Kylie Jenner: How Long She’ll Hide Herself & Her Baby!

Okay, so not only is Kylie Jenner pregnant, but we finally know how the big Kylie pregnancy reveal is happening on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Once that two-part special airs, she’ll finally be able to go out in public and let people see that she’s pregnant. … Right?

Maybe not. As it turns out, Kylie is reportedly still determined to remain in seclusion until the baby’s born.

Though the entire planet has known about Kylie’s pregnancy since September, Kylie — who used to dominate social media with selfies and updates on her life — hasn’t confirmed it.

Or even allowed herself to be seen — really seen — in ages.

At first, we wondered if it was just because she wanted to do a big reveal. We even wondered if it was some sort of revenge, if staying mum about her pregnancy was a way of getting back at her nosy fans.

One heartbreaking reports claims that Kylie Jenner cannot stop eating.

That’s normal for a pregnancy, but, if it’s true, it must be a nightmare for a reality star. Especially one based in Southern California who built a lot of her brand on having a desirable look.

Whatever the true cause — and we’re sure that a number of factors are involved — reports have been claiming for a while now that Kylie Jenner plans to hide until she gives birth.

HollywoodLife reports that Kylie Jenner plans to remain in hiding … and they describe how she reportedly plans to share her baby with the world.

Kylie wants to keep the worst kept secret still very vague until she actually has the baby.”

That much seems clear.

“She doesn’t want anyone to know when she will be at the hospital and in labor, she doesn’t want anyone to get the shot of the baby.”

We’ve heard absolute nightmare situations about famous people being stalked at hospitals and even followed by helicopters.

Kylie’s reason for wanting zero photos of her baby after the birth is for a much more practical reason.

“Because she would like to sell that photo and she doesn’t want it to be a part of the show until the baby is actually born.”

Kylie has a very specific role model in mind for how she rolls out information and media about her soon-to-be child.

“But she is going to move forward pretty much the same way how Kim has dealt with it with her children.”

Meaning, specifically:

“Revealing things very limitedly or not at all.”

Honestly, it makes sense that Kylie would follow Kim’s example, here. Is Kourtney the more experienced mother? Of course.

But Kim’s been having children over the past few years, at the height of Kardashian fame. Kourtney is world-famous, but she’s never taken center-stage like Kim or Kylie.

HollywoodLife‘s source goes on to talk about how Kylie is enjoying keeping this private.

“She doesn’t have many things for herself and with this being her first baby, she wants to make it as special and real as it possibly can be.”

That seems to contradict her plans to sell a photo of her baby … but whatever.

“And then make everything about her private life take the turn to public life.”

So she’ll, what, gradually let people know more?

“She wants to give something to herself before she gives it up to the world.”

That is very sweet. But … is it the whole truth?

We’re leery of latching onto an individual report and swallowing it hook. line, and sinker. But we’ve heard a lot about Kylie’s alleged weight gain during her pregnancy and about her apparent body image issues.

Considering her history (she wasn’t always considered “hot,” folks … and Kylie went through her own transformation, not unlike Kourtney’s, during her teen years and many believe that it wasn’t just puberty), it’s easy to believe that Kylie’s freaking out about pregnancy weight, from hormones and from eating.

We hope that she’s able to calm down and get some perspective by the time that the baby arrives.

And Kylie’s baby is due in less than a month.


Mariah Carey on New Year’s Eve: Did She Redeem Herself?

We really should have known, people.

We should have known a year ago at this time that 2017 would be a debacle, considering the way it kicked off:

With a Mariah Carey performance from Times Square that was, to put it simply and bluntly, the worst thing we had ever seen or heard.

We're very sorry to remind you of what transpired, but refresh your memory of the debacle below:

The sound was off. Mariah clearly didn't know the words. It was a mess.

Carey proceeded to blame anyone but herself for what happened, but after seemingly hiding from her transgression and not taking responsibility for her total failure… the legendary singer went out and faced the music last night.


She took to the Times Square stage once again on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve.

This time around, Twitter did not react with laughter and vitriol.

The artist performed two songs and remembered the lyrics to both.

The iconic diva wowed with an impressive medley of "Vision of Love" and "Hero" and even made a quip at her own expense, telling the audience that the night was a "disaster" because she didn't have her hot tea.

