Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams Checks into Mental Health Facility for Depression

Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child has checked herself into a mental health facility to seek help for her struggle with depression … TMZ has learned. Sources tell us Williams is getting treated in a facility just outside of Los Angeles and has…


Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams Checks into Mental Health Facility for Depression

Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child has checked herself into a mental health facility to seek help for her struggle with depression … TMZ has learned. Sources tell us Williams is getting treated in a facility just outside of Los Angeles and has…


Staci Felker BLASTS Evan Felker for Ghosting Her During Health Crisis

Staci Felker is not a woman to be trifled.

She called out Miranda Lambert as a homewrecker after the country singer was spotted with Staci’s husband, Evan Felker.

Now, she’s taking aim at her ex himself — after he ghosted her when she was in the middle of a health crisis.

“I’m ultimately gonna be fine physically,” Staci shared on Thursday with her fans. “Thanks for all your questions.”

Along with these words, she shared an image of her bracelet from the hospital, which you can see below.

“I’ll answer some more when I feel better,” Staci promises. “But right now —  I want to talk about real men.”

She is not referring to that cringeworthy new Bravo talk show that’s already so widely ridiculed that they’re changing the name from Real Men Watch Bravo.

Ominously, Staci says: “Aside from the ghosting and just very real #psychologicalwarfare and torture that happened earlier this year.”

Staci describes Evan Felker as “a man that I perfected homemade chicken soup for when he was sick, cared for him through soooo many sweating miserable days coming off benders.”

So she’s throwing a little shade, though not necessarily in a way that will hurt his rep with the Country Music crowd.

Evan, she says, “decided to come calling when I was happy last week.”

Recently, she went on vacation, where she believes that Evan felt that she was “too happy.”

In other words, it sounds like she’s saying that he was jealous — and perhaps he was missing her.

By all accounts, Staci had a grand time “riding and then at the beach with my girls.”

This, she says, must have prompted Evan to reach out to her. She imagines that he was thinking: “How dare I smile after all he did to try to break me?”

That might be a little harsh, but you can see where she’s coming from.

“I took those calls,” Staci explains. “Because that’s what a wife does.”

“I’m still his wife,” Staci reminds her followers.

In May, weeks after being publicly linked with Miranda Lambert, Evan Felker filed for divorce from Staci.

“I’ve done everything to be a good one,” Staci says. “Because deep down I thought it might change things.”

Staci Felker Hospital Pic

“Less than a week later,” Staci says. “I was sent to the hospital and couldn’t reach him.”

We have more details about that below.

“That’s not a real man,” Staci assets. “That’s not a country boy and certainly no cowboy.”

Now she’s attacking his (obviously ridiculous) image and his brand by exposing him as a manipulative coward.

“Not a husband I’ll ever take back,” Staci says. “Because I was scared and he was gone. Again.”

As for the medical emergency itself, Us Weekly reports that Staci Felker’s hospital trip was over a dangerously sore throat.

At first, after having just traveled overseas, there was a genuine fear that she had contracted Malaria.

The two had spoken over the phone during her trip. But when she was afraid in the hospital waiting for test results from her blood tests, he was suddenly nowhere to be found.

That must be a terrible feeling.

It’s good that she’s directing her anger where it belongs — at her husband. It sounds like he has wronged her more than once.

Miranda Lambert, on the other hand, did not “steal” anyone, including Evan. That’s a choice that Evan made on his own.


Johnny Depp’s Son Has a “Serious” Health Problem: Report

For several weeks now, fans have been concerned about Johnny Depp.

Based on multiple photos that depict the actor in a seemingly malnourished state, they’re feared the worst when it comes to Depp’s health.

It turns out, however, that these supporters were focused on the wrong member of the Depp family.

According to the French outlet Public, actress Vanessa Paradis recently missed the Paris premiere of her film A Knife in the Heart due to concern over her son Jack’s well-being.

Jack is 16 years old and Paradis shares the teenager with Depp.

