Vanessa Trump to Aubrey O’Day: I Can F-ck My Husband Better Than You Can!

We have an update on the phone call Vanessa Trump allegedly placed to Aubrey O’Day back in 2012.

You remember that one, right?

The one we reported about back in March, which supposedly transpired after Trump learned O’Day had been sleeping with her husband and she literally called her out on the affair?

At the time, we quoted sources that said Vanessa Trump had her children on the phone, something that seemed a bit inappropriate and out of line.

However, we’ve now learned new information about this supposed phone call…

… and it’s even more stunning!

According to Page Six sources, Vanessa went full on “gangster” when confronting the former Danity Kane artist about the relationship she had with Donald Trump Jr.

Meaning what, exactly? Great question!

After discovering emails between her husband and O’Day, Vanessa dialed up Aubrey and “said some extremely unladylike things to her,” this outlet claims.

We don’t know the exact specifics, but the call “involved the usually demure Vanessa comparing her and childless O’Day’s bodies and sexual capabilities in violently graphic terms,” The New York Post writes here.

At the time of this affair, Vanessa and Donald Jr. had two kids together and Vanessa was pregnant with a third.

They now share five total children.

Based on what this insider alleges, we can only assume Vanessa was telling Aubrey that she can satisfy her man in bed better than O’Day can.

Which is great, you know? It’s important to have confidence in oneself.

But previous reports have claimed that the relationship between Donald Jr. and O’Day was not some lustful fling.

The stars supposedly talked about starting a family together.

Wrote Us Weekly at one point:

“Don told Aubrey he wanted to have a baby with her. They were trying for one.”

This would seem to imply that it didn’t matter back then whether Vanessa was more adventurous between the sheets than O’Day.

There were actual feelings involved between the singer and the son of the current President!

Of course, neither Donald Jr. nor O’Day has commented on this affair, which we heard took place between 2011 and 2012, around the time O’Day was a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice.

It ended, allegedly, after Donald Trump Sr. learned what was going on and told his son to cut it out.

A few days before news of the affair went viral, Vanessa and Donald Jr. announced the end of their marriage.

It wasn’t related to the O’Day romance, of course, considering the couple recovered from that infidelity and stayed together for nearly six more years.

This is what the couple said upon announcing its divorce:

After 12 years of marriage, we have decided to go our separate ways. We will always have tremendous respect for each other and our families.

We have five beautiful children together and they remain our top priority. We ask for your privacy during this time.

Did we also mention O’Day wrote a song about Trump?!?

Listen to it here:


Jessica Alba: Husband Pens Moving Birthday Tribute

Jessica Alba is kind, beautiful, and incredibly talented. A lot of people love her, and with good reason.

But few know her so well or love her so much as her husband, Cash Warren.

Over the weekend, he penned a beautiful birthday message to her that will make you believe in love again.

April 28 was Jessica Alba’s birthday, and this stunning actress turned 37 years old.

Cash wrote a touching tribute to his wife as she snuggled with the couple’s daughters.

(They have three children; Jessica Alba gave birth to their third child on New Year’s Eve, 2017)

“I wrote this last night :)”

Posting to Instagram, his heartwarming message has an endearingly earnest emoticon before it truly begins.

“My love – It’s the eve of your birthday, you’re sleeping, our daughters are next to you in our bed, and I couldn’t think of a better time to write you a short note.”

That is such a sweet image.

“I say it every year, but I’ll never get used to how quickly time flies.”

It must be extra hard to process, since his wife looks at least a decade younger than she is.

“We can turn tiny moments into landmark events or we can accept that landmark events are simply fleeting moments.” 

That is so poetic.

“Either way, I’m slowly realizing there’s no real way to keep tabs on life….sadly.”

Clearly, he wishes that he could record and relive every single moment of their beautiful lives.

“The specific memories fade but somehow we’re able to hold on to the feelings those memories create.”

He’s talking about implicit memories in comparison with explicit memories, and also about lasting impressions. But, you know, more romantically.

