NASCAR Star Chase Elliott Says Judging Hooters Competition Harder Than Racing Cars

Chase Elliott’s day job is driving a race car 200 freakin’ MPH … but he tells TMZ Sports that ain’t nothin’ compared to his gig this weekend … judging the Hooters pageant!! We talked to the NASCAR star days before this weekend’s 22nd Annual…


Scheana Marie: Getting Dumped By Rob Valletta Was Harder Than My Divorce!

If you watched the Vanderpump Rules Season 6 reunion show on Monday, then you bore witness to some instances of genuine emotion – and of course, some truly cringe-inducing melodrama.

Naturally, most of the moments in the latter category belonged to Scheana Marie, who should really 86 the four pounds of fake eyelashes if she’s gonna keep crying nonstop at these things.

Before Jax’s tantrum sent Scheana running from the stage in tears, she welled up over a different conversation.

And if you watched the show all season, you’ll probably have no trouble guessing the single syllable that sent her into an emotional tailspin.

At the mere mention of the word “Rob,” Scheana lapsed into a bittersweet daydream about being ignored while watching some dude mount a flatscreen on the wall.

Though the split wasn’t featured on the show, the world learned right before the Season 6 premiere that Scheana and Rob had broken up.

More specifically – and bluntly – he dumped her.

The reunion was really the first time that Scheana spoke publicly and at length about the split – and many viewers were very surprised by what she had to say.

“I was head over heels in love with [Rob],” she told host Andy Cohen.

“I was for a really long time and it didn’t work out but I’ve loved Rob for 12 years and he broke my f-cking heart. For the first time, that genuinely broke me.”

She added:

“The divorce, there were some many things that I was able to justify, we shouldn’t be together for this, this, that, and the other, but Rob genuinely broke my f**king heart.”

There’s a lot to unpack there, but fans mostly focused on two things:

The fact that Scheana claimed to be in love with Rob for 12 years, and the revelation that it was the first time a relationship “broke” her.

We suppose it wouldn’t be so odd to say those things, were it not for the fact that until last year, Scheana was married to Mike Shay.

In other words, she was in love with another guy the whole time and the end of her 4-month relationship with Rob was harder than her freakin’ divorce!

Here’s the thing – we believe her.

Normally, the idea that being dumped by a casual fling could be harder than the end of a marriage would seem absurd, but Scheana is a creature of pure ego.

With Mike, she was in the driver’s seat, and at the time of their split, she seemed to have definitively “won” the breakup.

(Although the revelation that she was pining for another dude the whole time definitely casts that relationship in a whole new light.)

With Rob, however, we saw her a reverse of the reacher/settler dynamic.

Rob was very clearly just not that into Scheana from the start, and despite her desperate efforts to make it work, in the end, she suffered the humiliation of a public dumping.

On social media, both Mike and Rob had their say during the reunion show.

Asked if Scheana ever thinks about anyone other than herself, Mike replied simply, “No.”

For his part, Valletta was warned by a fan that he was “about to get dragged tonight.”

He responded, “I know. That’s why they didn’t invite me to the reunion.”

Interestingly, the reunion revealed that Scheana is single for the first time in a very long time.

For her sake, she might want to stay that way for a while.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online for more shenanigans from the former Scheana Shay.


Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 12 Recap: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Who won the surgical competition? 

That was the big question on Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 12, as the doctors inside Grey Sloan Memorial went out of their way to level the playing field and emerge with a win. 

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy online, you will know that April has been struggling to keep the faith after three of her patients died in one day. 

This has resulted in viewers getting to see a different side of the character, and it’s obvious she does not care about the way people view her any longer. 

This new April has been sleeping with an intern, and even struggled to find a way to deal with the all of the doctors who showed up late to the big meeting. 

“Good God, I’ve created a monster,” Webber said as he realized the severity of what April was going through. Maybe he should have dealt with the competition on his own instead of delegating his tasks. 

April was not the only one struggling with losing patients. Arizona’s heart was also feeling heavy, and it sent her back to her ex-girlfriend, Carina DeLuca. 