"I'm just going to take a sip of tea, if they'll let me," Carey said, turning away from the crowd and adding:

"They told me there would be tea. Oh, it's a disaster. OK, well, we'll just have to rough it. I'm going to be just like everybody else.

"There'll be no hot tea."

Indeed, it was FREEZING in New York City.

Was Mariah's performance red hot?

Not really. She definitely lost a bit from her prime.

But the bar was set so low to conclude 2016 that as long as Carey didn't trip 12 times on stage, she was likely to clear it.

When the cameras stopped, sources tell Billboard that Carey was all smiles and gushed “I love you” back to her adoring fans.

Check out the quasi triumphant return below:

Mariah carey on new years eve did she redeem herself

Courtney Stodden Shares Pictures of Herself Crying, Claims to be “Devastated”

Courtney Stodden has racked up a lot of attention over the years for her revealing clothing, outspoken attitude and her marriage to Doug Hutchison. 

Earlier this week, Stodden took to Instagram with a startling image that immediately got fans talking. The reality star looked as though she had been crying for hours on end. 

Have a look below.

It doesn’t look good, does it?

The 23-year-old captioned the image with the word “Devastated.” She never elaborated on what she meant when her legions of fans expressed their concern for her. 

“You’ll make it through, stronger than ever. Bad times are temporary. You’re doing great,” added one.

Another worried fan wrote: “Oh my god are you OK!!! Did someone hurt you? If they did please press charges. If you are feeling sad and blue remember they there are lots of people who love you and look up to you. I think you’re a great person from looking at your posts and you deserve to be happy. If you ever need to talk to a complete strange.”

Some fans looked further into the image, and one concluded that she had a black eye. 

“It looks like you’ve got a black eye,” said one concerned fan. “Someone needs to call for help she could be hurting herself!” wrote another.

While some tried to defend Stodden, others were more critical of the fact that she claimed to be “devastated” yet she posted a selfie. 

“Devastated? But you’re taking a selfie,” added one Instagram user.

“So devastated that you managed to take a selfie and post it, along with an attention seeking cryptic word. You need to get some help, you have needed it for years. Stop spending so much energy trying to be famous and seek some help,” added another.

All was quiet on the Courtney front until last night when she shared another bizarre picture with her 250,000 followers. 

She does not look quite as upset in the latest picture, but it’s clear she was still not happy. 

“Tried to hide the sadness. Thanks for all of the love,” she captioned the picture, and it continued to cause concern amongst her fans who were awaiting updates. 

Courtney has never been the most stable reality TV star out there. She married Doug back in 2011 when she was just 16 years old. Doug was 34 years her senior when they got married. 

If anything, they proved they were a match made in hell and confirmed they were divorcing earlier this year. Aside from that, Courtney does not have much in the way of a parental figure. 

Her mother, Krista Keller is not going to win any prizes for mother of the year because there is no mother-daughter relationship. In fact, her mother, at one point claimed to be in an emotional relationship with Doug, so there’s that. 

Courtney opened up on The Doctors earlier this year about mixing booze and pills to cope with her troubled lifestyle.

“I just want some normalcy now … and I don’t know if I’m coping in the most healthy way,” she admitted at the time.

“I also have been taking anti-anxiety medication, otherwise I literally feel like I’m going to jump out the window. Sometimes, I have medical marijuana, but that doesn’t really help because I start having a panic attack.”

She’s had a messed up life, and her recent Instagram posts are very worrying. 

What do you think about all of this?

Sound off below. 


Kim Kardashian: Starving Herself for Nude Photo Shoot!

Kim Kardashian has reportedly come up with a new way to jump back into the headlines.

Or, to be more specific, Kim Kardashian has reportedly come up with a very old way to jump back into the headlines.

Having pretty much ceded the family spotlight to her sisters since getting robbed at gunpoint last October, a new Internet article alleges that Kim is sick of sitting on the sidelines.

She wants to be relevant again. She wants E! viewers to ignore her siblings and return their main focus to her and her body.

Which is why Kardashian plans on posing naked! For the 39th time, by our unofficial count!

“She’s cranky as hell, her stomach is grumbling a lot of the time, but Kim’s obsessed with dropping a ton more weight and won’t consume more than 700 calories in a day,” an insider supposedly tells Radar Online.