“And those feelings shape who we are and who we’ll become.”

That’s very true.

Cash thanks his beautiful wife Jessica for her evocative qualities.

“If I could thank you for one thing on your birthday, I’d thank you for giving me all the feelings.”

Fortunately, he can thank her for many things on her birthday.

Just … not until she wakes up.

“Today marks the first day of your next year of life.”

It sure does.

“And I promise to continue to cherish our tiny moments and our landmark events…”

That is so sweet!

And he isn’t done yet.

(Here we see Jessica holding her youngest baby, Hayes)

Cash finishes the message with an adorable statement.

“Cheers to you and another 365 days of having all the feels!”

(Note that “all of the feels” is a common expression on social media for expressing being overwhelmed with emotion, often by entertainment media like television or video games)

Finally, he signs his message.

“Happy Birthday my babe!! – me”

That is so cute, so genuine, and so sweet.

That kind of love is exactly the kind of praise and adoration that Jessica deserves in her life.

She is an actress, a businesswoman, a model, and an activist. She’s also a wife and a mother.

More than that, she’s a good person who has had her low moments in life.

It is wonderful to see a happily married couple, when Hollywood marriages too often seem rushed and then doomed to fall apart.

Jessica Alba deserves the world.


Emily Ratajkowski: I Don’t Want to Believe That My Husband is Cheating

Emily Ratajkowski is known for her outspoken feminism, her modeling work, her acting career, and for her gorgeous looks. She has a lot of fans.

So of course word got back to her when her new husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, was spotted looking cozy with her friend … and not wearing his ring.

Ratajkowski is reportedly not cool with it. At all.

Just over two months ago, Ratajkowski stunned fans and friends alike when she married Sebastian Bear-McClard after only one month of dating.

But people were even more surprised when Sebastian was spotted out and about with his wife’s friend, Suki Waterhouse.

The two seemed extremely cozy despite being in public.

His arm was over her shoulder, and their faces seemed nose-to-nose at times.

More significantly, there was no sign that Sebastian was wearing his ring.


HollywoodLife reports that Emily Ratajkowski is furious that her new husband seems to be straying — and with her good friend, no less.

“Emily and Suki are friends but that doesn’t mean she’s cool with this.”

“Suki was getting way too close to her man. Emily read her the riot act as soon as she saw … she was furious with Suki.”

Everyone wants their friends to get along with their spouse, but … only up to a point.

The source says that Emily set Sebastian straight,t oo.

“And Sebastian didn’t escape her anger, he got an earful too.”

We can only imagine.

To be clear, this source says that she doesn’t actually think that Sebastian’s been cheating.

“Emily doesn’t think anything is actually going on between them.”

This is apparently more of a matter of making her look bad through an awkward public display that leaves her answering questions that she’d rather not be receiving in the first place.

“But she’s mad at them for making her look bad.”

Image matters, folks. Plus, many believe that men should restrain themselves to some degree after they get married.

“It’s just embarrassing and really disrespectful.”

When the story of what looked like extramarital PDA first surfaced, some wondered if Emily and Sebastian had silently split.

It wouldn’t be the biggest surprise to many fans.

Some are still recovering from their shock that the two tied the knot in the first place.

Again, they were only ever dating for about a month before they decided to get married. Which is … surprising. It’s not necessarily nuts, but some people considered it to be a bad idea.

Also, one doesn’t have to peruse Sebastian’s social media for long to find that his posts even just a couple of years ago were decidedly … not woke.

So it’s very easy for people to imagine these two finding that their differences cannot be reconciled.

While it’s good to hear that Emily didn’t jump to conclusions about her husband’s behavior with her friend … this isn’t confirmed.

it is unlikely that she’s going to make a public statement, totally unprompted, clearing her husband of any suspicion of stepping out on her or clearing her friend of betraying her trust.

If she and Sebastian do end up splitting, then we might expect one or both of them to make a statement in an interview, or perhaps on social media.

We might not understand why they raced to the altar, but we of course wish them the best.