Jason Hoppy: Dennis Shields’ Death PROVES Bethenny Frankel Is a Bad Mom!

If you thought that you hated Jason Hoppy before, when he was stalking and harassing Bethenny Frankel, you’re about to be even less of a fan of his.

Dennis Shields was found dead last week, and while Bethenny was mourning the loss of her ex-boyfriend, Hoppy and his attorney readied their move.

Hoppy is already trying to use Shields’ death to hurt Bethenny in court.

Us Weekly had an insider in court on Thursday, August 16, when Hoppy’s attorney brought up Dennis Shields in a disgusting attempt to cast doubt on Bethenny’s qualifications as a mother to the couple’s 8-year-old, Bryn.

“It was reported that he died of an Oxycodone overdose,” Hoppy’s attorney reportedly said in the courtroom.

You can immediately see where this is going. Ugh.

Hoppy’s attorney continued: “Our concern is while his death is very sad, this raises serious concerns about Ms. Frankel’s parental judgment.”

For the record, Dennis Shields’ final words revealed that he had mixed ordinary medications that may have had a deadly interaction, but that’s the least of the problems with this argument.

“Dennis Shields spent a great deal of time with Bryn,” Hoppy’s attorney asserted. “And even cared for Bryn at times when Ms. Frankel wasn’t around.”

Well, Shields was part of Bethenny’s life for a couple of decades and he also dated her. That’s normal.

“Considering Mr. Shields’ addiction,” Hoppy’s team argued. “What does that say about Ms. Frankel’s parenting that she would allow this person to care for her daughter?”

That is heavily loaded with assumptions about Shields’ health and unfounded prejudices against people who use prescription painkillers.

“This doesn’t just constitute a lapse in judgment,” Hoppy’s attorney claimed. “This was just downright dangerous parenting.”

This didn’t come up in court out of nowhere. Apparently, Hoppy’s team waited until things were going well for Bethenny before bringing up such a loaded attack.

“Bethenny, in Bryn’s best interest, asked for a new trial,” the courtroom insider reports.

“The minute the judge agreed to that today,” the source continues. “Jason’s side brought up the Dennis stuff.”

One wonders how long they waited after news broke of Shields’ tragic passing before preparing to use this as a weapon in court.

That said … we have to remember that attorney’s are sworn to zealously represent their clients.

The courtroom insider said that the judge noticed that this was quite an escalation.

The source shares: “The judge said now you’re throwing ‘grenades.’”

“Jason and his team were OK with Bethenny as a mom when they walked into the courtroom,” the insider reports.

That chagned when things stopped going their way, it seems.

“But then once Bethenny got what she wanted,” the insider describes. “They didn’t think the was a good mom.”

Hoppy’s team also tried to dredge up Bethenny’s The Real Housewives of New York City behavior, as if it reflected her skills as a parent.

“There was a recent episode in which she appeared to be intoxicated,” Hoppy’s team reportedly argued. “She was running around without clothes on and then she passed out and it was said she passed out from mixing Ambien with alcohol.”

Arguing that someone’s child-free behavior on a reality series disqualifies them from being a parent is usually a stretch, akin to confusing an actor with a movie role they played.

“Our concerns are whether Ms. Frankel may have some type of substance-abuse problems,” Hopps’ attorney had the nerve to say. “So we would ask the court to order drug testing of Ms. Frankel to find out whether that’s an issue.”



Jason Hoppy: Stalking Case Dismissed?

Way back in late spring, we heard Bethenny Frankel reveal that ex Jason Hoppy was still torturing her, telling her fellow Real Housewives of New York City stars that she was “in hell.”

All year, it seems, Bethenny and Jason have been facing off in court. Bethenny has stated that all that she really wants is zero contact with Jason Hoppy. That’s not really asking a lot.

Today, there was a new development in Jason’s case. Is she going to get what she wants? Well

Sometimes, Bethenny Frankel can come across as insensitive. But this is a wildly compassionate woman.

Back in August, when Houston was left devastated by Hurricane Harvey — that was several massive natural disasters ago, so we understand if it’s slipped your mind — Bethanny Frankel was one of the celebrities who contributed to relief efforts.

