James Franco: Ally Sheedy Hints at Sexual Misconduct, Slams Golden Globes Win

One of the most buzzed-about moments from last night’s Golden Globes ceremony did not involve Oprah or Natalie Portman. 

When James Franco was awarded the prize for for best actor in a musical or comedy, he received some unexpected backlash.

Franco called to the stage Tommy Wiseau, the director and real life director behind his role in The Disaster Artist.

but shut the enigmatic filmmaker down when he attempted to make a speech.

Wiseau was reportedly not happy about being publicly rebuked, and sources say he made his displeasure clear after the ceremony.

And it seems he wasn’t the only one who was outraged by Franco’s victory on Sunday night.

Tweeting from an unverified account, Ally Sheedy, the actress perhaps best known for her role in the 1985 film The Breakfast Club, weighed in.

Ally and James

She hinted that sexual misconduct on Franco’s part played a part in her decision to leave the film industry.

“James Franco just won,” Sheedy wrote.

“Please never ask me why I left the film/tv business.”

The tweet was one of several in which Sheedy was critical of Franco and the awards themselves.

“Why is a man hosting?” Sheedy tweeted at the start of the evening.

“Why is James Franco allowed in? Said too much. Nite love ya.”

Shortly thereafter, she added:

“Ok wait. Bye. James Franco and Christian Bale at a table on @goldenglobes #MeToo”

Sheedy deleted the tweets after Vanity Fair and several other outlets reported that she has implicitly accused Franco of sexual misconduct.

She worked with Franco in the 2014 play The Long Shrift, but she has never before publicly suggested that he behaved inappropriately.

This, of course, is not the first time that Franco has found himself enmeshed in a sex scandal.

Also in 2014, the actor was accused of attempting to seduce a 17-year-old girl he met online and attempting to arrange an illicit rendezvous.

He later joked about the incident while hosting Saturday Night Live.

Contacted by several media outlets, Sheedy declined to comment further on her tweets.

To some observers, this silence suggests that either there’s more to that story, or that she too was victimized by Franco.

We’ll have further details on this developing story as more information becomes available.


Briana DeJesus Hints at Major “Future” with Javi Marroquin

Are they or aren't they?

Are Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin still together or have they broken up?

The Teen Mom stars did NOT spend Christmas together, prompting chatter about a possible split…

… and now DeJesus has spoken out very clearly in response to these rumors.

Scroll down to see what she said and to learn the status of this controversial couple:

1. Was It a Merry Christmas for the Couple?

Was it a merry christmas for the couple
Yes. But that doesn’t mean they spent the holiday together. As you can see here, Javi enjoyed some time with son Lincoln during the big day.

2. As for Briana?

As for briana
She opened presents and celebrated Christmas with her two daughters, Stella and Nova. Why did Javi not at least stop by? It remains unclear.

3. Adding Fuel to the Speculative Fire?

Briana dejesus car selfie
Briana’s mother, Roxanne DeJesus, WENT OFF on Javi via Twitter, writing in a since-deleted message: “How many times can you say ‘I’m being deployed’ and not get deployed. Stop using deployment as a tool for sympathy. But it’s a good storyline. GTFOH [sic]…” Wow, huh? Harsh.

4. What Fans Have Been Saying:

Kailyn lowry javi marroquin briana dejesus split
“Hope you and Bri are together,” one commenter wrote to Javi in response to the ongoing chatter, adding: “You deserve happiness and someone to treat you right. She definitely seems like she won’t take you for granted like Kale [sic] did! Happy for you guys!”

5. Broken Up?!?

But broken up
Briana has heard all the rumors. She’s read all the reports. And she teased her response via this Instagram post.

6. The Clap Back:

Javi marroquin briana dejesus selfie
DeJesus gave Us Weekly the exclusive interview in response (Where’s the love for THG, Bri?!?), in which she said the following: “Javi and I are still together. We are making plans toward our future. Our relationship has been great thus far and I believe we both see long term potential.”

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Jacob Roloff Shares New Nephew Photo, Possibly Hints at Little People, Big World Return

Jacob Roloff continues to give fans a reason to believe.

As veteran Little People, Big World viewers are well aware of, Roloff quit his family’s long-running TLC reality series last summer.

Moreover, he did so in grandiose fashion.

The 20-year old told Instagram followers at the time that he simply couldn’t continue to be part of a program that scripted so many scenes and storylines.

It was all fake, Roloff wrote. It was all phony. It was all “ridiculous,” the “talking points” producers were asking he and his relatives to spout each week.

“They are the Roloff Characters and I have scarcely anything in common with them, nor do I want to be a character myself,” Roloff said on his way out.

And Jacob then stuck to his word.

He hasn’t appeared on a Little People, Big World episode since.

But he has (implicitly, perhaps) dropped various hints over the past several weeks about a return to the small screen.

Has Roloff come out and said he wants back in? No.

But look at the picture at the outset of this article. It’s the latest example of Jacob publicizing how he’s back on great terms with his loved ones.

“I looooove this kid #babyjroloff,” Jacob wrote as a caption to the image of himself and his nephew, Jackson Kyle.

That’s all Roloff wrote, but plenty of followers are reading heavily into it.

After shunning his family for so long, Jacob is now back in their good graces. Big time.

