‘American Idol’ Contestant Trevor Holmes Has No Hard Feelings Being Eliminated by Katy Perry

“American Idol” dreamboat Trevor Holmes got sent home by Katy Perry this week — but he ain’t mad at her … ‘cause their viral “flirting” put him and his music on the map.  We spoke to Trevor a day after his final episode on ‘Idol’ aired…


‘American Idol’ Contestant Trevor Holmes Has No Hard Feelings Being Eliminated by Katy Perry

“American Idol” dreamboat Trevor Holmes got sent home by Katy Perry this week — but he ain’t mad at her … ‘cause their viral “flirting” put him and his music on the map.  We spoke to Trevor a day after his final episode on ‘Idol’ aired…


Kim Kardashian Gets Dragged (Hard!) for This Easter Photo

Kim Kardashian celebrated the holiest of days on the Catholic calendar by sharing a picture that provoked a pretty similar reaction across the Internet.

And that reaction was this:


Yes, the reality star really did share the above photo of her impressive cleavage on the day Jesus Christgot resurrected and came back to life many years ago.

And, yes, she did include a bunny ears emoji as a caption along with it.

But promoting her sensual figure on this special holiday is actually NOT the reason Kim is under intense online scrutiny right now.

Instead, Kardashian is facing a great deal of backlash today for the following Twitter photo and message:

kim kross

“Happy Easter,” Kim wrote as a simple caption to this snapshot, which features a golden cross shimmering in the sky with the sun behind it.

However, religious symbol is lined with a repeating design that looks to be diamonds, leading some pious followers to think Kardashian has missed the spirit of the Easter holiday.

Jesus, after all, was not exactly into wealth and the flaunting of one’s riches.

“Nothing says Easter better than a diamond studded cross,” wrote one annoyed Internet user in response to this picture, while another asked:

“is this a joke?”

The mother of three, who was just praised a few days ago for her March of Our Lives attendance, is now once again considered the self-centered enemy by a handful of critics.

Here’s a selection of other Twitter comments in reply to her fancy diamond image:

kk easter replies

Another person said she thought this was a “meme” on Kim’s part.

But we’re pretty sure she meant it as a serious way to send Easter wishes to her followers.

“Ok but anyone else think this might be a yeezus album cover hint??” asked another user, which really would be pretty lame on Kim’s part.

One really should not use this very holy day as a PR opportunity.

Then again, some might say, one should not appropriate Asian culture in the way Kim has often been accused of doing.

What do you think of this alleged Kim Kardashian scandal?

Is it really a scandal? Did Kim cross a line with this picture of a cross?

Or should some folks just calm down and not overanalyze everything this woman says and does?

Sound off below with your thoughts and…

… Happy Easter!


Kelly Ripa: Body-Shamed (Hard!) for This Bikini Pic

Call us crazy.

Say we’re going out on a major limb here, but we still feel a need to say it:

The Internet can be a very cruel place.

No, really. It’s true!

Just take the case of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, for example.

The long-time couple were out and about on the beach over the weekend, having a swell time in the sun, snapping pictures and sharing them on social media.

At one point, Consuelos took a photo of his 47-year old wife in a two-piece bathing suit and wrote as a caption:

“Sultry Sundays with the sexy one are my fave,” he wrote.

Pretty sweet, right?

And, based on the snapshot itself right here, pretty accurate, right?

Looking damn fine, Kelly Ripa!

The pair’s Instagram affection continued from there, with Ripa and Consuelos posting beach shots together in their Instagram stories, simply adding “#daddy” and “Yep” as captions.

Considering the stars have been married since 1996 and have three kids, it’s refreshing to see that they remain so in love and so attracted to each other.

It’s refreshing to us, at least.

To others, apparently, it’s the basis for some serious body-shaming.


What follows is a sampling of actual comments left by actual social media users who really may need to get a life or find a hobby — or both!

She has the body of a 12-year-old boy. Guess ‘sexy’ is a matter of opinion. She is adorable, but …

Kelly’s gorgeous, but isn’t there a cutoff age where age appropriateness comes into play?

Just because you can rock a bikini, doesn’t mean you should. When you have teenagers whose friends can ogle pictures, then it’s creepy.

She has a guy’s figure.

Her body is nothing to be proud of.

We really wish we were making these critiques up.

But this is sort of stuff some people really take the time to think of and write online.

Nobody is immune to this sort of shaming, either, not even buff men such as Stephen Amell.

It makes us very sad to consider, but then we get all happy again when we remember how these strong women (and men!) often fight back against the loser trolls.

Take the following cases, for instance, and then go from being angry to being inspired.

Simply put: yo go, stars!


Rose McGowan is Here to Taunt Harvey Weinstein. Hard.

Harvey Weinstein turned 66 years old on March 19.

And Rose McGowan did not miss the opportunity to wish the producer a very happy birthday.

In her own, creepy and awesome way, that is.

Weinstein, of course, has been accused by dozens and dozens of women of sexual assault and harassment.

Stories in The New York Times and The New Yorker over the past several months paint Weinstein as a true sexual predator, a legitimate horror of a human being…

… and McGowan has been saying this for years.

She claims to have been raped by Weinstein way back in 1997 – and, while she's glad the #MeToo movement has finally sprung up, she can't also help but be bitter that it so long for others to catch on to what she's been saying for decades.

And this all brings us back to McGowan's message for Weinstein.

On the occasion of Weinstein turning 66 years old, McGowan uploaded the footage below to Twitter.

"Happy birthday, Harvey Weinstein," she says at the outset, prior to taunting the producer as follows:

I told you we'd be coming. I told you 20 years ago, if I heard of you doing this to another girl or a woman, we would come for you. I would come for you.

Happy f–king birthday…from all of us.

Yeah. We're scared.

But Weinstein is the one who should really be scared, of course.

The allegations against this producer sparked a movement that swept up many other men in Hollywood who have acted inappropriately over the years.

We've rundown some of the most damning charges in the gallery above.

McGowan has been at the forefront of this movement long before it actually was a movement and we're glad she's finally getting a chance to enact some revenge.

Watch her video now:

Rose mcgowan sends harvey weinstein haunting happy f cking birth