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Jenelle Evans: Hiding Baby Bump with Photoshop?!

Jenelle Evans … her whole entire life is just too much.

One day she’s being accused of abusing and neglecting her kids, the next she’s following strangers back to their houses and pulling guns on them

There’s always something going on with her, it’s never good, and it’s just. Too. Much.

Since Jenelle has three kids and has been pregnant at least two more times (her abortion with Courtland Rogers and her miscarriage before she got pregnant with Ensley), she’s pretty much constantly the subject of pregnancy rumors.

Except this time around, there’s a little more to the rumors than “hey, she sure is fertile!”

Last month, Jenelle posed for some photos with her husband, David Eason.

She was wearing a bikini, and her stomach wasn’t completely flat, which makes sense, because again, she’s had three kids.

So when they shared the photos on Instagram, their followers were quick to ask if she was pregnant again.

Then, over on Facebook, David actually confirmed the rumors, saying that she’s 13 weeks along, and they already know it’s another little girl.

Pretty wild, right?

Except David is fond of trolling Teen Mom fans, and also he originally commented that Jenelle was six months pregnant, not just 13 weeks.

We imagine that he realized someone would have noticed by now if she was six months pregnant, and being just 13 weeks along is a lot more believable.

But still, lots and lots of people believed him, and so now all those people are just going about their lives, thinking that Jenelle’s cooking up yet another kid.

So imagine their surprise when she shared this photo:

As you can see, it’s another ad for that detox tea she’s been promoting forever.

She looks great, doesn’t she? And her waist is so small!

Like, it looks like it’s just a little bigger than her arm there, which doesn’t seem very normal, but wow, that tea must be working!

Just kidding, the general consensus is that she Photoshopped the hell out of this picture.

“Omg that photoshopping is horrendous,” one of her followers wrote. “Even your leggings look screwed up like a skirt. Is there anything you can do right?”

“Your photoshopped photo doesn’t make you look very good,” another commented.

Someone suggested that she work on her photo editing skills because right now, her edits are “too obvious.”

And if you’re having trouble seeing exactly where the editing happened, one person pointed out “Where her tummy is you can see that wood line bending.”

But while many people were talking about whether or not she’d edited this photo, others were concerned about her unborn child.

“Can you take this if you’re pregnant?” one of those people asked. “Heard you were.”

Another said “Should you even be taking that aren’t you pregnant with another girl?”

So what’s actually happening here?

Is she really that thin these days?

Did she edit the photo to hide a baby bump?

Or did she edit the photo because in real life, her tummy is a little less flat than this?

We’re going to have to go with that last option.

Here’s a bikini photo that David posted last week — sorry in advance for the vulgarity and any potential scarring on your psyche this may cause:

If you look at her stomach there, it looks great, obviously, and it’s pretty clear it’s not edited.

You can see the loose skin she has from all those pregnancies and everything.

Again, she looks really good there, besides the super weird pose, and not the least bit pregnant, but there’s a clear difference between this picture and that ad.

Jenelle, girl, when are you going to learn that you’re perfect just the way you are?!

On the outside, at least.


Joseph Duggar & Kendra Caldwell: Are They Hiding Something From Fans?

It’s been almost a year since Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell got married, and for the most part, the young couple has stuck to the Duggar script.

Kendra got pregnant on her honeymoon, and she’s happily played the role of doting wife in a number of promotional videos the Duggars have posted online.

The couple even participated in the making of a TLC special about Kendra’s delivery, granting more access to the network’s camera crews than any of Joseph’s siblings ever had.

But even though Joe and Kendra haven’t shied away from participating in the family business, they don’t seem to enjoy the spotlight as much as other Duggars.

In fact, the newlyweds have raised eyebrows with their refusal to interact with fans on social media.

For past Duggar couples, Instagram profiles have been regarded as a sacred privilege.

Duggar kids aren’t permitted to engage in social media until after they’re engaged, and usually, they take advantage of their new freedom as soon as possible.

But Joe and Kendra have yet to create accounts either as individuals or as a couple.

And fans can’t help but wonder why that is.

The answer might have something to do with the fact that Joe and Kendra are deeply conservative in their beliefs — even by Duggar standards.

