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Rich the Kid’s Estranged Wife He Needs to Pay More, But He’s Ghosting Me, Legally Speaking

Rich the Kid‘s playing hard to get in his divorce case … so claims his estranged wife who wants the judge to make him pay for being a pain in the ass.

Antonette Willis has filed new legal docs claiming she’s been trying to serve the rapper with papers, but he’s nowhere to be found. And, in her multiple attempts, she’s racked up tons in legal fees and wants him to pony up some of the dough to pay her lawyers.

In the docs, Antonette says Rich has been shelling out $ 4,500 for her rent and around $ 3k in other expenses. She says she has no income and her expenses — which includes $ 1,225 per week in a luxury car rental — makes it hard for her to pay her lawyers. She wants $ 30k from him to help with her legal bills.

She says Rich can afford it cause he makes well over $ 100k per month.

This is just the latest in their ongoing divorce. TMZ broke the story … Antonette filed for divorce in March 2018. She claimed he forced her to have multiple abortions and alleged he was violent.

Rich the Kid and Antonette have 2 kids together, whom the rapper hardly sees, according to her. We’ve reached out to Rich the Kid’s camp for comment, so far, no word back.

Kevin Durant’s Mom He’s The Real MVP Off the Court


Wanda Durant‘s son, Kevin (heard of him?), might just be the smoothest scorer in NBA history, but Mama tells us she’s even more proud of what her boy does OFF the court for his community.

KD — a 4-time scoring champ, league MVP, 2-time champion, and 10x All-Star — recently opened his Durant Center, an after-school facility in his hometown focused on helping low-income students get to college.

Kevin put up $ 10 million to get the Center started, and when we talked to his mom and asked her which part of her son’s life she’s most impressed by, she went with the outreach, and not the NBA accolades.

“Off The court, of course. Off the court really shows who he is as a person.”

Don’t get Wanda wrong, she said she LOVES watching Kevin play (she was fly as hell and on her way to the game) but you could hear in her voice how proud she was of the man he is in his community.

Robert Kraft On Tom Brady ‘He’s The Greatest QB In History’


New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft ain’t mincing his words — saying Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL … period. 

Of course, there were reports last week that Brady walked into the Patriots practice facility and declared himself the “baddest mother f*cker on the planet.”

So, when we saw Kraft leaving John Jay College in New York we had to ask for his thoughts. 

“We’re lucky to have the greatest quarterback in history,” Kraft said with a smirk on his face. 

Earlier in the day, Kraft had teamed up with Jay-Z, Meek Mill and 76ers owner Michael Rubin for an event to launch the Reform Alliance, which is focused on overhauling the probation and parole system in America. The goal is to free 1 million people over the next 5 years. 

And, since he’s become tight with Meek, we asked if the Pats would be playing Mill’s hit, “Dreams and Nightmares,” if they win the Super Bowl this year … to which it sounds like he says, “Of course.”

The issue with that … “Dreams and Nightmares” was essentially the theme song for the Philadelphia Eagles last season (when they beat the Pats in the Super Bowl). 

Then again, it worked then … maybe it’ll work now! 

Bam Margera Friends Worried He’s Gonna Die … Despite AA Meetings


Bam Margera‘s friends are seriously worried about his ongoing battle with alcoholism, even though he’s clearing the legal hurdles stemming from his DUI case.  

On the same day fellow ‘Jackass’ star Brandon Novak told us he’s concerned over his buddy’s drinking habits, Bam’s lawyer was busy submitting legal docs informing the court that Bam was ahead of schedule with the terms of his DUI sentence. 

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Bam completed a 3-month online alcohol program and attended 10 AA meetings. He’s still on probation.

Brandon told us he was super sketched out when Bam checked himself out of a Bay Area rehab facility earlier this month, because he believes Bam could end up killing himself if he doesn’t clean up his act.

Tom Brady He’s ‘Shoving It Up the Haters’ Asses’ … Says Dana White



Dana White isn’t just a Patriots superfan — he’s friends with Tom Brady — and tells TMZ Sports he loves that TB12 is “shoving it up all the haters’ asses one more time.”

A bunch of football experts predicted Brady’s demise this season — saying his skills are falling off and his reign of dominance was finally over. 

But, after slaughtering the L.A. Chargers in the playoffs last week, Brady and the Pats are playing in the AFC Championship game against the Chiefs on Sunday … and White says he LOVES IT! 

“Everybody was talking sh*t this year,” White said.

“Everybody was talking, ‘Oh, he should retire. Oh, the Patriots suck, they can’t win a game.’ We’re heading into another AFC Championship and if we win I think that’s 8 straight AFC Championships. And, it’s a record and he’s going to another Super Bowl.”

“So, shut up!! He’s shoving it up all the haters’ asses one more time and I love it.”

Fun fact, Tom Brady became one of the celebrity minority co-owners of the UFC when WME/IMG bought the MMA organization back in 2016 … so, he and Dana are technically colleagues!

As for if Dana will be at Arrowhead Stadium for the game on Sunday — White says there’s no way in hell. It’s too damn cold! 

R. Kelly Slammed by Estranged Daughter … He’s a ‘Monster’

R. Kelly‘s estranged daughter has broken her silence with a powerful statement condemning the singer … and strongly implies she and her family have also been abused by him. 

Buku Abi shared a long, thoughtful message on Instagram Thursday, apologizing for taking so long to say something, explaining she’s been searching for the right words for days.

