Meghan Markle Targeted In Racist Hate Crime

From the moment the world first learned that Prince Harry was dating Meghan Markle, racist trolls have been crawling out of the woodwork to spew their hateful bile.

These days, Harry and Meghan are engaged, so naturally, the world’s worst people have ramped up their efforts to frighten and harass the couple.

The Guardian is reporting today that Scotland Yard is investigating an envelope of white powder that was mailed to Kensington Palace and addressed to Harry and Meghan.

Police are treating the incident as a racially-motivated hate crime.

Investigators suspect that the envelope contained anthrax, but they have yet to release the results of a toxicology test.

Of course, even if it turns out the powder is something far less harmful, the fact remains that the perpetrator intended to scare Harry and Meghan, to make them feel unsafe in their own home.

Sadly, this incident isn’t entirely surprising.

It’s hard to believe – especially given how beloved she is on this side of the pond – but some Brits are not happy about the idea of Harry marrying Meghan.

Some say it’s because Meghan is divorced.

Others claim it’s because she’s an actress.

And a surprising number just come right out and admit they’re racist.

We suppose their honesty would be refreshing if they’re bigotry wasn’t so nauseating.

A recent collection of comments posted on the Daily Mail‘s website in response to an article about Harry and Meghan gives you an idea of the sort of vitriol that’s at work here:

“A DIVORCEE BARELY a Z-list actress!” wrote one caps-loving psychopath.

“This is going to be a JOKEfest of a SHAM wedding!”


“An almost 40-year-old divorcee who appears used up, tongue hanging out and slapping high fives and taking selfies along her carriage route,” another basement-dweller wrote of Meghan.

You get the idea.

These people seem unaware that the Church of England literally only exists because of a divorce, but there’s no point in arguing with them, anyway.

Living well is the best revenge, and it doesn’t get much better than life as a princess.


Jacob Roloff Talks Family Feud: Does He Hate His Parents or What?!?

Jacob Roloff has come a very long way in two years.

It wasn’t THAT long after all, when the Little People, Big World personality chose to remove himself from his family’s narrative.

Sick over the way his loved ones were choosing to be portrayed on their reality TV show, Jacob didn’t merely walk away in July of 2016.

He walked away from the series while also slamming the production in the process, exposing his parents and siblings for the type of liars they had become.

“For the sake of ‘the episode’ and ratings I’ve seen a lot of STORYLINES drawn up (loosely) about our lives,” Roloff wrote at the time, taking the very unusual step of outing his own show as scripted and fake.

He added:

“The family that is filmed is not my family.

“They are the Roloff Characters and I have scarcely anything in common with them, nor do I want to be a character myself.”

Pretty harsh and to the point, huh?

With that, Jacob faded away from the spotlight for several months, taking road trips with his girlfriend and dogs around the Pacific Northwest and scarcely posting on social media.

But now a few things have changed.

For starters, Isabel Rock is no longer Jacob’s girlfriend… she’s his fiancee!!!!!!!!!!!

Moreover, Jacob is on strong terms once again with his family, as his Instagram page is filled with photos of himself, his nephew, his siblings and, yes, his parents.

For whatever reason, however, some Internet trolls refuse to believe that Jacob and his relatives are getting along so well.

They continue to perpetuate talk of a feud, so much so that Jacob has finally taken to social media in order to respond to this chatter.

“You know that feeling of dread when someone is scrutinizing you and you think, “hey, this might be true about me,” until they slip up and say something totally bonkers and wrong, and you sigh with relief because they are *so* off base?” Roloff asked as a caption to the throwback photo below.

He then continued:

“I feel this every. single. time. I see a headline regarding ‘rifts’ in my family. It is just so simply and surely untrue!

“This is a good picture of a pure, early, easy, fun time in my life.”

Jacob proceeded to share an excerpt from his upcoming memoir about Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff.

It reads as follows:

My parents have always been pretty amazing. They both succeeded in life, had a family and provided for and gave their kids all that they wanted, within disciplined reason.

My dad taught me practical, mindful things like chess, how to build a fire, and other sorts of exercises in basic critical thinking to a degree that I still carry the lessons with me today.

He was also a great storyteller, sitting all of us kids by the fire and telling stories of “dark, windy nights.”