“Unfortunately, Vanessa Paradis was not able to join us tonight, she had to be absent because of her son’s serious health problems,” the aforementioned movie’s director, Yann Gonzalez, told this outlet.

No one from either Depp’s camp nor Paradis’ camp has responded to this report.

Paradis and Depp dated from 1998 to 2012 and had two children during this time: 19-year-old Lily-Rose Depp and Jack, whose real name is John Christopher Depp III.

The actor does not play a prominent role in the lives of his kids.

This unfortunate news come as Depp is currently in Europe touring with his band The Hollywood Vampires.

The group, which includes music legends Joe Perry of Aerosmith fame, and Alice Cooper, has been globetrotting with stops in Russia and Germany.

It also comes about a week after Rolling Stone published an in-depth, personal and disturbing interview with the Pirates of the Caribbean star, in which Depp opened up about being “as low as I could have been” during the past couple of years.

The piece depicted Depp as a nearly-broke recluse who stays up all night (every night) and who is basically never not drinking wine or taking drugs.

“I was as low as I believe I could have gotten,” Depp told the publication, thinking back his emotional state in the middle of his failed marriage to Amber Heard, along with his floundering financial situation.

Depp has been accused on numerous occasions of abusing Heard.

There’s VIDEO FOOTAGE out there of the star shattering a wine glass in his then-wife’s presence and verbally berating her.

In his Rolling Stone interview, Depp admits that he thought he would die at various points over the last couple years.

He notes his split from Heard and subsequent monetary difficulties and says:

“The next step was, ‘You’re going to arrive somewhere with your eyes open and you’re going to leave with your eyes closed.’

“I couldn’t take the pain every day.”

Of course, it’s hard to feel too much sympathy for someone who allegedly spends $ 30,000 per month on wine and who owns 14 homes around the world.

Photographs such as the one directly above are what have led to speculation over Depp’s own health.

He appears frail and gaunt and, by his own admission, often drunk and/or high.

Based on this revealing Rolling Stone article, he doesn’t seem too anxious to make any changes, either.

Still, though, we naturally wish the very best to the actor’s son and hope he makes a full recovery.


Tyler Baltierra Claps Back at Haters: My Mental Health Doesn’t Make Me a Bad Parent!

Earlier this week, Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra shared a poem about his heartbreaking suicide attempt. It must have taken a lot of courage for him to share such an intimate piece of self-expression.

Unfortunately, some people had the nerve to use this opportunity to suggest that he and Catelynn shouldn’t be allowed to be parents because of their mental health.

Tyler took to Twitter to clap back against this very dangerous line of thinking.

One Twitter user, an Instagram model whose claim to fame is having been on Bad Girls Club, decided to ask a not-so-innocent question about Tyler and Catelynn.

“Sad that him and his wife are struggling with depression and bi polar disorder,” Danielle says.

Unfortunately, she did not stop there.

Tyler and Catelynn have her sympathies, “but is that really a healthy environment for a child to grow up in?” she asks.

She also does that thing that some people do when they have a decent following on social media and would rather be able to say that they are “starting a conversation” than voicing an opinion.

“[I don’t know,] thoughts people?” she asks, as if her entire tweet were just an innocuous question about Catelynn’s hairstyle.

XXDanielle vs Tyler Baltierra

Tyler saw this and, very understandably, felt the need to speak out.

“So everyone who has a mental health issue shouldn’t be allowed to have children?” he tweeted.

You can really feel his righteous indignation.

Tyler continued, describing parenting as getting to “experience the most beautiful thing this life can give you.”

Not everyone will necessarily agree that parenting, with its many ups and downs, qualifies for that lofty superlative … but we’ll let it slide for the moment.

“It’s the same,” Tyler continues. “As telling someone who has diabetes or any manageable condition, that they shouldn’t have kids.”

Sadly, people have probably made arguments along those lines, too. No, wait, people have definitely made arguments along those lines. And it’s horrifying.