She and her people have worked tirelessly on the devastation left in Florida, on the horrible destruction that has ravaged California in the wake of wildfires, and on Puerto Rico.

Bethenny Frankel, instead of lobbing paper towel rolls at hurricane survivors to “make things fun” or whatever, flew with multiple private jets to unload much-needed supplies, taking part in a massive and worthy operation.

Many fans praised her online and remarked that it’s a sad day when a Real Housewife, no matter how popular, does more to American citizens in the wake of a disaster than the sitting President.

Also, Bethanny’s organization has been handing out cash to survivors in areas where they can then use that cash. Sometimes, supplies aren’t enough.

Oh,a nd remember how Bethenny Frankel might have cancer? She got surgery for that in the middle of all of this.

Because she’s unstoppable, basically.

And Bethenny does not deserve the kind of hell that she’s been in.

Her divorce from Jason Hoppy was nasty, drawn out, and expensive. Normally, even the nastiest divorce is supposed to be the end of things.

But that hasn’t been the case for Bethenny.

Back in late January of this year, Jason Hoppy was arrested for stalking Bethenny Frankel after an incident at their daughter’s school.

You might look at that and say that there are “two sides” or whatever, but a security guard at the school confirmed Bethenny’s account of events.

Five months later, in late June, Jason Hoppy was arraigned on more charges after he allegedly couldn’t stop sending messages.

(It’s believed that he was sending harassing messages to people in Bethanny’s life, though we had to read between the lines a little bit and look up what specific charges meant).

Harassment by proxy is still harassment, folks.

Even when Jason Hoppy was offered a really good deal, he seemed hesitant to accept it — as if he had plans to continue harassing Bethenny Frankel.

Today — Monday, October 23rd — Jason Hoppy’s case has been adjourned while the judge contemplates dismissal.

At the same time, Jason Hoppy has been ordered to stay away from Bethenny Frankel with a 6-month order.

To be clear, “staying away” includes:

-Jason may not contact Bethenny in any capacity, through phone or email or by a third party (so he can’t harass her friends, either)

-Jason must stay away from Bethenny’s home and place(s) of work, obviously

-Jason cannot go to their daughter’s school (Bryn is 7) while Bethenny is present, which makes sense as that’s where all of this started

Violating this six-month order means getting arrested and it would also mean his existing charges not being dismissed.

This is probably a frustrating scenario for Jason, as it appears that he does not like not being able to contact his ex to the point where, well, he’s a defendant in court.

But is it a relief for Bethenny?

Six months is a long time when you’re a kid waiting for your birthday.

For a pair of forty-somethings, six months can go by before you notice. That’s how life experience molds our perception of time, folks.

Will Bethenny somehow be able to extend the order indefinitely? It sometimes strikes us as bizarre that people can’t just go out and get lifelong restraining orders without exceptional circumstances.

Like, “my ex is creepy” should be enough unless it’s somehow burdening your ex, in which case the burden of proof might need to be raised a little.

Anyway, we don’t know what Bethenny’s going to do after these six months are over.

Assuming, of course, that Jason Hoppy can manage to stay out of trouble for that long.


Bethenny Frankel’s Ex-Husband Jason Hoppy to Cop Plea in Stalking/Harassment Case

Bethenny Frankel’s ex-husband, Jason Hoppy, will cop a plea Monday in his stalking/aggravated harassment case, but Bethenny is still scared … TMZ has learned. We’re told Jason will get an ACD .. Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal. Short…


Bethenny Frankel: I Need ZERO Contact with Jason Hoppy!

We may have seen Bethenny Frankel break down in tears in the latest Real Housewives of New York City, but she knows that there’s a way that she can move forward.

We’ve all heard about how Jason Hoppy has put Bethenny Frankel in hell through all of his alleged stalking and harassment and their nightmarish divorce battle. 

Bethenny says that she knows how this has to end.

So, Bethenny Frankel’s divorce from Jason Hoppy was long, painful, and nightmarishly expensive.

They may be exes now, but they’ll always be linked through their young daughter, Bryn.

Jason Hoppy’s arrest back in January was actually over threats that he’s accused of making to Bethenny Frankel at Bryn’s school.

(Imagine threatening the mother of your child at your child’s school — that’s so unimaginably hateful)

Jason Hoppy was arraigned on additional stalking charges over the summer, before that first arrest was even dealt with in court.

