Joseph and Kendra Dugger Gender Reveal: They’re Having A…

Joseph and Kendra Dugger have some very exciting news to share.

Already having confirmed they’re expecting their first baby this year, the TLC star found a unique way over the weekend to announce the gender of this baby.

Were they feeling blue at the time?

Or pretty in pink?

This young Duggar couple made the reveal in an especially fun manner, as first reported by Us Weekly.

You see, Joseph’s brother, John David Duggar, is an Arkansas constable and part-time officer with the Tontitown Police Department.

This will soon become relevant, don’t worry. We’re not just bragging on his behalf.

Using his connections, John David organized a gender reveal unlike any we’ve seen before, using tannerite mixed with a certain color powder that would burst into the air once the explosive denotated.

(Do not try this at home, people. Make sure you have a professional standing by at all times.)

So… the Duggar family stood approximately 20 yards behind John David – who has undergone extensive firearm safety and weapons training – as he shot a bullet 200 yards into the substance, which is commonly used in target practice.

Blue powder subsequently burst into the air.

See a snapshot of the reveal below:

gender pic

You know what this means, right?

Yup, a bundle of baby boy joy is on the way for Kendra and Joseph!

“Wow! We are so happy to learn that our firstborn is a boy!” the couple told Us Weekly, adding via statement:

“Our minds are already racing toward all the future memories to be made with this little guy!

“Most of all, we are already asking God to bless him and help us grow him into a loving and faithful follower of Christ!”

Along with the cute picture below, Kendra and Joseph were equally psyched when sharing news of the former expecting back in December.

This is what they said at the time:

“During this season that we are celebrating the birth of Christ, we are so excited to share with you that we are expecting the gift of a child ourselves! Wow, it’s so exciting!!!

“We’ve both always loved children and seen them as a real blessing from God.

“It’s so surreal to think of being parents and having our own little one. We cannot wait to see this new baby!”

Joseph is only 22 years old and Kendra is only 19 years old.

Even by Duggar standards, they are pretty young to become parents.

But this how members of the large family role, as anyone who has chronicled their controversial lives on television knows very well.

The two have known each other for a very long time, at least, having met in church way back when they were children.

Joseph popped the big question to Kendra at sister Joy-Anna’s wedding last May and then they got married in September at the First Baptist Church in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

Making the event extra special?

They were married by Kendra’s dad, who is a pastor.

Speaking of Joy-Anna, meanwhile, she is also pregnant.

Based on her due date and her baby bump and rumors flying around the Internet, however, this pregnancy comes equipped with a built-in scandal:

Did she and Austin Forsyth have sex before marriage, make a child and then have a shotgun wedding?

Such shocking chatter refuses to die.

Either way, however, we send our best wishes to Joy-Anna and to Kendra for happy, healthy pregnancies and babies.


Kylie Jenner: I Wish I Was Having Tyga’s Baby!

So does anyone else sort of feel sorry for Kylie Jenner?

Because honestly, you should.

Sure, she got herself into the situation she’s in now — which, just so we’re all on the same page, the situation we’re referring to right now is that whole thing where she’s expecting a child with a guy she barely knows.

We’re like 98% sure she knows how birth control works, and it’s sort of hard to imagine how a 20-year-old (19 at the time of conception!) billionaire with the world at her feet managed to get pregnant like this.

But still, her situation is pretty unique.

Think about it: she grew up pretty darn quick when her big sister’s sex tape leaked and somehow made the entire family famous. That doesn’t happen every day, you know?

Kylie was just a little girl when Keeping Up with the Kardashians began filming, and she’s been scrutinized by strangers ever since. It must have been tough.

Well, we know it was tough — she’s said that comments about her lips were what inspired her to begin getting those injections she’s now known for.

It’s hard to imagine what kind of effect all that must have had on her, and when you throw in that time that she dated a considerably older guy with a child when she was still legally a child herself?

It’s a lot.

So in a way, maybe it kind of makes sense that she’s 20 and pregnant and, according to several reports, a little bit miserable.

One of those reports, of which there seriously are so many, is this new one where a Kylie insider claims that she actually doesn’t regret getting pregnant at such a young age.

What she allegedly regrets is that the baby is Travis Scott’s instead of Tyga’s.

“Kylie is dealing with major regrets over her pregnancy as her due date quickly approaches,” the source says. “She is second guessing the biggest decision in her life, having a baby with Travis.”

“As her relationship with her baby daddy is so rocky and uncertain, Kylie is starting to think she made the wrong decision by deciding to have a baby with someone who is no longer present much in her life.”

