Bullied Middle Schooler Shares Tearful Video, Hears from Hollywood

Keaton Jones has gone viral for the most unfortunate of reasons.

Only a middle school student, this young Tennessee native has recorded a video in which he addresses the bullies who have been harassing him at school and asks a simple, heartbreaking question:


Why are you doing this to me, he says below?

Why would anyone treat another human being in this manner?

"Just out of curiosity, why do they bully? What what's the point of it?" Keaton asks in this footage, talking his mother after he asked to pick him up because he was afraid to go to lunch.

"They make fun of my nose, they call me ugly," he adds. "They pour milk on me and put ham down my clothes…"

It's truly heartbreaking to watch.

The one positive that has come out of the video, however, is that word has spread.

The recording has been shared thousands of times across various social media platforms, reaching celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Eva Longoria, Sean Hannity and many others.

"Why do you find joy in taking innocent people and finding a way to be mean to 'em?" Keaton says.

"It's not okay…People that are different don't need to be criticized about it. It's not their fault."

At one point, Keaton even summons the strength to address other victims of bullying.

"If you are made fun of, just don't let it bother you. Stay strong, I guess. It's hard, but it will probably get better one day."

Tweeted actress Jaimie Alexander (Blindspot) in response:

Keaton Jones. You sweet soul. You sweet, beautiful soul. You are perfect just as you are. Inspiring and brave. Courageous. Loved beyond measure.

Click PLAY to watch Keaton's tearful plea and join us in offering him reassurance:

Yes, it really will get better one day. We promise.

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Hollywood Sex Scandal: Who’s Been Caught? Accused? Fired?

Following accusations of sexual harassment and rape, Harvey Weinstein has lost his job and his family. Given that the LAPD is investigating him, he may even lose his freedom.

What began as a scandal over one mega-producer's alleged sexual misconduct has taken on a powerful life of its own.

Countless women — and men — came forward and shared their #MeToo stories, talking about incidents in childhood or adulthood in which they were sexually harassed or assaulted. In many cases, these individuals had held onto stories, afraid or ashamed to share them, for years or even decades.

The average #MeToo story comes from everyday people and often don't name the people who wronged them. Many don't even know the men's names.

However, a number of celebrities and non-celebrities alike have come forward and their #MeToo stories are naming the names of powerful men.

Directors, producers, and actors who have for years used social pressure, Hollywood culture, wealth, and celebrity status to remain above reproach are suddenly being called out so loudly that even they cannot ignore it.

It's not fun to wonder if someone you once admired might be next, but surely we would all rather know the truth than to live in blissful ignorance.

Some of these powerful men have admitted to having done wrong. Others are fiercely denying the allegations against them, even when it's their word against dozens — or more.

It seems that more accused sexual predators are named every day, so here's a running list of the powerful figures who have been called out for alleged sexual misconduct.

1. Harvey Weinstein

Harvey weinstein snapshot
We of course could not make this list without including the titular figure in the Weinstein scandal. This mega-producer has lost his job and his wife over accusations of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Multiple famous actresses have shared their Weinstein stories. He’s also under investigation by the LAPD. His public downfall has encouraged countless others to come forward.

2. Brett Ratner

Brett ratner photo
Though not the only X-Men director to have been accused of sexual misconduct, Brett Ratner has been accused of sexual harassment and sexual assaults going back decades, and well-known actresses have spoken out and accused him of some very upsetting things.

3. Louis C.K.

Louis ck snapshot
Years ago, rumors sprouted up about an unnamed big-name comedian who seemed to enjoy masturbating in front of women he worked with. Several of those women came forward and named Louis C.K. … and though he didn’t quite say the word “sorry,” Louis did acknowledge that their stories were true.

4. Ed Westwick

Ed westwick snapshot
Former Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick has been accused by two different actresses with frighteningly similar stories. Both allege that they were at his house and invited to sleep in guest beds, only to awaken to Westwick allegedly sexually assaulting them. Both women say that people they considered friends urged them to keep quiet. It’s heartbreaking.

5. Steven Seagal

Steven seagal smiles
Jenny McCarthy says that Steven Seagal encouraged her to disrobe during a casting call … when she was acting out a courtroom scene. Former actress Lisa Guerrero (who is now a journalist) says that Seagal had her audition at his home while he appeared to be wearing only a robe, and that she’s glad that she brought along someone else. And now Portia de Rossi says that Steven Seagal once “unzipped” in front of her. These are very disturbing allegations.

6. Andy Dick

Andy dick tongue out
Andy Dick was fired from a project over allegations of sexual harassment, including genital groping and … licking people. Andy Dick’s defense, a claim that licking people on the face after kissing them is “his thing,” isn’t helping. If “your thing” is making people uncomfortable, you probably should find a new thing.

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