Tyler makes his feelings clear, writing: “I highly disagree with that!”

Tyler was not the only one who strenuously objects to the notion that people being treated for their mental health are disqualified from being parents.

One Twitter user replied to the original tweet: “Wow really?? I have anxiety and manic depression as well! I’ve raised two healthy sons to adulthood! Shame on you for that statement! I’ve had this since age 20! I’m 44 now!”


“This is the problem with most people,” another person tweeted. “If they have never experienced it they can’t understand. I’m raising 3 children while I suffer from anxiety. I’m a GREAT mom and they are very well taken care of! I am on medication and I take care of myself so I can take care of them!”

Many mental illnesses are totally treatable. If you argue that someone’s depression makes them a bad parent, you sound like a sleezy divorce lawyer.

Another tweets: “Were you not just begging twitter to pay your rent a few months ago? Worry about yourself & not the mental health of others.. btw Tyler is a WONDERFUL dad.”

Wow. Somebody brought some reciepts to the roast.

Another wrote, more simply: “Just because they struggle doesn’t mean [they’re] bad parents.”

Others simply couldn’t believe this woman’s audacity to ask the question.

“Why in 2018 is mental health still being stigmatised?!” another tweeter asks. “Why should people feel ashamed for having an illness that is out with their control?! This needs to STOP!”

Another decided that Danielle needed a little more roasting.

This person tweeted: “At least their kids can look back and see that their parents had positive impact in life and on tv. What are your kids gna see when they google your name? Bad girls clubs clips bahaha now thats sad.”

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw shade.

Others, however, defended the question … sort of.

“I don’t think it’s a bad question,” another fan tweeted. “You have to truly understand that some are completely unaware of how it feels to live with a mental illness. Educate those whom do not understand.”

That’s a good point, honestly — sometimes, people have to ask questions to learn. Even if those questions have horrifying implications.

Speaking of horrifying thoughts, however, some people went above and beyond when agreeing with Danielle’s question.

One person tweeted: “Selective breeding, we do it with animals, why not humans…only way to stabilize society and weed out illness.”

Let’s just hope that this person is, like, 12 and still coming to grasp with right and wrong. Because, and I hate Nazi comparisons, but … that is one scary tweet.

Obviously, if someone is a bad parent, either abusive or neglectful or otherwise unable to give their child love and support, the child needs a better home where they can be safe and healthy.

But mental illness — in addition to being treatable — does not disqualify someone from being an amazing parent. It’s just a thing that they have to deal with.

In fact, that personal struggle can make them more empathetic to a child’s potential struggles.

In the mean time, the world has no shortage of truly awful parents who don’t have any mental illness. Being a terrible person is a character trait, not an ailment.

Good for Tyler for sticking up for himself, his wife, and for every other parent with mental health struggles.


Tyler Baltierra’s Latest Tweets Have Fans Concerned About His Health

Tyler Baltierra is one of the more beloved husbands in the Teen Mom franchise in large part due to how candid he’s been regarding his struggles with mental illness.

Last month, Baltierra revealed that he suffers from bipolar disorder, and he was widely applauded for helping to de-stigmatize the condition by discussing it openly.

Of course, now fans are on the alert and many have been looking for signs of a manic or depressive episodes in every word that Tyler posts on his social media accounts.

Rumors that Baltierra is suicidal have been circulating for the past week, and it seems his latest tweets have only led to increased concern from some of his followers.

The strange thing is, the tweet that’s attracting the most attention sees Tyler revealing one of his favorite therapeutic activities.

“I have always loved writing & as a kid I used to write poetry, I had pages full of it!” Baltierra wrote.

“But I gave it up when I got a little older & ended up throwing it all away. I’ve been inspired recently to pick it back up & I’m on a mission to refill my notebook! #SelfCare #MyOwnTherapy”

On its own, the tweet would likely give the impression that Tyler is in a very good place these days.

