Matt Roloff Drops HUGE Hint About Little People, Big World Season 14

We have some good news, Little People, Big World fans:

You may not need to say goodbye to Jeremy and Audrey Roloff after all.

Back in July, of course, the beloved twosome stunned fans of this TLC series by announcing they would not be returning for Season 14.

Jeremy said in his statement that this decision had actually been reached about a year earlier, telling followers on Instagram:

It has been an amazing run, and I can’t say thank you enough to all of you who have watched and supported us along the ride. We have the most loyal fans on TV and we appreciate every one of you.

You are what made doing this so fun.

We will still be supporting the family as they carry the #LPBW torch onward. This is a decision concerning Audrey and me specifically – the show must go on.

And Matt has now confirmed as much: the show WILL be going on.

The patriarch tells Soap Dirt that filming for Season 14 is underway, and that viewers likely have actually NOT seen the last of Jeremy and Audrey.

Cameras were on hand for Matt’s recent birthday party, for example, and these two were in attendance, so… “that’s a little tip for you there,” Matt said.

He explained that Jeremy and Audrey are not on the “filming schedule,” but they are very much around at times and aren’t about to hide from TLC.

“They’ll participate in the family events,” he says simply.

That’s nice to know, isn’t it?

Roloff admitted in this same interview that mentioned that his son and daughter-in-law dropping out of the show was quite a “twist to the whole thing, but TLC decided to go forward.

And why not, he continues?

“They’ve got Zach and Tori, and Amy and myself” as cast members, even noting “Caryn and Chris” in a reference to his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, and Amy Roloff’s boyfriend, Chris Marek (below).

It sounds as if both will have significant roles on Season 14.

As for when new episodes may air?

Matt doesn’t know.

He says he heard the spring at one point, but it’s possible he and his loved ones may be back on our small screens prior to that.

Either way, they remain a huge part of our lives, frequently sharing photos and messages on social media.

For example, did you see how the Roloff celebrated the start of pumpking season at their farm this week?

Click below to find out!


We Now Know Who the Richest Kardashian Is (Hint: It’s Not Kim)

Despite the fact that detractors have been predicting their demise non-stop for the past decade, the Kardashian clan is still going strong and raking in unimaginable amounts of cash.

It all started with Kim’s sex tape, of course, but in the years since, every member of the Kard clan has distinguished herself in one way or another.

We went with the feminine pronoun there, but it’s important to remember that even Rob scored a spinoff. Rob!

That’s how famous this family is!

A highly-paid TV executive looked at the life of Rob Kardashian and said, “That’s something the public needs to see more of!”

Anyway, Kim is still the most recognized member of her famous family, but it seems she’s no longer the most valuable on social media.

According to People magazine, a firm called D’Marie Analytics has determined the winner in the ongoing Kim vs. Kylie feud.

The firm conducted months of research and determined that Kylie is not only the highest-paid member of the Kardashian clan on social media — she also outearns every other celebrity who gets compensated in exchanging for posting sponsored content.

According to D’Marie’s report, Kylie has managed “to grow her ad equivalent value to over $ 1,000,000 per post across her social media portfolio.”

Yes, when Kylie posts an ad, she makes over a million dollars.

Every. Single. Time.

“Kylie is an undeniable global brand, which may make some roll their eyes,” D’Marie Analytics’ CEO, Frank Spadafora, said in a press release.

“But the reality is this young, female entrepreneur’s savvy helped her reach a milestone in the influencer marketing and advertising industry which many seasoned professionals have failed to achieve.”

And Spadafora says Kylie isn’t merely cashing in on her famous name.

No, she’s a bonafide Instagram innovator who has the rare ability to engage with her audience to such a degree that sponsors can be assured of getting their money’s worth:

“Influencer valuations move up and down like the stock market, but Kylie is methodical about consistently generating aspirational content for her social audience, without jeopardizing authenticity,” Spadafora explained.

“Her use of social media to personally connect with and listen to her fans enables her to deliver products they will actually purchase. This is a true case study for how brands can greatly benefit from working with social media influencers like Kylie.”

Add to that the fact that Kylie may soon be a billionaire thanks to her wildly popular cosmetics line, and you’ve got a pretty nice income for someone who can’t legally drink yet.

