Harvey Weinstein’s Attorney Blasts Asia Argento’s Settlement as Stunning Hypocrisy

Asia Argento’s got some nerve being the face of the #MeToo movement … so says Harvey Weinstein’s attorney. The ex-studio mogul’s attorney, Ben Brafman, tells TMZ “this development reveals a stunning level of hypocrisy by Asia Argento, one of…


Harvey Weinstein’s Attorney Blasts Asia Argento’s Settlement as Stunning Hypocrisy

Asia Argento’s got some nerve being the face of the #MeToo movement … so says Harvey Weinstein’s attorney. The ex-studio mogul’s attorney, Ben Brafman, tells TMZ “this development reveals a stunning level of hypocrisy by Asia Argento, one of…


David Eason Reacts to Bristol Palin Casting: SUCH Hypocrisy!

David Eason is no longer part of the Teen Mom franchise.

The husband of Jenelle Evans was fired in February of 2018 for posting homophobic remarks on Twitter.

Neither he nor his controversial wife took the decision quietly, blasting MTV at various points over the past several months.

We hadn't heard much about the move in awhile, though, not until the network hired Bristol Palin as a new cast member on Teen Mom OG.

For reasons that sort of make sense, this casting as set Eason off.

Who does he blame for it and why? Scroll down to find out!

1. You’re Fired!

David eason kaden
Eason received the news that he was given the boot from Teen Mom 2 in late February 2018. It was the culmination of the reality star stirring up a great deal of controversy among crew members and co-stars.

2. What Did He Say?

That he’ll teach his kids to avoid gay people, for one thing, while comparing the LGBT community to dogs.

3. What Else Did He Say?

That gay people have no morals and that parents need to stop teaching their kids anything about this community is acceptable or “normal.”

4. And What Did MTV Say in Response?

Jenelle evans kissy face with david eason
That he’s outta there! “David Eason’s personal comments do not reflect the views of MTV,” said the network in response. With six weeks left of production on Teen Mom 2, effective immediately, we are ending our relationship with him.”

5. Enter Bristol Palin!

Bristol palin and crew
Fast forward a few months and MTV stunned the nation by hiring Bristol as a replacement for Farrah Abraham (who was fired for sucking and loving porn too much, basically). We’re still processing this development, to be honest.

6. Palin Has Spoken Out on the Casting:

Bristol palin weight loss
“I am excited to join MTV’s ‘Teen Mom OG.’ I look forward to sharing my experiences and hope that I can help others on their journey,” she wrote as a caption to a photo of her, her kids and some MTV cameramen.

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Blake Shelton Blasted for Hypocrisy, Cheating by Miranda Lambert Ex

Recently, Blake Shelton shaded ex Miranda Lambert on Twitter with an unkind subtweet, seeming to gloat over the “karma” of 

Well Blake isn’t Miranda’s only ex. Jeff Allen, whom she dated for years before she ever met Blake, 

He’s since deleted the tweet, but you have to read his impassioned words.

Blake Shelton’s tweet, which got the ball rolling, reads:

“Been taking the high road for a long time…”

By which he means that he hasn’t spoken as much as he could have about how things ended between him and Miranda.

“I almost gave up.”

Now he starts his bit.

“But I can finally see something on the horizon up there!!”

He’s referring to the accusations that Miranda Lambert stole her new boyfriend from his wife.

“Wait!! Could it be?! Yep!! It’s karma!!”

Oh boy.

Jeff Allen tweeted, writing words that he must have been sitting on for years and years.

“You know, i’ve always given you the benefit of the doubt and chalked it up to just being human.”

You can feel his anger in the now-deleted tweet.

“But you must be one arrogant SOB to pop off something like this.”

And here comes the accusation:

“When I know damn good and well you were cheating on your wife and Miranda was cheating on me when you two started up.”

Jeff Allen dated Miranda Lambert for about three years before they broke up and she dated — and later married — Blake Shelton. 

Allen has since deleted that tweet, but he did tweet this:

“I kept my mouth shut for 13 years.”

That’s a long time to hold onto something like this.

But he, if you can imagine, apologizes for his tweet.

“Sorry, his karma tweet rubbed me wrong.”

As well it should have. It certainly looked like hypocritical gloating.

“All of this is pointless.”

If you believe all of the accusations, Miranda Lambert cheated on Jeff Allen with Blake Shelton, who was also cheating.

Then, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert allegedly both cheated on each other, though the Country community seemed to side with Blake.

Then, Blake and Gwen Stefani bonded over both having been cheated on. At the time, they were both judges or coaches or whatever on The Voice.