He played a key and helpful role in Molly Roloff’s wedding, for example, an event at which TLC cameras were on hand.

“Jacob drove Molly and her bridal party around in the mule and the cameras were right on them,” an insider explained to Radar Online this summer, saying it “would be impossible” to edit him out of the footage.

In other words: Jacob will likely make at least one cameo on Little People, Big World this fall when the network airs its Molly wedding special.

And it doesn’t sound as though Jacob will mind.

This past June, Jacob addressed his outburst against the series and his family a year prior and admitted he caused some “strife” by doing so.

“I said inflammatory things. Even as I said those things, I would admit that in about a year, I’d probably regret some of this,” Jacob said two months ago.

How does he feel about his actions now, upon a lot of reflection?

“I left the show and I left the religion I was brought up with, and I left it in a pretty flamboyant way,” he added, concluding simply:

“I grew up.”

It sounds to us as if Jacob will at least be seen again on Little People, Big World.

As a series regular? Maybe not.

But we’ll take whatever we can get at this point!


Kailyn Lowry Hints That Due Date Is VERY SOON: I’m So Excited!

Ever since the world learned that Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with her third child, Teen Mom 2 fans have been clamoring for details.

Unfortunately for them, Kaily is unlike most reality stars, who seem to live in a constant state of thirst.

She wasn’t exactly forthcoming with details, and it was months before we even learned the identity of Kailyn’s baby daddy.

As the big day draws closer, however, Lowry has been a bit less tight-lipped in terms of saring the details of her pregnancy with fans.

Despite numerous pleas from fans, Kailyn still isn’t going so far as to publicly reveal her due date, but 

Earlier this week, 

So excited for my date with baby lo tomorrow

“R u being induced?” asked one fan, adding. “Can’t wait to hear about the arrival of Baby Lo!”

“Happy for you, have an easy labor and delivery!” tweeted another follower.

One fan, no doubt echoing the sentiments of many others, tweeted:

“About time, feels like you’ve been preggers forever!”

A large number of Kailyn’s followers seemed fully convinced that July 6 would be the day that the mysterious Baby Lo would enter the world, and Kailyn finally reveal the name and gender of the much obsessed-over child.

So you can imagine their surprise when the next day came and went, and no announcement had been made.

Instead, Kailyn clarified that she was simply looking forward to her final OB-Gyn appointment:

“One more appt today,” she tweeted, perhaps sensing that she’d unwittingly gotten her fans all worked up.

But still, it looks as though the arrival of Baby Lo will take place any day now:

Kailyn has been uncharacteristically quiet on social media in the 24 hours since announcing her final appointment.

Like everything she does these days, it’s led to fans taking to social media to offer their unhinged opinions on whether or not she’s in labor.

So to recap, here’s what we know:

Kailyn probably hasn’t given birth to her third child yet.

She probably will soon.

We’ll keep monitoring the situation and update you when the big moment comes.

In the meantime, you can always watch Teen Mom 2 online to get your Kailyn fix.


Wall Street’s ‘Charging Bull’ Creator Hints Lawsuit Coming Over ‘Fearless Girl’ Statue (PHOTOS)

The guy who created Wall Street’s “Charging Bull” says the neighboring “Fearless Girl” statue is screwing with his art, and he’s demanding NYC pay him for his trouble. Sculptor Arturo Di Modica is really pissed about the location of “Fearless…


Kailyn Lowry Hints ar Baby Daddy Identity: He’s Super Hot!

If you’re a Teen Mom 2 fan, then you’re probably aware that Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with her third child.

And you probably know that the identity of Kailyn’s baby daddy remains a mystery.

Aaaaaand you’ve probably also caught wind of the fact that obsessive fans of the show are fairly certain they’ve already gotten to the bottom of said mystery.

Yes, the Internet sleuths who have committed themselves to sorting out the details of Lowry’s love life are convinced that Chris Lopez got Kailyn pregnant.

There’s not a ton of proof there, but he does seem to be the most likely candidate, and the fact that Kailyn hasn’t denied that Lopez is the guy is further bolstering the theory that the case is solved.

Now, many are interpreting Kailyn’s cryptic comments on last night’s Ask The Mom’s theory as further evidence that Lopez is the guy.

Asked about her love life, Kailyn had this to say:

“I’m kinda seeing someone. He’s super nice, he’s super hot. He’s like a 12 (out of 10). I don’t want anyone finding him because I don’t need the girls going after him.”

It may not seem like a whole lot was revealed there, but here’s what Teen Mom 2 Twitter has unearthed:

The interview was filmed back in November.

Based on what we know about Kailyn’s due date, she was already pregnant in November. 

So if she’s speaking in glowing terms about the guy she was dating at the time, it’s almost certainly the father of her child.

(Unless some really weird drama went on around that time that we don’t know about.)

Kailyn may have had flings with the other two prime suspects (Tyler Hill and J.C. Cueva), but she almost certainly never dated them.

By most accounts, she hooked up with Hill while Javi Marroquin was still overseas with the Air Force.

As for Cueva, he’s still Kailyn’s producer on Teen Mom 2, so it seems unlikely that they were ever involved in a real relationship.

So, based on all that, we’re gonna take Kailyn’s one, vague remark as further proof that Lopez is the baby’s father.

We’re putting Maury to shame over here!

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to gather your own evidence, and let us know if you find anything compelling.