Kim Zolciak: Desperate to Reclaim Full Time Role on The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

Kim Zolciak is still one of the best known women from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She even has her own spinoff.

But while Don’t Be Tardy is still going, and despite the nasty feud between Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes, Kim has been demoted from Real Housewife to Friend of the Housewives.

And according to this report, she’s desperate to reclaim her status … and willing to do anything.

As we’ve already mentioned in recent posts, Kim Zolciak’s demotion from being a full castmember of The Real Housewives of Atlanta to being a recurring guest is a pretty hefty change.

On scripted shows, when you see somebody go from a cast member to a recurring guest star, odds are pretty good that they’re getting killed off at the midseason finale.

Thankfully, the Real Housewives franchise doesn’t work like that (yet — nobody give Andy Cohen any ideas).

But, from the perspective of Kim Zolciak and from the perspective of her fans, the situation royally sucks.

And now a report reveals that Kim thinks so, too.

RadarOnline reports that, thanks to Kim’s demotion, she’s on fewer than half of this season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta episodes.

Kim doesn’t go on any of the out-of-town trips with the full-time Housewives. She just pops in as a guest when they’re still in Atlanta.

You know that this is giving her fans a sense of whiplash.

Earlier this week, we talked about Kim Zolciak on our RHOA season 10 episode 9 recap. She’s still having an impact on the show.

But not the one that she’d like to have.

As RadarOnline reports, Kim is willing to make any compromise to reclaim her former place on the series.

According to their insider:

“Kim offered to take a big pay cut on Don’t Be Tardy in order to come back full time on RHOA.

That’s a hefty sacrifice … or at least it sounds like one.

But you have to remember that Real Housewives make bank. They have a much wider audience than Don’t Be Tardy.

“Kim told producers that she would be happy to not make as much money on her spin-off show if they would let her come back full-time on RHOA.

RadarOnline’s insider also reveals how producers responded to that offer.

“The RHOA ladies make so much money.”

It sounds like there are genuinely budgetary concerns that limit how many Housewives they can have each season.

“And most likely only Kenya is leaving after this season, so there might not be enough to bring her back.”

Without Kenya Moore, Kim will also have fewer people with whom to feud.

So that may take away incentive to bring her back into the fold, full-time.

Worst of all, it sounds like Bravo and Kim have different estimations of her value as a reality star.

“Kim might not be worth all the money she wants, even if she is willing to take a pay cut on her other show.”


Look, an inflated sense of self-worth is almost a requirement before becoming a reality star. It definitely goes with the territory.

But it’s sad that it may screw Kim Zolciak — and her fans — out of a whole heaping mess of airtime.


The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 Episode 14 Recap: Margaret Josephs vs. Siggy Flicker

When you have a group as divided as the one on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, it’s difficult to imagine what will happen at the reunion. 

On The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 Episode 14, Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Siggy Flicker, Dolores Catania, Margaret Josephs and Danielle Staub assembled to break down their thoughts on the tumultuous season of drama. 

As always, it all seemed friendly when the episode kicked off, and Margaret was quick to reveal that Joe’s kids watch the show, but they still do not want anything to do with her. 

You could tell that was difficult for her, but the whole situation for her seemed bizarre because, well, she left the father of the children and expected them to continue as though everything was normal. 

“The only genuine thing you’ve said to me this season is that you are trying to destroy me,” Margaret said to Siggy with a wealthy dose of side-eye, but Siggy continued to act like Margaret was out to her. 

Margaret did admit that both of them were as bad as each other, but Siggy continued to act like she was the main attraction of the cast and that Margaret was nothing more than a vile peasant. 

Margaret defended her stance about Soggy gate. She said it was about Siggy’s behavior and not to trash her medical condition. Andy chimed in, saying that Siggy was selling merchandise the “Soggy” at her retreat. 

Siggy countered that she turns negatives into positives. We think the more probable cause is she turns anything into a profit. Margaret closed off her trash talk of Siggy by saying that her blaming her erratic behavior on menopause was “victimizing.”