The details weren’t immediately made apparent, but it appears that he may have been harassing a third party as part of his alleged campaign of harassment against Bethenny.

Like … does he not have hobbies?

Don’t get us wrong — Bethenny Frankel can come across as callous and dismissive of other people’s problems sometimes.

(A lot, actually)

But there’s a difference between having what some might call an “abrasive” personality and being an actual menace.

Jason Hoppy is due back in court in September (his motion to have the charges against him was dismissed earlier this month), and maybe Bethenny will get some sort of resolution then.

Bethenny Frankel lamented to Andy Cohen how her conflict with Jason Hoppy has impacted her relationship with other Real Housewives.

But she knows what can resolve this and put it behind her.

“Any resolution is legally mandated and I’m fine with that.”

She’s putting a lot of faith in the court.

“I don’t care what happens, I have faith that somehow I will be able to live a normal free life.”

Basically, she’s not campaigning to have Jason Hoppy put in prison. But there’s just one thing that she needs.

“But it has to be with zero contact. Because with any contact, this will not end.”

She says that she can’t accurately describe what this has been like for her.

She does temporarily lapse into some unfortunate hyperbole.

“It is indescribable and it is inexplicable and it’s like, if someone wants to talk about like a war zone in Israel, how are you going to explain that to someone?”

But she quickly clarifies that she’s not trying to equate her situation with a genuine humanitarian crisis.

“I’m not comparing this to actual war but in my life, you can’t even imagine the torment that this has been. There’s no way to describe it.”

We get it — trauma is difficult to articulate. When you try, you feel like you sound silly. It’s not silly, though.

“I just stifled it in because if I let any of it out, I’m going to totally break down. I can’t believe this happened to me.”

Keeping it suppressed doesn’t work, in the long term. While things are going on, bottling things up helps you survive.

Over time, though, those coping mechanisms backfire. That’s why PTSD is so rough.

And yes, you can absolutely get PTSD from stalking.

Bethenny found the entire struggle to be inescapable.

“It was part of my life. I thought I was never getting out of it. I couldn’t even understand it. How can I explain this to everybody?”

We know that she’s doing charity work to help other women, but we wonder if she’s met with a victim advocate to try to just articulate her own situation.

Bethenny isn’t really the “ask for help’ type, but it really might help her.

“You’ve never — it is torture. So that’s why I didn’t explain it. There’s no way to describe this to anybody. Nobody would believe it.”

Jason Hoppy might not be done tormenting her, though, because he didn’t immediately accept a plea deal that would have basically gotten him off scott free.

We have to ask why he’s so obsessed with having contact with Bethenny that he would apparently rather continue his court battle than continue to be legally barred from having contact with her.

Maybe he doesn’t want it on his record or claims that he’s innocent — though an officer was a witness to and confirmed Bethenny Frankel’s account of the January incident at Bryn’s school, so … good luck with that?

More than anything else, we hope that this situation doesn’t hurt Bryn.


Jason Hoppy: I Might Not Be Done Bothering Bethenny Frankel!

It looks like Jason Hoppy is still torturing Bethenny Frankel — this time, in the court room.

Be careful with whom you marry, folks.

Some people just cannot let go, and that relationship can haunt you for years.

It’s hard to forget that Bethenny Frankel’s ex, Jason Hoppy, is accused of harassing and stalking the Real Housewife.

Their marriage has been over for ages, but it seems like he can’t get over it.

Back in June, Jason Hoppy was arraigned for additional stalking charges against Bethenny, which is creepy and also unsettling.

(Like, if the first run-in with the law — remember, Jason Hoppy was arrested back in January — doesn’t get a guy to back off … you have to wonder what will)

It’s sadly not uncommon for men to stalk their exes.

In some cases, it’s an obsession where they can’t process that the relationship has come to an end.

In others, it’s outrage over a loss of control and a desire to reclaim control.

Often, it’s both.

It’s a little unusual for such a high profile ex couple to have this problem, but it happens at every strata of society.

The sick joke of prosecuting someone for stalking is that the person pressing charges — their victim and accuser — has to continue to be exposed to them throughout court proceedings.