Abi expresses sympathy and devastation for all of the women who’ve been allegedly victimized by her father, and makes it clear that she, her mother and siblings don’t condone any of his negative behavior — past or present.

She also suggests for that reason, she and her family have not had any relationship with Kelly for years, saying … “Going through all I have gone through in my life, I would never want anyone to feel the pain I have felt.”

Buku adds … “The same monster you all confronting me about is my father. I am well aware of who and what he is. I grew up in that house.”

Kelly’s daughter says she’s chosen to stay out of the spotlight because it’s better for her healing process, and the constant reminders of “how terrible my father is” aren’t good for her … so she has to do what’s best for herself.

We spoke with Buku back in April about allegations against her dad — and she didn’t say much — her attitude has clearly changed.

As you know, Kelly’s surrounded by controversy and allegations of sexual abuse and predatory behavior in the wake of Lifetime’s docuseries, “Surviving R. Kelly.” 

But, according to his daughter … it goes even deeper than that.

Bam Margera I’m Worried He’s Gonna Die … Says ‘Jackass’ Pal Novak


Bam Margera insists he doesn’t need professional help when it comes to booze, but one of his closest friends believes Bam’s very life is at stake after he prematurely left rehab.

“Jackass” star Brandon Novak — who used to appear on the stunt show with Bam — and tells us he is deeply concerned after Bam checked himself out of a Bay Area rehab facility this week. He explained his decision to leave on social media.

According to Bam’s lengthy journal entry, he says he realized he didn’t need to be in rehab a few days into his latest treatment, his third time. Bam says he bailed because he didn’t need any detox or medication to kick his alcohol cravings.

Not only that, but Bam said he was sitting around doing nothing in rehab and feels unproductive. Plus, he says he was missing out on important business opportunities, and needed to leave to make money and keep his mind occupied. 

View this post on Instagram

The only time we FAIL is when we lose the ability to TRY AGAIN……. happy New Years 🎉🎉🎉🙏🙏🙏

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Well, Brandon doesn’t think it’s that simple. He tells us he and some of Bam’s closest family members and friends staged an intervention late last year because they were genuinely concerned about Bam’s drinking … and wanted him to kick the habit once and for all.

Even worse, Brandon says he believes Bam could end up killing himself if he doesn’t get clean. He tells us, “enable an addict, bury an addict.” FWIW, Brandon is fully sober now after struggling with addiction through much of his adult life. 

Bam says he’s with loved ones at the moment, but Brandon says he’s unaware of his whereabouts.

Sinbad on Louis C.K. He’s Shooting Himself in the Foot … But Don’t Tell Comedians Who to Joke About!!!


Sinbad thinks Louis C.K. is dangerously close to losing his mind and pulling a Michael Richards, but he still believes it’s a terrible idea to start censoring comedians.  

We got Sinbad Thursday outside The London Hotel in NYC and asked the comic if he and his peers are running scared in 2019 with all the instant backlash on social media.

It’s pretty clear he doesn’t support Louis’ decision to mock the kids who survived the Parkland, FL mass shooting — he describes him as shooting himself in the foot — however, Sinbad firmly believes you can’t tell comedians who they can and can’t joke about. 

Sinbad basically compares C.K.’s set to Michael’s infamous racist tirade and says anyone can lose their mind at any point. He says he was actually at the Laugh Factory the night Michael started shouting the n-word. 

Sinbad isn’t making excuses for Louis, but insists it’s on the audience to let comics know when they’ve crossed the line — and ya gotta hear Sinbad’s advice for pissed off crowds. 

Louis C.K. He’s Sinking To Bottom Of Barrel … Parkland Survivor Says


Louis C.K. is getting way too comfortable at the bottom of the comedy barrel … so says Parkland Shooting survivor Cameron Kasky

But, it’s not Louis’ latest lowbrow comedy routine attacking victims of the Parkland massacre that has Cameron upset … the student activist is taking issue with Louis appealing to crowds who find jokes about transgender people and school shootings funny.

We got Cameron on Monday, after the father of one of his dead peers ripped into Louis for his leaked stand-up jokes about Parkland, and the Marjory Stoneman Douglas student calls out C.K. for targeting the lowest common denominator in order to make a quick buck. 

Check out the clip … Cameron throws some major shade at Louis, congratulating him for getting comfortable in his new digs at rock bottom. 

Bottom line for Cameron … Louis has every right to scrape the bottom of the barrel, but he thinks what the comedian is doing is just plain wrong. 

Mark Wahlberg Cashes in on Browns Wins Bet … Proves He’s a Genius


Remember when Mark Wahlberg bet big money on the Cleveland Browns to win 6 games this season, and everyone laughed in his face??

Welp … ya should’ve listened to the man, ’cause the movie star is lookin’ like a damn genius now that Baker Mayfield and co. have secured 7 wins this season!!

Of course … when we spoke with Marky Mark back in July, the Orange and Brown were coming off an 0-16 season, and still had Hue Jackson as head coach at the time, so 6 wins seemed nearly impossible.

But, Wahlberg’s faith in the rookie QB paid off big … and although he never revealed just how much he wagered, you know he ain’t wasting his time with small bets. 

At the time, Wahlberg told us he made 2 other big NFL bets — picking both the Eagles and Patriots to get back to the Super Bowl … and both of those bets are still alive! 

So, what did we learn here?? Listen to Mark next year.