Arizona wanted to find a way to reduce mothers dying during and after childbirth, and given Carina’s experience, she asked her to partner with her for the contest. 

Carina accepted, and the two women wound up making out later in the episode. They are a breath of fresh air. 

Then there was Bailey, who was still coming to terms with her ordeal at the hands of downright terrible doctors on Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 11

While she was under strict orders to rest up, she tasked Levi with bringing her things from the hospital to conduct a study of her own. 

However, the intern was not allowed to tell anybody about it because Ben and everyone in the hospital wanted her to recuperate following her ordeal. 

“What happens here, stays here. No one needs to know what we do in this room,” Bailey said to Levi. 

The intern thought Miranda was coming on to him and you could tell he felt strange about everything. Yeah, keep dreaming, Levi. 

Finally, Jo Wilson was feeling happy because she could enter the competition with Meredith and not worry about her name being featured in the press. 

This was a big contrast from earlier in the season when Meredith had to keep Jo’s name and picture out of the paper because she was living in fear that Paul was going to return. 

Thankfully, Paul is gone, and he will never harm her again. 

Okay, Grey’s Anatomy Fanatics! What did you think of the latest episode?

Who will win the award?

Hit the comments below. 

Grey’s Anatomy returns in March. 


Kim Kardashian Confesses: Surrogacy is Harder than Pregnancy!

At the beginning of the week, Kim and Kanye welcome their third child — a healthy baby girl. 

We don’t yet know the youngest West child’s name, but we do know how she was born. Kim’s pregnancy via surrogacy was … not exactly secret.

But now Kim is opening up about everything about her pregnancy and her huge decision to have this child via surrogate.

In a post on her app, Kim Kardashian spoke about her pregnancy decision — about her surrogate, why she chose that route, and about her healthy baby daughter.

“It’s as if she was with us the whole time,” she says of her new baby. She then explains that, because of her history with pre-eclampsia and placenta accreta, this was really her only option.

“Doctors said that it wasn’t safe for my, or the baby’s, health to carry my own.”

Which, of course, is why Kim and Kanye opted for what she refers to as a “gestational carrier,” but almost everyone else refers to as a surrogate.

In case there’s any confusion about whose gametes got to mingle to make the third Kimye baby, Kim clarifies that her child is “biologically mine and Kanye’s.”

Did anyone really think otherwise? Kim’s eggs work just fine; it’s the placentas that form in her body that try to kill her.

Are you ready to hear about how hard it is having a surrogate? Because Kim’s ready to tell you.

“Having a gestational carrier is definitely different, but anyone who says or thinks it’s the easy way out is completely wrong.”

Well, sure. For one thing, it’s super duper expensive, which is likely why the mysterious surrogate hired by Kim and Kanye agreed to it in the first place, though we don’t know how rich the surrogate may now be.

Kim says that it’s not all carefree fun, though.

“People assume it’s better because you don’t have to deal with the physical changes, pain, or complications with delivery.”

Well … yeah.

“But for me it was so hard to not carry my own child, especially after I carried North and Saint.”

Ah. She’s talking about bonding. Not the baby’s bonding — her nameless third child is doing plenty of that. But Kim’s own bonding.

But, clearly, she still feels that having a surrogate is better than dying.

As for her surrogate, Kim says that she “trusted her completely throughout the entire process.”

That’s great. I think that we’ve all seen one episode of a crime show or another where a couple’s surrogacy plans didn’t turn out as they’d expected.

Normal couples have to worry that their surrogate will change her mind and keep their child. For Kim, there must have been fears of spilling secrets.

“I’m so grateful for modern technology and that this is even possible.”

Scientists have actually made an artificial womb recently, and I believe that they were able to grow a lamb in it. Some say that this is the future of surrogacy — parents could watch development in a little nook within their home. Just putting that out there.

But, to be clear, Kim isn’t trying to push this idea on everyone.

“It’s not for everyone, but I absolutely love my gestational carrier and this was the best experience I’ve ever had.”

