‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Scheana Marie Hooking Up with ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Guy

“Vanderpump Rules” star Scheana Marie’s bathing suit says it best — now that she’s hooking up with another hot reality TV star … in Hawaii — yeah, “Living My Best Life” definitely applies here. Scheana and “Bachelor in Paradise” star Robby…


Tristan Thompson: STILL Hooking Up With Lani Blair?

When news first broke that Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on Khloe, before the other videos and stories of other women came out, the world saw Tristan with a woman in D.C.

That woman was later identified as Lani Blair.

Disturbingly, even as Tristan is supposedly begging Khloe’s forgiveness, it’s reported that he hasn’t broken things off with Lani.

A source tells InTouch Weekly that, despite their exposure and the ensuing scandal, Tristan and Lani haven’t gone their separate ways.

“Lani and Tristan are still talking.”

That is worrisome, since the first thing that you should do if you want to save your relationship is dump your side pieces once it’s revealed that you’re a no-good dirty cheater.

And this same source divulges that the two are doing more — worse — than just maintaining a dialogue.

Allegedly, Tristan and Lani are “still sexting.”

Yeah, that’s worse. Sexting, if you don’t know by now and at this point are frankly afraid to ask, is essentially having phone sex without talking out loud.

You exchange erotic text messages, you exchange photos in various states of undress, and you may even exchange short, salacious videos of yourself.

This is not something that a man trying to stay with the mother of his child should be doing.

But it gets worse.

The source has more to reveal about Tristan and Lani.

They “are still hooking up!”

One thing has changed — as they say that Tristan is being much more careful to hide his activities than he was when Khloe was pregnant.

“Only this time, it’s behind the scenes.”

Disturbingly, Tristan is allegedly responding to being caught by only growing sneakier.

Despite the ongoing adventures of his duplicitous penis, Tristan is “desperately trying to win back Khloe’s trust.”

Guy, this is not the way to do it.

Apparently, Tristan has one reason in particular for needing to continue his illicit affair with Lani Blair.

“Tristan’s got a lot going on and needs his mental state to be on point.”

The source goes on to list those reasons.

“He just had a new baby.”

While that’s a major life event, most would see it as yet another reason to not cheat.

“He’s in the playoffs.”

Tristan plays sports for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and some say that the real reason he’s been benched is because of this huge cheating scandal.

Allegedly, Tristan is treating Lani like some sort of therapist.

“He’s trying to stay focused right now and it’s like Lani’s the only woman who gets him.”

Apparently, Lani has all of the qualities that help him to decompress after the stresses of his life.

“She’s definitely being a calm, warm and loving person to him.”

This source asserts that this is not the time for Tristan to go cold turkey on cheating.

“Tristan needs that right now!”

Yeah. We’re sure that her big butt has nothing to do with it.

Maybe it’s true that Tristan uses sex and cheating as some sort of crutch to reduce stress.

A lot of people do. On its own, using sex for stress relief is fine.

But if you want to happily engage in a loving monogamous relationship, which is absolutely what he’ll need to do if he wants to stay with Khloe (if she’ll even have him back), you need to find a new coping strategy.

In the mean time, Khloe reportedly has people looking into Tristan’s activities so that she can pin down exactly how many side pieces he has.

Staying connected to Lani or to any other woman who isn’t Khloe is likely to come out … and it’s not going to go over well with his baby mama.


‘American Idol’ Alum Jackie Tohn Knows How Producers Know Contestants Are Hooking Up

“American Idol” producers have a tricky way of keeping tabs on contestants looking to sneak out of their rooms to bang other contestants … according to former ‘Idol’ contestant Jackie Tohn. We got Jackie, who was on season 8, Monday…


‘American Idol’ Alum Jackie Tohn Knows How Producers Know Contestants Are Hooking Up

“American Idol” producers have a tricky way of keeping tabs on contestants looking to sneak out of their rooms to bang other contestants … according to former ‘Idol’ contestant Jackie Tohn. We got Jackie, who was on season 8, Monday…


Leonardo DiCaprio: Hooking Up With Engaged Beauty Queen?