It’s sad, but it’s looking more and more like it’s true.

Kylie has been lying low for the past several months, spending lots of time at Kris Jenner’s home and with close friends, while Travis has been touring.

He’s also been photographed with other women.

We can’t help but think that if he were dedicated to Kylie, he’d be spending a little more time with her right now, but he’s really not.

Anyway, the source also says that Kylie “has been having trouble sleeping late at night, worrying about her decisions.”

(And also probably suffering from hellish heartburn and inexplicable pain in random places all over her body, right, ladies?)

“Kylie can’t help but wonder how things would be different if her baby was Tyga’s,” the insider adds.

“She misses her ex Tyga, who was always caring and present, and she is beginning to think it should have been Tyga’s baby, not Travis’.”

Oh, Kylie …

We all know how gross Tyga has always been, and it’s a true miracle that they did finally break up, but we can sort of see where she’s coming from, if this is true.

He was usually always there for her, and they did seem much closer than she’s ever seemed with Travis.

And yes, a lot of that could have been because Tyga saw that golden opportunity to promote himself by latching onto Kylie, but we doubt that ever really mattered to her.

It’s all pretty sad, honestly.

On the bright side, we have a pretty good feeling we’ll be seeing Tyga play stepdad in the future.

And let’s never, ever speak of how we referred to Tyga coming back into Kylie’s life as “the bright side” ever again.


Kylie Jenner & Khloe Kardashian: Are They Having a Joint Birth?!

While the Kardashians are still keeping tight-lipped about the pregnancies of both Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian, there’s a new report doing the rounds about how they will give birth, and it’s a doozy. 

Reports have been doing the rounds for months now that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars are each expecting their first child.

The silence from both parties is surprising when you consider the things they do to remain in the spotlight, and it does come with the reality TV territory that they need to keep all aspects of their lives open to the public. 

Both sisters have not exactly been hiding from the spotlight, but they have dialed back on public appearances. Their stomach areas also seem to be off-limits in social media posts. 

That’s not normal when it comes to the Kardashians, so, like most other people on the planet, we do think both sisters are really with child, and it’s only a matter of time before the news becomes official. 

Then there’s a report in Heat Magazine that not only confirms the pregnancies; it even goes as far as claiming the sisters are planning a joint birth to welcome the future cousins into the world. 

On top of that, the report even states that Khloe, 33, and Kylie, 22, are due to pop in “less than three months.” 

Kris Jenner is well represented in the report, which states that she is hoping for a same-day birth, and why wouldn’t she be? It’s the type of plot that would get people excited about watching KUWTK again, because, let’s face it, it’s not been killing it in the ratings. 

The show is showing its age, so it was somewhat surprising that E! was happy enough to shell out another $ 150 million to take the show through 2019 on the network. 

Given the reduced ratings, one would think, the fee would have been slashed, but could Kris really have been throwing out the idea of a joint birth when she was negotiating the contract?

At this stage, anything is possible with this family. Having the two women giving birth on a special episode of the series will likely be a ratings bonanza for the network. 

There’s also the possibility that the new deal means the sisters need to stay quiet about the pregnancies until they are revealed on an episode of the series. 

While the sisters may be going for a joint birth, they are allegedly keeping the look of their birthing quarters very different from each other. 

In fact, the source states that Kylie “wants a C-section, because she can’t stand the idea of all that pain,” while Khloe is going for an “Earth Mother” type of birth, adding: “She wants a natural birth, without even an epidural, and she’s requested meditative music to be played.”

They are expected to have a separate wing of Cedars-Sinai Hospital to themselves, which is not a new thing. Celebrities have long taken over wings in the hospital to give birth to their little ones. 

Okay, what do you think of this news? 

Sound off below!


Danielle Mullins: Did Mohamed Jbali Accuse Her of Having an STI?!

We’ve been introduced to a whole host of new 90 Day Fiance stars, but will there ever be a couple as memorable as Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Mullins?

Just because they’re over doesn’t mean that this pair of exes didn’t impact each other’s lives. Danielle brought Mohamed to the US.

And Mohamed? Well, he may have started a rumor that Danielle Mullins has an STI. At least, that’s what fans seem to think.

Recently, Danielle Mullins has faced some disappointments, as what looked like the birth of a brand new reality career was cut short.

Mohamed Jbali has moved and is keeping busy, claiming that he’s working long hours but nonetheless finding the time to stir up controversy with his fans.

We’ll get into all of that in a moment, because it’s the couple’s past that we need to talk about at the moment.

