Teen Mom OG Recap: High Hopes and Ryan’s Dope

Last night on Teen Mom OG Season 5 Episode 5, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra finally got the chance to see their first-born child.

Of course, this was not without complications.

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, you know that they’ve wanted to see Carly for years, plural, and now her adoptive parents agreed.

Of course, their proposed date conflicted with a vacation they already planned, which left an already struggling Lowell extremely upset.

Cate felt that Carly’s mother, Teresa, was making thing more complicated than necessary, though they were able to find a new date.

When they got to North Carolina to see Carly, Tyler said that he wasn’t as nervous as in the past about what the family thinks of them.

“I love them and I think they’re good people. They’re raising her right,” he said, and beyond that, “I just don’t really care, I guess, anymore.”

Cliffhanger alert: They will meet Carly NEXT week.

Meanwhile, Farrah Abraham returned from traveling overseas, realizing that she needed to fix her relationship with her mother Debra.

If not for her, for Sophia, who she knows should have a figure like her in her grandmother in her life … Farrah is ever-so selfless, people.

Farrah also helped her dad’s girlfriend pick out a ring, proving to be on better terms with her father’s significant other than her mom’s.

Naturally, with all these things going on, and a lot on her plate career-wise (see Farrah Abraham’s LinkedIn page), she had this idea:

Take a drop with Debra and Sophia to Italy, and also invite Michael and his girlfriend, and help plan Michael’s proposal to her as well.

What could possibly go wrong?!

In Tennessee, Maci Bookout asked Ryan Edwards to please take a drug test before seeing their son Bentley again, but he never responded.

To her. He did talk to his wife.

Edwards told Mackenzie Standifer that he did submit to the test, but knew that the drugs he’d used wouldn’t be out of his system yet.

Ryan did eventually talk to Maci, only to flip the script and tell her she was only hurting Bentley by keeping them apart with her actions.

After she didn’t respond, he said he’d be taking her to court over this. Yeah. Cue Mackenzie ranting against MTV in 5 … 4 … 3 …

Finally, Amber Portwood was having second thoughts about her breakup with Matt Baier, though she obviously got over that.

Amber, of course, is now expecting a child with Andrew Glennon, who she met while filming Marriage Boot Camp … with Baier.

That escalated fast, yes, so what we’re seeing on Teen Mom OG feels like a lifetime ago even though it’s only like six months.

On this week’s show, Baier was reaching out to her, and just when she thought this was over she realized she still had feelings.

She admitted she loved him, considered flying out to Las Vegas to see him and wondered if there was still something there.

(Besides Jennifer Conlon.)

Her friends and family felt she should reconsider this, that she deserved more, etc. Sage advice from the Portwood crew …


Life of Kylie: Kylie Jenner Hopes to Break Away from the Kardashians with Her New Show

Life of Kylie premieres in just over a week — August 6th is that close, you guys — and it won’t be until we actually see all 8 half-hour episodes that we can truly tell whether it’s a success or not.

No matter what you think of Kylie Jenner herself, you have to be wondering what the show is going to be like and just how authentic — or otherwise — her portrayal is going to be. On social media, we see exactly what Kylie wants us to see — even if that includes her nipples.

Well, thanks to a Calabasas local, we now have a little more information about Life of Kylie.

According to Hollywoodlife‘s source in Calabasas, Life of Kylie is all about Kylie Jenner as her own person rather than as part of the Kardashian clan.

In a way, you’d think all of the splinter shows are about independent brands, right?

Remember the short-lived Kocktails with Khloe? That was more or less just about Khloe and her guests.

But it has to be different for the youngest sibling.

Especially when Kylie is the youngest of six.

“Kylie does not want to blow her chance to truly separate herself from her famous family.”

We’ll elaborate on that in a moment, but … Kylie’s issues as youngest daughter aside, that makes a lot of very sound business sense.

“She sees her new show as her big opportunity to break away from her older sisters’ shadows.”

Remember, Kylie was 9 when Keeping Up With The Kardashians started filming.

This is her first time taking the reigns on her television image.

“Kylie loves her entire family dearly but also wants to make her own mark and brand.”

Don’t we all?

(Unless you have family issues, but that’s totally your business)

So the phrase “blow her chance” is sort of interesting, right?

On the one hand, it could just mean that she’s unlikely to get a series greenlit again any time soon if this one tanks.

(Honestly, we know Kylie Jenner’s net worth — she could hire a crew and producers herself if she really wanted to, but that’s another story)

On the other hand, we all know that fame can be fleeting.

Kylie has grown up famous and has to be very conscious of all of this.

With the Kardashian family past its peak, she needs to ride this fame wave and use it to launch her career.

Think of singers like Justin Timberlake who’ve left boy band acts to pursue solo careers to great success.

Kylie needs to do something similar, stepping out of not just Kim Kardashian’s shadow, but her entire family’s.

And speaking of her entire family … well, there’s more than one reason to separate your brand from them.

Sometimes brands, even the ones that made you famous, can turn toxic.

After Rob Kardashian’s revenge porn attack against Blac Chyna, it should be more clear than ever that the Kardashian brand isn’t what it used to be.

With the Kardashians seeming to close ranks despite their anger, it’s possible that Rob’s antics could help tank their already waning brand.

Some fans will be fans for life, sure.

But a brand is only strong so long as its attracting new fans and, ideally, making more fans than it loses.

Some of the family’s storylines are basically over.

Kourtney and Scott … well, it seems unlikely that they’ll ever get back together.

Khloe’s weight loss journey’s been over for ages.

Kim is now a married mother of two, with a third baby on the way.

Rob clearly has a host of issues, including rage, poor impulse control, and alleged domestic violence.

Kendall is first and foremost a model — she mostly just does her own thing.

Kris is unchanging and eternal, as always, but that’s not enough for the whole family.

Honestly, Kylie is a lot more interesting than some of her family, anyway.

She’s affectionate with her dogs, she keeps up with social media.

She’s also become a makeup mogul as a teenager, which is kind of bonkers.

Kylie isn’t necessarily wise when it comes to her love life, but people follow her for her, not for her no-name boyfriends who only gain recognition after dating her.

She doesn’t seem to want to have her own career in the sense that Kendall does, where Kendall has a job where her name helps her but she’s doing the same things that her fellow models are doing.

Kylie wants to be a titan of industry — both makeup and reality — on her own.

Almost as a rival to her siblings.

And you know what? That little upstart might be able to pull it off.

Thanks to social media, she’s already halfway there.


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