Aaron Donald Claps Back At Rams Haters … ‘We’ll Be Fine!’


Aaron Donald says if you’re jumpin’ off the Rams bandwagon after their ugly loss to the Bears … you’re gonna regret it — ‘cause the big DL tells TMZ Sports, “We’ll bounce back!!!”

L.A. got punished in Chicago on Sunday night — lookin’ like a soft team afraid of the cold in a 15-6 loss — and many are callin’ the 12-2 Rams a fraud now.

But, when we got their superstar D-lineman at the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson Of The Year ceremony at The Beverly Hilton … his message for L.A.’s haters was simple.

“We’ll be fine. It’s a learning experience. It ain’t going to do nothing but make us better, make us stronger. We ain’t worried about it. We’ll bounce back!!!”

Donald’s probably not wrong … L.A. likely won’t have to go anywhere other than the Coliseum or the Superdome in the playoffs — which means no more chilly temps for the squad.

But, A.D. wasn’t guaranteeing a win over Chicago if they rematch in Los Angeles, telling us, “We’re going to see!”

BTW … Donald also spoke with us about his quest to break Michael Strahan‘s sack record — AND revealed what career he wants to chase when his football days end!!

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David Eason Flaunts Confederate Flag Again, Taunts Haters

David Eason has found himself mired in controversy once again.

Which is just the way he likes it, of course.

The close-minded and bigoted husband of Jenelle Evans has once again taken to Instagram in order to show love for the Confederate Flag.

Does he care that this is considered a symbol of slavery to millions of people, considering it represented the side of the Civil War that fought for slavery way back in the day?

Nope. Not at all.

On a recent trip to the Grand Canyon, Eason waved the flag around proudly and then responded to critics who had the gall to question him for doing so.

Check out his scandalous photos and then read the backlash to them below…

1. The Confederacy Forever!

The Confederacy Forever!
David Eason has made it very clear: he sees nothing wrong with waving the Confederate Flag all around the country. He’s quite proud of it, in fact.

2. America! Eff Yeah!

America! Eff Yeah!
“Just planting my flag in all 50 states! #merica #rebel,” wrote Eason as a caption to this photo of him with the controversial flag.

3. Slavery Rules!

Slavery Rules!
David Eason has received quite a bit of backlash for his stance on this flag, but here’s a shocker: he does not care. At all.

4. We’ve Been Here Before with Eason

We've Been Here Before with Eason
In October 2018, Eason posed like this and wrote the following as a caption: “Where I’m from is who I am and my family fought and died for this land. Red white and blue comes in more than one pattern. Dont argue just get off my page if you dont agree!”

5. How Did Jenelle React to the Latest Flag Waving?

How Did Jenelle React to the Latest Flag Waving?
Very positively. “Lmao you need to post that video,” she wrote in response to Eason sharing these new photos, indicating there’s actual footage of him standing up high with the flag.

6. David Isn’t Racist!

David Isn't Racist!
Back in October, Jenelle actually said the following to a critic of Eason and his flaf embrace: “My husband isn’t racist… his childhood best friend was black. [I don’t know] where this rumor came from.” Yes, she really did use this argument.

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Kailyn Lowry: Screw You, Haters, My Baby Daddies Love Me!

Something happened in the past few years in the Teen Mom universe, and somehow Kailyn Lowry has turn into one of the most hated cast members.

If not the most hated cast member, honestly.

It's been pretty wild to watch, especially since Teen Mom also features people like Jenelle Evans and Bristol Palin and Amber Portwood and …

You get the point.

Still, lots of people really can't stand this girl, for whatever reason.

But you know who doesn't hate her?

Chris Lopez, that's who!

1. A Roller Coaster of Emotions

Kailyn lowry wearing all black photo
So Kailyn with Chris Lopez … yeah, that’s been a wild ride.

2. In the Beginning …

Kailyn lowry in cut offs
They met at college, and after her marriage to Javi Marroquin fell apart, they started hooking up.

3. Well Then

Kailyn lowry screen grab
And then she got pregnant.

4. Not Great

Kailyn lowry baby bump alert
If you’ve kept up with your Teen Mom 2 viewing, then you know that that wasn’t the best time for either of them.

5. Wonder Why?

Kailyn lowry bathroom selfie
One of the reasons for this was because, according to what Kailyn said on the show, Chris had another girlfriend around this time.

6. Why Though?

Kailyn lowry supporting elephants
He also refused to accompany her to doctor’s appointments, something that really hurt her.

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Jenelle Evans Responds to Uproar Over Hurricane Florence Tweets: You Haters Can All Suck It!

On Wednesday, Jenelle Evans tweeted about Hurricane Florence numerous times.

We can certainly see why the topic is at the forefront of her mind, as that's probably the case with just about every coastal Carolinian at the moment.

But Jenelle's tweets were different from those of the other folks offering live updates from her region.

While many expressed concerns, Jenelle posted rain-drenched bikini selfies.