As you may have heard, the 2018 Oscars were held last night, and while the event was met with a collective shrug and record low ratings, it was an interesting ceremony for a number of reasons.

Change was the theme of the evening, with stars speaking out on issues ranging from the Harvey Weinstein sex scandals to the plight of the young “dreamers” impacted by DACA legislation.

But while one could sense a turning of the tide at the ceremony, it sounds like it was business as usual at the raucous after-parties, where Leonardo DiCaprio was doing what he does best.

To be clear, no one’s ever accused Leo of being anything but a gentleman, and we have no reason to believe he has a #MeToo moment in his future.

In some ways, however, he represents the Hollywood old guard that took a step away from the spotlight last night.

But it sounds like Leo was happily filling the role he was born to play as he party-hopped last night.

According to Radar Online, DiCaprio was spotted getting friendly with recently-corwned Miss California, Kelley Johnson.

“Leo’s head turned the minute he saw her, everyone knows he has a thing for blondes,” a witness tells the outlet.

“They were in a group together talking for quite some time and he told her he was ditching to go for dinner at Delilah,”

Now, Leonardo DiCaprio hooking up with blondes is like the sun rising in the East and setting in the West.

For decades, Americans have comforted themselves with the knowledge that no matter how turbulent their lives may seem, they can rest easy knowing that Leo is probably banging a blonde at that very moment.

It’s a source of stability in an increasingly unstable world.

This time, however, the situation is a little different.

Apparently, Kelley is happily engaged.

Now, to be fair, no one knows for sure if Leo and Kelley hooked up.

But they were spotted talking closely at a party and he invited her to dinner … and this is Leonardo DiCapro we’re talking about.

Kelley took to Instagram last night to gush about how much she enjoyed herself at Hollywood’s biggest night:

“At one point last night I was *literally* standing between Usher, Toby McGuire, and Leonardo DiCaprio looking across the room at The Weeknd, Robert Pattinson, Drake, Dana White, Emma Stone, Vince Vaughn, Ashley Graham, Brittany Snow, John Mayer, Andy Bravo, and sooooo many more incredibly talented people in Paul McCartney’s house.

I know. It’s crazy to me, too. Meeting you all was a dream, it simply could not have been real.

Thank you, WME and Miss Universe, for inviting me to your Oscar Nomination party. And thank you, Leonardo DiCaprio for letting us sit at your table at Delilah afterwards. Last night was one of the best nights of my entire life.”

Some states get all the luck.

Somewhere, Miss Idaho is pinning a ribbon on some farmer who grew a 40-poind potato.


Leah Messer: Yes, I’m Still Hooking Up With Jeremy Calvert!

Way back in 2015, Teen Mom stars Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert got divorced.

Fortunately, it seems that in the years since, they’ve been able to work out an amicable arrangement that works for both of them.

By which we mean, not only are they co-parents, they’ve also been friends with benefits for quite some time.

Or at least that’s what Leah allegedly said during her recent appearance on co-star Kailyn Lowry’s podcast.

The episode hasn’t been released to the public yet, but a source who was on hand for the taping has already spilled some details about Leah’s comments regarding her ex:

“She revealed she and Jeremy have been hooking up, and that it is not going to stop anytime soon,” the insider tells Radar Online.

When Kailyn expressed concern, Leah reportedly put her mind at ease:

“She says that they are just having fun and she’s got it all under control,” says the insider.

Rumors of Leah and Jeremy getting back together have been circulating for months, but this is the first time that either of them has publicly admitted to being more than friends.

Of course, from the sound of Leah’s comments, it doesn’t seem that she and Jeremy will be embarking on a relationship anytime soon.

They seem to be sticking with a “no strings attached” arrangement, which is fine as both of them are single these days.

