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Super Bowl Here’s the Medical Marijuana Ad CBS Banned From Super Bowl Broadcast

This is the medical marijuana ad CBS rejected for the Super Bowl, and it’s incredibly moving and emotional.

The ad, produced by Acreage Holdings, a marijuana and cannabis investment firm, was willing to pay $ 5 million for the spot, but CBS turned it down … because, we’re told, they don’t allow any marijuana ads on the air.

The ad profiles 3 people — a boy who had hundreds of seizures a day that were not abated by traditional medicine, a man addicted to opioids, and a veteran who was in severe pain after his leg was amputated. All say medical marijuana made life livable.

The point of the ad is to push for legalization of medical marijuana on the federal level. 30 states have made medical marijuana use legal, but a federal law would make a big difference.

MAGA Hat Student My Smirk Wasn’t Really a Smirk … Here’s What It Meant

The MAGA hat-wearing student who faced off with a Native American Vietnam vet says his smirk seen ’round the world wasn’t out of smugness … just peaceful defiance.

Covington Catholic High School junior Nick Sandmann appeared on “Today” Wednesday with Savannah Guthrie, who grilled him on a number of topics — most importantly … why didn’t he just walk away, and what was up with that smirk on his face?

Sandmann says, in hindsight, he wishes he would’ve just walked when Nathan Phillips came up to him drumming. That said, he explains that, in the moment, he felt leaving or making any sudden movement would’ve escalated the situation.

On that smirk … Sandmann says it was just him smiling with the message of, “[T]hat is the best you’re going to get out of me, you won’t get any further reaction of aggression and I’m going to stand here as long as you want to hit that drum in my face.”

Sandmann further explained people who have come to judge him based on one expression they saw have jumped to harsh conclusions based on mere assumptions.

The full interview can be watched on the “Today” website.

Alabama’s Quinnen Williams My First NFL Paycheck?? Here’s What I’ll Buy


Quinnen Williams is about to make his grandma VERY happy … ’cause the Alabama superstar says with his first NFL paycheck — a gift for grams is on the way!!!

“I think I’m going to buy my grandma a car,” the DT tells TMZ Sports.

Quinnen’s projected to be the No. 2 overall pick in April’s NFL Draft … which means Grandma’s getting a DOPE new whip — ’cause his first contract is expected to be around $ 31 MILLION.

But … Quinnen says a car might not be the only gift he gets for her when that signing bonus starts rolling in — he says he’s thinking of swaggin’ her out with some ice too!!

“She don’t really wear jewelry, so I’ll buy her jewelry.”

Seems Grandma Williams should be proud … Quinnen says he’s normally a tightwad with his cash — but looks like G-ma is just that special.

We also asked Williams about his ex-teammate, Jalen Hurts, transferring from the Tide … and Q tells us why he wishes the QB the best.

Quinnen also says Tide fans need to lay off Drake for his alleged National Championship curse — saying it’s actually one of his dreams to meet the rapper in person!!

Russell Wilson Seems to Respond to Future’s Diss … Here’s ‘All That Matters’

Russell Wilson appears to be responding to Future calling him a whipped man by taking the high road … or issuing a low blow, depending on how you look at it.

The Seahawks quarterback posted a photo Saturday that might very well be in direct response to an interview Future did on Friday, where he said Russ was “not being a man” by allowing Ciara to trash talk her ex-hubby on social media and in public. 

There’s a couple different ways to interpret Russ’s post — but regardless, it’d be pretty hard not to call it a clap back. The pic shows Future Jr. –who’s Future’s biological son — nuzzling noses with his half-sister, Sienna — who’s Ciara and Russell’s biological daughter.

Russ captioned the post, “All that matters. #Love.”

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All that matters. #Love

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While you could argue this is an integrity move on RW’s part, you could also say he’s strategically using Future’s own flesh and blood against his pops in a petty feud … which is eyebrow-raising at best. Both arguments would be valid on the face of this. 

As you know … Ciara and Future are in the middle of an ongoing custody battle, for which Ciara now wants a mediator to intervene so a travel schedule can get hashed out for Future Jr. She’s claimed in court docs that Future has allegedly broken scheduled visits and hands off the kid to family members instead of spending personal time with him. 

For the record, Ciara hasn’t said any of this over social media … she did it in public docs.

Ben Shapiro Here’s How Pro-Lifers Would Deal with Baby Hitler

Conservative talk show host Ben Shapiro‘s got some interesting thoughts on baby Hitler.

Ben’s at March for Life in D.C. Friday — joining the annual rally of pro-life folks who oppose the practice and legality of abortion — and he dropped his take on the age-old question — If you could go back in time and kill Hitler as a baby, would you do it?

Shapiro says it’s actually a no-brainer for anyone who’s truly pro-life … because the key word here is “baby.”

Ya gotta check out Ben’s explanation of the hypothetical situation but, if he had his way as a pro-life time traveler … perhaps the name Hitler nowadays wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Richard Sherman A.B. To 49ers?? … Here’s What I Think


Richard Sherman tells TMZ Sports if Antonio Brown is REALLY wanting to join the Niners … he doesn’t think it’d be a mistake, saying his time in S.F. has been great so far.