Bethenny’s nightmare could end soon … but don’t hold your breath.

Page Six reports that prosecutors have offered Jason Hoppy a plea deal.

The deal sounds hella generous, in our opinion.

Reportedly, Assistant District Attorney Travis Wolf offered to have the charged dismissed if Jason Hoppy offers up a guilty plea and leaves Bethenny Frankel alone.

(For real, this time)

That’s … a sweetheart deal, right?

Sure, a guilty plea will go on Jason Hoppy’s record, but anyone can search his name and come up with “stalking” pretty quickly, even if they’ve just emerged from a cave and have never heard of The Real Housewives of New York City.

But no jail time? No ongoing prosecution?

All that he has to do is say “yeah, my bad” and leave his ex alone — which he should have been doing all along.

The only problem — the only thing stopping this battle from ending for Jason and for Bethenny — is that Jason Hoppy isn’t sure yet about accepting the deal.

Honestly, that makes us wonder if there’s something that we’re not getting.

It’s possible that Jason Hoppy’s goal is just to try to make Bethenny suffer — remember that their agonizing divorce lasted for three years.

Page Six reports that a source tells them that this recent restraining order has massively improved Bethenny’s life.

“The restraining order worked. Bethenny has been a different person. She’s been allowed to have a free and happy life.”

That’s super nice.

Especially talking about a woman who was recently described as not deserving love.


Jason Hoppy: Arraigned For NEW Stalking Charges Against Bethenny Frankel!

Remember when Bethenny Frankel said that Jason Hoppy was torturing her, and that her life was hell because of it?

Obviously, there were bits of hyperbole thrown in there, but apparently she was super serious about parts of that.

Serious enough that ex Jason Hoppy’s had to make another court appearance.

This is actually pretty alarming.

Remember how Bethenny Frankel was granted a restraining order early this year after Jason Hoppy’s arrest for stalking her?

We sure do.

You know that they sure do.

Well, now Jason Hoppy’s facing new charges of stalking in the third and fourth degrees.

Now, we looked up exactly what those charges mean according to New York State law (so that you don’t have to).

Fourth degree stalking has a few definitions, but this is the one that we think applies here:

“Conduct consists of following, telephoning, or initiating communication or contact with such person, a member of such person’s immediate family or a third party with whom such person is acquainted, and the actor was previously clearly informed to cease that conduct.”

Apparently Frankel’s attorney provided the court with documents, including 160 unwanted texts from Hoppy.

That’s more unwanted texts than there were first-generation Pokemon, folks.

Third degree stalking is a little more complicated, because a lot of it has to do with prior acts of fourth degree stalking as precedents.

But third degree stalking could also mean taking action that might make Bethenny fear for her safety.

Look, Bethenny Frankel says dumb things sometimes, mostly because she forgets that things that don’t impact her at all can be life-and-death for others.

But that doesn’t mean that she deserves to be harassed, hounded, and stalked.

Jason Hoppy’s vow to destroy Bethenny Frankel is honestly pretty terrifying.

Like, that kind of line is dramatic and a little goofy on soap operas.

In real life, like … that can mean everything from a harmless feud to the kind of obsessive hatred that ends in a murder-suicide.

Nobody needs that in their lives.

Unfortunately, stalking is a hugely common problem.

New York and LA have laws in place that cover these situations much better than some places.

All over the country, a lot of women deal with threats of violence that they receive online from people whom they’ve never met.

Unfortunately, many police departments don’t know what to do about that, many law codes haven’t been updated to cover physical threats made online.

And a lot of women don’t have the resources to protect themselves or pursue restraining orders.

But just because Bethenny Frankel is a woman of means doesn’t mean that she’s impervious to harm.

Harassment is a very real crime that can impact just about anyone.

And, honestly, if there are threats of harm involved in these recent charges, those should be taken seriously, too.

Just because Jason Hoppy isn’t an axe murderer doesn’t mean that his words should just be brushed off as “talk.”

A lot of horrible acts start off as “talk.”

Threats and harassment are not the way to handle your divorce, folks.

And we totally get why Bethenny’s describes her experience as “torture.”

Whatever Jason Hoppy’s alleged actions that led to these charges, she might have some very real and very understandable fears.

That’s what the legal system’s supposed to be there for.