In the most random topic change ever, Siggy yelled at Margaret that her husband shot a bear like “Elmer Fudd.”

The conversation switched to whether there would be changes for Teresa and Joe when they get to get back together. 

“I guess when he comes home, he has a lot of making up to do. I was hurt, and a lot of anger came out,” she said. 

However, Andy questioned whether Teresa would move to Italy with Joe if he was deported and she said the following:

“Whatever God has planned for me, that’s what will happen,” she declared. Yeah, there was something off about it. Maybe the rumors about Teresa having a new man are correct. 

Andy then quizzed the ladies about the great big cake fight that kicked off the season. Melissa was mad that Siggy ridiculed her multiple times about it, and felt like she needed to dial it back. 

“It was humiliating. I was embarrassed,” Melissa said while glaring at Siggy. 

Tensions took a turn for the worse when Kim D was introduced to the stage. 

“I guess they let the animal out of the cage,” Teresa snapped before adding, ” “I thought this was The Real Housewives of New Jersey, not Tales from the Crypt.”

Andy told Teresa not to move off the couch. Teresa wanted to slap Kim D around the stage. Let’s face it, Kim has been vile to everyone. 

What did you think of the drama?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey comes to a dramatic conclusion next Wednesday on Bravo!


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 5 Recap: Unfashionably Late

it looks like Teddi Jo Mellencamp is starting to have a whole lot in common with the other women. 

The reason?

They all seem to hate Dorit. 

When The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 5 got underway, Dorit was talking about bringing her failed swimwear line back to the masses. 

She seemed very excited about it, but this also came at the expense of a date for drinks with Teddi. Teddi was mad and aired her thoughts about it to Kyle Richards. 

However, Dorit had already filled Kyle in about what happened, and it made Teddi look desperate to cause some drama. 

After that, Kyle met up with Dorit and Kyle confirmed she was ready to sell two more TV shows. 

“I’m going to cheer you on like your own mother would,” Dorit said with a smile. 

Kyle burst into tears when she heard that and started going into detail about the fact that her family and her were not on the best terms. 

Teddi continued to bash Dorit when she met up with Kyle and Camille Grammer. Camille was only too happy to continue the bashing of Dorit because of what she called her. 

“Six minutes late? Was she drinking then too?” To the camera, Camille called Dorit a “bottomless pit of bulls—t.”

Dorit was still mad because she wanted to make a good impression on her new boyfriend, and rightfully so. Camille admitted she was “embarrassed” and “humiliated” when Dorit said the word. 

“I do think she tends to talk too much and drink too much,” Camille said before concluding that Dorit was “desperate for attention.”

While the great debate was going down, Lisa Vanderpump admitted to Dorit that maybe she was the one in the wrong and should own her s–t. 

“Sometimes people don’t have the same sense of humor as you,” Vanderpump said with a smile. 

The big shocker to close the episode was Lisa Rinna telling Camille, Teddi, and Kyle that Ken Todd was accused of an alleged assault. 

That was quite the twist, and the women did not seem to believe it, but it seems like we’ll be getting some more details on the matter next week. 

What will Lisa Vanderpump have to say about Lisa Rinna telling the women about it? 

Will she oust Rinna from the group once again, or will she shut the rumors down?

Hit the comments below. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues Tuesday nights on Bravo. 


The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 9 Recap: The Peaches of Wrath

Once upon a time, Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak were friends. 

Now, it’s difficult to imagine them ever being in the same vicinity as each other. 

Thankfully, The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 9 brought them together once again, but that’s not to say they were friends. 

When the episode got underway, Sheree Whitfield arranged a lunch date and invited Kim and Nene along. Nene decided to cancel at the last minute. 

“I think there’s a lot of damn elephants in the damn room. Don’t you?” Nene said over the phone to Sheree. 

This is going to get interesting. 