(For the record, 700 calories is, like, one and a half blueberry muffins from Dunkin Donuts.)

“Kim is obsessed with getting thinner and thinner,” adds Radar.

Kardashian, of course, has talked annoyingly about her absolute need to lose weight many times in the past.

Especially after giving birth to her kids, the reality star made it sound as if all new mothers should only care about getting their stupid bikini bodies back.

But she hasn’t shared very many social media posts along these lines of late, meaning she’s either dieting to the extreme on the down low… or this report is a tad bit erroneous.

This source explains that Kim pretty much just eats the following:

  • An egg white and blueberries for breakfast.
  • Some “field greens” for lunch.
  • And perhaps a few strips of sashimi and broccoli for dinner.

We’ve never felt so sorry for anyone in our entire lives if this is truly the case.

“On top of that, she’s punishing herself with intense workouts,” adds the celebrity gossip website. “She’s pinned up the photos of her chubby butt from earlier this year as inspiration.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that Kardashian is displeased with her rear end.

Nor is it the first time we’ve heard the following:

“Kim wants to show [her figure] off,” a mole tells Radar. “She’s shed all the baby weight and is ready to go totally nude for a new photoshoot.”

Ah yes. There it is.

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard Kim Kardashian nude chatter and it’s even been awhile since we’ve seen Kim Kardashian nude.

In case you need a refresher, however, scroll through the following photos…

… and then sound off: 

Do you want to see more of Kim Kardashian nude?!?


Big Brother Recap: Did Jessica Save Herself?

Big Brother Season 19 has hit a bit of a lull, and part of that is due to the powers that have been given out to the houseguests over the last few weeks. 

First, we had Paul with his four-week safety, and then there’s Christmas who still has to use her ring of replacement. The most recent significant power was Jessica’s Halting Hex. 

Along the way, there was a battle back, so the number of houseguests inside the house has stayed the same for a few weeks now. We need the show to take a page from the Canadian version’s playbook and have a triple eviction to amp up the drama. 

When the episode got underway, Jessica was still reeling from the news that Cody kept Jason and Alex around to take out the likes of Raven and Jessica. Hey, the producers had to do something to make viewers doubt Jessica was going to use her big power. 

Jessica turned to Matt who brushed her off and essentially told her to speak to Cody, so that’s what she did next and she had a very thorough line of questioning for her boyfriend. 

“When my mom watches this show, is she going to love you or is she gonna hate you?” she says. Although the conversation did take place, Cody denied it, and from a strategic standpoint, he had to. 

The last person he should be pissing off right now is Jessica because she can effortlessly get Cody out of the house by not using the Hex. He looked very guilty, however, and Jessica picked up on that. 

Struggling to trust Cody could be detrimental to her game because it’s not like anyone else is offering her friendship bracelets right about now. She’s toast either way. 

Paul then catches up with Jessica to let her know the house is on board with the demand to get rid of Cody and let her keep the Hex another week, but Jessica seems a bit too busy questioning her relationship to care. 

Jessica and Cody seemingly break up, and nobody cared. They are just toxic at this stage, and it’s becoming tiring as a viewer to watch. Cut the crap and play the game, you guys. 

At the veto meeting, Paul saved Jason, and it was not a surprise. Yes, it was a whole day late this week. Just when there was some calm in the house, Jessica overhears a conversation about the Hex and wondering what will come next. 

Hint: It was not good news for Jessica, who immediately targeted Raven for talking about her. Raven subsequently found herself embroiled in a bitter war of words between Jess and Cody. 

When Paul finds out Jessica is officially against him again, he gives Josh the go ahead to “turn it up to a 30. Pots, everything.” Before we know it, the whole house is getting in on the fun. 

The big plan, of course, was that Cody would be pushed to the limit and Jessica would see the real him once again and let him leave out the back door. 

Thankfully, the eviction was canceled, and the head of household competition was a putting competition. So, it was essentially down to chance. 

The results were as follows:

  • Round 1: Matthew – 6 
  • Round 2: Alex – 2 
  • Round 3: Mark – 15
  • Round 4: Jason – 15
  • Round 5: Cody – 21
  • Round 6: Christmas – 21 
  • Round 7: Elena – 13
  • Round 8: Jessica – 2 
  • Round 9: Josh – 23 
  • Round 10: Raven – 13
  • Round 11: Kevin – 6  

Yes, that means hell on Earth has been unleashed on the Big Brother house because Josh has won freaking Head of Household. His targets will be Jessica and Cody. 

