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Camille Kostek Gronk’s GF Claps Back at Pats Haters!


Why do so many people HATE the New England Patriots — the greatest dynasty in the history of pro sports?  

That’s the question we posed to Rob Gronkowski‘s smokin’ hot girlfriend, Camille Kostek — and her answer was simple … JEALOUSY! 

“You hate us ’cause you ain’t us,” the former Pats cheerleader told us at LAX. 

Kostek — who’s also a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition model — just got off the plane from Kansas City where she battled freezing temperatures to support the future Hall of Famer … and told us how the couple celebrated the big win. 

So, how does Gronk feel about going to ANOTHER Super Bowl?? 

“He’s amped, he’s so pumped,” Kostek said while admitting the constant winning NEVER gets old! 

As for the big game, Kostek says she’s friends with Rams QB Jared Goff — but that goes out the window on February 3 … 

“All I gotta say is, good luck! I think it’s gonna be a great game … Patriots coming out with a W.”

Tom Brady He’s ‘Shoving It Up the Haters’ Asses’ … Says Dana White



Dana White isn’t just a Patriots superfan — he’s friends with Tom Brady — and tells TMZ Sports he loves that TB12 is “shoving it up all the haters’ asses one more time.”

A bunch of football experts predicted Brady’s demise this season — saying his skills are falling off and his reign of dominance was finally over. 

But, after slaughtering the L.A. Chargers in the playoffs last week, Brady and the Pats are playing in the AFC Championship game against the Chiefs on Sunday … and White says he LOVES IT! 

“Everybody was talking sh*t this year,” White said.

“Everybody was talking, ‘Oh, he should retire. Oh, the Patriots suck, they can’t win a game.’ We’re heading into another AFC Championship and if we win I think that’s 8 straight AFC Championships. And, it’s a record and he’s going to another Super Bowl.”

“So, shut up!! He’s shoving it up all the haters’ asses one more time and I love it.”

Fun fact, Tom Brady became one of the celebrity minority co-owners of the UFC when WME/IMG bought the MMA organization back in 2016 … so, he and Dana are technically colleagues!

As for if Dana will be at Arrowhead Stadium for the game on Sunday — White says there’s no way in hell. It’s too damn cold! 

Vikings’ Laquon Treadwell Claps Back At Cousins’ Haters … ‘He A Baller’


You don’t know football if you think Kirk Cousins ain’t worth his $ 84 MILLION deal … so says his teammate Laquon Treadwell who tells TMZ Sports the QB is “a baller.”

Of course, Cousins had a pretty rough first season in Minnesota after inking a mega-contract … losing a must-win game to the Bears that kept the Vikes outta the playoffs.

But, 23-year-old Treadwell — the Vikes’ 1st-round pick in the 2016 Draft — says just because the first season didn’t go according to plan doesn’t mean the QB wasn’t worth the money Minnesota paid him.

“That’s a lie, man,” Treadwell told us when we got him out at LAX this week … “He a baller.”

Cousins did throw for 4,298 yards and 30 TDs … and Treadwell had his best season yet with the new QB — and he tells us better years are coming.

“It’s the first year. We was a little rusty, but we’re going to bounce back. You know? We was learning each other. Chemistry.”

We also asked Laquon about the upcoming NFC and AFC Championship Games — and while he wouldn’t mind seeing a Brees vs. Brady Super Bowl … it sure sounds like he wants a Rams-Chiefs big game!!!

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Rubs Patriots’ Win In Haters’ Faces


Senator Elizabeth Warren can’t hear all the Patriots’ haters … ’cause she’s too busy CELEBRATING YET ANOTHER TRIP TO THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!

We got the biggest New England fan on the Hill out at Reagan Airport when she couldn’t help but gloat over Tom Brady‘s EIGHTH straight trip to the conference championship game.

“Hey, the Pats win!! I know, what can I say?? Talent, talent, talent!!!”

As for all the haters — the ones who say they’re tired of seeing the Pats make it this far EVERY year — Warren says she’s too busy loving New England’s success to hear them.

“Come on. Nobody’s envious. Everybody loves the Patriots. At least that’s what I heard!”

As for if the Pats will pull out the win over the Chiefs on Sunday and advance to their third straight Super Bowl … Warren says book it right now!!!

“We’re going all the way!!!”

Sorry, Mahomes.

Tom Brady Uses 50 Cent to Clap Back at Haters

Breaking News

10:50 AM PT — Brady’s message is getting Fiddy’s stamp of approval … ’cause the rap star just responded to the shout-out, saying, “Oh sh*t he gonna do it again, he listening to (Many Men) getting his mind right. @tombrady let’s go!!!”