Elsewhere, Cynthia Bailey proved she was one of the nicest housewives by organizing a drive to raise school supplies for children who did not have the best start in life. 

Will attended the event and he got to meet up her family and friends. He told the ladies he was going to Brazil. 

For some strange reason, Kenya Moore blurted out that prostitution was legal in Brazil. It was awkward, but it showed that Kenya was not opposed to playing up the crazy for the cameras. 

When that was over, Nene decided it was time for the women to meet up and air out their thoughts about one another. In true Nene fashion, she brought in an energy reader to help. 

The reader took aim at Cynthia and said that the man she was dating was using her. 

“Your friends are right this time,” she said. Kim was there to comfort her. The reader was not impressed by Kim saying she was terrible at reading energy. 

“When you came in, you went into how marvelously spiritual you are, and you’ve been s—ting since you’ve been here.”

Kim did not seem to care because she was from a “higher power.” This woman has an answer for everything. 

Kenya got mad because Kim continued to trash the reader, and said the following to her enemy:

“I am really tired of this back and forth, so either we’re going to sit, and we’re going to listen, or you can leave, because I am tired of this stupid s—t- going on. Who the hell are you?”  

As if that was not bad enough, Sheree wanted to know what Nene was doing talking smack about Tyrone. 

“Let’s be clear. You’ve got mugshots too,” Sheree said to Nene. “I’ve got a mugshot, and he’s in prison,” Nene clapped back. “Why would you say that? That’s crazy, Sheree!” she shouted.

Then, Kenya chimed in that she never had an issue with Kim until she had one with her. 

“This bitch is the rudest person I have ever seen in my life,” Kenya said to the camera about Kim. Kim scoffed and turned her attention to Nene. 

“I don’t feel like you’re yourself,” Kim said of her former friend. “I really wondered if you were on drugs at your f—king house,” Kim said.

This prompted Nene to ask which drugs, and it resulted in some more back and forth. 

“It is what it is,” Nene shrugged.

Will they be able to be friends again?

Hit the comments. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta continues Sunday on Bravo!


The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 Episode 13 Recap: Prisons, Proposals, and Parties

With the news that Siggy Flicker was quitting The Real Housewives of New Jersey, many many questioned what her final storyline would focus on. 

Unsurprisingly, The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 Episode 13 did not paint her in the best light, and the season concluded with the star looking like the rudest housewife in the history of the franchise. 

When the episode began, Margaret was getting a little too excited about her birthday party. She was having her dress fitted, and there’s no denying it was a visually delightful dress. 

Danielle appeared and could not resist taking some more shots at Siggy. Maybe Danielle is just glad that she’s not the one on the outs with the gals. The days of Danielle being a pariah are over, and she’s using it to her full advantage. 

The action switched up to Casa de Giudice as the family got ready to give Teresa a surprise of her own for her birthday. Melissa, Joe and the girls. 

It was a cake with letters from the girls to show how much they loved her. If you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online, you will already know that the girls have been hard on Teresa this season. 

For Teresa, she’s had a lot on her mind with her mother dying and her husband locked up in the slammer. Speaking of Joe, Teresa had not been to visit him in almost eight months. 

Given the countless rumors that Teresa has moved on with a new man, maybe she’s officially through with Joe. They’ve been through a lot as a couple, and maybe it’s time for them to move on. 

Anyway. Teresa wanted to visit and have him apologize for everything the family has been through. 

“I’m nervous to see Joe after all this time, and I want him to say sorry and really mean it,” she confessed to the camera with a tear dripping down her face. 

In an unsurprising turn of events, the cameras were not allowed in the prison and Teresa reported back that she did not get that apology she so desperately wanted. 

Before Teresa got to tell Melissa and Joe Gorga about all of it, the husband and wife chatted about the prospect of Teresa leaving her husband. 

They both agreed that Teresa would leave if he didn’t apologize, but Teresa confirmed the truth when she arrived to meet them. 