My mom, always making sure we knew we were loved, supported all our efforts and hobbies as often as she knew about them, even coaching all of us kids in soccer in our early years.

She also instilled in us a very good sense of manners and respect that I find myself appreciating more and more everyday.

So much for this being a bitter and angry tell-all, right?

Jacob’s book will be titled “Out to See” and will be available to purchase on May 1.

To drive the point home that everything is great between himself and his mom and dad, he also included an old image of himself and his siblings on the beach via Instagram, posting along with it yet another memoir passage.

This one reads as follows:

I’m just so happy my parents believed in life enough to have four kids. My brothers, both with their own wives and a daughter and son respectively.

My sister, with her own husband and booming life in Spokane, Washington.

I, too, am now entering the open sea of life and have gotten myself engaged to a wonderful beauty of a girl, and have begun a commitment in profession.

This – the farm, our next generation of families – with its many reverberations in all of our individual lives, and those of our children, comes due to my parents and their dedication to the family, and belief in life.

Doesn’t exactly sound like someone who has anything but love and affection for his family members, does it?


Anna Duggar Makes First Instagram Post in Two Years, Gets So Much Hate

Anna Duggar … well, it’s safe to say that her life has been a little complicated for the past few years.

Ever since it was revealed that her husband, Josh Duggar, had molested five young girls when he was a teenager, things haven’t been easy for her.

Which, you know, makes sense.

Back in 2015, the news about Josh came out, and it was an absolute mess, to say the least.

Michelle and Jim Bob tried to make the situation seem not as bad as it was, which absolutely didn’t work, and 19 Kids and Counting was canceled.

A few months after that we learned that Josh had also had an Ashley Madison account, and that he’d been cheating on Anna, or at least trying to cheat on her.

In a statement about that part, Josh also admitted to being addicted to porn, so that’s another fun little tidbit.

After that, Anna essentially went into hiding. She didn’t appear much on Counting On or any of the family’s social media accounts, not to mention her own.

She got a whole lot of backlash for staying with Josh after the Ashley Madison thing, and for potentially endangering her children.

Not leaving him was a way of supporting him, even after everything had come out, and many people didn’t like that.

And that’s basically why she hasn’t made a post on her Instagram account in two years.

Until this weekend, that is.

Up until yesterday, her last post was in February of 2016, but then she posted this cute photo of two of her kids playing:

“Usually my boys are playing with blocks, hot wheels, and nerf guns,” she captioned the picture. “Sometimes they decide to get creative ‘toys’ — stack ‘em and then snack ‘em! #creativity”

So that’s pretty harmless, right?

Not so much.

Some people took issue with the fact that the boys are on the counter — one person wrote “I love you and all, but why would you let your kids play on top of a counter top like that?”

Others were upset that Anna didn’t post any pictures of her daughters, and one of her followers even asked if the girls were “allowed” to play like the boys.

But, of course, the main issue wasn’t with this particular picture, but with Josh.

“I don’t see your little girls in the picture,” someone told her. “I hope someone besides your cheating, molesting husband is watching them.”

“Please keep a careful, watchful eye on your kids both boys and girls,” another instructed.

One particularly passionate person commented with “Have you finally realized that there is no hope for cheaters and especially molesters???”

“Incestuous molestation at that..glad you have your children..but please move on and don’t bring anymore into the world with your sick hopefully soon to be Ex husband. HE TRIED TO RUIN YOU.”

Then, on a bonus photo Anna posted, one of adorable little Mason, she got more criticism.

“You continue to have babies with that cheating incest molesting husband of yours,” someone began over in that comment section. “Smh …. what did he say 3 hali Mary’s and u turned around and forgave him all willy nilly……”

“Set an example to your daughters for peets sake to be a strong woman…your families females being subservient to the man makes you ladies look weak which is something the movement is fight against…”

Whatever movement this person is talking about surely isn’t of interest to the Duggar clan, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a point.

It is kind of bizarre how Anna is still pretending everything is fine after what Josh has done — or at least it would be in a normal marriage.

But of course at this point, we all know how far the Duggars are from normal.


Kardashian Family to Kylie Jenner: We HATE the Name Stormi!

If you’ve been anywhere near an internet-enabled device in the past few days, then you’re no doubt aware that Kylie Jenner has welcomed her first child.

While she remained secretive throughout her pregnancy, Kylie has been surprisingly candid in the days since she became a mom.

