DeAndre Hopkins Says Donald Trump is Too ‘Closed-Minded’ To Listen To NFL Players

Texans superstar DeAndre Hopkins says there isn’t much chance NFL players and Donald Trump will ever have serious talks over their issues … ‘cause D-Hop says POTUS is too “closed-minded” to listen. We got DeAndre — who was one of many in…


DeAndre Hopkins Says Donald Trump is Too ‘Closed-Minded’ To Listen To NFL Players

Texans superstar DeAndre Hopkins says there isn’t much chance NFL players and Donald Trump will ever have serious talks over their issues … ‘cause D-Hop says POTUS is too “closed-minded” to listen. We got DeAndre — who was one of many in…


Molly Hopkins: Caught on Video Abusing Luis Mendez?

Be warned: this video features some upsetting content.

90 Day Fiance couple Molly Hopkins and Luis Mendez are divorcing, and, at one point, it seemed that Luis was accusing Molly of domestic violence.

Now, this very tense video has surfaced. Is this evidence?

90 day fiance couple luis and molly

Molly is from Georgia. Luis is from the Dominican Republic.

The two met in Santo Domingo and fell in love. But they had a falliing out and, despite efforts to make it work, decided to divorce at the beginning of the year.

Later, Luis hinted to followers that there was more going on than a simple parting of the ways.

"If you want to see all about domestic violence soon," Luis teased on his Instagram. "Follow this page. It's gonna post there."

Now, it appears that cell phone video that Luis may have recorded during his relationship with Molly has surfaced.

The one-minute video appeared on multiple social media outlets, though it is not currently on Luis' actual Instagram page.

Luis mendez and molly hopkins

The unsung superheroes over at Starcasm did their best to piece together a transcript of the audible parts of this video.

They note that there is some disagreement over whether Luis is saying the word "hate" or "hit" in this video.

That is a … very important difference. We'll have more discussion of that at the end.

Molly: "Good luck! Oh, you think you’re going to get something from me? Cause you ain’t takin’ s–t from me!"

Luis: "Why you have to …?"

Molly: "You’re not gonna do anything. Where you talk about …"

Not everything that they say is easy to understand. There are portions of the video where the audio is just garbled.

Molly hopkins pouts

Luis: "Why?"

Molly: "You think you’re gonna get s–t? You ain’t gettin’ s–t!"

Luis: "Why you — Why you hate me? Why you hate me? Why you hate me? Why?"

There's some more audio that is just unintelligible.

Molly: "Good luck with that! Oh, I got money, and I got a lawyer. You’re out. You’re f–king outta here!"

Molly and luis couples collage

Luis: "Why? Why you hate me? Why you hate me?"

Molly: "Because you know exactly!"

Luis: "That is a bulls–t. That is a bulls–t."

Molly: "You manipulate!"

Luis: "After I left everything for you? Because I …"

He is referring to leaving his home in the Dominican Republic to come to George to be with a significantly older woman.

Luis mendez works out

Molly: "You didn’t leave everything! …it has nothing to do with filming. It has to do with you…how you think you’re gonna stay here"

Molly: "Don’t f–kin’ threaten me. Don’t threaten me…"

Luis: "You know, I did everything because I love you."

Molly: "…piece of s–t. You’re f–king trash"


Molly and luis

Now, quite frankly, with the exchange of those heated words, we feel very confident in saying that these two should not be married.

If someone talks to you that way, they are a toxic influence on your life.

But … while this sounds like verbal and perhaps emotional abuse, was there any domestic violence in this video?

Several times, it seems that Molly is raising her hand. But whether she was trying to strike Luis or simply poiting for emphasis (as many people do while speaking) is not entirely clear.

(In contrast, 90 Day Fiance's own cameras were there to film it when Anfisa Arkhipchenko struck Jorge Nava, which left little doubt)

Perhaps a courtroom video analyst who has trained for years in these things would have better luck determining if the video is evidence of violence.

Similarly, perhaps some fancy audio tech could help determine whether Luis is saying "hit" or "hate." Hate is toxic, but hitting is domestic violence.

No matter what, the video sure is intense and a little scary.

Anfisa arkhipchenko and jorge nava picture

Molly hopkins caught on video abusing luis mendez

Katie Hopkins: ROASTED on Twitter After Dissing Meghan Markle!

Fans all over the world watched Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exchange vows.

But after the Royal Wedding came the Royal Wedding dress debate — with fans wondering who wore it better.