Like his siblings, Joe is an adherent to the teachings of disgraced minister Bill Gothard and his Institute for Basic Life Principles.

But unlike the others, Joe took his devotion to the organization step farther in his youth by attending the Gothard-founded ALERT Academy, a sort of faith-based boot camp for fundamentalist young men.

“This drove me to depend even more on God,” Joseph recently wrote of his experience.

“As a young man, I can say this was one of the greatest things God used to strengthen and build my faith in Him.”

Joe is commonly regarded as one of the more practical and serious Duggars and his stringent devotion to his parents’ belief systems was evident during his courtship with Kendra.

The Duggar courtship rules are already notoriously strict, but Joe and Kendra held themselves to an even higher standard of behavior.

Joe recruited his siblings to serve as chaperones and ensure that he and Kendra stuck to their own rules.

The couple limited themselves to periods of physical contact that lasted no longer than three seconds and only allowed themselves to “side-hug” and say “I love you” after they got engaged.

For all the recent talk of “Duggar rebels,” it looks as though at least one of Jim Bob and Michelle’s offspring has gone in the opposite direction by being even more conservative than his parents.

Watch Counting On online to get caught up in time for tonight’s season premiere.


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Johnny Depp: Hiding Deadly Disease From Fans?

Last week, fans were shocked by photos of Johnny Depp looking gaunt and frail while on tour with his band in Europe.

If you haven’t seen the image in question, just imagine what Johnny would look like if he had spent the past few months preparing for a live-action sequel to the Corpse Bride.

Or, ya know … you can just see for yourself in the pic below:

Look, Depp superfans are a real and terrifying bunch, and we know better than to needlessly provoke them, so before you scroll down to the comments to excoriate us for cracking jokes about a dying man, let us make one thing clear:

Johnny Depp is probably not dying.

In fact, he’s probably just fine.

In fact, his reps have already issued a statement claiming that he’s losing weight on purpose and is healthier than he’s been in years.

But none of that will stop the Australian tabloids from working their readers up into a lather with claims that Depp is on his deathbed.

In case you’re not familiar, Aussie tabloids make British tabloids look like freakin’ New York Times in terms of journalistic integrity, which is really saying something, as British tabloids have been putting US tabloids to shame in terms of, well, shamelessness for the past couple decades.

Basically, just think of everything Donald Trump has said about the mainstream media in the past two years and know that all of those things are actually true of the Aussie tabloids.

Anyway, one scandal sheet from Down Under has demonstrated an obsession with Johnny’s well-being that’s matched only by every single Hot Topic clerk on the planet. 

In a piece with the admirably restrained and subtle title of “What’s Killing Johnny?” a magazine that’s apparently known only as NW claimed that sources close to the actor are deeply concerned that he’s on his last (fatally skinny) legs.

“His friends are worried he’s keeping quiet about a serious illness,” says an almost certainly made-up “insider.”

“It’s well known that he’s a heavy drinker and the fear is his frail appearance could be linked to drugs or booze… or both.”

The insider claims that one illness in particular has Johnny fans concerned:

“Many are worried he possibly has liver cancer or something because he’s so skinny and has got, like, no hair now.”

Lol at the claim that “many” people jumped to that same ultra-specific conclusion.

“Johnny’s looking slimmer than usual. Must be the liver cancer,” cried the masses in unison.

We guess the folks at NW can skate by on a technicality here, as Johnny Depp will almost certainly not live forever, and is thus dying, in a sense.

But if we know Johnny — and we don’t — he’ll be shambling across the stage like the reanimated cadaver of his idol Keith Richards long after everyone has stopped caring or paying attention.


Kylie Jenner: I’m Hiding Stormi to Punish My Fans!!

Kylie Jenner shamed her baby daddy truthers, but it looks like she wasn’t content to stop there. It looks like she’s punishing all of her fans.

Take a look at this new photo of Kylie. She looks great sporting this natural look. But she puzzled fans when she cropped out her own daughter’s face.

If you think that the picture is weird, you’re right. But Kylie’s explanation is even weirder.