We’ve already seen the first photo of Kylie’s daughter.

We know that the little girl is named Stormi.

And now we’ve learned that Kylie’s family hates that goofy name just as much as the rest of the internet does.

“Kylie’s family thinks that Stormi is a ridiculous name to begin with, but Kylie does not care!” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

In fairness to Kylie, the criticism is a bit unexpected coming from the family that previously gave us such unusual monikers as North, Saint, Chicago, and Reign.

“They just think that it sounds too depressing and it isn’t fit for a little girl,” the insider adds.

Kylie apparently knew the name would be criticized and she simply didn’t care.

As for the rumor that she was inspired by Stormy Daniels, the porn star who became a household name as a result of Donald Trump’s latest sex scandal, insiders claim it’s demonstrably untrue.

Footage shot during her pregnancy will reportedly prove that Kylie chose the name several months ago, before the Daniels accusations came to light.

“They wanted something original that no one has, which is why she went with Stormi,” the source says.

And it seems it’s not just Stormi’s first name that’s got Kris Jenner and company upset.

The family is reportedly peeved by Kylie’s decision to name her child Stormi Webster to honor the original name of the girl’s father, Travis Scott.

“Kylie and Kris had it out over the selection of her baby’s name and Kris was appalled that she is using Travis’s original last name for everything and not including Jenner at all on Stormi’s birth certificate,” says the source.

It does seem strange that someone as status-obsessed as Kylie wouldn’t bestow her very famous last name upon her child.

But then again, it’s not like little Stormi Webster will ever want anything.

Which is good, because she’s in for a lifetime of jokes about Emmanuel Lewis becoming a meteorologist.


Stassi Schroeder Wears “Nazi Chic” Ensemble, Receives ALL the Hate

There are certain words in the English language that should never go together:

Donald Trump and genius. Justin Bieber and humble. Ryan Gosling and ugly.

Stassi Schroeder has managed to come up with a pair that we never would have thought of, let alone used as a description on social media to describe an outfit we were wearing…

Nazi chic.

The Vanderpump Rules star stepped into some scalding hot water on Saturday when she shared a photo on Snapchat of herself and friends Rachel O’Brien and Kristen Doute, presumably prior to hitting the town.

Describing the ensemble O’Brien is wearing, Schroeder wrote that it was “criminal chic.”

Sort of an odd phrasing, but broad and vague enough to not be offensive.

Doute, Schroeder added, was going with a “Tupac chic” look.

This was likely a reference to the bandana atop her head and it was only mildly offensive because Tupac was murdered, yes, but there nothing really insulting about what Stassi wrote.

As for herself?

As you can see below, Schroeder joked that her fashion choice was “Nazi chic.”

For starters, we have no idea what this even means.

Is the Bravo personality quipping that Hitler and his underlings rocked similar style hats back in the 1930s and 1940s when they were working to wipe out Jewish people from the planet?

Is this a reference to the initials “SS” on her purse, which stand for her name – but which were also the shorthand for “Schutzstaffel,” the foremost agency of security, surveillance and terror within Germany and German-occupied Europe?

It’s not entirely clear.

But was is clear, based on the negative reaction Schroeder has received online, is that perhaps one should not joke about Nazis, especially not in relation to them being “chic.”

Wrote one disgusted Internet user, addressing Bravo executive Andy Cohen:

“@Andy nothing but class from Stassi. I hope someone at your network is smart enough to fire her before you lose viewers.”

Added another critic of the description:

“@LisaVanderpump you may want to rethink employment opportunities for Stassi. Guess joking ab[o]ut the SS is hilarious in LA?”

Clearly aware of the backlash, Schroeder eventually deleted the picture and reposted it with a new caption that detailed her as “#Elsa-Indiana Jones Chic,” referring to the Austrian archaeologist portrayed by Alison Doody in 1989’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

She called the new caption an “appropriate redo.”

But was she really sorry? 

Does she really understand why so many people were offended by the initial photo?

It doesn’t appear that way, based on the following meme that she shared last night on Twitter:


Schroeder is basically saying here that people are way too sensitive these days.

Late last year, meanwhile, she also came under fire for making fun of the #MeToo movement.

In response to Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey and MANY others being called out for their heinous actions, the Vanderpump Rules cast member wondered if there was a “witch hunt” against men going on in Hollywood.