“He said, ‘I’m so sorry, I’ll never let anything like this happen ever again,’” she reported. “He seems sincere,” she added. “Listen, no one’s perfect. Everyone makes mistakes.”

Margaret’s party finally arrived, and she actually entered the venue on a fake horse. So, yeah, that happened. Everyone seemed to be laughing at Margaret as opposed to with her. 

Then, disaster struck when a rumor spread like a wildfire around the party that Siggy was not coming. It was quickly revealed that she fell and hurt herself. 

“Oh my God, it’s another deflection,” Danielle said with a grin. “She’s trying to get attention.” Dolores sprung into action, saying: “You’re such a slob.”

Siggy started texting the other women and completely iced Margaret out. We finally got to see her leaving the hospital, so it sounds like she really went. 

It was obvious Siggy did not want to go to the party, but she heard that Danielle was trash talking her and made it her mission to get there. 

As Margaret checked in with her, Siggy said, “I don’t want to be friends. I came here to be with Teresa and Melissa.”

Who goes to a party and speaks to the host like that? Margaret’s actions to Siggy have been justified because of the way Siggy has acted in the past. 

“If you don’t want to be here, just f–king leave,” Margaret said because she was done with the whole thing. 

Siggy got up to leave, and Dolores and Teresa left with her. This only made things more awkward for everyone, but it also closed out the season. 

Now, what will happen at the reunion? Will Siggy even show up? Oh, the drama!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey continues Wednesdays on Bravo.


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 4 Recap: Lights Out

The days of being friendly are over. 

When The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 4 got underway, the ladies met up for some fine dining, but Lisa Rinna was out of the country supporting her daughters who were modeling. 

As expected, the dinner date paved the way for a good old bitching session about Lisa R and Teddi was not impressed. Teddi wanted to know if Lisa R knew the ladies talked smack about her. 

Dorit said that Rinna “suspected it.” That was enough for Teddi to rule Dorit two-faced and complained that it would only be a matter of time before one of the women turned on her. 

Maybe Teddi has never watched the show, but she should know that backstabbing is just par for the course on these Bravo shows. 

Later, Lisa Vanderpump was given a brand new role as editor-in-chief of Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine, and this allowed her to use it as a vehicle to show off all of her products. 

She had aspirations of Dorit modeling on the magazine, but Dorit was not aware that her glam team would not be allowed to help out. 

Dorit went overboard and claimed that the artist hurt her eye, among other things. It was downright ludicrous, but it was typical of Dorit. 

In the end, Dorit claimed to hate the pictures from the event, and Lisa looked mortified at having to work with her. 

While this was going down, Erika Girardi made her way to Tokyo to have fun with Rinna and her daughters who were modeling for Samantha Thayasa handbags. 

In a bizarre scene, Erika and Rinna had lunch while looking at the girls on a billboard above. Yes, they are that famous in Tokyo, and Rinna felt they needed to work super hard to stay in the spotlight. 

The ladies got talking about Dorit and Rinna declared that the days of her bickering with Dorit were over. She did not want anything to do with it any longer. 

This was music to Erika’s ears because she wanted Rinna to go grow up for so long, and it appears that she has turned over a new leaf. 

Either that, or she knew she was the villain, and it came with a bad reputation. Thus, she wanted to change it all up. 

When they met for dinner with Amelia and Delilah, one of the daughters admitted something shocking:

“I’m not going to lie, but your sex book taught me how to give head,” the teenager reported. Yes, we were totally shocked.

The final event of the episode centered around a dinner party thrown by Kyle Richards. But things took a hilarious turn when the power went out. 

This meant Dorit got more time to complain and this time it was about the lack of ventilation. Dorit got progressively drunker and turned to Camille and uttered the following words:

“Camille, you’re a stupid c—t.”

This was not a great time for Camille because her boyfriend had just joined the group and she wanted her friends to make a good impression on him. 

“Dorit, everyone’s entitled to act stupid once in a while, but you really abuse the privilege,” Camille said to the camera.

“I care about what David thinks because if I’m associated with a ranting, crazed drunk woman, it makes me look bad.”