Wealth can be hard to measure, and Kim may have accrued more in assets, but currently, no one in the family is bringing in cash quite like Kylie.

All hail the queen.


Prince William Drops MAJOR Hint on Royal Baby’s Gender

With Duchess Kate Middleton ready to give birth in the near future, this royal pregnancy is getting more and more attention.

And it appears that Prince William may have dropped a massive hint about whether they’re expecting a little prince or a little princess.

Is this a major royal gaffe?

Like a large number of people, Prince William is a fan of sports.

Specifically, he enjoys soccer, which is called “football” in … well, outside of the United States, where soccer is popular even among adults.

The Prince is a fan of the Aston Villa Football Club, and celebrated Jack Grealish’s successful and dramatic win for his side when he played against Cardiff City.

In his enthusiasm, it appears that he let something slip about his third child with Kate Middleton.

Referring to Grealish’s skill on the field and accomplishments during that particular game, William told fans:

“I’m going to insist the baby is called Jack.”

After a brief pause, in which he may have realized what he had said, he added:

“…Or Jackie.”

Is this a huge reveal and therefore a major royal gaffe?

It is difficult to tell, but many believe that Prince William accidentally leaked his child’s expected sex.

When one is excited, even a royal who has been schooled from birth to keep things private can have a loosened tongue.

That would certainly shoot down rumors that Kate Middleton is expecting twin girls. (Everyone loves a twin story)

But we should mention that it is also possible that was entirely joking about the name “Jack” and only threw in the “Jackie” line so that people would not jump to conclusions.

Obviously, that did not work out the way that he may have planned.

As for the name itself, well, regardless of the little one’s sex, Prince William is probably joking.

Even regular, non-royal people need to be thoughtful about the names that they give to their children.

If we all just picked the names of people we admire for our children, it could backfire when prospective employers refuse to interview someone named “Magneto” or decline to hire yet another “Carrie Fisher” because they already have a dozen and it’s already creating confusion at the office.

For royals, the pressures when it comes to names are even more intense. 

Look at William’s children’s names: George and Charlotte.

George is a traditional name in his family, and St. George is said to have slain Britain’s last dragon, and is the patron saint of England. 

Charlotte is another name from his family, most notably of Queen Charlotte of Mecklenberg-Strelitz. Also, the name Charlotte has its roots in Charles, the name of William’s father.

So it seems likely that whatever name they choose for this royal baby, it won’t be “Jack.”

(Probably for the best, since when people outside of the UK think of a famous British person by that name, they’re likely to think of Jack the Ripper)

This baby … who seems more and more likely to be a little prince … will probably have a name with a rich royal history.

A name deeply entrenched in British culture.

A name hich, zero offense to anyone named “Jack,” will probably have a less common air to it.

Now is more or less the right time for the couple to introduce a new child into the family.

Princess Charlotte just started preschool, so a new baby will be slightly more manageable.

And the child is also close enough in age to Charlotte and even George that they won’t feel like strangers from different generations.

They may or may not be playmates, but that will have more to do with personality and interests than it has to do with their ages.

We’re all looking forward to the birth of this next royal baby.

Even if it does end up being “Prince Jack.”


Jill Duggar Drops Hint That She’s Pregnant With Baby #3!

Duggar pregnancy rumors seem to circulate nonstop these days, and for the most part, they’re easily dismissed.

After all, this is a family that celebrates procreation above all things.

So when they have pregnancy news to share, they usually do so pretty promptly.

These days, it seems fans are most interested in rumors regarding the newlywed Duggar women who are expecting their first children.

But they still find time to scrutinize the social media pages of Jill and Jessa, the first Duggar women of their generation to welcome children.

These days, the rumor mill is convinced that Jill is secretly expecting her third child.

Now, Jill pregnancy rumors seem to pop up at the rate of about one per month, but this time fans actually have pretty good reason to believe she might be in a family way.

That’s a photo that Derick Dillard posted on Instagram last week.

You might be wondering how a pic of her husband could possibly tip off fans that Jill is expecting.

But look closely at the background, and you’ll notice what appears to be a bottle of prenatal vitamins.

“Is Jill pregnant again or is she taking the prenatal vitamins because she’s nursing?” one follower asked.

Several fans ran with the speculation and jumped to the conclusion that Jill is knocked up.

