BBC News Report Gets Interrupted by Hardcore Sex Scene

You really never know when two people will engage in sexual intercourse.

You never know when the mood will strike.

Perhaps it will be during a Wisconsin State Fair, on the bleachers, in front of a bunch of kids and families because you simply can't keep your private parts away from one another.

And perhaps you'll get arrested for this act of public indecency.

Or perhaps you'll take off your shirt and prepare to straddle your eager lover while a news anchor reports on a recent cricket match.

This is the awkward situation unfolding in the following video, which has been the top trending piece of footage on YouTube for most of the day.

It's a clip from BBC in which one woman is sitting at the news desk, talking about a recent cricket match, while another woman is depicted on a screen behind her.

This second woman is going topless and is pretty clearly about to get her some.

In a sexual sense, we mean.

We see her removing her shirt and then her bra, all while her on-screen paramour lies back, waiting for thrust his man meat into her lady parts.

According to UK media, about 3.8 million people were tuning into this nightly newscast when the awkward incident took place, which is made even more hilarious by the assumption that it was the result of some employee watching porn on his computer.

Take a close look at the video.

There's a person sitting back at his desk with headphones on, watching the racy footage in front of him, isn't there?


BBC said in a statement to the media it is investigating the amusing incident and "establishing the facts."

We cannot wait to hear the network explain those facts.

Check out the viral clip below!

Hardcore sex scene plays out in background of bbc news report