While others detailed their evacuation plans, Jenelle announced her intention to stay put … along with her three young children.

Obviously, she took a lot of flak for downplaying this potentially deadly storm, but don't worry, today she offered a detailed explanation:

It seems those who criticized her were all just jealous haters who can suck it.

Jump into the gallery below for her full response, which is 100 percent, uncut classic Jenelle:


1. Jenell-fie

Jenelle evans hearts hurricanes
Jenelle kicked things off with this selfie. Many of her followers rightly felt that the lighthearted, exuberant tone of the pic didn’t jibe with the seriousness of the situation.

2. Get This Girl Off Twitter

Jenelle evans dude shirt
Jenelle was stunned by the negative reaction to her tweet, but instead of deleting it and offering up a sincere apology, she decided to make things much worse.

3. Mad Mom

Jenelle evans fake boobs
Jenelle, as you may know, is an angry person. Like, you’d have a hard time finding an angrier person who’s not currently behind bars for a violent crime. And she likes to let the hate flow through her on Twitter.

4. Jenelle Evans: Confused, As Always

Jenelle evans confused as always
Jenelle doesn’t understand. But to be fair, the girl’s not feigning ignorance. She genuinely doesn’t understand the situation.

5. Explain It Like She’s 5

Jenelle evans weird bikini pic
When many, many people attempted to make it clear to Jenelle that using an impending natural disaster to call attention to your thirst trap bikini pics is horrendously inappropriate, she got even more upset.

6. Still Missing the Point

Still missing the point
Jenelle can’t see how people could possibly view her bikini pics as obnoxiously narcissistic. And because this is Jenelle we’re talking about, she’s been getting angrier and angrier as the day goes on …

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Colton Underwood Addresses Haters: You Just Don’t Get It…

Colton Underwood has never entered a woman.

But the brand new Bachelor has now entered the world of reality TV show fandom…

… and he’s getting a first-hand look at how ugly it can be.

Earlier this week, ABC confirmed that Underwood would anchor the 23rd installment of this beloved franchise.

The decision was expected, yet it still landed with a giant thud in the eyes of many long-time viewers.

That guy, really?!? many residents of Bachelor Nation said in response.

Words such as “boring” and “vanilla” and “holy Hell, does he lack any ounce of charisma?!?” were thrown around by critics of the move online.

Underwood, it now seems, is aware of the response his selection generated.

This is 2018. He’s obviously on the Internet and using social media and is trying to keep perspective on why some folks may be less than enthralled over watching his journey next year.

In the end, he seems to think, they are simply ignorant.

colton clapback

On Thursday morning, Colton Tweeted the following:

People hate what they don’t understand & try to destroy it. Only try to keep yourself clear and don’t allow that destructive force to spoil something that to you is so simple, natural & beautiful.

Was he referring to the criticism that has come his way in the last 48 hours or so? It’s very safe to understand.

A lot of people out there are mocking his choice to remain a virgin, with some even thinking he’s deep in the sexual closet.

We aren’t about to go there of course. We have no idea what Colton’s life has really been like and we are not about to judge the way he is choosing to live it.

All we know at the moment is that Underwood is saying all the right things.

That is, all the same things that Bachelors before him have also said.

“That’s what I’m looking forward to the most, is getting engaged and then getting married shortly after that,” Underwood told Michael Strahan on Good Morning America this past Tuesday.

He added that he wants to marry a “good, passionate” person — and it doesn’t even matter if she’s into sports.

Will it matter if she’s done the horizonal hula before?

If she’s gotten down and dirty in bed?

If she’s done the reverse cowgirl or taken it doggy style or plowed more than one guy in a week or something?

We don’t think so.

Underwood has given no indication that the sexual proclivities or history of his potential fiancee will play any role in whether or not she can win him over.

Colton also doesn’t want to imply that he wouldn’t be done for some hand relief or crotch fondling next season.

“Being a virgin doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time,” he has told People Magazine. “It doesn’t mean you can’t be passionate and romantic and sexual still in your relationship.


Farrah Abraham: I’m Not Mentally Ill, So Eat S–t, Haters!!!

So hey, don’t know if you noticed, but for a good long while now, there’s been something sort of off about Farrah Abraham.

The very first time we saw her on 16 and Pregnant, she was a little strange, but things have definitely gone downhill since.

Like, she was never the brightest or anything, but as she got more famous, things just got … bad.

Things probably took the biggest turn around 2013, when she released her sex tape during the Teen Mom OG hiatus.

Before that, she’d been kind of dim and awful, but afterwards, she began turning into the Farrah we know today.

And just to be clear, the Farrah we know today is the one who gets arrested for assaulting hotel employees, goes on and on about how famous she is, and is completely incapable of stringing a proper sentence together.

As the years have gone on, she’s gotten more self-centered, more out of touch with reality, more plastic …

It’s actually a pretty tragic situation.

For those of us who have been keeping up with her, it’s clear that something is going on with her.

Some people claim she obviously has a drug problem, others, like her own mother, say she may suffer from mental illness.

