Fifth Harmony Announces “Hiatus,” Totally Ruins Our Day

About a year and a half after Fifth Harmony went down to four, Fifth Harmony has now made an announcement:

It is going down to zero.

The all-girl pop group, which bid farewell to Camila Cabello back in December of 2016, confirmed on Twitter this morning that everyone else is now following in their former friend’s footsteps.

That is, they are branching off on their own.

The group is no more.

“Reflecting on the past six years since we started on X-Factor, we’ve realized just how far we’ve come and we appreciate everything so much, more now than ever,” wrote Dinah Jane, Normani Kordei, Ally Brooke and Lauren Jauregui.

They added as an opening to this unexpected and unfortunate statement:

“We’ve really had one hell of a memorable journey together and can’t begin to express our gratitude to y’all for coming along with us on this wild ride!”

Indeed, Fifth Harmony signed a record deal after finishing third on The X Factor in 2012.

Since then, the quintet released three studio albums, all of which charted within the top 10 of the Billboard 200 in the United States.

After Cabello bowed out, the remaining foursome released a new group photo and vowed to continue making great music together.

And they did keep that vow for awhile, performing at a number of events in 2017.

Alas, however, their run has come to an end.

“After six years going hard, non-stop, we also realized that in order to stay authentic to ourselves and to you, we do need to take some time for now to go on a hiatus from Fifth Harmony in order to pursue solo endeavors,” Tweeted the group, adding:

“We are all very excited and grateful to be able to take this time to learn and grow creatively and really find our footing as individuals.

“In doing this we are allowing ourselves to gain new experiences, strengths and perspectives that we can bring back to our Fifth Harmony family.”

Fifth Harmony statement

In conclusion, the remaining singers made a point to thank their long-time fans and supporters.

“To our Harmonizers, thank you for everything we have been able to build as Fifty Harmony. With your love and encouragement we will continue to build on ourselves, support ne another in everything we do, and keep making you proud, each other proud and ourselves proud.

“We do have some upcoming shows through the end of the year which will still happen as planned, and we can’t wait!

“All our love, from the bottom of our hearts, Dinah Jane, Lauren, Normani and Ally xoxoxo.”

This decision, of course, is reminiscent of when One Direction broke up in early 2016.

Fans were devastated at the time, but all of those hunks have remained in the news and generally found success as solo singers.

Can Fifth Harmony members accomplish the same goals?

That’s the hope.

In February, Normani released her single “Love Lies” with Khalid.

She also appeared on the most recent season of Dancing With the Stars and made it to the finale, helping her public profile immensely.

Moreover, Dinah Jane released “Boom Boom” with RedOne, Daddy Yankee and French Montana in October of 2017.

We have a feeling we’ll continue to hear from these women down the line.

It just won’t ever be the same as it once was. Sad face.


Fifth Harmony Hurls “Camila Cabello” Off Stage at VMAs

Heading into the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, many fans were wondering whether Taylor Swift would show up and bury the hatchet with host Katy Perry.

The answer in the end was no, she did not.

But it was actually a different rivalry that captured the attention of viewers of this event on Sunday night, as Fifth Harmony took to the stage at one point and most definitely did NOT bury the hatchet with Camila Cabello, either.

The singer announced her decision to leave Fifth Harmony back in December.

She claimed at the time that she had given her colleagues the proper heads-up regarding this choice, but remaining members Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane Hansen, Lauren Jauregui and Normani Hamilton have said otherwise.

They alleged Cabello just up and walked away with basically no warning… and that she did so via a note from her representative.

And it's clear they remain angry over this move.

At the very beginning of the quartet's performance of “Down” yesterday, the artists appeared with five members – before one appeared to be thrown off the stage.

The gasp-inducing shocker was considered by many to the highlight of the broadcast.

It certainly has left the Internet abuzz.

These reactions basically sum up Twitter's feelings on what went down:

“We’re extremely excited,” Jauregui said prior to the show, adding:

"This is definitely one of the biggest moments of our careers – something we’ve worked so hard for to get to a place where people would want us on the stage, so we’re excited as heck for it… there are so many surprises.”

Check out the performance (and don't blink through the beginning) below!

Fifth harmony hurls camila cabello off stage at mtv vmas

Fifth Harmony Perform for the First Time Without Camila Cabello

Fifth Harmony may have lost Camila Cabello, but they are still up there as one of the hottest groups on the planet. 

The group took to the stage at the People's Choice Awards for their first performance since the sensational departure of Cabello. 

Dinah Jane, Normani Kordei, Ally Brooke Hernandez and Lauren Jauregui performed "Work from Home."

You could definitely notice the lack of Camila's high pitched vocals throughout. 

That's not to say the performance was bad. In fact, it was pretty great. 

Losing a member must have been tough on the other girls, but at least they are still able to continue on as a band. 

All of the girls are super talented in the vocal department. 

That's probably why they took home the People’s Choice Award trophy for Favorite Group.

Ever since Camila quit last month, fans have wondered what would become of the group. 

Her departure was hardly amicable when you consider the fact that she pretty much just disappeared from the group overnight. 

Have a look at the full video of the performance below!


Fifth harmony perform for the first time without camilla cabello