Paul Sorvino on Harvey Weinstein: I’ll Kill the Motherf–ker!

If you've been anywhere near the internet in the past three months, then you're no doubt aware of the shocking public disgrace that is the Harvey Weinstein sex scandals.

At this point, there are so many accusations against Weinstein that it's nearly impossible to keep track of them all, but not one of his victims has forgotten the damage he inflicted.

Among Weinstein's many high-profile (alleged) victims is the actress Mira Sorvino, who was (allegedly) blacklisted by the powerful mogul after he attempted to rape her and she fled.

Those familiar with the situation say Weinstein effectively derailed Sorvino's once-promising career as revenge for eluding his attempted sexual assault.

It remains to be seen if Weinstein will go to prison in connection with the many accusations against him, but it's beginning to look like he'd be better off incarcerated.

The former Miramax chief has some mighty powerful enemies on the outside these days, including Mira's famous father, Paul Sorvino.

You might know Paul as Paulie in Goodfellas, or from a number of other intimidating badass roles that didn't seem to be much of a stretch for the veteran actor.

TMZ recently caught up with Paul and asked him about the Weinstein situation.

"He better hope that he goes to jail," Sorvino told the outlet in no uncertain terms.

"If we come across, I think he'll be lying on the floor … somehow."

Hilariously, Sorvino's awesome threats get even more blunt from there.

Watch the full clip below to see Sorvino make an early case for himself as Dad of the Year:

Paul sorvino on harvey weinstein ill kill the motherf ker

George Zimmerman: I’ll Kill Jay-Z and Feed Him to an Alligator!

As you may have heard, Jay-Z has been working on a documentary about Trayvon Martin, a teen whose life was cut tragically short.

Interviews are a normal part of any documentary, but George Zimmerman’s response to producers interviewing people in his life has been … to threaten to kill Jay-Z and feed him to an alligator.

We suppose that when you’ve already gotten away with murder, merely threatening to kill people must seem like no big deal.

You know, when George Zimmerman got off for killing Trayvon Martin, he felt invincible. The fact that he’s still free after threatening to kill a man in a road rage incident and throwing a bottle at his girlfriend has only, in his eyes, confirmed that.

George Zimmerman spoke to The Blast, and he sounded irate that docuseries executive producer Michael Gasparro showed up at the homes of his parents and uncle.

Zimmerman, being the kind of guy who would stalk and murder a teenager who was just walking home with some skittles, is responding with open hostility. And with threats.

Among his threats is one to “beat Jay-Z.”

Jay-Z has actually been shot before, and also almost certainly has more than enough private security to deal with a man whose claim to fame was the murder of an unarmed teenager.

But that doesn’t stop Zimmerman from doing his best to sound menacing.

“I know how to handle people who f–k with me, I have since February 2012.”

If you read that and are thinking that it’s somehow not an explicit threat, well, Zimmerman also got a lot more specific when speaking to The Blast.

“Anyone who f–ks with my parents will be fed to an alligator.”

A murderer who got off scott free then threatening to feed people to alligators for interviewing his parents isn’t the most Floridian thing that we’ve ever heard, but it does make the top 10 list.

George Zimmerman brags about murder a lot. It doesn’t usually go over well, though he’s had a number of appalling racists reach out to support him.

These same racists, we imagine, were among the bidders when George Zimmerman auctioned off the murder weapon.

But it sounds like Jay-Z’s documentary, “Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story,” is really getting under Zimmerman’s skin.

Zimmerman describes the attempted interviews (we don’t know if they took place or not) as “harassment” but fails to describe any way in which harassment might have taken place.

And The Blast says that he seemed to be especially upset at the news that his ex-wife had been paid an unspecified amount of money for being interviewed.

Having one of the most infamous murderers in recent American history as your ex-husband can’t come with many perks, but getting paid to describe your experiences with him and to reveal what you know about him would, we suppose, be one.

Some may respond the idea of Zimmerman’s family (even ex-family) getting paid to speak with hostility.

After Trayvon Martin lost his life at age 17, they think, is it right for people associated with his murder to get paid?

We would counter with this: this very likely means that Trayvon Martin’s family and friends and loved ones, who still mourn him and are honoring his memory by speaking in this docuseries, are also getting paid.

Beyonce and Jay-Z are famously very, very generous with their wealth.

And while nothing can ever bring back their son, we think that Trayvon’s loved ones deserve to get paid for speaking the truth.

This docuseries could be important, however.

There are even die-hard racists in this world who have trouble dehumanizing someone when confronted with that person’s full humanity.

More to the point, honoring Trayvon’s memory and mourning his loss could remind others of the potential costs of their actions.

How many racists, we wonder, bite their tongues when they realize that if they scream obscenities as a Burger King employee or whatever, their rant might go viral.

Some of those people might think twice about stalking an unarmed teen and then murdering him if they consider that they might become one of the most hated people in America.


Kailyn Lowry: I’ll Publish My Own Tell-All, WITHOUT Javi Marroquin!

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are no longer writing a book together, but that doesn’t mean that Kailyn’s done writing.