God, it’s going to be a crazy week with this crazy dude in power. It would not be surprising if he locked Jessica and Cody in a room for a week because he loves causing trouble. 

Look for Paul to dictate what Josh does with his nominations because Paul is the true puppet master in the game. Wouldn’t it be a fun twist if Josh targeted Paul?

Over to you, what do you think of the twists and fights?

Sunday’s episode will include the temptation challenge, so Jessica and Cody really need to think about winning both that and the veto, or they are getting split up next week. 


Keke Palmer SLAMS Kylie Jenner: She Changed Herself to Make Bullies Happy!

Everybody loves to criticize the Kardashians — even other celebrities. Sometimes, especially other celebrities.

Keke Palmer knows what it’s like to face constant social pressures to change your appearance, but there’s clearly no love lost between her and how the Kardashians react to that same pressure. And she goes after Kylie Jenner, specifically.

While it’s clear that Keke Palmer has a lot of empathy for the bullying that Kylie received as a world-famous child, Keke also drags Kylie for the way that she’s responded.

So, Scream Queens star Keke Palmer, who turns 24 next month, gave an interview about social media pressure.

Celebrities, but especially black women who are celebrities, have to put up with a lot of online harassment.

(It turns out that sexism and racism don’t cancel each other out! Who knew?)

Basically, Keke — who is gorgeous — has been given every piece of unsolicited “advice” that you can imagine and some that you can’t, via Twitter and Instagram.

Some of it’s blatantly racist (or, in some cases, colorist — which can happen within ethnic communities), like “bleach your skin.”

Other times, it’s just the way that society treats people to view women.

(And the way that the quasi-anonymous nature of the internet makes people feel that they’re entitled to send people this sort of “feedback”)

People have told her to gain or lose weight, to wear more or to wear less, to do one thing with her hair or to do another.

She’s also been famous since she was a minor.

So when she talks about online bullying, she knows exactly what she’s talking about.

Keke Palmer says that she finds it “absolutely hard” to remain authentic, citing social media pressures that seek to drag people down.

“Everybody wants to make everybody so crazy, stupid, ugly, or dumb.”

That’s so true.

People like easy categories for people, and that’s even truer for celebrities.

They also want to drag people down in order to feel powerful and to feel better about themselves.

“So often [famous] people feel like, you know what, I’m just going to beat [haters] to the punch and either degrade myself or be so damn perfect they have nothing to say.”

That’s so sad but she’s absolutely right.

“We’ve seen extremes of that. In the sense of the Kardashians, it’s like I’m going to show you so much and be perfect and be everything a woman should be or everything a man would like or love.”

Some people are “perfect” just for themselves.

Others seem to be responding to external criticism.

We know that Kim Kardashian in particular pays careful attention to what the world is saying about her at any given moment.

It led to her making a tweet and then a full video to shut down rumors that she does cocaine.

Keke has found her own response, though.

“And I’m going to be exactly that so you can’t bully me anymore.”

That’s a great attitude.

Though, like, it’s probably easier to talk like that when you’re really, really gorgeous — as Keke is.

Kylie Jenner stands out among her family — and not only because she’s trying to use Life of Kylie to break away and build her own brand.

She’s the queen of Snapchat, she’s arguably the most influential teenager in the world, and she’s also the youngest.

“Specifically in the situation with Kylie, where you’ve had a young girl people have seen on television since she was a kid and they literally told her she was so ugly … the ugly person in the family.”

Keke’s spoken about Kylie like this before.

People can be so cruel to celebrity children. It’s absurd.

Remember, we live in a world where vile trolls have called Blue Ivy “ugly.”

(She isn’t, but even if she were, that would be unconscionable to say)

Keke does take issue with Kylie’s response, though.

“She went and did apparently everything the world deems as beautiful.”

That’s pretty true.

Sure, different people have different opinions.

(For some, they’d prefer Kendall Jenner’s figure to Kylie’s. Others might prefer Ashley Graham’s or someone else’s)

But if you look at Kylie’s lips and hips and ever-larger boobs, it seems that she adjusts to what she perceives that her fans want from her.

