Joy-Anna Duggar & Austin Forsyth Head to Therapy Amidst Abuse Claims

It’s only been less than a year since Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth, but it seems the newlyweds are already experiencing some rough patches.

Earlier this week, for example, accusations that Austin had abused Joy made their way across social media.

Now, the Forsyths are reportedly addressing their issues head-on with a trip to a marriage counseling retreat.

Of course, the Duggars don’t believe in traditional forms of therapy, so Joy and Austin’s options are limited.

Any help that they seek must be rooted in their religious beliefs, and they’re obligated to keep it all in the family for secrecy’s sake.

As a result, the young couple is pushing conflict of interest concerns to the side and seeking help at a retreat hosted by Austin’s parents.

”Getting some work done at camp. We have the Spring Marriage Retreat coming up on April 20-22, come hear Austin and I share our testimony,” an ad on the Forsyth’s website reads.

The retreat promises “powerful truths from scripture encouraging couples to strive for a marriage the way God designed it to be….Coupled with team building activities, and humorous games, these 2 night, 3 day events are perfect for rekindling, reviving and renewing any love story!”

It sounds like pretty lighthearted stuff … and perhaps that’s the problem.

Joy and Austin aren’t looking to rekindle the flame ahead of their silver anniversary.

These are two very young people who didn’t get to spend any time alone together until their honeymoon, and who welcomed their first child almost exactly nine months after tying the knot.

Now the difference in their personalities is abundantly clear to fans, and it’s reached the point where Austin’s constant annoyance with Joy’s childlike personality has allegedly pushed him into verbal abuse territory.

Unfortunately, they live in a world where even if they decided they’re both miserable and horribly ill-suited for one another, divorce is simply not an option.

Joy and Austin don’t need trust falls and couples archery; they need real treatment for a licensed therapist.

Unfortunately, that sort of thing simply doesn’t fly in Duggar Land.

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Man Gets Head Stuck in Movie Theater Seat, Dies

We know the above headline is likely to make you laugh.

But this is a serious matter.

This is the story of a real tragedy that took place in Great Britain.

theater seat

According to various news outlets, a 24-year old father named Ateeq Rafiq was seeing a movie in Birmingham, England on March 9 when he dropped his cellphone between two reclining seats.

When Rafiq bent down to pick up the item, the footrest on the electrically-powered seat clamped down on his head, reports the Birmingham Mail newspaper.

The horrific incident took place at Vue Cinema at Star City, the outside of which is pictured below.

Said a spokesperson for the venue in a prepared statement:

“Following an incident which took place on Friday 9 March at our Birmingham cinema, we can confirm that a customer was taken to hospital that evening.

“We are saddened to learn that he passed away on Friday 16 March.

“A full investigation into the nature of the incident is ongoing. Our thoughts and condolences are with the family who have our full support and assistance.”


How could this possibly have happened?

A source familiar with the situation described what transpired thusly when speaking to the aforementioned publication:

“The Gold Class seats are electric reclining seats. He bent down to look for his phone.

“At this point the leg-rest was in an upright position. But as he stuck his head underneath to have a look, the footrest clamped down onto his head. He was stuck.

“His partner and staff tried to free him but couldn’t. The chair leg-rest was eventually broken free and he managed to get out.”

reclining seat

From there, Rafiq was taken to a local hospital.

He passed away several days later from injuries sustained in this freak accident.

The victim’s family is devastated by the loss, says sister-in-law Fatima Arzo to The Daily Mirror.

“We are grieving and completely in shock. My sister is in pieces,” she told the newspaper, adding:

“We are grateful to everyone who tried to help him, and at the moment we are praying and trying to come to terms with the fact we lost a loved one.”

vue seats

The cinema complex at Star City where this took place features 25 screens, including three Gold Class rooms where the emphasis is on comfort and luxury.

Reads the official website:

“The Gold Class ticket price includes complimentary popcorn during your film and is strictly for over 18’s, offering luxury seating with a fully licensed bar and an enhanced viewing experience.

“Gold Class customers are welcome to visit the Gold Class bar to enjoy a drink before and during the screening.”

Our thoughts go out to the family of Ateeq Rafiq.

May he rest in peace.


Vivica A. Fox Dubs Sex with 50 Cent as “PG-13,” Rapper Shakes His Head


It is once again on between Vivica A. Fox and 50 Cent.

The couple, who dated way back in 2003 and were so serious that they nearly got engaged, haven’t been together in years.

But that doesn’t mean they haven’t been linked in various, mostly contentious ways.

Back in 2015, for example, Fox appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live and pretty strongly implied that 50 Cent is gay.

In response to Fiddy saying ratings for Empire dropped because the show started to focus too heavily on “gay stuff,” Fox told host Andy Cohen:

“First of all, you know the pot called the kettle black is all I’m saying.”

The actress tried to backtrack at the time on this implication, saying the stars had a “great time” as a couple, but 50 Cent “just seems like he’s got something that’s not quite clear.”

She also said he looked like a “booty snatcher” on an old magazine cover alongside Soulja Boy.

This is all a preamble to the latest shot fired by Fox in Fiddy’s direction.

In her upcoming self-help book/memoir, “Every Day, I’m Hustling,” Fox labels the intercourse she took part in with 50 Cent as “PG-13.”

That’s not the worst insult in the world, especially not when you consider other ratings out there and also not when you consider what Fox added about her sex life with her ex:

“Most of the time, I would be the one initiating sex, because I really enjoyed making love with him.”

She also described this lovemaking as “cherished and special.”

Again, not the most terrible description, right?

But 50 Cent prides himself on being hard. On being tough. On being the sort of guy who wants to be known for some NC-17 type of banging, not the kind that a teenager could watch without adult supervision.

He’s also understandably miffed over why his bedroom antics with someone he dated well over a decade ago is a topic of discussion in 2018.

“I’m waking up to this shit, that was 14 years ago. smh who does this? What the f-ck!” wrote the artist on Instagram in response to Fox’s remark.

Here’s a look at Fiddy’s frustrated post:

Fox on Insta

Elsewhere, Fox says she eventually learned (somehow) that 50 Cent had been prepared to propose to her during a trip to Monaco, where the duo was taking part in the World Music Awards in 2003.

The plan was to rent out a theater in Monte Carlo, show a screening of Kill Bill, Vol. 1 – in which Fox starred – and then pop the question at the end film with a 14-carat diamond ring.

So… why did he nix this romantic idea?

Because he thought Fox hogged the spotlight during the trip by signing as the World Music Awards host.

Yes, that’s all it took for Fiddy to back out of his proposal.

Based on this story, and based on the shade that keeps getting hurled back and forth between the celebrities, we feel pretty safe in saying they were not meant to be together.

At all.