Let’s hope that this gets resolved in court.


Bethenny Frankel: Jason Hoppy is Still Torturing Me!

The Real Housewives of New York is full of reality personalities who leave an impression, but Bethenny Frankel is a fan-favorite.

Despite some difficulties in her life, she’s had an exciting career and she really seems to reach through the screen and win people over.

Now she’s saying that she’s in hell.

She says that following her feelings and instincts is what got her there.

“My heart and gut and instinct got me in the toilet bowl,” she tells costar LuAnn de Lesseps in last night’s episode of Real Housewives Of New York City.

“The worst situation of my entire life.”

She does not mince words, huh?

“I’m literally in a dungeon and torture chamber, and that is because I just went with my heart and my gut and could never have imagined what happened. That is real.”

It doesn’t take an expert to read between the lines and know that she’s talking about her wildly contentious divorce from ex-husband Jason Hoppy.

It makes sense that she’d still have strong feelings.

After all, this is a relationship where the marriage lasted only a couple of years before separation, but the divorce took four years before it was finalized.

Anyone who’s been divorced, known someone who got divorced, or just has any kind of grasp of what that entails knows that divorce is a nightmare.

When the process lasts twice as long as the marriage itself, you’re talking about someone who’s been through the wringer.

And has some serious regrets.

“You have no idea what I’ve been through, and hopefully you’ll never know.”

But Bethenny doesn’t talk about this as all being in the past, either.

“I didn’t ‘go through’ s—, I’m in s—. I’m not done — I’ll never be done.”

That sounds serious, especially after the divorce was finalized.

“It’s not your gut and your heart and all this s—; you have to be smart. Because I’m in goddamn hell.”

She doesn’t sound optimistic, either.

“And it’ll never end.”

This harrowing description of her life — which contains a little hyperbole, to be sure — came up because of LuAnn drama.

LuAnn married Tom D’Agostino in June 2016, and her friends and costars recounted how many times he’s cheated just during the short time of their relationship.

Basically, they describe a grown man who’s now married who keeps stepping out on LuAnn as if he’s a college student spending a summer abroad.

LuAnn defends herself saying that she’s going to follow her feelings and her gut.

But Bethenny Frankel warns her that she needs to be smart.

It doesn’t sound like LuAnn is willing to listen, but maybe Bethenny sharing her story will lead to some members of the audience making better choices.

After all, divorce isn’t just miserable — it’s expensive.


Jason Hoppy: I Will Destroy You, Bethenny Frankel!

What the heck is wrong with Jason Hoppy?

This is question many fans of Bethenny Frankel have been wondering for ages.

The ex-husband of this beloved entrepreneur and reality star has seemingly gone off the deep end over the past several months, demanding an obscene amount of money from Bethenny in court and then getting arrested this past Friday.

Yes, Hoppy actually got arrested on stalking charges after he allegedly approached Frankel outside of their daughter’s school and loudly threatened her.

Witnesses on the scene in New York claim Hoppy screamed “I WILL DESTROY YOU” at Bethenny, leaving many to wonder whether or not Hoppy is simply nuts.

But he’s not, according to Radar Online.

His behavior can be justified (in Hoppy’s mind, that is) by a very rational and thought-out plan:

He really does want to destroy Frankel.

A source familiar with the situation puts it in simple terms when speaking to Radar Online.

“He wants to get her FIRED,” this insider says of Hoppy, explaining why he’s been all up in Bethenny’s life ever since the two broke up.

Along with literally telling Frankel he plans to “destroy” her last week, Hoppy supposedly said the following:

“You can get all the lawyers you want. You’ve been warned.”

This was a reference to a cease-and-desist letter fired off by an attorney for Frankel’s boyfriend, Dennis Shields, toward the end of last year after Hoppy reportedly sent Shields and Frankel an endless number of harassing emails.

But that’s not all.

Radar writes that Hoppy also sent emails to Frankel’s “friends and business associates at Bravo” at various points over the past year.

In October, he allegedly sent a message to Frankel that read: “Your definition of harassment is comical. I will continue to communicate with you as I see fit.”

This, at least, stopped being the case after the aforementioned attorney contacted Hoppy and said a lawsuit would follow if he didn’t stop acting like such a crazy person.