Considering that Kim’s pregnancies were high risk, we’d imagine so.

“Having a gestational carrier was so special for us and she made our dreams of expanding our family come true.”

We’re so glad that this worked out so well for Kim.

Though Kim is quick to make it clear that she did this because she might have died otherwise, let’s make something clear:

There’s nothing wrong with surrogacy, even with zero medical necessity. It shouldn’t have any stigma attached to it.

Many like the idea of having a surrogate simply so that they don’t have to go through pain and suffering to birth a child. 

And those who can afford the service may also like the idea of financially assisting the person who’s helping them have a child.

It’s a win-win scenario. The only losers are people who think that a natural birth is the only way, and those folks are losers anyway.


Sheree Whitfield’s Ex-Husband: I Should Have Choked You Harder!

It's easy to laugh at certain scenes when you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online or on television each week.

Like when Kandi Burruss talks about Porsha Williams wanting to eat out her … you know what.

But there's nothing remotely humorous about the following sneak peek, which features Sheree Whitfield riding in a car with her ex-husband, Bob.

First, Bob waxes poetic about the time he thought about killing Sheree during a trip to Vegas, actually saying on camera:

“I was driving and she fell asleep and I was like, ‘It would be easy for me to take the seat belt off and hit the breaks so she could fly right through the window.'"

And then it actually gets worse from there.

When Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks appear shocked by this admission, Bob shrugs and says he “never hit her.”

“I don’t do that,” he says, just as Sheree shoots him a look.

“Have I ever physically touched you? Have I ever smacked you? Choked you? Have I ever choked you? I might have forgotten."

Yes, Sheree quietly says. You did choke me.

“Could you still breathe?" Bob asks in response, actually adding:

"I don’t remember choking her, but if I did I’m sorry. Cause maybe I didn’t choke you hard enough."

Bob and Sheree got married in 2000 and split up in 2007.

Of late, the latter has considered a romantic reconciliation, but we REALLY hope this option is no longer on her table.

Just take a look at the disturbing sneak peek below:

Sheree whitfields ex husband i should have choked you harder

Selena Gomez: Falling Harder for The Weeknd Than She Did For Bieber?!

It’s only been a week since we first learned that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are dating, but it seems like the new couple is already getting serious.

Sources say the young singers have been spending as much time together as they can, and Selena is reportedly head over heels for her new dude.

In fact, she’s reportedly already experiencing stronger feelings for The Weeknd than she ever did for any of her previous boyfriends, including her most famous ex …

We’re talking, of course, about DJ Zedd.

We kid.

Despite her many career successes, Selena is likely as well-known for her relationship with Justin Bieber as she is for her music.

But while pop music fans and gossip hounds have a hard time leaving Jelena in the past, Ms. Gomez appears to have no trouble moving on.

A source with the annoying habit of toggling back and forth between The Weeknd’s stage moniker and his real name, Abel Tesfaye, recently told Hollywood Life that Selena is so head-over-heels that she’s basically all “Justin who?” these days:

“Selena is feeling things she never felt before with The Weeknd,” says the insider.

“The relationship with Abel is fresh and new for Selena, but she can tell things are completely different from any of her previous relationships.”

Last year, Selena checked into rehab in order to receive treatment for a number of emotional issues.

The source says her relationship with The Weeknd/Abel has been instrumental in helping Selena turn the corner with regard to her mental health.

“For the first time in a long time, Selena has her confidence back and she credits that to having Abel in her life,” the insider says.

“She is healthier than she has been in a long time and having an honest relationship has a lot to do with her feeling so strong.

“Abel makes Selena feel secure and she sees this as her first mature relationship as an adult.”

For his part, Justin is hooking up with Kourtney Kardashian again, which makes this whole situation even weirder.

24-year-old Selena thinks he’s too immature for an adult relationship, but 37-year-old mother of three Kourtney apparently just can’t keep away from the dude.

This may be proof that even “the smart Kardashian” can’t match Selena in terms of emotional intelligence.