Others pointed out that there could be other reasons she’s taking the vitamins:

“I take prenatals while nursing. Also if you read the bottle it says to take before, during, and after pregnancy,” commented one fan.

Whatever the case, it probably won’t be long before Jill has another big announcement for fans.

She and Derick have both stated that they’d like to follow in her mother’s footsteps and have an extremely large family.

(Jill, as we probably don’t have to remind you, is one of 20 siblings.)

But the Dillards procreation plans may have recently suffered a setback.

Derick was fired by TLC late last year after attacking fellow network star Jazz Jennings on Twitter.

It now looks as though Jill won’t be returning for another season of the family’s reality show, either.

Jill isn’t featured in the promotional materials for the series, and Derick has hinted that she quit in a display of solidarity.

She may regret that decision, as it currently looks as though the Dillards are living on donations from fans – a situation that’s sure to make them think twice about welcoming another child.

Watch Counting On online to relive Jill and Derick’s happier days.


Counting On Cancelled?! Duggars Hint TLC is Avoiding Their Questions

Is the Duggar family being ghosted by TLC?

Fans are wondering if Counting On has been cancelled after there’s been zero official word of the series being renewed for a seventh season.

It turns out that viewers aren’t the only ones in the dark — the Duggars don’t seem to have any idea, either.

Season six of Counting On ended in October.

We’ve had no word of renewal. We’ve also had no word of cancellation. 

Possible reasons for the series being renewed is that the show has a very devoted fanbase.

Not all of them are fans of the Duggars themselves, but they’re captivated by the fundamentalist lifestyle that the family lives and the drama within the massive family and its strict rules.

There’s also almost a guarantee of drama to come.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth got married earlier this year, but not quite so quickly that fans haven’t noticed Joy-Anna’s conspicuously huge baby bump.

Many believe that the Forsyth wedding was a shotgun wedding, and that Joy-Anna broke her family’s medieval courtship rules and that the family rushed her to the altar and is lying to the world to save face.

This would not be the first time. Remember, this is the same family that hid from the world that Josh Duggar had molested 5 young girls, including four of his own sisters.

So, yeah, covering up a “scandalous” premarital pregnancy wouldn’t exactly be a stretch.

With all of that drama and more to come, would TLC really cancel the Duggars?


Counting On has never done as well with ratings as 19 Kids and Counting did.

Some former viewers may have lost interest in the Duggars, or simply been frightened off by their fringe lifestyle and the reality that 19 different children had to grow up that way, and never had a chance at a normal life.

But we think that what really hurt ratings and continues to haunt the family is, again, the Josh Duggar sex abuse scandal.

And it’s not like Josh is the only source of controversy within the family.

Recently, Derick Dillard was fired from Counting On after engaging in repeated bigoted messages about trans teen Jazz Jennings, a fellow TLC star who has her own show on the network.

In general, it’s bad form to criticize a show on your own network or a star on it unless they’ve done something atrocious. That kind of badmouthing doesn’t help anybody’s ratings and will upset higher ups at the network.

In Derick Dillard’s case, though, he was insulting Jazz Jennings, misgendering her at every opportunity and bashing her existence as a young trans woman and the show itself.

TLC had enough, and fired him for it. But with the husband of one of the main stars of Counting On now banned from the series, how do they go on?

If you think that the Duggars know … think again.

This week, on the Duggar family blog, the Duggars shared their total lack of news about the fate of their series:

Counting On has been off the air for six weeks now, and we know you all are eager to hear whether the Duggars will be returning for a new season.”


“We have been in contact with TLC, but at this time, there are no announcements to share.”

In contact but not told anything? We’ll discuss what that means.

“As soon as there is news to give, we will post it here.”

We’re sure that they will.

“In the meantime, we’re curious to hear what you like most about the show and what other TV programs you watch, if any?”

The Duggars, famously, eschew mainstream television. We don’t think that your recs of Stranger Things or The Good Place or whatever are what they’re looking for.

They say that they’ve “been in contact” with TLC, but still know nothing.

Which sounds like, at the very least, whichever producers they’re talking to don’t know the fate of the series.

Maybe TLC is trying to figure out if they can court a new sponsor or two or figure out a new timeslot for the show that will mesh well with their other programming.

Or maybe TLC is just biding their time until the right time — when they have big news to share, or during a holiday when everyone’s distracted — to announce that Counting On will not be getting a seventh season.