See, Mohamed is from Tunisia and Danielle Mullins is from the US.

Danielle is quite a bit older than Mohamed, but the couple became engaged and even got married.

Though we know that Danielle and Mohamed did have sex — once, to consummate their marriage — the topic of intercourse was a contentious one within their relationship.

Basically, Mohamed Jbali would refuse to bang Danielle. And Danielle was not shy about demanding that he perform his husbandly duties.

The two eventually decided to divorce, though Danielle initially sought revenge against Mohamed by seeking an annulment (hoping to send him back to Tunisia).

Mohamed accused Danielle of having an unpleasant body odor, which he cited as the reason for his disinterest.

But was there more to it than a lack of attraction?

Let’s look at some of Mohamed Jbali’s words:

“Of course I’m not going to have sex with someone like Danielle,” he said to her.

Hurtfully, he added:

“You do not know that nobody will have sex with someone like you!”

(Note that many of Danielle’s 90 Day Fiance castmates were horrified by the way that Mohamed spoke to her, even if they didn’t particularly like Danielle)

But here’s the question:

Was Mohamed Jbali body-shaming Danielle for her appearance and alleged odor, as many of us first assumed?

Or was he referring to a sexually transmitted infection?

Let’s look at some of his other words for clues.

Before his stunned and horrified castmates, Mohamed declared this about Danielle Mullins:

“She has a problem that she needs to see a doctor before she has sex with someone.”

We don’t know if he’s referring to vaginal odor (which can happen when your pH balance gets out of whack — genital odor is normal to a degree, but if it’s unpleasant, there’s probably something wrong).

He may have been referring to something else.

Some people don’t use the right deodorant products, or don’t use them as directed. Or they don’t shower or they don’t wash their clothes enough. All of those can cause, well, some unpleasant olfactory experiences.

It’s also possible — and we are in no way saying this to shame Danielle Mullins’ figure — that Danielle may have had something extraordinary.

Sometimes there are tiny growths, such as yeast, that produce distinctive smells. These growths thrive in the folds of fat that some people may have (different people carry weight differently, of course).

However … the line directing her to see a doctor makes a number of fans wonder if perhaps Mohamed believes that Danielle has some sort of STI.

Perhaps, strange as it may sound, Mohamed felt that accusing her of being foul-smelling and unattractive was the less damaging option than explaining his real fear.

Fans are divided over what might be causing Danielle’s alleged odor. Some believe that Mohamed may have fabricated it altogether.

Regardless, we hope that Danielle has seen a doctor. Even if it’s just a pH balance issue or a hygiene problem, nobody deserves to go around while smelling unpleasant.

And if she doesn’t have a smell, well, the doctor can confirm that for her.

As for Mohamed Jbali’s current whereabouts … he has moved to Texas.

He’s told fans that he’s now working 13 hours a day … which is odd, because he has also claimed that he never misses a day at the gym. If both are true, it sounds like he’s sacrificing sleep.

(It’s not odd that he’s needing money — because 90 Day Fiance stars are paid shockingly little)

Mohamed also stirred up some controversy recently by making some statements that sounded homophobic to a number of fans. He later made multiple posts explaining that he’s fine with LGBT fans.

Danielle Mullins, in the mean time, lost out on a makeover show over alleged mental instability.

It sounds like Danielle was uncooperative and it’s been alleged that the management company with which she’s now parted ways was making some intrusive demands about her social media use.

Honestly, many feel that Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Mullins had dishonest intentions about getting engaged and married in the first place.

Some think that the couple deserved each other. We don’t know that we’d go that far.


Michelle Duggar: Slammed For Having Too Many Children!

If you only know one thing about Michelle Duggar, it’s probably that she has a lot of kids.

After all, it’s Michelle’s proclivity for breeding that earned her family the attention of reality TV producers way back in 2008.

The rest, as they say, is history.

What started as a one-off special soon became 19 Kids and Counting, one of TLC’s highest-rated and most buzzed-about series.

Following the Josh Duggar sex scandals, the show was canceled, but the Duggars soon returned to TV with Counting On, a Josh-free spinoff that originally focused primarily on sisters Jessa and Jill.

After the world learned that Josh had molested five young girls, four of whom were his sisters, Michelle and husband Jim Bob were shunned alongside their eldest son.

Accused of ignoring signs of abuse and helping Josh avoid prosecution, Michelle wasn’t exactly in line for any mother of the year awards.

But while a return to television once seemed out of the question, she and Jim Bob have astonishingly been welcomed back by both TLC and Counting On viewers.

