Fans Rush to Kourtney Kardashian’s Defense: She’s Hotter Than Kim!

If you have brothers or sisters, there have probably been times when you felt as though you were in competition for your parents’ affection of attention.

Of course, few families have known sibling rivalries as intense as the Kardashians’, as Kim and company are vying for the love of not only their mother but their millions of fickle fans, as well.

We’re sure it can be a lot of pressure at times, which may help to explain Kim’s unfortunate comments on Sunday night’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians season premiere.

In a scene that’s gained a modicum of viral infamy in the days since it first aired, Kim referred to Kourtney as “the least exciting to look at” among her siblings.

It’s a harsh comment under any circumstances, but it’s particularly cutting in the Kardashians’ world, with its constant emphasis on appearances and fashion.

Quite understandably, Kourtney did not take the comment well, and her feud with Kim spilled over onto social media as the episode aired.

To make matters worse, Kourtney recently broke up with Younes Bendjima, which means she’s more in need of support ever.

Thankfully, her fans were happy to provide it … and to roast Kim a bit for good measure.

“I thought we’d all BEEN in agreeance that Kourtney is the hottest sister?? I know I sure have,” tweeted one Kourt-supporter.

Some seethed with rage, tweeting things like:


Kourtney Tweet

And as you can see, B-list celebs like Devon Sawa made their feelings known as well.

This thing reached the point where folks with zero interest in the Kard clan felt the need to sounded off the issue.

“I could not give less of a shit about the Kardashians but lets get one thing straight. Kourtney is the hottest one and that’s always been the case,” wrote one irate tweeter.

Hopefully, all of this has given Kourt a bit of a self-esteem boost.

Sometimes it’s only our darkest hours that we learn who are true friends are … or at least who pervs out to out Instagram selfies.


Kourtney Kardashian Snubbed By Maxim: Sofia Richie Is Hotter Than You!

There weren’t many surprises on this year’s Maxim Hot 100 list.

Kate Upton topped the list, and in the crowd of runners-up, there were many familiar faces, including Emily Ratajkowski, Demi Lovato, and a whole slew of Kardashians and Jenners.

In fact, the only member of the Kard clan that was left off the list was Kourtney Kardashian.

Now, Kourtney’s hotness is undeniable, so we doubt she’s too torn up about it.

In fact, she’s assumed a role as sort of the thinking man’s Kardashian, the sister for individuals of discerning taste and sophistication — but not so much sophistication that they’re above devoting serious thought to which reality star’s butt they like best.

When you claim Kourtney as your favorite, it’s like when everyone at the party is debating Beatles vs. Stones, and you bust in like, “Nah. Zeppelin.”

The point is, Kourtney is probably okay with her sisters being judged as hotter than her by the editors of Maxim, who are probably just four guys named Chad who discuss these matters during beer pong tournaments.

But the inclusion of Sofia Richie on the list has gotta sting just a bit.

As you’ve no doubt heard, Sofia is dating Scott Disick, the man who spent the better part of a decade making Kourtney’s life more obnoxious.

And what was initially dismissed as just a fling has recently and unexpectedly developed into a serious relationship.

The couple just celebrated their first anniversary, and there have even been rumors that Scott and Sofia are planning to get married.

Scott never proposed to Kourtney despite ten years and three kids together.

We’re not saying that’s what she wanted, and obviously, she dodged a bullet by never becoming Mrs. The Lord.

But still … it can’t feel great to see the father of your children turn his life around for his future teen bride in a way that he never would for you and your kids.

And it can’t feel great to see her dude’s new boo rated objectively more attractive by a panel of Chads.

There are older honorees on the list (like Heidi Klum) and there are other mothers of three (hey there, Kim Kardashian!), so no one is claiming that Kourtney has been discriminated against.

And we’re sure at the end of the day Kourt really couldn’t give a sh-t about how she stacks up against Sofia.

We’re just pointing out that these lists are all about exclusion, and it’s a little weird they still exist in 2018.

Oh, and the Chad Selection Committee’s definition of hotness is sorely lacking.

These are the guys at the party arguing for Nickelback.


Kate Upton: Officially Hotter than Everyone! Thanks, Maxim!

Modeling can be hard. Sometimes, you get swept off a rock during a topless photoshoot. But sometimes, you get the recognition that you’ve worked so hard to earn.

Kate Upton has secured the #1 spot on Maxim‘s legendary Hot 100 List.

In the immortal words of Kim Kardashian: “It’s what she deserves.” Seriously.

Kate Upton for Maxim Hot 100 List 2018

On Thursday, Maxim happily announced that they had reached this wise decision.

At the same time, they debuted the cover for the magazine’s 2018 July/August cover.

Upton is featured on the cover, front and center, right where she belongs.

The 25-year-old was, of course, interviewed within the pages of Maxim.