A.B.’s on his way out of Pittsburgh after causing tons of drama this past season … and Jerry Rice says the All-Pro wideout wants to play next for the 49ers “really bad.”

So, when we saw Sherm hitting up Catch in L.A. on Thursday night, we had to ask if he’d welcome the WR with open arms. 

“Good luck to him,” the defensive back told us — and when asked if he had advice to Brown added, “Go wherever makes you happy.”

Of course, Sherman signed with the 49ers last March after a legendary career with the Seattle Seahawks — and, despite the 4-12 record, Sherman says he’s enjoying his experience in San Fran. 

Besides being a superstar on the field, Sherman is also advocating for lifetime health insurance coverage for NFL players … so, we asked how that fight is going, too. 

By the way, Sherman was super cool with us (as always) before leaving in a waiting SUV. 

‘Coming to America’ Star John Amos Cleo McDowell’s Hungry For Sequel … Here’s My Burger Pitch!!!


John Amos is craving the opportunity to work with Eddie Murphy once again on the upcoming “Coming to America 2” … and he’s got a delicious reason why he should reprise his role as Prince Akeem’s boss.

We spoke to John, who plays McDowell’s owner Cleo McDowell in the OG film, after news broke Friday that Craig Brewer is coming on board to direct the sequel … and John gives us his pitch for why he belongs in the reboot. Disclaimer: you might get hungry after listening to John’s wild ideas.

It’s interesting … John tells us he hasn’t been formally contacted to come back for seconds, even though Paramount Pictures is reportedly intent on bringing back the original cast, which includes Shari Headley, Arsenio Hall and James Earl Jones

Watch … John is bubbling with ideas for the sequel, if and when the producers hit his line.

UFC’s Polyana Viana Here’s How I Destroyed Alleged Gun-Toting Thief


UFC badass Polyana “Iron Lady” Viana is telling TMZ Sports exactly how she disarmed and throttled a man who was allegedly trying to rob her at gunpoint … and it’s VIOLENT.

Dana White has already heaped praise on Viana — a 26-year-old fighter with a 10-2 pro MMA record — but now, she’s giving us the blow-by-blow herself. 

It all went on Saturday night when she was approached by a man outside of her Rio de Janeiro apartment. Viana claims he pulled out something claiming to be a gun and demanded her cell phone. 

Worst. Mistake. Ever.

Polyana says she noticed the so-called gun “bent” when the guy touched it — realized it was made of cardboard (not metal) … and realized the only person who was in danger was the crook!!!.

“[I] thought, ‘That’s not a real gun.’ So, I got up and threw 2 hooks.”

“After that [I] just threw a kick to his face and that’s the damage you all saw in the photos.”

Polyana says those shots took the fight outta the alleged thief … so then it was just about subduing the guy ’til cops arrived.

“He sat where he was and [I] grabbed him in a rear naked choke. He tried to hip escape a little bit. [I] was afraid he had a knife or anything that could hurt [me.] So, [I] didn’t want to lose that position.”

Authorities showed up, arrested the man and hauled him off to jail.

As for Viana, Dana White — who’s a helluva smart businessman — booked her to fight a UFC 235 card in March.


D.L. Hughley Playing R. Kelly Tunes a ‘Tough Call’ … But Here’s What I Think


D.L. Hughley is clearly struggling with the idea of muting R. Kelly … because he likes Kelly’s music, but can’t look past the actions of someone he calls a “talented pedophile.”

We got D.L. Wednesday at LAX and he has a hard time saying he’s never going to listen to R. Kelly’s music again. He admits it’s a “tough call.” That said, he quickly adds he won’t be buying any more of Kelly’s work.

As for “Surviving R. Kelly” … D.L. says no one should be shocked by the Lifetime series, considering most people already knew about the allegations surrounding the R&B star.

Still, if nothing else, he knows the docuseries has created an inner struggle for some people who’ve loved Kelly’s catalog of hits. He’s got some advice for those people. Just watch … for D.L., it comes down to one word.

Yung Joc to Usher Here’s a Hairy Situation … Let’s Battle for King of Hair & Fleek Style!!!


Debating the real king of R&B is so 2018 … with 2019 in full swing, Yung Joc‘s throwing down the gauntlet and challenging Usher to settle once and for all who’s the real king of the hair & fleek style. Allow us to explain.

You’ll recall Usher made waves by ringing in the New Year with a brand-new hairdo … a retro pompadour hairstyle to complement his rat pack-themed outfit. That hairdo’s apparently dubbed hair & fleek … and YJ knows a little about that style too.

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The rapper made headlines in 2016 with a similar look he said was inspired by a new acting role. He got bagged on big time, but Yung Joc tells TMZ he didn’t give a damn … ’cause he kept the look for a year!! Usher’s new look prompted YJ to repost a side-by-side comparison … followed by the question — “WHO IS THE REAL KING OF HAIR & FLEEK?”

Yung Joc tells TMZ … Usher — who, BTW, has a vote for the real king of R&B — needs to keep the look beyond just a transformation for his party if he even wants to be considered for the title. YJ even has a date in mind for when they can settle this debate. And, he wants us to call Usher and make it happen.

Usher, you’ve been called!