In fact, as far as we know, Leah hasn’t been in a serious relationship in quite some time.

Jeremy, on the other hand, broke up with Brooke Wehr for the 47th time back in September and has been quite busy in the months since.

In November, he announced that he had broken up with a girlfriend that we weren’t even aware of!

(Pro tip: If you never went public with your relationship, you don’t have to publicly announce your breakup.)

So Leah and Jeremy are both free to mingle as they see fit.

Of course, Leah seems to get attached easily, and when there’s a kid involved, there’s always the potential that things could get very messy.

But hey, we guess Leah wouldn’t be entering her second decade as a reality star if she weren’t a magnet for drama.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more from Ms. Messer’s messy existence.


Scott Disick: Hooking Up With Teen Models Was SO Rough!

In the preview for the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Scott Disick and Kim Kardashian have a heart-to-heart about Scott's … activities.

Basically, Scott spends some time whining about his time spent having sex with teen models, and how "unfulfilling" that was.

Considering that Scott Disick is now seriously dating one of those teen models, we'd say that the new sneak peek video below has not aged well since it was filmed. What will Sofia Richie think?

Scott disick is flummoxed

There's a new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians coming out on Sunday, folks.

(It's also Kris Jenner's birthday — November 5th! Long live the queen!)

So, we all remember Scott Disick's misadventures during the spring and summer of 2017.

His long downward spiral eventually put him in the hospital.

Of Scott's many, many activities, he was mostly associated with two things in 2017:

Booze and Bella Thorne.

Neither of those are inherently bad things, but Scott seemed determined to self-destruct, and they were his weapon of choice.

Scott's seemingly mellowed since then and isn't acting out quite as much, but at the time there were genuine fears that he might die.

What some people may have forgotten is that, way back when, Scott Disick was spotted with Sofia Richie. At Cannes.

This is going to be important as you listen to what Scott Disick has to say about what he thought about the young women there.

Kim kardashian listens to scott disick

This Keeping Up With The Kardashians sneak peek shows Scott and Kim having a heart-to-heart about his various flings.

Kim describes what it looked like to her, the Kardashian clan, and the rest of the world when Scott was living it up at Cannes:

"It just looked like it was some big soap opera going on. It was a fun show."

Scott tries to refute that:

"Look at it in my perspective. She was on vacation with one man, a whole trip."

He's referring, of course, to Kourtney and Younes.

Scott disick kuwtk confessional

Scott continues: 

"That looks like a happier scenario than me, jumping around, trying to find happiness and these girls are not fulfilling that."

One, he seems to be putting it forward that boozing it up and having sex with various 19-year-old models was really some sort of chore and that he deserve sympathy for that.

That's how it comes across.

Scott then laments:

"I’m just not happy with anybody."

Kim might deserve some sort of award for listening to him complain about that with a straight face.

Scott then tries to explain to the confessional that his activities this year look bad because he's a man and he's a bit younger than Kourtney (just by several years) and so his coping mechanisms are a little different.

That's an excuse easily ridiculed by a classic Tumblr meme:

Some people?? Bang teen models and damage their livers?? To cope!??!

Again, his sexual activity and even the drinking would have been mostly fine if he weren't a dad, embarrassing his whole family and endangering his own life — which would in turn impact his children.

Scott disick shares break in news

Kim gave Scott some advice:

"I think it’s beyond the girls at this point. I think if you found someone that you were happy with, I think Kourtney would be happy for you, but she sees you out and really drinking and really going through it"

Scott appeared shocked at that news, even though this was fairly obvious to most people, right?

It does seem like Scott has taken that advice, as things are getting serious with Sofia Richie. But how will she respond to hearing him say that she wasn't fulfilling and didn't make him happy?

We have a sneaking suspicion that this was filmed before the two of them connected this fall.

Will this be their end?

Scott disick hooking up with teen models was so rough