Amy Roloff Gushes Over “Wonderful” Chris Marek, Sticks It to Haters

Note to all Chris Marek trolls:

Go ahead and slam the reality star all you want.

Call him insincere and homosexual and whatever else you’d like.

Just don’t think for one second that your misguided insults and labels are causing Amy Roloff to miss a single wink of sleep.

As we’ve documented several times over the past few months, many Little People, Big World fans out there appear to have a problem with Marek.

And we really have no idea why.

The real estate agent has been dating Roloff for over a year now and has shown no signs of being anything but loyal and good to her.

No, Marek is not using Roloff for her money, as some haters have insinuated, nor does he simply suck as a person, as others have basically come out and stated online.

Marek makes Amy happy. Full stop.

Thankfully, this is all Roloff is focused on these days, as she just shared an especially sweet photo of herself and her boyfriend (above) and wrote the following caption along with it:

This guy is wonderful!

Thanks for being awesome fans and your support and encouragement here on my FB and IG. Keep smiling – you may help someone else want to smile too!

#tlc #lpbw #amyssecondactcontinues #secondchance #lovesurprises #godisgoodallthetime #allaboutfamily #lovemykids #agoodguy #lotsoflove.

On this past episode of Little People, Big World, viewers had a chance to witness Marek truly caring for Amy.

Not only did he organize a surprise party for his lovely lady friend… he even conferred with her ex-husband, Matt Roloff, for advice on how to hide the cars of his guests in order to keep them inconspicuous.

“I don’t know him real well and it’s awkward – especially knowing Amy is a little dicey with him and I talking. But hey, he is reaching out to me, so we are going to run with it,” Matt said of Marek’s request.

But that’s sort of our whole point.

Marek knew it would be awkward, but he still talked with Matt because he wanted to make sure his party for Amy went as smoothly as possible.

He thought of her before all else.

“Chris is very respectful,” Matt later told the camera on this episode, adding:

“I think Chris is good for Amy. If Chris wasn’t in Amy’s life, Amy would be thrashing around and I’d be on that receiving end of that thrashing. I was for 30 years!

“He’s keeping her calm and relaxed, she’s not all angry.”

Yikes. Talk about a backhanded compliment, huh?

Or not even a compliment. Matt basically just insulted the mother of his four kids, while at least praising Marek a little bit we guess.

What’s crazy, however, is that fans are STILL giving Marek a hard time.

The guy goes out of his way to create a special occasion for his girlfriend and some viewers still drag him on Twitter.

“Why does Chris look so uncomfortable with Amy?” asked one viewer this week out of nowhere, while another added:

“I cannot watch Amy and Chris! Something just isn’t right about that guy or their relationship. Amy is definitely into him more than he is into her.”

SIGH. Will these types of comments ever end?

hate on marek

Whatever, though, we suppose.

If Amy isn’t going to let these trolls bother her, then we won’t them bother us, either.

We’ll just continue to send the reality star our best wishes and to wonder when Marek will propose.

We want to see these two walk down the aisle! Wouldn’t that be terrific?!?


Catelynn Lowell Addresses Haters: Mental Illness Does NOT Make Me a Bad Mom!

Over the course of the past 18 months, Catelynn Lowell has checked into rehab three times.

Sadly, she’s taken a fair bit of flak from insensitive fans as a result of her struggles with mental illness.

While it certainly wasn’t her intention when she first decided to seek help, Catelynn has become a sort of spokesperson for young mothers struggling with mental health issues.

Most have applauded Lowell for her willingness to share her struggle with Teen Mom OG fans.

But as is always the case in 2018, haters have come out of the woodwork with the apparent goal of raining on Lowell’s parade.

Fortunately, Cate has no patience for their trash-talk:

“You’re not the only parent struggling with mental health issues,” a Twitter user wrote this week.

“I am a single parent with mental health issues BUT, I still have to provide for my family and be there when my children need me.”

Catelynn was quick to clap back by pointing out that in seeking treatment, she was doing what was best for her family:

“I wasn’t ‘running away from my problems. I was FIXING them! Working HARD & getting on the right medication,” she tweeted.

“I wouldn’t wish this crap on my worst enemy! But I guess I’ll have haters no matter what! Just glad I got myself better and if ppl r mad then be mad I guess.”  

Catelynn further confirmed that her health is on the upswing these days by posting the photo below on Instagram:

“I love you so much!!!” she captioned the pic, in apparent tribute to her husband, Tyler Baltierra.

“And for all you haters vows say —in SICKNESS and in health . . . remember that . . . Because this man has done that for me beyond what could imagine.”

We’re sure Catelyn understands the frustrations of moms who are struggling but can’t afford in-patient treatment.

But at the end of the day, she’s making no apologies for taking steps to ensure her own health and the happiness of her husband and daughter.

Watch Teen Mom OG online for more of Catelynn’s courageous struggle.


Aubrey O’Day Has Something to Say About Her Haters

Aubrey O’Day has made her first public statement since news of her affair with Donald Trump Jr. went viral.

But it’s not exactly a formal statement.

Far from it, in fact.

The former Danity Kane singer and Celebrity Apprentice cast member allegedly slept with the President’s son for many months in 2011, while Donald Jr. was married to wife Vanessa.

(Who was pregnant with her third child at the time, it should be noted.)

Multiple outlets have confirmed this relationship, with many sources claiming this was the opposite of a fling.