Since then, Miranda spent over two years with Anderson East.

But now, she’s accused of “stealing” Evan Felker from his wife.

And yes, Miranda has been called out on social media by a very unhappy Mrs. Felker.

All of that alleged cheating is in the past, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be smooth sailing for Gwen and Blake from here on out.

Gwen Stefani has only had a few serious relationships in her life. She takes cheating very seriously.

Is she going to kick Blake to the curb when she realizes that he’s a huge hypocrite who used her heartbreak to bond with her?

Or is she so besotted that she’s going to keep going and perhaps even marry Blake … and only break things off if and when he cheats on her?

No one deserves that kind of heartbreak.

It may be that Miranda Lambert is, as some accuse her of being, a “serial cheater.” But she certainly has not stolen anyone’s husband.

Those men, if the allegations are true, have made their own choices.

And Blake was one of those men. It sounds like Jeff Allen was totally justified in tweeting what he wrote.


Meghan McCain Accused of Hypocrisy for David Hogg Criticisms

Over the weekend, millions of teens and others who dislike the constant threat of mass shootings poured out to attend rallies and protests to push for gun control.

March For Our Lives had a number of critics. For example, Rick Santorum says that teens should take CPR classes instead of asking for the government to protect them and their peers.

As you'll see in the video below, Meghan McCain is also criticizing the movement … because she disapproves of the language being used.

Meghan mccain speaks on the view

We don't want to just write anyone's words out of context, so the video of her comments is below, but Meghan McCain said this of Parkland survivor David Hogg's speech:

"One thing I will say is that you don’t move the narrative when you use language like this."

That line in particular came back to haunt her, but we'll get to that in a moment.

"He said, ‘It just makes me think what sick blankers out there want to continue to sell more guns, murder our children and honestly just get reelected. What type of blanking person does that?'"

She continues to quote him, saying:

"'They could have blood from children splattered all over their faces and they don’t take action because all they see are dollar signs.’"

She ends her quote with her final criticism.

"I wish we could have it where the rhetoric isn’t that any of us could ‘have blood splattered on our faces and your life perspective wouldn’t be changed.’ I don’t think it’s productive."

David hogg march for our lives

David Hogg was one of multiple Parkland shooting survivors who gave a speech at the March For Our Lives protest.

Millions came out in support of gun control in an effort to prevent more terrible mass shootings.

The Onion titled one of their satirical articles: "Teens Spend Wild Spring Break in D.C. Begging Lawmakers for Their Lives," which is … pretty accurate, unfortunately.

At the protest, David Hogg spoke up, saying:

"When politicians send their thoughts and prayers with no action, we say, ‘No more.'"

He continues, issuing a warning to politicians who continue to drag their feet against the growing demands for gun control.

“And to those politicians supported by the NRA, that allow the continued slaughter of our children and our future, I say, get your resumes ready."

Like many 17-year-olds, Hogg will soon be able to vote.

David hogg and emma gonzalez

David Hogg, seen here with fellow survivor Emma Gonzalez, was not on The View to defend his words to Meghan McCain.

But Whoopi Goldberg spoke up in his defense.

"Well, here’s the thing. These kids are not going to take it."

People who have heard their friends die aren't going to mince words when they appeal for sensible regulations that have been proven to prevent mass shootings in other Western nations.

"They are sick of waiting for the adults to do it. They are letting you know."

And Whoopi points out that his language choice is really not a problem.

"Whether they’re cussing you out or speaking beautifully. It doesn’t matter."

David hogg selfie

Viewers of The View spoke up on Twitter in opposition to Meghan McCain's words.

"Come on. These kids want to go to school and have a decent chance to grow up. They're scared. Do something to help instead of crticize."

"Oh please! Get your priorities straight. Some people only listen when you shock the hell out of them. This fine young man is PASSIONATE. Kids have been blown away & gunned down. You need to focus on the issue. Stop distracting the good these kids R doing."

"Once again @MeghanMcCain misses the point. The words of @davidhogg111 aren’t effective because he cursed? The boy watched his friends die and he’s not allowed to swear? Please."

"You're wrong Meghan. Own it."

We mentioned that Meghan's comment about language would come back to bite her.

Her own profile includes the tag "F–kCancer," a reference to her father's current health battle.

Tweeters did point out that if she feels that "bad" words are acceptable for a cause about which she feels passionate, she shouldn't hold David Hogg to different standards.

Meghan mccain on the view

We will say, to be fair, that Meghan McCain wasn't necessarily as focused on David Hogg's use of "bad" words as many have assumed.

It sounds like she felt that his rhetoric wasn't really designed to change any hearts and minds. And she's right.

