Teen Mom: See All the Cast Members’ Cutest Holiday Photos!

The holidays are just about to wrap up now — and not a moment too soon, right?

Sure, it's fun to spend time with family and sing songs and give gifts, but all that can also be exhausting.

But you know what will never be exhausting? Creeping on the Teen Mom crew and appreciating all their precious families!

Let's get to it!

1. Maci’s Kids!

Macis kids
This insanely cute photo is from last weekend — Maci and Taylor took the kids to Asheville, North Carolina, and they cozied up in a cabin in the mountains.

2. A Visit with Santa!

A visit with santa
Well, they didn’t stay cozied up the whole time — they did head out to see Santa!

3. Christmas at Ryan’s

Christmas at ryans
Though little Bentley obviously had some fun with his mom, he also spent some holiday time with his father, Ryan, and his stepmom, Mackenzie. Who, by the way, is just like 11 years older than him. Weird!

4. Sending Love from Indiana

Sending love from indiana
Amber recently opened up about how her depression kept her from seeing her daughter, Leah, for months, but it looks like they were able to spend some quality time together for Christmas!

5. Meanwhile in Michigan …

Meanwhile in michigan
Catelynn is still in rehab, but Tyler was able to make their daughter’s Christmas special anyway! Although he said that “This is the first Christmas without Cate since I was 14” and that “it’s a little disheartening,” the bright side is that he gets to see “this little cutie open some presents & it instantly puts the spirit right back in me! Merry Christmas everyone!”

6. More Santa!

More santa
Even in the middle of what really appears to be some sort of breakdown, Farrah managed to take Sophia to visit Santa!

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Katharine McPhee, David Foster Perform Christmas Songs Together at Holiday Party

David Foster and girlfriend Katharine McPhee seem to know that the couple that plays together one-horse open sleighs together … hey, it’s that time of the year. Dave and Kat were just two of many celebs that attended singer-songwriter Carole…


Pi Day: Celebrating a Literally Irrational Number & Holiday!

Happy Pi Day! Get it, March 14? 3/14?

Oh yeah, you know this … and it is time to geek out HARD today even though it’s literally irrational to do so … see what we did there?!

Pi Day Picture

You don’t have to be a math major to appreciate and celebrate this occasion, though if you are one, you don’t need us to explain why.

Pi, which is technically 22/7 but is usually rounded to 3.14, is named after the ratio of a Euclidean circle’s circumference to its diameter.

As awesome mathematical constants go?

You could say it’s kind of a big deal.

While we know Pi as 3.14, that’s an approximation. Pi has been calculated to a million-plus digits, making it infinitely cool.

(Again, see what we did there?!)

Pi Day Pic

If you’re interested in celebrating this amazing holiday, and honestly, how can you not be, here are some great ways to mark Pi Day 2017:

– Listen to the Pi rap (above), which someone obviously made, because it’s the Internet … the lyrics are pretty unreal.

– Wish everyone a happy Pi Day just to see if anyone understands gets it. Film their reactions for added bonus points.

– Run a 5K. At 3.10 miles, that’s kinda close to 3.14.

– Put your lighters up and wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care at 1:59:26 p.m. this afternoon (Pi = 3.1415926…)!

Pi Day Image

– Doodle that cool ass symbol for Pi if you’re on hold with any customer service people or just killing time in class.

– Celebrate Albert Einstein’s birthday. Which it is!

– Bake an Apple Pi (or whip up a Pumpkin or Cherry or even a peanut butter pie recipe or whatever you’re into).

The last of these ideas is the best, probably.

After all, that wordplay is pretty much legendary, it’s gonna be awesome after dinner later, and pies are circular!!

Math never tasted so good, people.

To wit, check out this gallery of Pi Day pies and wonder how it took you so long to grasp the epic nature of March 14.


Jill Duggar: Hiding Baby Bump in New Holiday Photo?!

Duggar Nation is wondering yet again if Jill Dillard is pregnant with her second child, thanks to a Dillard family photo posted on Instagram.

Rumors that Jill is pregnant are not new, we know.

Still, fans believe the 25-year-old looks different in a recent photo she posted on social media with Derick, his brother Dan and Dan’s wife: 

Jill shared the above pic with Israel, Derick, Dan, and Deena Dillard, writing, “Thank you for the wonderful Christmas celebration yesterday!”

The couples, along with baby Israel, were all smiles posing in front of the fireplace … and obviously, speculation turned to her womb.

Of the possibility that Jill Duggar is pregnant, one fan wrote, “She certainly looks it! Very early though. Probably why she hasn’t said anything!”

This is not the first time that Jill’s pics have sparked pregnancy rumors … this month. Remember Dillard hiding her baby bump (allegedly)?

Wearing what seemed to be a loose top during Thanksgiving, this picture sparked talk of a new addition to the Duggar family soon, too:

“Jill Duggar looks pregnant. Seems every pic I see she’s larger than the previous one,” a fan commented, perhaps imagining things.

Some Counting On fans predicted that Jill would be making the announcement in Season 3, and has been holding off until its premiere.

With little sister Jinger’s wedding and Jessa’s second pregnancy, perhaps Jill did not want to steal her sisters’ thunder with her news?

As for her appearance, some counter that Jill already had “wide hips” even before she got pregnant, and may still have her baby weight.

From her first baby, that is. Given that Jill had to have a C-section with Izzy, it can’t be easy shedding the pounds – not that it ever is.

If you watch Counting On online, you may remember that Anna Duggar, Josh’s wife, predicted that Jill having another baby was inevitable.

And imminent.

“It won’t be long before we’ll be like, ‘Wait a minute. I know you’re my nephew but what’s your name?’” Anna said, citing the baby boom.

“With Jess and Ben expecting again, and Jill and Derick probably gonna be expecting soon, and then Jinger and Jeremy getting married.”

Derick also told Jill that he wanted to try for a biological second child baby before 2016 ends. Time is obviously running short as of now.

While they have openly talked about adopting (albeit less so than Jessa and Ben), Derick insisted that their next child should be biological.

Fueling the baby talk is the couple’s “temporary break” from mission work that is starting to feel like a permanent move home from El Salvador.

“Jill could be pregnant,” says an insider close to the family, noting that the developing country “is a hotbed for the Zika virus.”

If she’s expecting baby number two, then her “priority should be keeping that little one safe,” the source says, and it’s hard to argue.

“Baby rumors have been surrounding Jill basically ever since Israel was born nearly two years ago, so this wouldn’t surprise us at all.”

Would it surprise you? Or is this all just a bunch of the usual Duggar Internet speculation that isn’t grounded in any sort of reality?

Discuss in the comments!