Kate and Jon Gosselin: Yup, They STILL Hate Each Other!

According to an old adage, time heals all wounds.

According to Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin, however, well…

… the other person just sucks so very much that the wounds of their failed marriage and their doomed relationship will only grow worse and worse as time goes on.

The ex-couple got divorced WAY back in 2009, yet going their separate ways did little to each the tension between these parents of eight.

As recently as this past November, we documented how the stage may be set for an explosive custody battle between the D-Listers, just a few months after they engaged in a very ugly actual fight.

In August of 2017, Kate and Jon got into a heated argument over who would drive their daughter home from the orthodontist, with poor Hannah literally stuck in between.

At the time, In Touch Weekly wrote that the teenager “screamed, sobbed, and violently resisted” while Kate grabbed a hold of her arm and tried to force her out of the vehicle.

How awful, right?

And how confusing and disturbing, right?

That two people who were once married and in love and who now must serve as co-parents can STILL get into this sort serious tiff all these years later?

On the occasion of their sextuplets turning 14 on Thursday, both Jon and Kate wished their kids a happy birthday.

But an insider told Entertainment Tonight that Jon and Kate are “still at odds,” nearly a decade after their legal break-up.

“They will never agree about how to raise the children,” the source explains, adding that the pair “absolutely despise one another and can’t stand to even be in the same room.”

As a result, the ex-spouses won’t be celebrating Collin, Hannah, Joel, Alexis, Leah and Aaden’s birthday together – but they each acknowledged the milestone on Instagram.

“Happy 14th Birthday to Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel, Aaden and Collin!!! I can’t believe it’s been this long!!!” wrote Jon, adding:

“Whew that when fast!!! Daddy loves you all very much!!!”

Not according to his twins, Jon doesn’t.

But anyway…

14 image

Kate, who will soon start dating in front of reality TV cameras, shared the above birthday cake photo.

She included with it a lengthy caption that reads:

Happy 14th Birthday, my ‘babies’. 14 years ago almost to the minute, I was in my wheelchair, making my way around the ENTIRE NICU, meeting each of you face to face for the very first time.

I’ll never forget how tiny yet perfect each of you were.

Alexis’s blonde hair, Aaden’s teeny tiny face, with alert awake eyes that didn’t miss a thing, Hannah and her adorable ‘human doll’ face, Collin looked SO big and strong at 3 entire pounds (the biggest!), Leah had the most beautiful head of dark soft hair and Joel— literally just slept peacefully like he was at the beach in the sun!

I’ll never forget our first ‘birth day’ together……this day remains one of the best in my life…. and 14 years later, I love you 400 times as much, if that’s even possible!

Happy birthday, my babies! Here’s to many more birthdays together!! I love you forever and always, no matter what!

It really is an awful shame that Kate and Jon cannot be remotely amicable in front of their kids.

How hard would it be to put on fake smiles and co-host a birthday party for their teenages, right?

Very hard, apparently.

The best we can hope for at this point is that each keeps his or her feelings to him or herself when around the children and doesn’t actually bad mouth Mom or Dad when alone with the children.

But knowing Kate and Jon as we sort of do, this seems like too much to ask for.


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Catelynn Lowell SLAMMED for Going Back to Rehab: Does She Deserve the Hate?

So something funny happened after the season finale of Teen Mom OG aired this week …

Believe it or not, against all odds, Catelynn Lowell became the most hated cast member on the whole entire show.

Or, OK, maybe not the most hated, but if you follow online conversations about Teen Mom, you'll see that Cate has been getting a whole, whole lot of backlash for what happened during this week's show.

Does she deserve the criticism for returning to rehab shortly after checking out?

Let's investigate!

1. Treatment

Catelynn lowell instagram selfie
As we saw this season, Catelynn checked into rehab back in November after she began feeling suicidal. She had a miscarriage and it was very hard for her to handle, so she flew out to Arizona for approximately six weeks of treatment.

2. Doing Well?

Catelynn lowell purple hair
We didn’t see any actual treatment, but we did see Tyler and Nova visit her, along with other family members. As time went on, she seemed happier and happier, and everyone had high hopes that she was doing well there.

3. Not So Fast

Catelynn lowell on teen mom
But then she came home during the season finale. And we quickly saw that she wasn’t doing as well as it seemed.

4. Sad, Sad, Sad

Tyler baltierra catelynn lowell novalee hike pic
She appeared to be disinterested in everything, which, you know, depression. But this time around, fans of the show weren’t as forgiving with her behavior.

5. Poor Everyone

Catelynn lowell tyler baltierra on instagram
We saw her snap at Nova as she was putting her down for a nap, and we saw Tyler bite his tongue about it — he obviously wasn’t comfortable with what was happening.

6. Exhausted

Catelynn lowell and tyler baltierra snuggles
Then when they went to go check out the renovations on the house they’d bought, she sat in the corner while Tyler did business. He bit his tongue again when she explained that she was exhausted, because he watched her sleep all night as he continued to deal with insomnia.