“Many men wish death upon me” — 50 Cent.

They said he was too old, they said he lost a step … and now Tom Brady is having the last laugh … channeling his inner rap star to clap back at the haters after a big playoff win!!

Brady posted a video Monday on Instagram bragging about the 41-28 win over the Chargers — and punctuated his message with 50’s “Many Men.”

Specifically, Brady used the hook with the following lyrics directed at his critics: 

“Many men wish death upon me. Blood in my eye, dog, and I can’t see. I’m trying to be what I’m destined to be, and n****s trying to take my life away.”

Yeah, Brady’s going gangsta. 

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Obviously, Brady heard some of the chatter before Sunday’s game — where football pundits were saying he’s fallen off and the Pats were screwed. 

In his video, Brady said … “Monday, January 14, it’s great to be working on a Monday. Great team win. We’re on to Kansas City, baby!! Let’s go. LET’S GO!”

Clearly, TB12’s got the memory of an elephant … and is putting all reporters on notice.

Shots. Fired.

TMZ Live Ellen DeGeneres Defends Kevin Hart Against ‘Haters’


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Ellen DeGeneres Blasted for Calling Kevin Hart’s Critics ‘Haters,’ ‘Trolls’

Ellen DeGeneres is being skewered on social media for reducing the criticism of Kevin Hart‘s homophobic comments to an attack by a small group of internet haters.

Kevin Hart is appearing on Ellen’s show Friday, and DeGeneres launched a full-court attack on people who still have issues with Hart saying things like, “If my son comes home & try’s 2 play with my daughters doll house I’m going 2 break it over his head & say n my voice ‘stop that’s gay.'” Hart also said in one of his comedy specials, “One of my biggest fears is my son growing up and being gay.”

DeGeneres seemed to say the gay community is fine with Hart’s vague apology back in 2014 and his more recent post in 2018, in which he said, “I sincerely apologize to the LGBTQ community for my insensitive words from my past.”

DeGeneres and Hart dismissed the critics as trolls, and she then doubled down and said it was Kevin’s “right” to host the Oscars.

There’s a huge backlash against DeGeneres for her defense and vicious attack on Hart’s critics … some calling it “a massive f***ing betrayal.”  

Hart called the criticism of him “a malicious attack on his character” where people went back to 2008 to dredge up his comments. Point of fact … he made homophobic comments years later as well.

There are some who are outraged Ellen is putting herself out as speaking for the entire LGBTQ community, one person tweeting, “To Ellen. Unfortunately Mrs Ellen, this ain’t your fight. The harm is done and this man hasn’t learned.”

Toward the end of the show, Hart suggested Ellen has made him rethink his decision to walk away from the Oscar gig, saying, “You have put a lot of things on my mind. Leaving here, I’m promising you I’m evaluating this conversation … Let me assess, just sit in the space and really think.”

Donald Trump Wishes Haters, ‘Fake Media’ … Happy New Year

Donald Trump pretended to send well wishes to people who oppose him … but let’s be honest, it was aggressive and mean-spirited.

Trump wished Happy New Year 2019 to his haters and the “fake news media.”  He also made it clear … the only people who would have an awesome 2019 were those who were not suffering from a fake disease — Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Trump has been playing Kevin McCallister in “Home Alone” … hunkering down in The White House over the holidays and complaining none of the Democratic leaders came to visit and break the deadlock that has shut down the federal government.

Trump’s 2019 is about to get way more difficult, because Democrats take over the House of Representatives Thursday.

Yung Joc to Travis Scott Ignore the Super Bowl Haters … Just ‘Shock the World’


Travis Scott doesn’t have to justify his decision to perform at the Super Bowl to anyone — his only goal should be to put on a hip-hop show for the ages … so says Yung Joc.

The Atlanta rapper’s going to bat for Trav, who’s taking some heat from peers — like Meek Mill — for opting to join Maroon 5 for the halftime show in February. Meek thinks it’s beneath Travis … plus, it breaks the NFL boycott some celebs are organizing in support of Colin Kaepernick.

But, YJ points out the stage doesn’t get any bigger than the SB, and the opportunity for Scott is not only too big to pass up … but it can do a lot of good for the hip-hop culture.

We broke the story … the “SICKO MODE” rapper’s decision to take the halftime gig is a huge win for the NFL as he’s one of the hottest acts in music right now. The league and Maroon 5 are still in talks to add more artists … possibly Cardi B or Big Boi.

And, if landing Travis helps them attract Atlanta hip-hop artists — where the Super Bowl’s being held — Yung Joc’s cool with that too.