On her podcast, she said no one could “make me suck a dick,” implying the victims in these cases were weak and not really victims, prior to walking back her stance as best she could.

“My podcast is an outlet for me to share my unfiltered opinion with my listeners,” she Tweeted in the wake of this scandal, adding at the time:

“But on my latest episode I crossed a line. It was irresponsible for me to make generalized statements about a very serious topic, such as sexual harassment, as it is not my place to speak about anyone else’s experiences.

“I apologize. I will continue to speak my mind on my podcast, but will put more thought behind my dialogue moving forward.”


Jacob Roloff vs. Audrey Roloff: Why Do They Hate Each Other?

Jacob Roloff is basically part of his family once again.

It’s been about a year and a half since the Little People, Big World star defiantly quit this reality show, taking his loved ones down with him by referring to them as “phony.”

In June of 2016, Jacob walked away from television by saying he had seen “storylines drawn up” for the sake of ratings on the series and added:

“The family that is filmed is not my family,” he added last summer, explaining as follows:

“They are the Roloff Characters and I have scarcely anything in common with them, nor do I want to be a character myself.”

With that, Jacob tossed most of his belongings in a car and spent several months driving around the Pacific Northwest with his girlfriend and dogs.

We didn’t hear from him for awhile.

Earlier this year, however, the youngest child of Matt and Amy Roloff slowly started sharing more and more on social media, including pictures of himself and various relatives.

He admitted that he caused “strife” via his “inflammatory” words and admitted that he’s now grown up and all is good between himself and his family members.

Most of his family members, that is.

Looooove this time with baby J … look at him! – Jacob Roloff on Jackson.

Scroll through Jacob’s Instagram page and you’ll see plenty of images of him and his mother, along with a few of him and his father.

Sources say he played a key role at Molly Roloff’s wedding in August, helping transport guests around and making sure everything was set up properly.

He also hangs out A LOT with nephew Jackson Kyle, as evidenced by the recent photo above.

But here’s the question fans are now pondering:

Where are the pictures of Jacob and niece Ember Jean?

Where are the pictures of Jacob with Audrey Roloff and/or Jacob Roloff?

Might tension still exist between him and these relatives?

Yes, Radar Online writes.

The website notes that Audrey is the only family member Jacob does NOT follow on Instagram.

Why might this be?

There are a couple theories?

First, as Jacob made clear when leaving Little People, Big World, he despises phonies. He’s all about keeping things real.

Audrey, meanwhile, has stirred up some controversy by writing profoundly about love or religion… only to then link to her website in order to sell some clothing.

Some critics have accused of her being – you guessed it – fake; of exploiting her faith in order to move merchandise.

The alternative is that Audrey is dead serious about her religion and that she believes very strongly in God.

This is very possible, if not highly probably.

However, Jacob is a well-known and outspoken agnostic.

Perhaps there’s no overt feud between Audrey and her brother, but they just have very little in common and nothing to talk about, due to their divergent beliefs.

It’s hard to say for sure.

And we may never know the exact basis for this alleged beef between Roloffs.

But take a look through the social media accounts of both stars if you don’t believe something is going on.

Good luck trying to find images of Audrey and Jacob together. You may go ahead and form your own theory as to why.


13 Parents Who F-ckin HATE the Elf on the G-ddamn Shelf

Christmas is a time for decorating trees, buying presents and spending time with family.

And also for taking to social media in order to rail against the horror that is the Elf on the Shelf.

That's the case for the handful of parents featured below, however, each of whom has held very little back when it comes to their feelings for this tradition.

Ready to see what we mean?

1. This is Not a Required Tradition

This is not a required tradition
Please remember this, parents everywhere.

2. This Isn’t a Joke

This isnt a joke
We mean, it is. But that dude is scary! He could come to life at any minute!

3. You’ve Made Me Into a Liar, Elf!

Youve made me into a liar elf
I hope you’re proud of yourself.

4. I Can Only Handle One of You Creatures at a Time

I can only handle one of you creatures at a time
Please take it easy on me.

5. Elf on the Shelf?

Elf on the shelf
Please. This is what all mothers and parents ought to make into a tradition.

6. It’s Not Even a Tradition

Its not even a tradition
It becomes a lifestyle. And it’s terrible.

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