That doesn’t mean the scandal is forgotten, of course.

Many see Josh’s sex crimes as symptoms of a larger disease.

For these people, such rampant abuse seems a natural result of the unnatural environment that Michelle and Jim Bob created in their home.

They believe that no parent can attend to the needs of 19 children, and a dangerous level of neglect is inevitable in a family that size.

The debate over whether it’s safe for anyone to raise that many kids raged anew over the holiday weekend, thanks to a photo that appeared on the Duggars official Facebook page:

The family posted the image above on Thanksgiving.

“Back in the day, we could fit everyone at this table,” the caption read.

“Our family is getting bigger by the year! We just love the addition of in-laws and grandbabies.”

In addition to the usual reminders about the family’s scandalous past, there were several comments about the recklessness of birthing 19 children.

“I’m the oldest of 6 and that’s plenty enough,” wrote one follower.

“I feel like kids in huge families tend to get lost in the crowd. There’s no possible way to give them one on one attention to them all. You may think you are but you’re just not.” 

Several fans echoed the sentiment, arguing that it’s impossible for the Duggars to give equal consideration to all of their children.

In the past, Michelle and Jim Bob have essentially conceded that point, informing fans that they employ a “buddy system” of child-rearing, in which the older children are each assigned one younger kid to look after.

Of course, this arrangement unfairly burdens the older kids, many of whom were thrust into the role of caretaker at an appallingly young age.

And given that they were recently at the center of a shocking scandal, Michelle and Jim Bob aren’t really in a position to be doling out parenting tips.

Perhaps they’d argue what the problem with Josh was that he didn’t have any older siblings to keep an eye on him.

Watch Counting On online for more on reality TV’s most controversial family.


Kate Middleton: REALLY Having Twins?!

Kate Middleton is definitely pregnant — it’s announced and we’ve seen her royal baby bump. But is she now Duchessing for two … or for three?

As exciting as the thought of royal twins is, we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves.

So we need to look into why people think this, and, if possible, confirm that it’s true.

Just as it’s easy to believe that something is a rumor, it’s also easy to dismiss something because it hasn’t been officially confirmed.

That can so often be a mistake.

After all, back in August, we walked you through a number of reports that strongly suggested Kate Middleton’s pregnancy and explained why we believed it to be true.

(Perhaps the biggest clue was knowledge of Duchess Kate’s severe morning sickness and the news that she’d been quietly rushed to the hospital)

Well, that was only a little over a week later that Kate Middleton’s third pregnancy was officially announced, for real.

Sometimes, listening to rumors (albeit with a careful and critical ear) can really pay off.

Life & Style has reported that Kate Middleton is expecting twins.

Their cover reads:

“Kate’s Big News: She’s Having Twins!”

They report that she’s expecting a pair of identical twin girls, even.

The lure of the twins report is especially strong, because Kate has already given birth twice. The jubilation that results from a royal baby’s birth does experience diminishing returns, normally.

(Kind of like eating cake is great, but if it’s a treat that you have every week, it’s just … nice, rather than incredibly exciting. Not that babies are like cake, necessarily … this diminishing effect applies to almost any good or exciting news)

But twins? That’s a new type of excitement and could not only be an intriguing read, but a refreshing distraction from the UK’s current Brexit nightmare.

Life & Style‘s source also told them that the couple was planning on coordinating the names of the twins, which is good — you don’t want randomly named twins (but you also don’t want their names to be too similar).

So … is this report of twins too good to be true?

At the moment, all signs point to Duchess Kate’s royal womb having only a single occupancy.

Remember when we told you Kate Middleton’s due date?

That was revealed through an official announcement, from Kensington Palace’s verified Twitter account, reading:

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to confirm they are expecting a baby in April 2018.”

(As we noted at the time, an April due date could put this little girl very close in age to Princess Charlotte)

That phrasing is not super ambiguous.

“A baby” is not vague. It’s a simple statement and it certainly appears to be straightforward.

And … if it’s true, which we must assume that it is, that means that Kate Middleton is not expecting twins.

Gossip Cop reports that they reached out to Kensington Palace and that they were able to confirm that Kate is not expecting twins.

But just one royal baby is enough cause for excitement, right?

It should be.

In the mean time, we’ll have the next five months or more to speculate about what sort of name Kate and William’s new royal baby will have.

Will they go with something classic, or start a new traditional name?

Honestly — naming one baby is enough of a responsibility for anyone. But we’re sure that this royal couple is up to the task.