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Melania Trump: God, I Hate My Life

Melania Trump is reportedly unhappy in her marriage.

We know, right?!? How totally crazy and unbelievable, right?!?

What reason would the First Lady possibly have to want to trade places with pretty much any other woman in the free world?

Simply put, according to the latest issue of Us Weekly?

“She is very, very unhappy with her life. If she could, she would get away from Donald and just be with her son.”

Harsh? Some might say.

Others, however, might say that they don’t comprehend why Melania has even stuck by the President’s side this entire time.

Over the past few weeks, more attention than ever has been paid to a pair of women who claim they carried on an affair with Trump while he was married to Melania.

There’s been Stormy Daniels, of course, who opened up to 60 Minutes this week about the time she slept with Trump and the way he allegedly threatened her to remain quiet about it.

And then there’s Karen McDougal, who also opened up to CBS recently about the lengthy relationship she shared with Trump about a decade ago.

us cover

This latter romance supposedly took place just three months after Melania gave birth to the couple’s son.

Stephanie Grisham, a spokesperson for the First Lady, does not acknowledge any marital problems between Melania and Donald.

She just says the former “is focused on being a mom and is quite enjoying spring break at Mar-a-Lago while working on future projects.”

However, privately, says the tabloid’s supposedly reliable Melania source, she’s horrified that “all eyes are on her relationship with her husband. It’s not an easy time for her.”

We can’t imagine how it could be, no.

Might we see the unthinkable?

Might we see something that has never happened before in Presidential history?

Might a First Lady file to divorce a sitting Commander-in-Chief?

A few weeks ago, Trump himself joked that people around him are asking who will leave him first, advisor “Steve Miller or Melania?”

According to Spin Magazine, a break-up may not be in the cards, but we shouldn’t expect to see a smiling Melania posing alongside a smiling Trump any time soon, either.

“The first lady has a track record of abandoning traditional photo ops with her husband after reports of affairs go public,” a source tells this publication.

Again: Can anyone really blame her?

Melania has also come under fire for constantly insisting that a main tenant of her First Lady platform is to do away with cyberbullying.

She says she is strongly against those who tear down others on social media.

We can’t even think of a joke to make in this regard.

Has she never seen her own husband’s Twitter account?!?


Catelynn Lowell Shares Inappropriate Photo of Her Daughter, Gets SO MUCH HATE

Catelynn Lowell has had a rough few months, and most Teen Mom fans seem to be very understanding of that.

After it was revealed that she’d been suffering from suicidal thoughts after having a miscarriage last fall, followers of the show were ready to give her all the support they could.

Every time she’s made a statement on social media about her situation, she’s received so much love and admiration.

And earlier this week, when she revealed that she’d been diagnosed with panic disorder, depression, and PTSD from her traumatic childhood, people were more than willing to applaud her strength.

Which makes sense — she’s been through so much, and it’s great that she’s been taking care of herself and getting the help she needs.

But now that she’s been out of her last stint in rehab for a few weeks, things are starting to get back to normal.

And for the Teen Mom crew, that means sharing photos of her kids that could be considered inappropriate and getting bashed for it by dozens and dozens of strangers.

Nova paintings eggs

Catelynn shared this photo of her three-year-old daughter Nova yesterday, and in the caption, she explained that they were painting Easter eggs.

But many people got upset because … well, you know why they got upset.

“Omg put a shirt on her!!” one of her followers wrote. “Poor little girl! Can’t teach a careless parent sense smh.”

“Jeez, would it kill ya to put an old shirt on the child?” another asked. “There’s a little boy in the background, it’s ok to teach children modesty!”

One person said that Nova going without a shirt was “ok for the house but on the gram like that? Just saying it looks a little weird.”

“And those hearts, kinda tacky for a little girl, kinda looking too adultish for her,” that same person added, sharing the sentiments of many of Cate’s followers.

As another person explained it, “The reality of the situation is that you don’t know what creeps are out there looking the wrong way. Although you may not be, pedophiles and such do exist in every scenario.”

Someone called it “disgusting” for Catelynn to allow Nova to hang out like this, and another said it was “in bad taste whether it’s a girl or boy because most of us are nice but not everyone is and this is a public platform.”

Essentially, Catelynn’s comment section was divided between people who thought it was seriously inappropriate for Nova to be running around without a shirt on and people who thought it was perfectly normal.

Surprisingly not many people recognized that there was a third option: let your toddler do messy activities without clothes and then don’t share a photo of it to three million strangers on the internet.

As a fun little bonus, there was another entirely separate issue that others took with this photo — see that little aquarium in the back?

Lots of Cate’s followers told her that there wasn’t enough water in it and it needed to be cleaned, and that she was a bad pet owner for allowing her tank to get to that state.

Social media, right?

Catelynn responded briefly to both camps of outraged citizens — to the pet brigade, she explained that it’s not a tank for fish, but a tank for turtles, which is apparently a totally different setup.

And to the others, she simply wrote “she’s painting leave the kid alone.”

But, you know, it’s the internet, so that’s not going to happen.