Big Brother Recap: Who Was Evicted First? Who’s The New Head of Household?

It was the end of the line for one houseguest on Thursday’s episode of Big Brother, and the oddest thing about the hour was the lack of campaigning from either party. 

Maybe Sam Bledsoe knew that she was safe either way with her power, but Steve was sitting a little too pretty for my liking. Luckily for both nominees, their fellow houseguests were deliberating right up until the eviction ceremony. 

Seriously though, the Big Brother live feeds have been on fire the last few days with all of the backstabbings, and it’s only going to get crazier from here on out as the battle lines are drawn by the end of this hour. 

Steve Arienta-Sam Bledsoe

It’s bizarre, but CBS opted to make viewers sit through the obnoxious relationship that is Faysal and Haleigh instead of showing the back and forth. 

It’s Week Two, and we already have two showmances, with one of them about to become a love triangle. Bayliegh and Swaggy C (that name will never stop sounding ridiculous!) are paired off, and it seems Faysal and Haleigh are, too. 

There’s always trouble in paradise in the Big Brother house, and it seems that Kaitlyn is pissed about the latter pairing. The awkward thing about all of it is that she has a thing for Faysal but has been open about having someone back home. 

We thought with Kaitlyn being a life coach she would be able to get her $ hit together, but it seems that she’s losing that spark we noticed in her upon entering the house. 

Could it be that Big Brother took her crystals and oils off her when she entered the house? Should we get Spencer Pratt on the line to ask him if this is a common side effect to not having his crystals? 

In any case, the eviction rolled around, and it was always going to be a close call with the two alliances having a similar amount of players. 

Week 1 Votes:

  • Scottie votes to evict: Sam J
  • C votes to evict: Steve
  • Chris votes to evict: Sam
  • Bayleigh votes to evict: Sam 
  • Rachel votes to evict: Steve 
  • Kaycee votes to evict: Steve 
  • Faysal votes to evict: Sam 
  • Haleigh votes to evict: Sam 
  • Angela votes to evict: Steve 
  • Brett votes to evict: Steve 
  • Winston votes to evict: Steve 
  • Kaitlyn votes to evict: Steve 
  • Angie votes to evict: Sam

Steve Arienta was evicted by a vote of 7-6.

Yes, that means Sam got to keep her power to use another week because she successfully escaped the block. The most surprising thing about this eviction was that Kaitlyn turned her back on her alliance and pulled the shocked face when Steve was sent out the door. 

Swaggy and Bayliegh did not know where to look when their ally was sent out because it confirmed to them that there was someone working both sides of the house, and that’s problematic for them. 

All told, the HOH competition was high stakes because each side of the house vied for the power to nominate for eviction. 

The houseguests were tasked with sending a ball into the air to hit a building with a number on it. Whichever one had the highest number would be crowned HOH. 

Kaitlyn slid into victory, meaning that she will have to pick a side and stick with it before the numbers start to drop. 

Julie also revealed that Sam’s power meant that if someone is evicted, they would play a competition live to get back into the game. 

As always, we’ll keep you up to speed with the latest Big Brother Spoilers!

What did you think of the first eviction?

Were you surprised?

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother continues Sunday on CBS. 


Drunken Teen Gets Head Stuck in Car Exhaust Pipe

We've all been there, right?

We're attending a country music festival. We've had our share of alcohol beverages. And we see a pickup truck.

The pickup truck, naturally, has an exhaust pipe coming out of its rear.

And we think to ourselves… hey, I think my head could fit safely into that exhaust pipe and then I could pull it back out with ease!

No? We haven't all been there?

Only Kaitlin Strom, the woman featured in the following video has been there?

That's sort of what we figured.

In a Facebook video that has been viewed nearly three million times, this 19-year old is sitting on the ground at the Winstock Music Festival with her head inside of an oversized diesel exhaust pipe.

The brief snippet below features emergency crews preparing to use a power saw to cut her free.

How did she end up in this situation?

"We were just all having fun and I saw this big exhaust pipe and I was like, ‘Hey, my head could probably fit in that, so I tried it. It did fit, but it didn’t want to come back out,” Strom explained to the Hutchinson Leader.

Strom went on to say she was trapped in this pipe for about 45 minutes, which seems like an extremely long time to have one's head trapped inside of an exhaust pipe.

The teenager simply tried to remain calm before the fire department was able to finally get her out.

That was the good news… the bad news is that she was cited by the police department for underage drinking.

How much did she imbibe? Strom would not say.

But she did clearly take a bit of pride in her viral act, based on the Facebook photo and caption above.

As for what it looks like when a grown woman gets her head stuck in an exhaust pipe?

Click PLAY and find out now!

Drunken teen gets head stuck in car exhaust pipe