She’s proud of her achievement. She should be.

Within the pages of the publication, Upton says:

“You know, I work really hard on myself: on feeling good, working out, being strong.”

Good for her!

“Being number one on the Hot 100 is a little reward for all of the hard work.”

The enviable spot at the top of this list was filled last year by the ever-gorgeous Hailey Baldwin.

In 2016, Stella Maxwell wore that mantle.

At the height over her popularity, in 2015, Taylor Swift made that rank.

In a statement, Chief Operating Officer Robert Price spoke about how they reached this very correct decision.

“Our annual Hot 100 issue is about so much more than physical beauty, although this year’s nominees have that in spades.”

They sure do, if Upton is any indication.

“Now more than ever, we need to celebrate smart, powerful women who are breaking boundaries, shattering glass ceilings, and showing us what is possible.”

You might not think of her for that description, but you would be mistaken.

“None more so than our incredibly talented cover star, Kate Upton.”

He’s right!

When Upton speaks of strength, she’s not just talking about physically toning her limbs and her core.

She’s talking, one assumes, about personal strength of character. About bravery.

It takes unimaginable courage to step forward and make yourself a target by accusing a Guess cofounder of terrible sexual misconduct.

Trauma is difficult to discuss.

But Upton was able to detail her harrowing accusations and even refer to witnesses, some of whom made her feel safer at the time.

That takes, well, a lot of strength.

Though it was more than Kate Upton’s boobs that that put her on Maxim‘s cover, she is a model by trade.

She is jaw-droppingly gogreous. She is a professional whose career has put her through the wringer.

Every photo of her, whether it’s for an official shoot or just a quick selfie on Instagram, is captivatingly beautiful.

We’re glad to see that, unlike some publications that we could name, Maxim knows what they’re talking about when they settle on who’s the hottest.

Congratulations to Kate.

For that matter, congratulations to Justin Verlander, whom Kate Upton married late last year.

Being the hottest of the hot has to be great. Being married to the hottest of the hot doesn’t sound too shabby, either. For extremely obvious reasons.


Javi Marroquin: Forget You Kailyn … My New Chick is Much Hotter!

Javi Marroquin is moving on in a way … from Kailyn Lowry to a chick who sort of looks like Kailyn — just much hotter. 

The girl in the pic is Cassie Bucka, a “friend” of Javi’s, and if we’re being honest, this chick looks about 10 steps better than Lowry.  

Kailyn might be on Teen Mom and all, but Bucka seems to have serious je ne sais quoi … or, in layman’s terms, serious non-Teen Mom class. 

From what we gather from Bucka’s Instagram page, she really likes her friends, the Pittsburgh Steelers, her dogs, and was in the military at some point. 

From Javi’s Instagram, we gather that he’s obviously way better off without big-mouthed thirst trap, Kailyn Lowry. 

The two were photographed several times on different occasions, looking terribly comfortable with one another. 

All in all, we’d say, “Get it, Javi!” 

And after seeing this pic, wouldn’t you, too? 

In a recent interview with Radar Online, Javi was asked The Question — whether or not Bucka was his girlfriend. 

His sassy-ass response? 

“Let me ask her!” 

We have chills. 

Do you have chills?

‘Cause we have some serious chills. 

Recently, Javi and Kailyn were playing nice — and by “playing nice,” we mean that the passive-aggressive barbs were flying left and right. 

About the success of Kailyn’s new book, Hustle and Heart, Javi flashed the book in a pic and said, “I hate her but I’m proud of her.” 

Uh, okay? 

It’s not like we thought these two would be picking daisies in a field together with the kids anytime soon, but “I hate her but I’m proud of her?” 

That’s just a strange brew right there, y’all. 

In the book, Kailyn said Javi was jealous and controlling. 

The Teen Mom wrote, “I thought I had my fairytale ending on September 4, 2012 — the day I said, ‘I do.’ “

“I had Javi,” she explained, “my knight in shining armor, and we had big plans to build a castle together where we’d raise our children in a stable, two-parent home.”

“I wanted to open a blow-dry bar, an idea my friends were so supportive of,” she revealed.

“Javi, on the other hand, was not on board.”

“In fact, he was downright unsupportive, knocking down the idea every time I brought it up,” Lowry admitted. 

Kailyn even went as far as to assert that marrying Marroquin was a mistake

On one of her more recent Twitter rants, Lowry wrote, “I walked away from something that was toxic.” 

“A bad example for my children.” 

Well, you have to do what you have to do. 

Especially when it’s for the betterment of the kids’ circumstances. 

And we hope that’s exactly what Marroquin’s doing here — moving on from a toxic situation, and getting on with his damn life. 

Kailyn could take a leaf out of Javi’s book if she wasn’t all up in Twitter’s grill all the time.