks look at old JBD as a romantic role model.

After all, if your goal is to sire a small army and then make a bunch of weirdly strict rules governing how they're allowed to use their own genitals, the Duggar patriarch is your man.

Jim Bob and Michelle celebrated another wedding anniversary this week, and they decided to flip the script by giving a gift to fans in the form of preachy marital advice.

So put on your tapered jeans or your floor-length skirt and allow Jim Bob to school you in the ways of romance:

1. Laying Down the Law

Michelle duggar and jim bob duggar
Jim Bob began his latest sermon by listing the seven things that every man needs from his wife. Somehow, “crimped fright-wig hair” didn’t make the list.

2. A man needs a wife who is loyal and supportive

Jim bob and michelle duggar divorce photo
We guess this one is self-explanatory. Unfortunately, Jim Bob never taught his sons the importance of being loyal and supportive, right, Josh Duggar?

3. A man needs a wife who honors his leadership

Jim bob duggar and michelle duggar on vacation
As for this one … well, it’s anyone’s guess what the hell this means. All we know is that it sounds super cult-y and the Duggars love them a good cult mentality.

4. A man needs a wife who develops inward and outward beauty.

Michelle duggar cheerleader photo
We suppose this one was inevitable. Ladies, Jim Bob wants you to stay hot for your men. And remember, there’s no plastic surgery for inner beauty.

5. A man needs a wife who will make appeals, not demands.

Michelle jim bob baby
As in, she appeals to you to stop issuing so many freakin’ demands. Like there aren’t enough rules for the Duggars to follow already.

6. A man needs a wife who understands his need for time alone with God

Jim bob and michelle duggar kiss
“God” is a versatile term here. It can mean the monotheistic deity of the Abrahamic religions, or the stack of Playboys you keep in the shed.

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