We don’t know. It’s odd to hear that the Duggars are as in the dark as the rest of us.


Christina El Moussa: Text Message Hint at New Cheating Scandal

As previously detailed, Christina El Moussa is dating a man with a very shady past.

His name is Doug Spedding and he’s been accused on multiple occasions of ripping off clients at his car dealership.

But those inappropriate and possibly illegal machinations are not at the crux of Christina’s latest issues with her new man.

Instead, according to a bombshell Radar Online report, questions have arisen less about Spedding’s past and more about his present and future.

Specifically: is he cheating on El Moussa?!?

Insiders have hinted over the past few weeks that Doug has been involved in a five-year long relationship with a woman named Tracy Johnson-Diaz.

And now Radar alleges to have uncovered steamy text messages between Doug and Tracy, the type that someone in a serious romance should most definitely NOT be sending to anyone who isn’t his girlfriend.

To wit:

bad text

In one message shared by Radar, Doug comes right out and asked Tracy if she wants to “f-ck right now.”

In another, she asks if the two are going to “bed” so she can figure out what to wear.

It’s unclear just when these texts were sent and, to be clear, we can’t verify for certain that Doug sent any of them.

As you can see above, the screen shots posted by Radar don’t have timestamps on them or even names affixed to them. They could literally have been sent by anyone at any time.

We can say for sure, though, that Spedding was arrested years ago for meth possession and also for violating a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend.

He had to enroll in a drug program as part of his plea deal, while the case was closed upon its completion.

Christina, of course, shares two young children with estranged husband Tarek El Moussa.

The two separated just over a year ago, following an explosive fight that concluded when Tarek grabbed a gun and stormed out of the house.

The Flip or Flop co-hosts kept this separation quiet, however, until news leaked out about six months later.

Then, to kick off 2017, Tarek filed for divorce from Christina.

Both have since shared many photos on Instagram and talked openly about maintaining a healthy relationship for the sake of their son and daughter.

Christina, meanwhile, has been linked romantically to her former contractor, to an NHL player and now to Spedding.

She’s clearly a hot commodity in the dating world.

Might she soon be back on the market as a result of Doug’s infidelity?

Might she and Tarek even give it another try if so?

Definitely not is the answer to the second question.

As for the first? Only time, folks, will tell. Only time.


Kailyn Lowry Drops Hint About Baby Daddy’s Identity!

For weeks now, Teen Mom 2 fans have been obsessing over the identity of Kailyn Lowry’s baby daddy.

Kail seems determined to keep the guy’s name a secret, but it’s hard to keep anything under wraps when you have social media followers numbering in the millions.

As a result, whether it was her intention or not, Lowry has left a breadcrumb trail of online clues that her most obsessive fans have followed diligently.

At first, all signs seemed to point to Kailyn being pregnant by Chris Lopez.

There were at least a couple other candidates, but Lopez emerged as an early frontrunner.

Today, however, Lowry seemed to contradict the the consensus.

When a fan tweeted, “Her baby is half Spanish like the other two,” Kail responded:

“What? The baby I’m having is def black lol.”

We won’t wade into the potentially problematic nature of Lowry’s tweet (except to say that’s one confusing “lol”), and instead we’ll focus on how fans are responding to the tweet.

Some believe it’s a joke. (Ugh. That would be such an inexcusable joke. Sorry! We said we wouldn’t go there.)

Others seem to believe that it’s Kail’s way of throwing fans off the trail.

(Seems like the best way to keep this particular secret would just be to stay off social media for a few months, but again, we digress.)

Still others believe she’s telling fans that this is Kailyn’s first direct comment on the identity of her baby’s father.

Previously, the only time she intentionally addressed the speculation on social media was to say that she does know who the father is.

Kail has dropped several hints that Lopez is the dad, but they appear to have been accidental.

In one case, she referred to the child’s father as “Chris” during an Instagram livestream that was cut short just seconds later.

Kailyn’s latest tweet on the matter seems to offer contradictory information, which may have been her intention.

Of course, fans awaiting further clarification shouldn’t hold their breath.

Lowry isn’t doing much in the way of elaboration these days.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online at TV Fanatic to relive the rollercoaster ride that brought Kailyn to where she is today.

And of course, follow her on social media to try and piece together the various clues about her love life.