The feelings on both sides were apparently quite serious, with O’Day convinced Trump was going to leave his wife for her.

Heck, one recent report alleged that O’Day and Trump had discussed having a baby together!

Despite O’Day not having talked about this affair, and despite Trump being the one who was married at the time of their banging, Aubrey is the one who has been getting flak online.

And we mean A LOT of flak.

She’s been slammed across social media, referred to as every mean name in the book… and now O’Day is fighting back.

Sort of.

To some small extent at least.

“embrace the shade,” the 34-year-old singer captioned the first photo we shared in this article, making it clear just how she plans on handling the hate.

Simply put, she will embrace it.

An O’Day insider recently told Us Weekly that when this affair started, the stars were “very serious all of a sudden,” adding that “he told her it was over with his wife, that they were separated and he didn’t love her – all of that stuff.”

Eventually, however, Vanessa Trump discovered emails between Donald and O’Day.

She supposedly called O’Day and made her feel guilty about the romance by having her two kids on the line.

Sort of weird. But effective, we guess.

In the end, however, it was Donald Trump Sr. who reportedly learned of the affair and told his son to cut it out.

(We’re shocked The Donald didn’t shake his son’s hand and congratulate him instead. But that’s another story.)

Earlier this month, six years after this affair ended, Vanessa Trump filed for divorce.

Said the Trumps in a joint statement:

“After 12 years of marriage, we have decided to go our separate ways.

We will always have tremendous respect for each other and our families. We have five beautiful children together and they remain our top priority.

We ask for your privacy during this time.


Jenelle Evans Joins NRA to Piss Off Haters

If there’s anything Jenelle Evans knows, it’s controversy.

So naturally, the Carolina Hurricane has decided to throw herself right into the middle of the gun control debate that’s got this nation in the throes of an ideological civil war.

As you may recall, David Eason posted a photo of Jenelle shooting a gun (or pretending to shoot a gun) as part of the world’s weirdest Valentine’s Day tribute.

It was a case of truly horrendous timing, as the pic was posted just hours after news of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida went public.

Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2 as a result of his baffling decision to hurl homophobic slurs at those who suggested that he might want to delete the post out of respect to the victims and their families.

Despite making no mention of her love for firearms in the previous decade that she’s been famous, Jenelle has decided to double down on her gun mania, despite the obvious risks to her reputation and livelihood.

Earlier this week, Jenelle posted a video of NRA spokesperson Dans Loesch on her Facebook page.

“I joined the NRA today, hate me if you will… but I will protect my family,” she captioned the video.

In the short clip, Loesch tells the camera, “I’m a mom. And just like millions of other women, that’s why I own guns.”

We won’t bore you with the statistics about how Jenelle and Dana are far more likely to shoot a member of their immediate family than to stop an intruder, but needless to say, the post met was met with a fair amount of criticism.

Jenelle has disabled comments on the post, but judging from the number of “angry face” reactions, we’re guessing some fans weren’t thrilled with her decision.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, David is still beating his chest and screaming about his rights, which he feels are under attack.

We guess he has a lot of time for that sort of thing now that he’s unemployed.

Yesterday, Eason posted a meme that’s been popular with paranoid gun owners in recent weeks.

It’s a quote from George Washington that reads:

“When government takes away citizens’ right to bear arms, it becomes citizens’ duty to take away government’s right to govern.”

Fans were quick to dismatle Eason’s reasoning.

“Unintelligent use of a very old quote that was not intended to be applied to justifying a lack of safety for the children of America,” tweeted ont follower.

“Bill of Rights was written in 1791 when your wife and daughters had no rights,” remarked another.

This time, David didn’t respond.

We’re not sure if that’s because he lacks a counter-argument or because he learned his lesson the last time.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more tomfoolery from Jenelle and David.


Kailyn Lowry Gets Body-Shamed, Tells Haters to F–k Off in Epic Rant!

Kailyn Lowry is no stranger to haters.

She has a bunch. A whole bunch. Like, just buckets and buckets of haters.

Sometimes they go after Kailyn for the choices the makes with her relationships, sometimes they don't appreciate her parenting style.

And sometimes, of course, they just make up reasons to throw some shade her way.

For example, yesterday a bunch of people decided to criticize her for the size of her breasts.


Don't worry though — she didn't take it lying down …

1. Looking Cute

Kailyn and leah in hawaii
Kailyn is on vacation in Hawaii right now with Leah Messer and some other friends, and yesterday they went skydiving! She shared this photo of the two of them with their harnesses on, and the comments on the photo got weird quick.

2. A Breast Reduction?

A breast reduction
“Girl… can you say breast reduction?? You need it asap!!” one of her followers told her.

3. Breast Implants?!

Breast implants
“She just got em done like that! 😂😂😂😂 I think about two years ago,” another person responded.

4. A Rebuttal

A rebuttal
“Ummm no i didn’t,” Kailyn replied — and it’s pretty easy to believe her.

5. Love from Dr. Miami

Kailyn lowry at star magazines scene stealers
Kailyn has gotten some work done in the past, and she’s been very, very open about it — back in 2016, remember, she got liposuction, a tummy tuck, and a Brazilian butt lift from Dr. Miami.

6. Hmmm …

Kailyn lowry butt lift photo
Towards the end of 2016, her breasts began looking noticably bigger, and many people assumed she’d gone back to the good doctor for a boob job, too, but we know now that she was pregnant with little baby Lux then.

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