Still, Hoppy remains a frightening thorn in Frankel’s side.

During his confrontation with Frankel at daughter Bryn‘s school last week, the 46-year-old allegedly said to Shields that “she’s pure evil,” adding ominously:

“You’ve been warned. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Frankel told police afterward that she feared for her safety – and it’s easy to understand why.

Jason and Betheny were only married for two years, yet they battled over details in their divorce for FOUR years, finally ending the marriage for good in the summer of 2016.

Issues at stake during their back-and-forth courtroom fights involved alimony payments, child support payments and custody arrangements for poor little Bryn.

According to this Radar insider, Hoppy is dead set on making a name for himself in reality TV and on stealing his ex-wife’s spotlight … once and for all.

“He’s obsessed with her and still has pictures of her around his apartment,” the source says. “He buys every magazine that she is in. He’s coming fame obsessed…

“He now has her passion for public attention and wants his own reality show.”


Hoppy is due in court on March 13 to answer for this stalking charge.

In the meantime, Frankel has been granted an order of protection against him.


Bethenny Frankel Granted Restraining Order Against Jason Hoppy After Stalking Arrest

Bethenny Frankel has been granted an order of protection against her ex-husband Jason Hoppy, according to multiple media reports.

A spokesperson for the Manhattan District Attorney’s office confirms that the order was sought after Jason Hoppy’s arrest for stalking.

According to TMZ, the order forbids Hoppy from contacting Frankel and orders him to stay away from the reality star’s place of residence.

He is also not permitted near her business, or their daughter’s school, for six months. The order also requires Jason to stay radio silent.

That means no communication with Bethenny whatsoever.

The only exception for Hoppy, obviously, is if a judge allows him access to locations where the two are trying to reach a custody arrangement.

(How hard they’re trying to actually reach said agreement, versus just spiting the other and racking up billable hours for lawyers, is debatable.)

Additionally, Jason is not permitted to have any “third party contact,” with Bethenny, though the order does not specify what that means.

It seems safe to assume, as TMZ notes, that it includes Bethenny’s boyfriend, Dennis Shields, who was with her when Jason got arrested.

Hoppy, 46, was arrested after he contacted Frankel, 45, “numerous times via email and FaceTime, and approached [her] making verbal threats.”

According to the New York Post, Hoppy was arrested after he allegedly showed up at six-year-old daughter Bryn’s Manhattan school.

That was on Friday, and he allegedly threatened Frankel.

During the confrontation, he supposedly claimed he would “destroy” her, and sources say he previously sent a series of abusive emails.

After emails and FaceTime calls “numbering in the hundreds” and after a cease and desist letter was sent” last fall, authorities made an arrest.

According to the crazy NYPD report filed afterward:

“On Friday, January 27, the suspect approached her and a friend at her child’s school at around 8:15 a.m. and tried to provoke a fight.”

“He said, ‘I will destroy you, you can get all the lawyers you want, you’ve been warned,’” and hours later, Hoppy was charged with harassment.

Hoppy also faces charges of stalking in the fourth degree, a spokeswoman for the NYPD says; Hoppy denies all charges against him.

His attorney Robert C. Gottlieb said, “There are no words to express how saddened Mr. Hoppy is over his ex-wife’s unjustified actions.”

“His only concern is his daughter and intends to vigorously fight these false charges … we fully intend to do our talking in the courtroom.”

Frankel finalized her divorce from Hoppy in July 2016.

It was a contentious, four-year court battle, unlike almost any we’ve covered – and we’ve seen a lot of nasty splits, by celebrity standards.

“The hardest parts have been anything that seems negative for my daughter,” she said last year, calling it “really challenging for me.”

“You know, you kind of have to look inside, find your strength,” Frankel added, insisting she is committed to putting her daughter first.

The couple, whose romance, marriage and road to parenthood were documented on RHONY and two spinoffs, both fall short of that.

Why do we say that? Isn’t it obvious?

If they really wanted to, couldn’t they stop fighting, strike a peace treaty or a non-aggression pact and move forward without this ordeal?

Or are they so pridefully stubborn they will stop at nothing – even sacrificing Bryn’s long-term happiness in the process – to “win” this?

Think about it.