David Eason Caught Harassing Nathan Griffith, Hurling Homophobic Slurs

Yesterday, we reported on the encouraging news that Nathan Griffith wants to fight David Eason.

Nathan would most likely make short work of Jenelle Evans’ husband in the ring, and since Eason was recently accused of punching a toddler, we would very much like to see that happen.

Nathan Griffith, David Eason Split

Nathan has every reason to want to clean David’s clock (the aforementioned toddler is Griffith’s son, Kaiser), so we weren’t all that curious about the motives when he issued his challenge.

But as it turns out, he has even more cause to hate Eason than we initially thought.

As you may recall, Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2 for hurling homophobic slurs at fans of the show in a bizarre social media meltdown.

Far from having learned his lesson about hate speech, it seems David is still targeting epithets at those who have incurred his ire.

These days, that means he’s saying horrendous things to Nathan.

We know this because Griffith’s girlfriend, Ashley Lanhardt, recently took to Twitter in an effort to put a stop to the harassment.

“Jenelle, I would text you but you have me blocked,” she tweeted to Evans.

“Please check your husband and tell him to stop harassing my man calling him a ‘f-g boy’ over text. We are enjoying our night with family on the water and his random harassing texts are unnecessary. Thank you.” 

It’s times like this that we like to remind you that David Eason is a 29-year-old grownup who is responsible for the care and upbringing of five (5) children.

We’ll pause while you weep for the future.

Anyway, by blocking all communication from Nathan and Ashley (because why would you ever need to hear from the person you share a child with?), Jenelle and David have put all of their asinine feuds and dirty laundry on public display.

Earlier this week, Nathan took to Twitter to chastise Jenelle for claiming that he wishes to contact her only because he hopes to win her back:

“JENELLE! Get over yourself!” he wrote. 

“I talk the same way to my ex-wife. It does not mean I want you back. Once again, I have a child with you.

“I ask all the time about Kaiser. It’s you that stalks and harasses then texts me the next day about something totally irrelevant to Kaiser.”

Hopefully, David is looking at Nathan’s impossible situation and taking notes, because this is the future he created when he made a baby with Jenelle Evans

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of the extent to which David and Jenelle deserve each other.


Briana DeJesus: Javi Marroquin Is Harassing Me!

It hasn’t been easy keeping track of all the developments in Briana DeJesus’ life over the past few weeks, so here’s a brief recap of everything that’s transpired.

It all started when Briana traveled to Miami to undergo plastic surgery.

Despite the fact that she had broken up with Javi Marroquin just weeks earlier, Javi flew to Miami to be by her side and provide support in the days leading up to the procedure.

Fans were stunned to see Javi all over Bri’s social media pages after what appeared to be a bitter breakup.

But they were even more stunned when Javi took to social media to basically boast that he had “ditched” Briana after her surgery.

And believe it or not, the plot twists didn’t stop there.

In the past week alone, two different rumors about Briana’s love life have captured the attention of Teen Mom Twitter.

Some believe Briana is back with Dre, her ex who has gone to great lengths to keep his last name a secret.

Others believe Briana is living with Devoin Austin, her baby daddy who’s been a constant subject of scorn for TM2 viewers.

As far as we can tell, the latter rumor is true, while the former is BS.

Briana is living with Devoin, but she’s just friends with Dre.

Either way, she apparently wishes Javi would simply keep his nose out of her business.

Apparently, Javi noticed Bri’s recent Valentine’s Day posts and decided to give his ex a piece of his mind:

“Javi needs to stop being bitter about the breakup and about Devoin and Dre. He texted me about why I got a teddy bear and why I got my nails done and why Devoin is living with me now,” Briana tells Radar Online.

“He needs to stop harassing me and go worry about the relationship between Kailyn [Lowry] and him.”

DeJesus goes on to say that she’s completely cut ties with Javi and plans to have no contact with him going forward:

“I don’t want nothing to do with Javi,” she tells the outlet.

“I am completely over it and ready to move the f–k on. If he continues to harass me, I will leak all texts and info.”

Apparently in response to her allegations of harassment, Javi fired back with a series of tweets that he later deleted:

“I have full conversations, but we don’t have to go there,” Javi tweeted, seemingly implying that he planned to release some texts of his own.

“Y’all don’t know what’s going on. I don’t need to belittle or disrespect anyone. Just not in me anymore. I made that mistake once. I’ve lived and learned.”

He ended the tweet storm with some words of wisdom for his fans:

“Stay silent. The real ones around you know what’s good. Those that make noise want attention. That’s how I live my life now,” he tweeted.

We hope Javi’s able to follow his own advice, but something tells us this situation is far from over.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more of Briana’s wild world.


Woman Farts on Harassing Co-Worker, Gets Him Fired

Ladies, has this ever happened to you:

A male co-worker continually touches you inappropriately, "accidentally" brushing up against your breasts or buttocks throughout the day?

Yes? It has happened? To basically every single one of you?

We're guessing no one out there used the tactic employed by Reddit user "ThankCod" in order to get her revenge?

Scroll down to learn the hilarious details of how this woman got her sexually aggressive colleague booted from her company…

1. #HerToo

Number hertoo
This is not a photo of the man and woman in question. But the #MeToo movement has empowered females around the corporate world to stand up to their aggressors, which is terrific.

2. An Intriguing Introduction

This is how the Reddit user opened her post, piquing the interest of all who looked at it.

3. Allow Her to Set the Scene

Allow her to set the scene
Nearly every woman reading this is likely nodding in agreement right now. They’ve been victims of these kinds of “bumps” every day of their working lives.

4. Action Was Required

Action was required
HA! LOL! Amazing! This was the action the woman chose to take.

5. Cue the Freak Out!

Cue the freak out
The man will no longer view this woman’s backside as something sexual, but instead as something stinky. Genius.

6. The Fart Heard ‘Round the World

The fart heard round the world
Or at least around the office. After her boss learned what happened, he called the man and woman into his office and it came out that this man was a serial grabber.

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