And it looks like another feud is in the books!

What did you think of this episode? Hit the comments below. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues Tuesday on Bravo!


The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 8 Recap: A Mad Tea Party

Did the ladies manage to put their differences aside for a good cause?

That was the big question on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 8 when the ladies were forced to be in the presence of each other. 

When the episode kicked off, Kenya Moore was hard at work shooting a PSA about domestic violence. That’s when she dropped the bomb that she was stabbed in her younger years by a violent boyfriend. 

It sounded like a harrowing event, and Moore was open about the fact that she could have died after all of it. Sheree Whitfield was drafted in to help out. 

However, Sheree wanted to make sure that Kenya was not making the PSA all about herself, but things got awkward when Kenya called Sheree and intern. 

Elsewhere, Nene Leakes wanted to try and put her beef with Porsha Williams aside, so Marlo Hampton appeared on the scene to try and orchestrate a sit down between the warring friends. 

When the meeting occurred, Porsha started things off by saying she had no idea why all the conversations turned into something awful. 

Porsha was adamant that she had been a good friend to her by showing her support when she appeared in business ventures outside of the show. 

“You could give two craps about this. I can completely see it your eyes. I can see it in your gestures, and I can see it in your jokes,” Porsha said to Nene. “There’s just nothing there. There’s just nothing there like that.”

That seemed like enough for Nene to rule that the friendship was over, and there was absolutely no way of fixing it. Marlo was upset because she thought she had actually gotten through to the women. 

Maybe she forgot the memo that she was appearing on The Real Housewives of Atlanta or something. The two women are never going to be friends, so it’s best for them just to be amicable to cut all the crap. 

Meanwhile, Kandi and Todd were vocal about their business being a success, but not everyone felt the same about it.

The family members were picking out slight niggles about the establishment, but why would Kandi and Todd change anything if they are turning in a huge profit?

It made very little sense and seemed like the type of scene that was thrown in because Porsha and Nene’s meet-up had fewer fireworks than the producers had hoped. 

After that, Kandi checked in with Sheree to see if she had opened up to the kids about the violence in her former relationship. 

When that was out of the way, Kandi wasted no time in telling Sheree all about Nene claiming Sheree’s new man was a con artist. 

“Really, Nene? You and Gregg both have mug shots,” Sheree said to the camera with a look of disgust. 

In the end, the ladies put all of the drama aside for the PSA. Cynthia put her mother up to speak about the ramifications of domestic violence. 

“I know it’s going to be hard for her to do this, but I’m really proud of her,” Cynthia said to the camera. 

Nene had some words of her own about her first relationship and how the man went on to hit her. 

“I stayed in that relationship for a very long time, and I ended up having a child in that relationship and then eventually I was able to get out,” Nene said.

Things took an explosive turn when Sheree declared “I’ve been in an accident” when Kenya checked up on her.  

Somehow, she made it to the stage at the last second and aced her part of the show. 

It’s rare that an episode of this show is informative, but the fact the ladies all came together for a great cause confirmed there might be light at the end of the tunnel for them. 

What did you think of the episode?

Sound off below!

RHOA continues Sunday nights on Bravo. 


The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 Episode 12 Recap: Ain’t No Misbehaving

We need to talk about Siggy Flicker, you guys. 

On The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 Episode 12, she apparently made a truce with Margaret, and then continued to be rude as hell to her. 

With the news that Soggy is leaving the show behind because she was flooding out every single restaurant the ladies went to, it seems like she knew she was quitting when these episodes were filming. 

We are kidding about the flooding part, but we do feel like it would have fit the narrative. Here’s the thing with the Flicker: She’s far too impressionable. 

She needs to pick a side and stick to her guns because what we see on the screen is someone who is disloyal and crying over things that could have been resolved weeks ago. 