But in an Instagram Live video she shared yesterday, she insisted that neither of those rumors are true.

And she’s going to prove it!

In the video, she explains “I took a drug test yesterday because I was so tired of everyone insinuating or acting like I have time to go do drugs or something, like I have some like addictive personality.”

She adds that she doesn’t care if anyone else does have an addictive personality, but “if you wanna hate on me and try to screw with my career over drugs or … what’s the other thing people say?”

“Oh, I am bipolar or mentally ill!”

Farrah says “I don’t even have that,” but just in case you don’t feel like you can take her word for it, she’s going to offer up some proof.

“What I’m going to do is, for all the little haters and liars, I’m going to actually post my drug test and my mental wellness health being test up probably by the end of the month,” she claims.

And yes, she honestly did say “my mental wellness health being test.”

“I’m going to just post it up,” she continues, “so all the liars and all the haters can go eat sh-t, and then you guys can go cry and make up something else about me to hurt or act like my career is gonna be affected.”

Well, we’ll say this: we sincerely cannot wait to see the results of Farrah’s drug test, and especially her mental wellness health being test.

Because if she’s not taking any drugs, and she’s not dealing with mental illness, then that means that all the things that have been happening lately is just Farrah being Farrah.

Her arrest, her complete denial that she did anything wrong, her outright lies about what’s been happening with the case, not to mention her super questionable parenting choices as of late …

Her dog’s mysterious death, the way she dared her daughter to “prank” her friends by telling them her dog had died just the day before …

If there’s nothing else going on, then that’s all just the way Farrah is.

And if we were her, we wouldn’t be too quick to prove that, you know?


Tyler Baltierra Opens Up About Bipolar Disorder, Sticks It to Haters

Last week, Tyler Baltierra flaunted his weight loss by posting a thirst trap. But he’s been making improvements in more than just his physical health.

Tyler has bipolar disorder, which presents a number of mental health hurdles that he has had to overcome.

In a new post, he lays out his description of the highs and lows of bipolar disorder — and he has some choice words for his haters.

Tyler’s poetry about mental illness is not a new thing to Teen Mom fans, but this time, he is really spelling out how bipolar disorder puts him in a precarious state.

“Bi Polar is like dancing on the edge of a cliff,” Tyler writes ina  post shared to social media.

Bipolar disorder, formerly referred to as manic depression, involves oscillations between extremes.

“The good moods are full of endless euphoric adrenaline,” Tyler says.

Those good moods — manic episodes — can lead a person to act impulsively to follow their bliss without thought for repercussions.

“But the bad moods,” Tyler writes with poetic flare. “Cause a reclusive crash with an abusive rift.”

Tyler Baltierra Pens Poetry About Bipolar Disorder

The bad moods are when one is bogged down with depression and may feel that they’ll never again know happiness or joy.

Continuing his poem, Tyler writes that these bad moods take place “when there’s just too much emotions to go through & sift.”

“Which,” Tyler continues. “Makes you trip down a long hard fall when you slip.”

Though the highs of bipolar disorder feel better than the lows, both can be harmful to a person’s life.

“After you lose that grip once that adrenaline filled dance inevitably makes you tip,” Tyler explains.

After the poem, Tyler extended his message.

“I am not my diagnosis,” Tyler affirms.

That is an important distinction. With medication, he is still himself — but in a better state of mind.

Tyler’s positive statements continue: “I am in control of my perceptions and my reactions.”

Finally, he adds a tag: “#PoetryIsMyBrainsFreedom”

Tyler Baltierra fan replies 01

Tyler chose to highlight positive responses that he has received, sharing them to Instagram with a message.

“Just a reminder to all the haters out there…” Tyler begins.

For the record, he does get a few very vocal, nasty trolls. They question whether he even has bipolar disorder and ask intrusive, invasive questions demanding that he “prove” his diagnosis.

“For every ONE negative ignorant opinion about my poetry,” Tyler announces. “There is more than DOUBLE the positive ones from these amazing people who are impacted by it”

The negative comments can turn very nasty. It’s good that he has some positive feedback, too.

“They’re the reason I share it in the first place,” Tyler explains. “So keep on hating or keep on scrolling, but that will NEVER change the fact that it’s touching people’s hearts & that’s what truly matters anyway.”

“To all of my supporters,” Tyler concludes. “I love you & can’t thank you enough, you are AMAZING.”

Tyler Baltierra fan replies 02

Tyler posted a follow-up message regarding the hate that he receives.

“What’s ironic to me, is that everyone thinks I’m this depressed, unstable, ‘moping in my own self pity’ kind of guy.”

Tyler explains that they assume this “just because I have been venting my vulnerable feelings through words, but that’s just my escape.”

Self-expression through art is cathartic and healthy.

“It’s just a place to put them,” Tyler explains of his feelings. “So they have a different home to belong to instead of on the shoulders of my spirit through life.”

Tyler announces: “I’m actually the happiest I have been in a very long time!!!”