And Keke thinks that it’s bonkers.

“The even crazier part is that everybody loves her for it.”

That’s true — right now, Kylie’s arguably more famous for her appearance and social media presence than she is for her family.

We’re not trying leap to Kylie’s defense by any means.

Like, we’re all just brains piloting golems made of meat and bone, and some of those flesh prisons look a little nicer than others.

So scrambling to appease your fans by radically altering your body is kind of “letting the terrorists win” in Keke’s eyes, and we totally get that.

But … we’re probably only decades away from living in a world where basically everyone can adjust their appearances pretty radically.

It’s okay that Kylie doesn’t look exactly like her genetics would have made her look, you know?

The issue, and we think that it’s Keke’s issue, too, is that Kylie seems to have changed less for herself and more to respond to social pressures.

(Though we do have to admit that, when bullying becomes especially intense, what you want for you and what they want for you can get harder and harder to tell apart)

Overall, though, Keke Palmer makes a very fair point.

PS: You guys, Keke’s been on everything from True Jackson VP to Scream Queens, but my personal favorite thing that she’s ever done was a low-budget horror film with Liz Gillies and Jeremy Sumpter, titled Animal. It’s not “good” but it’s kind of great, if that makes sense.


Paris Hilton Shares Throwbacks of Herself, Kim Kardashian!

Remember when Lindsay Lohan teased an epic reunion with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears? It gave us all flashbacks of simpler times, when Paris Hilton’s squad ruled the party scenes.

Paris Hilton saw what we craved, and she’s giving it to us. And by “it,” we mean a series of throwback photos from the good ol’ days, captioned: “Good Times in Ibiza with @KimKardashian & @CarolineDamore #GirlsTrip2006.”

Remember when Kim Kardashian followed Paris around everywhere? You’re about to.

Remember back when Paris Hilton was kind of a party monster (in a good way)?

That’s the Paris Hilton that the world first got to know.

That was before we all learned that she can act and sing.

(“Nothing In This World” remains one of our top 100 favorite songs of all time, no questions)

It was also before most of us knew about her business acumen. 

More people know these days simply because people have pointed out that she’s grown her inherited wealth at a greater rate than “great businessman” Donald Trump.

She’s also never, to our knowledge, bankrupted a casino. There’s an interesting contrast.

But as different as Paris’ life is these days, Kim’s life is almost unrecognizably different.

Like, sure, she was semi-famous at the time and she was already from a rich family.

But this was 2006, before she was a household name.

Before she was a brand.

And, obviously, before she was a wife and mother.

It’s amazing to think that Kim used to be someone that people had to read a photo’s captions to identify, because she was always with Paris Hilton.

Most of the photos that Paris shared also feature Caroline D’Amore, who is also stunningly beautiful.

Caroline D’Amore hasn’t made nearly as big of a splash as either of her former buddies.

But you know what? The reality television life isn’t for everyone.

And neither is the omnipresent media circus that comes with it.

The last time that we talked about Caroline D’Amore was in, like, 2009.

And it was about Kim’s breakup with Reggie Bush.

These days, D’Amore is a DJ, actress, songwriter, and former model.

But it’s not hard to see why she was into modeling.

She is every bit as gorgeous as Paris and Kim.

Some throwbacks double as thirst traps, right?

All three of these women have done their share of modeling, though it looks like Caroline has left that life behind.

Paris still does tons of promotions, of course.

And Kim still models sometimes, but unlike little sister Kendall, she mostly just advertises her own stuff these days.

But oh goodness, these three are beautiful and probably had a lot of fun in Ibiza.

Though, given their dispositions — including Paris, who famously dislikes casual sex — probably not as much fun as people would like to imagine.

But you don’t need sex to enjoy cruising around and being rich, right?

Just a reminder that Kim, like basically her whole family, is super short.

These photos with Kim and Paris have us thinking about that photo of Kim Kardashian with Danielle Bregoli aka Cash Me Ousside Girl.

That wasn’t them hanging out or partying in Ibiza, of course.

It was just a little arranged photo, and Kim reportedly didn’t even know who the young teen was.

But eleven years from now, Danielle Bregoli could be forgotten by history or she could be a huge name that people can’t imagine being unfamiliar.

Amazing how times change, right?