When the episode got underway, Margaret felt like she and Siggy were finally in a good place. Forgive us for not caring because we’ve witnessed this same plot point multiple times throughout The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8

Margaret wanted Siggy at her birthday bash, but we do think it was only to try out her new line of products to make sure they really are waterproof. 

Siggy sent a text back with emojis and a cute message, so one would think they were back to being the best friends that anyone could have. 

Siggy turned to her own father for some advice, which is a little bit rich when you consider the fact that she has made a whole lot of money from giving people advice. 

Her father seemed infuriated that Siggy called Margaret anti-semitic, and urged her to steer clear of Margaret because there was no repairing that friendship. 

When everyone assembled at the grand opening of Gorga’s, Marge Snr. was adamant to meet Siggy, and Margeret said she would introduce them at some point. 

Danielle, being the Queen of Drama, made her way over to Siggy to ask her to meet Marge. Siggy acted like she was having a heart attack and gasping for air. Maybe she needed to go fill up her tear ducts in the lake, or something. 

“I’m not going to go walk across the room to meet somebody’s mother when I don’t even get along with the daughter,” Siggy said to the camera. “I’m not going to go and be ambushed again.”

It was probably for the best because Marge seemed ready to have some words with her about the way she had been treating her daughter. 

The other big event in the hour was Teresa Giudice making her way to visit Danielle to apologize to her daughters because of the whole table-flipping thing from 2009. 

God, it’s difficult to believe it was that long ago. Housewives may come and go, but that will always be the most iconic scene in the history of the franchise. 

Danielle’s older daughter, Christine did not want to participate, presumably because of the upset it caused her growing up with the whole world knowing about her mother’s extracurricular activities. 

“I really wanted to reach out to your mom and say sorry about what happened years ago because it must have been hard for you guys,” Teresa said before saying that her stint in jail made her think about things. 

Jillian admitted that she was compared to her mother and received random messages from people who wanted to be plain evil towards her. 

“That was the beginning of a really rough time for my kids and I,” Danielle said with a tear escaping her eye. 

“I never wanted to hurt you in any way. Yeah, I feel horrible,” Teresa said.

We can only imagine, but at least Teresa kept good on her word to air her thoughts on the whole thing, and we think it’s a positive that Danielle had the table in her home bolted to the floor. 

Yes, we are joking about that last part, but it would not surprise us if it was an actual thing!

Okay, so what did you think of the episode?

We have just one more episode of drama with the ladies before the reunion episodes, and they should be fun considering Siggy will be speaking her mind because she never needs to see the women again. 

Hit the comments!


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 3 Recap: Bad Guys

We think it’s fair to say that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has seen better days, and the cast members are phoning it in at this stage for the paycheck. 

When The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 3 got underway, Dorit Kemsley was in debriefing mode with her husband, PK, about what happened in Las Vegas. 

Dorit admitted that she bonded with Erika during the trip. She did the impossible: She managed to penetrate the shield of ice Erika has held in front of her heart since she first appeared on the show. 

While that may have been a win for Dorit, she stopped short of dishing all the goodies about her reunion with Lisa Rinna. Maybe she knew PK would not approve.

If you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online, you will already know that PK has been less than enthusiastic about Lisa Rinna in the past. 

Maybe it’s because Lisa Rinna is one of those people that can see through his tough-guy attitude and knows a giant d-bag when she sees one. 

Elsewhere, Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave made her first big mistake as a regular cast member: She went behind two of the other housewives’ backs and met up with the pariah that is Lisa Rinna for some lunch. 

Maybe Teddi realized that the pathway to more screen time is mingling with the one who has nobody else around to steal the limelight. 

The good thing about the lunch date was that it allowed more of Teddi’s personality to shine on through. Through her first two appearances on the show, she seemed more like a parent on The CW’s reboot of that popular Fox show from the 90s. 

Her acting was as wooden as the performances of the people who played the parents on that show, and we’re not even sure she should be acting given that this is reality TV!

Later, good old Lisa Vanderpump rounded up Dorit’s friends and family for some drinks and food to celebrate the eve of Dorit’s birthday dinner. 

