Paris Hilton to Kris Jenner: PLEASE Let Me Be on Keeping Up with the Kardashians!

Remember back in the day when Paris Hilton was the most talked-about celebrity of them all?

Man, how times have changed …

Many, many years ago, you couldn’t look at a tabloid or a gossip site without hearing all about Paris and her shenanigans.

Everyone watched The Simple Life, everyone used her “that’s hot” catchphrase, and believe it or not, there were quite a few people who looked up to her.

But at a certain point, a little over ten years ago or so, all that began to change.

And that was because Kim Kardashian hit the scene hard.

If you know your Kardashian history, you know that back in Paris’ heyday, she and Kim were very close. Kim tagged along to many of Paris’ events, and she even worked for her for a while.

It was common to see paparazzi photos featuring Paris with Kim there in the background, but when Kim’s sex tape was leaked, things began to change.

A few months after that, Kim got her own show, and she started becoming the more popular one, because let’s be real, there’s only so many reality stars the average person can care about at any given time.

So after that, Kim didn’t need to work for Paris anymore, and she didn’t need her by her side to get attention.

At some point during Kim’s big rise to reality show glory, they had a falling out, and they’ve been enemies for years.

Like, their friendship was so dead that Paris once compared Kim’s ass to “cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.” The bad blood ran deep.

In 2014, they posed for a photo together, and many of us thought it was a sign that they’d made up, but in 2015, Paris was back to making shady quotes about Kim in interviews, so it was pretty hard to tell what was going on between them.

Until now!

Last week, photos from Kanye’s latest fashion campaign were released, and in some of the photos, Paris was featured looking pretty much exactly like Kim.

Eerily so.

Kim shared some of the photos on Instagram with the hashtag “forever the OG,” and Paris shared them as well, writing that it was “so much fun being a #KimClone.”

It certainly seems like their friendship is back on track now, right?

And according to a new report, that may be because Paris is looking to gain a little something from a renewed friendship with the Kardashian family.

“Paris really wants to appear on Keeping Up with the Kardashians as a regular, or even as a friend role,” a source close to the family claims.

“Kim and Kris feel bad for her and are considering offering her a contract to appear on the next season.”

That sounds absolutely amazing, doesn’t it? Just imagine: Paris back where she belongs, on reality television, being her gloriously ridiculous self.

It’s also a little sad if they’re offering her a contract out of pity — but it does sound like Paris is cool with it.

As the source says, “Paris thinks that they only have what they have because of her and has made this crystal clear to Kris.”

We’d argue that they “have what they have” because of Kim’s sex tape, and also because of the late Robert Kardashian’s O.J. Simpson connection, but Paris probably did help a bit.

On a bit of a happier note, the insider adds that “Paris and Kim are tight again in the sense that Paris has been kissing her butt lately.”

“The two of them have made amends for talking so much sh-t about each other. Paris even invited the whole family to her upcoming wedding.”

All’s well that ends well, we suppose.

And if it ends in Paris Hilton herself bringing her special brand of nonsense to Keeping Up with the Kardashians?

Even better.


Paris Hilton Models for Yeezy, Transforms Into #KimClone

We’ve officially come full, scantily-clad circle.

Many years ago, Paris Hilton sky-rocketed to the top of the A-List after starring in a sex tape titled 1 Night in Paris.

Many years later, Kim Kardashian sky-rocketed to the top of the A-List after starring in a sex tape titled Kim Kardashian Superstar.

It’s worth noting, of course, that Kim worked for a long time as Hilton’s personal assistant and the two were pretty good friends.

So it’s not difficult for one to connect the naked dots and realize that Kim was motivated to get pounded by Ray J on camera by the way that Paris got pounded on camera…

… and subsequently raked in big bucks and major headlines.

Since her starring sex tape turn, Kardashian has blown past Hilton when it comes to Q Rating, popularity and wealth.

You can barely go a day without hearing something about her; while we bet you’d need to rack your brain harder than an erect Ray J on video in order to remember the last notable story you read about Paris Hilton.

This is a long preamble to make the following point;

Paris has finally come to this same realization.

She is no longer trying to pretend that she’s on par with Kardashian in any way.

Instead, she’s basically acting as a subservient to her ex-BFF in a new ad campaign, going as far as to channel Kim in a new shoot for Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 6 line.

“So much fun being a #KimClone in the new #YeezySeason6 campaign,” wrote Paris as a caption to the following image.

Yes, a Kim Kardashian clone. 

We never thought we’d see the day Paris Hilton wrote such words.

Kardashian, for her part, is not rubbing in this victory.

Instead, she’s helping her vanquished former employer promote her husband’s clothing line, sharing one of Hilton’s snapshots on her Instagram page and writing as a caption of her own:

“#Yeezy #Season6 #ParisHilton #ForeverTheOG.”

That’s a fair assessment.

Hilton really is the OG of untalented rich people posing nearly naked and somehow becoming very famous as a result.

After years of seemingly not speaking to each other, the ice between Kim and Paris began to thaw last summer.

Hilton posted a throwback photo of herself and Kardashian online in July, taking many Internet users by surprise at the time.

It doesn’t appear as if the ex-pals hang out very often still, but they must have seen this as an opportunity to make some money together once again.

And Paris must have seen it as an opportunity to be known for something other than liking Donald Trump.

Among the other Yeezy Season 6 campaign models are many social media stars you may recognize, including Kylie Jenner’s best friends Jordyn Woods and Anastasia Karanikolaou.

Will they also channel Kim in upcoming campaigns?

Or Kylie?

Or some other member of this famous family?

Meanwhile, in case you forgot, here’s a look back at Kim and Paris’ friendship. We weren’t kidding! They truly were like two annoying peas in a skin tight pod…