Kylie looks great in this picture. Her low-makeup look really lets her freckles show. Natural looks are a rare thing for Kylie, and fans are always happy to see them.

She captioned the image: “I spy with my little eye…”

But … though she definitely got compliments in the comments, fans were quick to notice that this is a very conspicuous pic.

It appears that she just … cropped baby Stormi out of the image altogether.

There’s a little bit of healthy vanity, which is usually fine, and then there’s whatever would drive a mother to excluse her precious baby from what could be a sweet mother-daughter photo.

What’s going on?

Fans were shocked and troubled by Kylie’s unexplained edit.


That comment reflects the shock and dismay that many fans experienced when they saw the photo.

“It’s okay you can still see her eyebrow.”

That comment, we imagine, was intended as sarcasm rather than comfort.

“It’s not her baby, I don’t think. It looks like North to me.”

That … is a bit of a reach. Especially since North is a good deal older than Stormi.

(In fact, North will turn five years old later this week, on June 15)

Kylie Jenner Instagram Comments

Kylie herself stepped in, writing:

“Yeah I cut my baby out. I’m not sharing photos of my girl right now.”

Kylie’s response was an explanation … but leaves fans with even more questions.

But looking back, this is part of a pattern.

Kylie hasn’t shared photos of Stormi in a while, and she’s even deleted some adorable photos of Stormi from her Instagram page.

In fact, the last time that she offered an almost-clear photo of her baby (that has not since been deleted) was on April 19.

Why is Kylie suddenly so shy?

We may have a theory.

It has to do with this guy, Tim Chung.

Now, we know that Kylie’s hot bodyguard is not Stormi’s father.

Unfortunately, some of Kylie’s followers latched onto the idea that he was secretly Stormi’s dad.

They made a show of fixating on certain facial features of Stormi’s (she’s just a baby!!) and comparing them to both Travis Scott and Tim Chung, a police officer and part time model who is also Kylie’s bodyguard.

But really, this “theory” that was barely even a rumor arose from two things:

One, fans were bored with Kylie’s happily-ever-after narrative with the baby daddy she’s only been seeing for about a year and her cute little baby.

Two, fans were thirsting hard after Chung. Just look at him. And they found it easy to imagine a gorgeous 19-year-old (at the time) Kylie spending some one-on-one time with her bodyguard.

But that, folks, is why fanfiction exists. When people project their wishes on celebrities publicly, things get awkward. And we no longer get cute Stormi giggling videos.

Those rumors really upset Kylie (and honestly could hurt Chung’s career!!).

So … Kylie’s not letting the public see Stormi right now.

Is it because she just wants to avoid giving rumor-mongers any additional fodder to compare to anyone other than Travis Scott?

Or is it because she wants to punish people who make up stories about her life?

Either way, we kind of doubt that it will act as an effective deterrent. People just love juicy rumors.

And sometimes those rumors make a lot more sense than reality. That’s what makes them so appealing to so many people.

In the mean time, though, fans can just enjoy photos of sweet baby Stormi here. Take a look:


Ariana Grande: Is She Hiding Her Pregnancy From Fans?

Last week, we reported on rumors that Ariana Grande is pregnant with her first child.

The singer has been dating Mac Miller for about 18 months and both parties are said to be overjoyed by the news of Ariana’s pregnancy.

But thus far, the news is being kept under wraps for reasons that aren’t entirely clear.

Grande has been absent from social media for the entirety of 2018, which has led many fans to the conclusion that she’s “pulling a Kylie” and stepping away from the spotlight in order to keep her pregnancy out of the headlines.

At first, that seemed like quite a leap, but in the past week, multiple sources have emerged with what they claim is insider knowledge of Ariana’s pregnancy.

One such tipster spoke to The Hollywood Gossip exclusively, saying:

“She is 2 months pregnant and is very excited,” the insider informed us.

“She is waiting until at LEAST the 20 week mark to announce it. She was very inspired by Kylie after Facetiming her in October.”

But others who claim to know Ariana best say there’s no truth to the pregnancy rumors, and Grande has simply decided to take an extended break from social media for the sake of her mental health.