It’s bizarre that they’re going out drinking for the night before the party, but it’s nice to see how the other 1% live. Dorit’s son, Jagger was the main attraction because he pretty much said what Dorit had been saying about Erika. 

While Erika was glad to have a child along, the kid yelled “bad guy” at her during the dinner, and Dorit looked like she wanted to hit up her plastic surgeon and get a brand new appearance so that she never had to meet Erika again. 

“My son’s very into bad guys and superheroes,” Dorit said to the camera. Yeah, we’re not buying what you’re selling, dearie. 

As if things were not awkward enough, Lisa Rinna decided to make a speech. These two are barely friends, so it was hilarious that she thought a speech was in order. 

“We are in a really nice place, so thank you and happy birthday to you,” Rinna said.

While all seemed good between the ladies, the fireworks kicked off once again after Teddi and Edwin were invited to dine at Dorit’s home. 

It was a double-date and Dorit was cooking. We were just glad Lisa Rinna was not in attendance because there’s no telling what PK and Dorit would do to take her down. 

PK wasted no time in telling Teddi and Edwin all about the drama with Lisa Rinna. 

“He thinks Lisa Rinna is schizophrenic,” Dorit said.

“She’s one person one minute and then another person another minute. She’s rage and regret – rage and regret,” Dorit said.

Teddi was unimpressed, but kept her composure for dinner, and turned to the camera to dish out her two cents. 

“I’m confused. You just had this big moment where you’ve forgiven each other,” Teddi said. “And now you’re at a dinner, talking about it again. That’s not forgiveness, in my opinion.”

Now, all we need is Teddi to go to Lisa with those loose lips and reveal everything that happened during the dinner party. That way, we’ll have a real party. 

What did you think of all the drama?

Hit the comments below!


Luann de Lesseps to Be Fired from The Real Housewives Due to Arrest?

Following some rather inexcusable, embarrassing and illegal behavior, Luann de Lesseps is in major trouble with the law.

But this is the question on the minds of fans around the country:

Is she also in trouble with Bravo executives?

Over this past holiday weekend, de Lesseps was arrested on five charges, four of which are felonies.

During a very drunken escapade, the reality star allegedly attacked a police officer, resisted arrest and threatened to kill everyone around her.

The incident took place in Palm Beach.

According to legal documents, Luann and an ex-lover broke into a room at the Colony Hotel.

After a security guard demanded she leave, de Lesseps locked herself in the bathroom.

Police were then called to the scene and de Lesseps supposedly shoved one of them after exiting said bathroom, prior to breaking free from her handcuffs and screaming:

I’m going to f-cking kill you!

Details of the arrest really are pretty insane.

The four felonies with which Luann has been charged are:

  • Battery on a law enforcement officer.
  • Resisting arrest with violence.
  • Two counts of corruption by threat.

She’s due in court for a hearing on January 25.

It’s certainly fair to wonder how this arrest will impact Luann’s future on The Real Housewives of New York City.

She’s been a regular cast member since 2008 and it’s nearly impossible to imagine the show without her.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your viewpoint), it doesn’t sound as though you’ll need to do so.

“It won’t [jeopardize her position on the show],” an insider tells Page Six of the arrest, explaining simply:

“Reality loves reality.”

There’s certainly evidence to back this up.

In 2014, Porsha Williams was arrested for speeding and driving with a suspended license. She remains on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

In 2015, Teresa Giudice went to prison on fraud charges in 2015. She remains on The Real Housewives of New Jersey… and even got a raise upon her release!

Luann, meanwhile, married Tom D’Agostino in Palm Beach on December 31, 2016.

They got divorced just seven months later and she cited the trauma from this split as the basis for her actions over the weekend.

“I want to offer my most sincere apologies to anyone that I might have offended with my behavior,” Tweeted de Lesseps after her arrest, adding:

“This was my first time in Palm Beach since my wedding and being here brought up buried emotions.”

That’s for sure.