Hogg's speech was designed to inspire people who are already big believers in gun control. He wants them to vote out politicians who won't budge over guns.

Meghan is a conservative, but she's a moderate conservative, and she and many who feel as she does feel like changing people's minds should be the goal of speeches like that.

Others — perhaps Hogg included — might counter that anyone who is still opposed to gun control after countless mass shootings, including the one in Parkland, is probably not going to be swayed by Hogg's words or by anyone else's.

Here are her comments:

Meghan mccain accused of hypocrisy for david hogg criticisms

James Woods Roasted for Hypocrisy After Bashing Gay Film!

James Woods is no stranger to bigotry or controversy. The actor may have an amazing voice, but whenever he opens his mouth (or Twitter) to share his views … it’s a disaster.

This time, James Woods tried to blast a gay romance film over the age gap between its protagonists, digging into some age old anti-gay rhetoric in the process.

Armie Hammer and Amber Tamblyn replied, exposing Woods’ hypocrisy and accusing him of being a total creep.

So, Call Me By Your Name is a film based on a novel by the same name.

Wikipedia describes the film’s plot:

“A young man named Elio, living in Italy during the 1980s, meets Oliver, an academic who has come to stay at his parents’ villa, and a passionate relationship develops between them, as they bond over their sexuality, their Jewish heritage, and the landscape.”

Elio is played by Timothee Chalamet and Oliver is played by Armie Hammer.

The film won’t come out until November, but both Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic give the film 98%, in both cases more or less signifying “universal acclaim.”

The only real source of controversy for anyone who isn’t gay or antisemtic is the age range of the relationship in the film.

Elio is 17 and Oliver is 24.

Now, I’m personally American enough that I’d give that relationship some side-eye. 17 and 20? That’s the age gap of classmates and fine by me (whether it’s legal varies from state to state). 18 and 25? Same age range as in the film but the younger person’s 18 (which is very Ameri-centric, I know).

(I do believe that some consent laws should be adjusted; there are some frightening stories of people being arrested on their 18th birthdays for dating classmates because the other teen’s parents just don’t like them — but that’s a whole other mess. I still recommend following whatever laws are on the books in anyone’s state or country)

But the film is set in Italy, where someone being 17 isn’t an issue.

A few people are trying to make this film an issue anyway.

One man, an author who is a gay conservative, tweeted about the age difference.

James Woods quoted the man’s tweet, chiming in: 

“As they quietly chip away the last barriers of decency. #NAMBLA

“NAMBLA” is the acronym once used by a group of pedophiles during the 1990s. The group no longer exists, but they were trying to promote their desire to sexually prey upon children as somehow acceptable.

There’s a long and vicious history of anti-gay groups trying to tie gay rights (and LGBT rights in general, but especially gay men) to efforts by pedophiles to avoid prosecution.

(It’s a false equivalency; just like how advocates who want to legalize marijuana aren’t the same as people who want to make murder legal, because one of those activities involves a victim and the other does not)

It is also true that a lot of anti-gay rhetoric tries to conflate gay men with pedophiles.

(It’s a deliberate smear tactic; also most perpetrators of child sexual abuse are straight men)

James Woods recently argued that he has gay friends and, therefore, couldn’t possibly be homophobic. Dredging up a comparison like that doesn’t help his argument.

What happened next, though, was kind of amazing.

Armie Hammer came out in defense of his film.

He quoted James Woods’ tweet, saying:

“Didn’t you date a 19 year old when you were 60…….?”


Again, that’s totally legal and also should be legal.

But a man who dated someone 41 years his junior surely has no business shaming a 7-year age gap between legal adults.

(A 17-year-old is considered an adult for purposes of sex and consent in most Western countries, including Italy)

And then it got better.

Well … worse.

Actress Amber Tamblyn shared an anecdote from her own experience with James Woods.

She tweeted her claim to Armie Hammer:

“James Woods tried to pick me and my friend up at a restaurant once. He wanted to take us to Vegas. ‘I’m 16’ I said. ‘Even better’ he said.”

That is well and truly gross.

Mistakenly flirting with someone who’s a minor … shouldn’t happen, but some venues seem like places that would only have adults.

A guy that old doubling down after learning her age … is horrifying.

James Woods described the accusation as “fiction” in a tweet.

A software engineer shared a screencap of a conversation that she’d had with an unnamed woman who said that James Woods had tried to pick her up when she was still in high school, around 2001.

If these accusations are true, this sounds like an alarming pattern of behavior, because James Woods was not the “slightly older peer” of either of these women, then or now.

People in glass houses probably shouldn’t throw stones, huh?