“Ariana’s break from social media has not been because she is hiding a pregnancy with her boyfriend the way Kylie did,” one such source tells Hollywood Life.

“She just wants a healthy break from social media. When her new album and tour is ready to be announced, she will return with regular updates on her Twitter and Instagram.”

The insider explicitly stated that Ariana “is not secretly having Mac Miller’s baby,” adding, “That’s not what’s going on.”

“Ariana loves Mac and things are great between them,” the source says.

“They are still young and are focusing on work right now.”

So why all the time away from Instagram?

According to the insider, the decision has to do with trauma that Ariana suffered as a result of the bombing at her concert in Manchester last year.

“The incident has been difficult for her to overcome,” says the source.

The insider claims that Ariana has been planning to take some time away from social media ever since the bombing, but felt it was her duty to provide support to grieving and frightened fans.

Not that it’s been nearly a year since the tragedy that claimed 22 lives, she reportedly feels the time is right for her to step away from center stage.

Needless to say, there are some wildly conflicting reports out there with regard to why Ari has chosen to lay low for a while.

But whether she’s pregnant or taking some much-needed time for herself for other reasons, we’re sure the singer will continue to have the full support of her loyal legion of fans.


Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard: Hiding Samuel Dillard’s Genetic Condition?

Samuel Dillard — known as SamSam by his parents — is the infant son of Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard.

Since his birth, fans have spotted hints that baby Samuel has some sort of health problem.

New photos shared by the Duggar family have even more fans worried that Samuel has a health issue. And puzzled that the Duggars are keeping it quiet.

The Duggar family is not one to stay quiet about their ever-expanding brood.

Any time that a Duggar baby is born, there are photos left and right.

Sometimes, a mother will sit down and do a photoshoot with a magazine within days of giving birth. Reproduction is a huge part of the Duggar brand, folks.

So the relative lack of photos and proclamations of joy in the weeks that followed SamSam’s birth were … suspicious to a number of fans. Fans were curious for other reasons, too, which we’ll get to in a moment.

First, look at these recent photos:

He’s so cute!

As usual, many Duggar defenders think that asking questions about one of the children qualifies as “hate.”

But fans who have been curious about Samuel for a while point out that he appears to lack a prominent bridge to his nose.

That can be an indicator for certain genetic disorders.

If Samuel was born with visible indications of a disorder at birth, that might have explained the relative radio silence that the family went into about their new addition to the Duggar family in those few weeks after he was born.

You might look at adorable photos of Samuel and say “well, he’s cute; his nose doesn’t mean that he has a condition or disorder.”

And you might be right.

But, as fans of the Duggars are quick to point out, there’s more than a social media absence after his birth to make fans wonder.

After Samuel’s birth, Jill started posting some cryptic messages on social media.

They were, of course, Christian in origin. 

On Instagram, Jill wrote:

“It’s easy to praise God when things are going great, but do we continue to count our blessings when things aren’t going like we planned?”

That’s not the usual sentiment that a happy mother expresses after her child’s birth.

Some, however, note that there may have been some complication with Jill.

Some suspected that she’d required an emergency hysterectomy after Samuel’s birth. If true, that would certainly qualify as crushing news for a member of a fertility cult.

Others wonder if she may have been suffering from post-partum depression. The human body can be cruel, folks.

For what it’s worth, Samuel also seems to spend a lot of time on the floor. Even for a baby. And, often, without a blanket, which infuriates a lot of followers who hate the idea of a baby wallowing on the carpet for hours.

But that might just be yet another Jill Duggar parenting fail.

Are these latest photos further evidence that Samuel has a genetic disorder? We sure don’t know.

We do know that the Duggars are just about the last family we’d want a potentially disabled child to be born into. (Or any child, for that matter)

And we have to wonder why Jill and Derick haven’t either cleared up this rumor … or confirmed it. Some fans can’t help but wonder if the couple is ashamed of their son.

We should point out that perhaps the strongest argument for Samuel not having a genetic disorder is that his parents haven’t spoken about it.

With all of the money that Derick and Jill asked for to help with their “totally legit” missionary work, you’d think that they’d milk their fans for donations if they have a child with any sort of specual needs.