Pete Davidson: Ariana Grande Broke My Heart!

When Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke up, love died.

And yeah, that may be a little dramatic, but it’s true.

It feels true, anyway.

Sure, those two crazy kids were only together for around five months, and yeah, most people didn’t believe they’d make it anyway.

They’re both young celebrities, after all, and they did get engaged a few seconds after they started dating.

But they were adorable, OK?

There was something so goofy about the two of them together, and they were just such a cute couple.

They got a pet pig together and named it Piggy Smalls.

How is that not the sweetest thing that ever was?

But as cute as they were, they are no more, because last weekend, we heard the awful news that they’d broken up.

For what it’s worth, it doesn’t sound like it was a messy breakup, which is … well, it’s something.

Reports have claimed that their timing was just off, and while they still love each other, Ariana just needs some space to get herself together.

Which is definitely fair, considering the fact that her ex, Mac Miller, recently passed away.

But according to a new report from Hollywood Life, even though Pete understands all that, he’s still absolutely devastated.

A source close to Pete explains that he feels like he “has lost his best friend, his soulmate, and his lover, and he is utterly heartbroken over it.”

“He misses Ariana every minute of every day, from the second he wakes up until the moment he goes to sleep.”

Poor guy!

The source adds that “Right now, Pete feels like he will never get over Ariana, that his heart will never mend, and that he will never fall in love again.”

“His friends and family are doing their best to rally round, but he’s just beside himself.”

Understandably, “It would be easier to deal with if one of them had cheated, but the circumstances under which they split make it just unbearable.”

“He feels like everything is still unresolved and he has no closure.”

Another source claims that even though he feels so low right now, he hasn’t given up hope entirely, 

In fact, “Pete is convinced that he will be back with Ariana and he feels like it will happen before Christmas and maybe even before his birthday.”

His birthday is November 16th, by the way, so the dream is definitely alive.

This source also says that “He is giving her space but he is not giving up on her and he hopes that things will change for the better before the end of the year.”

From all the reports we’ve seen — and there have been so, so many — it really does sound like Ariana just needed some time to take care of herself.

So is there a chance that she and Pete could get back together and convince us to believe in love again?


For Pete’s sake (LOL), let’s hope that’s able to happen soon. 


Vinny Foti, MTV’s The Challenge Alum, Hospitalized for Heart Failure

Vinny Foti, a former cast member on MTV’s The Challenge, is in desperate need of your help.

A GoFundMe campaign has been created to assist Foti after relatives announced he was hospitalized on Friday due to heart failure.

This is what the GoFundMe page dedicated to Foti reads:

Our sweet, dear friend and coworker Vinny Foti is in ICU with heart failure. He is on a ventilator and is sedated.

He is a loving father and husband. We are trying to help raise money for medical expenses and other things needed for the family.

They have two daughters ages 2yrs , and 2 months old. Please help us pull together and help this beautiful family. Please help if you can.

Foti is a 36-year old native of Boston.

His loved ones subsequently updated followers of the GoFundme page with a statement sharing his current condition, while Foti’s wife, Krista Foti, shared the awful news on Twitter.

Foti fundraiser

“Thank you for the donations, shares, and likes. Our family feels really loved,” reads this message.

It continues:

“I told Vinny what was going on even though he was still sleeping. I know he appreciates everything you guys have done.

“Here’s the only update I have. They had to put another tube is his left lung to drain.

“He’s still in ICU and not getting off the ventilator for a few more days the dr said. Dr said we just got to take it day by day. I ll keep everyone posted.”

Foti may be a familiar face to MTV viewers.

He initially appeared on the Fresh Meat II season of The Challenge in 2010 and later took part in The Challenge: Season 20’s Cutthroat competition, as well as Season 22’s Battle of the Exes.

He’s been involved in reality television for years.


Among other reasons for earning a large fan base during his run on the show, Foti garnered attention for his impressive physique

“I train every day like an absolute animal and I’m ready,” he said during his first run on the hit MTV series. “I’m in peak performance shape.”

The stated goal of the GoFundMe campaign is to raise $ 20,000.

As of this writing, it had raised $ 2,280.

You may click HERE to donate.

We are sending our thoughts and prayers to Vinny Foti and his family.


Lamar Odom: I Had 12 Strokes and 6 Heart Attacks During My Coma!

In 2015, Lamar Odom's health crisis terrified his fans, his loved ones, and especially his then-soon-to-be-ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian.

Despite the salacious circumstances — he was rushed to the hospital from a brothel, after all — there are still things that we don't know about that scary time.

Now, Lamar is opening up about how close things got — and this is one for the medical textbooks.

Kevin Hart has a new sports-based comedy series called Cold as Balls.

In it, he sits down with Lamar Odom in icewater — a common tactic for athletes to reduce swelling and to flush lactic acid out of their bodies. For Hart's show, it's just a gimmick.

Lamar tells Hart exactly how bad things got during his famous 2015 health crisis.

"All my doctors that see me say I’m a walking miracle," Lamar reveals.

Lamar then makes an astounding statement: "I had 12 strokes and six heart attacks when I was in a coma,” 

12 strokes is more than most entire families have. And he had them while he was in a coma.

And, in case it needs saying, 6 is a lot of heart attacks for one person to have.

“Every day, I’m alive," Lamar says.

You know what? He sure is.

"It’s much better than the alternative," Lamar says, stating the obvious.

Even if you hold religious convictions that tell you that you have a pleasant afterlife ot anticipate, nobody is in a rush to get there. Life is life.

Lamar says that his "anxiety" and "bad decisions" were two huge factors behind his addiction struggles.

But though no one expects an athlete his age to nearly lose his life at a brothel, he says that he was surprised and awed to wake up with Khloe by his side.

"That was big," Lamar reveals.

Khloe, as you may recall, brought their divorce process to a grinding halt so that she could continue to have spousal visitations and spousal rights while he remained in the hospital.

Though he was grateful that Khloe and her family were so supportive during his recovery, he does admit that stress from his role in their family weighed heavily on him.

Shacking up with a Kardashian was a huge part of his life, and it had its drawbacks.

"It f–ked with my head, bro," he tells Hart. 

"It made it tough to go outside," Lamar explains. "Every day, waking up, watching TMZ seeing if you’re going to be on it for the wrong reasons."

Some celebrities become consumed by media coverage of them. For someone married to a Kardashian, it's almost mandatory.

"It’s not a comfortable feeling," Lamar understates.

In case you need a reminder, Lamar is 38 years old.

He was only 35 when this health crisis nearly claimed his life. A combination of his height, the stress that being a professional athlete can put on your body, and some inadvisable choices could have sent him to an early grave.

(Seriously, imagine if Khloe were a widow)

All of this talk about his brush with death is kind of a bummer, and it should be.

But can we just say what our favorite part of the interview was? It was when Lamar let Kevin Hart try on his two NBA championship rings. 

Hart replies that the rings would fit better on his legs than on his fingers.

Lamar odom i had 12 strokes and 6 heart attacks during my coma