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WWE’s Becky Lynch I Wanna ‘Slap the Head Off Ronda Rousey’


WWE superstar Becky Lynch is already dreaming of “WrestleMania” dominance — telling us she’s dying to “slap the head off Ronda Rousey.”

Lynch was supposed to battle Rousey at “Survivor Series” back in November — but she suffered a serious injury to her face and was pulled from the match. 

But, Lynch says she still has a sense of “unfinished business” with Rousey … and wants to settle things once and for all on April 7 at MetLife Stadium. 

Despite the rivalry, Lynch praised Rousey for all that she’s done for women’s pro wrestling, women’s judo and women’s MMA … but warns that she “just hasn’t faced a real test yet!” 

Meanwhile, Lynch is training her ass off — recently hitting up Conor McGregor‘s famous training center in Ireland, the Straight Blast Gym … where she worked out with Conor’s trainer, John Kavanagh

“John Kavanagh put me through the ringer,” Lynch said … “It was great.”

McGregor has raved about Lynch — praising his fellow Irish superstar publicly and telling her to call “any time you need backup.”

So, will the two connect and beat some ass as the greatest Irish tag team ever? Don’t rule it out … 

Logan Paul Hey, Dana White ‘Get Your Head Out Your Ass and Sign Me!!!’


Logan Paul says Dana White needs to “get his head out of his ass” and sign him to a UFC fight already — because it’s easy money for everyone involved. 

Remember, Paul fought YouTube star KSI in a boxing match earlier this year — and got real praise from real UFC stars including Tyron Woodley and UFC color commentator Joe Rogan

Paul had said he wants a UFC fight next, but White shot him down saying he’d get hurt if he got in the Octagon with a real MMA fighter. 

But, Paul says that’s a bunch of crap — telling TMZ Sports he’s already proven he can hold his own in a fight … and would dedicate himself to training if the two sides worked out a deal. 

“If I get the chance to fight in the UFC, that’s my life,” Paul says. 

“Dana, what’s good? The people want it man!”

Of course, Paul’s opponent would be a huge factor — Logan says he understands he’s not ready for a shot with a killer like Khabib … but he WOULD be down to fight Conor McGregor

“I would be honored for Conor to rip my head off.”

Stay tuned …