But he posted it along with some snippets of his poetry, and fans are worried about the references to suicide and self-harm that appear in Baltierra’s verse.

“From on top of this mountain, I’ll cut these ties, not my wrists,” he writes in one poem.

“I’ll fight with these words, instead of my fists,” he continues.

“I’ll take this newfound strength, leap & fly out of this cage & I’ll make sure I’m the only one who’s in control & I’m the only one who’s turning the page!”

It sounds to us like Tyler’s feeling empowered and optimistic these days, but many of his followers just can’t get over that reference to self-harm.

The issue, it seems, is that suicide is on Tyler’s mind at all, even as an option that he staunchly rejects.

Ever since he went public with his diagnosis of bipolar disorder, fans have been on the lookout for the jarring mood swings that often characterize the disorder.

And many are concerned that self-harm will remain in Baltierra’s thoughts during one of his inevitable depressive lows.

It’s not hard to see why they’re concerned, but ultimately, this amounts to armchair psychotherapy from people who don’t know enough about Tyler or his condition to make predictions about what will happen next.

Watch Teen Mom OG online for more on Tyler and wife Catelynn Lowell’s struggles with mental illness.


Amy Schumer Hospitalized, Releases Statement on Her Health

Has this week worn you out? Amy Schumer’s had it worse.

The comedian has taken to social media to reveal that she’s spent the past five days in the hospital.

This is serious.

Beside a series of photos that show Amy in a hospital bed, she writes:

“Here’s what I’ve been up to this week. I was hospitalized for 5 days with a horrible kidney infection.”

That is not good.

“I want to give a big thank you to the doctors, the bad ass nurses, also my husband who’s name is, i want to say, Chris?”

Her husband’s name is, in fact, Chris Fischer. The two got married back in February. Famously, Amy’s vows included a promise to continue blowing him.

“And my sisters Kimby and mol who have been by my side the whole time.”

They must be very concerned for her. And of course they are — they love her.

She then speaks to her fans:

“I wanted to share this with you because this is sexy as hell.”

On a more serious note, she wants to apologize for having to cancel.

“But mostly because I was meant to go to London for the opening of I Feel Pretty and my doctors have told me that’s a no go.”

I Feel Pretty, of course, is a new film starring Amy Schumer, Emily Ratajkowski, and Michelle Williams.

“I’m really disappointed selfishly to miss this trip because I love London and Europe in general and all the great people (food) there.”

(In my experience, food in the US tends to taste better than most of what you’ll find in Europe, but … Amy has a brand to maintain)

“But I need to put my health first.”

Of course.

Amy Schumer Hospital Room Snap

She wants to express her gratitude.

“I am so grateful for all the support the movie is getting.”

She almost starts to sound a little (understandably) loopy, though it’s hard to tell if it’s just Amy Schumer being Amy Schumer or if her illness and stay in the hospital are taking its toll.

“I hope people check it out in England and everywhere else in the world.”

Is it weird that it’s kind of touching that she’s plugging her movie from her hospital bed?

“It’s sweet and fun and you will walk out feeling better.”

Naturally, we all hope that she feels better, too.

“Which is something I hope to feel soon too.”

Amy Schumer Replies of Worry

Amy immediately received an outpouring of support.

From regular fans, and from celebrities.

Andy Cohen, Amber Rose, Octavia Spencer, Tan France (from Queer Eye), Reese Witherspoon, and Busy Phillips were among the fellow stars who wish her well.

And those are, of course, just the public messages.

(Our favorite has to be Andy offering to send Sonja Morgan to sing to her)

Some especially cynical folks might be tempted to theorize that Amy is exaggerating the situation to promote her movie.

While it’s true that she does give the film a boost in her captions, she’s doing that because she can’t actually be there at the premiere.

And, you know, she stars in the movie. Not everything is a conspiracy theory.

We don’t know what kind of kidney infection it is, only that it caused her to remain in the hospital for five days.

We wish Amy Schumer a full, speedy recovery.