Political hack Katie Hopkins weighed in, saying that it was no contest … because Duchess Kate had, in her opinion, a degree of "class" that Duchess Meghan does not possess.

That's not a suprising comment from Katie, given that MegMar is biracial and Katie seems to spend a great deal of her waking hours focused on an apparent hatred for brown people.

Naturally, Twitter enjoyed ridiculing Katie Hopkins for her comments, and made something of a meme out of pointing out that Katie looks terrible for her age.

Now, there's a big of moral complication any time that you insult someone's appearance.

Ridicule Trump for his appearance instead of his words and deeds, and an innocent Jersey Shore denizen might feel self-conscious for being orange.

But we think that some of these epic burns are worth reading.

And Katie Hopkins, of all people, truly deserves to be roasted. Check out the tweets below and you'll see that for yourself.

1. Katie Hopkins cannot resist stirring the pot

Katie hopkins twitter shaming 01
She’s awful every day of the week, but we wonder if she wishes that she’d taken the Royal Wedding off

1. Meghan Markle looked gorgeous

Meghan markle wedding close up
We know that beauty is “subjective” or whatever, but she is stunningly beautiful, and she looked absolutely stunning for the Royal Wedding. Except, apparently, to Katie Hopkins …

2. The tweet replies began …

Katie hopkins twitter shaming 02 43 going on
As you’re about to be made very well aware, Katie Hopkins does not look like your average 43-year-old.

3. It really WAS a fairytale wedding

Katie hopkins twitter shaming 03 apple
Honestly, this comparison is very unfair to the Evil Queen.

4. Here’s one possible explanation

Katie hopkins twitter shaming 04 roald
Like we said, shaming a person’s appearance is complicated, even when they’re a despicable human being. But some really do believe that being bigoted and hateful ages a person.

5. She’s compared to Gabrielle Union

Katie hopkins twitter shaming 05 gabrielle union
Gabrielle really is 45 years old. Katie Hopkins is 43.

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90 Day Fiance: Molly Hopkins & Luis Mendez Are Divorcing

90 Day Fiance couple sometimes get their happily ever after. Since Molly Hopkins and Luis Mendez beat the odds and got married, it looked like they were home free.

Unfortunately, as we mentioned, Molly and Luis separated a few days after New Year’s Day.

Now, it’s official — Molly has filed for divorce from Luis.

At first, it was a classic boy-meets-girl story.


In this case, the “boy” was 26 years old and working in a bar in Santo Domingo.

The “girl” was much older than he and from Georgia in the US.

They met when she was on a trip to the Dominican Republic and they fell for each other.

And they decided to broadcast their story on 90 Day Fiance.

Aside from criticisms over being perceived to be using each other — Molly wanting Luis as a “boy toy” and Luis wanting US citizenship and perhaps Molly’s financial stability — they had other concerns.

The biggest was Molly hoping that Luis would be a good stepfather to her two daughters.

There was also Molly’s shady criminal history. Suffice it to say that her driving records are a little scary.

But apparently they found a way past all of that.

In July of 2017, Molly and Luis got married.

They made it! … Sort of.

Marriages, as we know, aren’t always a guaranteed happily ever after. Far from it, honestly.

Molly and Luis had some sort of spat and parted ways before the 90 Day Fiance Tell All Special … but they reconciled before the special itself aired.

That was not to last forever, though.

On January 5th, the couple separated.

Some fans who learned of the split hoped that they would reconcile. But that was not to be.

Now, Reality Blurb reports that Molly Hopkins filed for divorce from Luis Mendez on January 23rd.

The papers were filed in Georgia, of course. Molly used her married name, Molly Mondez, when doing the filing.

Like most divorces, she cited irreconcilable differences, writing:

“Plaintiff is entitled to a divorce from Defendant in the statutory grounds that the marriage is irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation.”

The 42-year-old is keeping their finances separate and hopes that Luis doesn’t make any moves to dispose of any shared marital property that they might possess.

A sad ending to a story that many had hoped would end with a new, happy family.

Luis doesn’t seem to be too broken up about the divorce — he’s nonchalantly posting topless selfies on Instagram and promising fans that he’d be happy to meet them after the divorce is finalized.

He did, however, rant and rave about TLC because he claims that he wasn’t paid for his time on 90 Day Fiance.

It’s been speculated that non-American stars on the show may have to wait to be paid until they have their work visas, for legal reasons.

But Luis declared his threat to sue over it, saying that foreigners were simply used for free labor and discarded like trash. Yikes.

It’s probably safe to say that Luis has some regrets.