No, Kail is coming out with her own book. And we can only imagine the things that she’ll have to say, considering that Javi will no longer be her coauthor.

And apparently it’s all because Javi Marroquin is banging Briana DeJesus. Can you believe that there was a time when fans worried that Briana being on the show would be boring?

Until pretty recently, Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin were working together on a book, which would have been titled He Said, She Said.

The erstwhile coauthors had a falling out because, well, Javi could have dated any woman on the planet who isn’t one of his baby mama’s costars, but instead landed in bed with Briana DeJesus.

And, of course, Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry have been feuding. What a mess.

Kailyn broke the news to RadarOnline that they’d canned their joint book-writing venture, and she phrased it as delicately as possible:

“We are working diligently on the co-parenting thing. It was just too difficult to try to do business together at this time.”

Kailyn Lowry rules at coparenting, so if she and Javi are struggling with it, then this is definitely intense.

“It wasn’t going to work out because we recently fell back into a bad place.”

Well, Javi did the falling. And Briana DeJesus was the bad place.

Javi also had his statement about why he and Kailyn were no longer doing the book.

“I decided I want to cut all ties with Kail and I didn’t want to come out with this book and have to go on tour. That’s behind me.”

Really? He wants to cut all ties with Kailyn?

What the heck does he call Lincoln, their son?

We’ll chalk that up to a poor choice of words.

Speaking of choice words, however, Kailyn has an announcement to make:

Speaking to RadarOnline, Kailyn Lowry shares some exciting news.

“I’ve experienced so much over the years but most importantly, I’ve learned a lot.”

That’s true. Being a mother teaches you a lot, but being a reality star? That can be a very educational experience.

Being both at once has to be an adventure.

“I know that there are tons of mothers just like me in the world who are strong but also need support.”

And she believes that she has valuable lessons to impart.

“Just because you’re strong, doesn’t mean that you don’t need help.”

Honestly, though, this is getting hyped as a tell-all book, and the publishing house says that there’s more than parenting advice within the promised pages.

Orie, the CEO of 13th & Joan Publishing House, gushed about the Teen Mom star’s upcoming book:

“There is so much that the world has yet to see of Kail and her talents.”

That’s true. A lot of people just think of her as a woman who got pregnant as a teen. And then got pregnant again. And again.

But there’s more to Kail than meets the eye, folks.

“She is insightful and knows exactly what she wants to communicate through her writing.”

Honestly, all of the talk of Kail as an avid writer makes us wonder if she has some undiscovered internet pen names. Maybe she’s written fanfic?

“Her new projects will reveal so much about her as a mother and as a person.”

That’s why it’s called a tell-all.

“While the world watches and is led to believe that they have the full story, there is always more to be told.”

Well, reality television never tells the whole story. And then there are time constraints.

A book will be Kailyn putting her words out there and telling things from her perspective.

It’s doubtful that we’ll get the same tell-all from her ex, as Javi Marroquin is being deployed by the Air Force and, obviously, won’t have time to write a book of his own any time soon.


Farrah Abraham EXPLODES on Teen Mom Boss: I’ll Do Porn If I Want!

Usually, when someone gets fired from a job there’s little doubt about what’s gonna happen next.

You pack your sh-t, make plans to “totally still hang out” with co-workers you’re never gonna see again, shed some tears, and polish up that resumé that still lists “proficient in Microsoft Word” as one of your “special skills.”

But Farrah Abraham is not your typical employee, and while she may have been axed by MTV, she’s certainly not going without a fight.

Before we delve into the question of whether or not Ms. Abraham still has a job, some backstory:

A few weeks ago, Farrah decided to launch a lucrative side-hustle, masturbating on a live stream for paying customers who want to see how her vaginal rejuvenation procedure worked out.

Anyway, the cast members are all well into their twenties at this point, but Teen Mom: OG still has “teen” in the title, and it attracts a much younger audience than most reality shows.

As such, producers were less than pleased with Farrah’s decision to pleasure herself in front of pervy-dudes with no limit to their disposable income (read: every man working in Hollywood, apparently).

And so, Farrah was fired. Or was she?

The above trailer for the new season of Teen Mom: OG concludes with a scene in which Farrah butts heads with one of the show’s producers over her decision to become a cam girl–a career choice that’s usually limited to ladies whose houses have wheels.

“If you choose to work in the adult industry, we can’t continue to film,” producer Morgan J. Freeman tells Farrah in a calm, measured tone that suits his name.

“Who are you to tell someone to choose one thing?” Farrah shoots back.

(The easy answer from Freeman would have been, “Well I’m your boss, so…”)

“Shoot me for being who I am!” continues an increasingly irate Abraham.

But did Farrah really get the axe, or is this that #FakeNews your Aunt Linda’s always going on about on Facebook.

Observer Exhibit B:

In the clip above, Farrah says she was “fake fired” as some sort of vast conspiracy.

It’s tough to make out exactly what she’s saying, because … well, we’re pretty sure Farrah doesn’t know what point she’s trying to get across.

Our guess would be that going forward, Farrah will be doing her masturbating in private, and MTV will welcome her back for at least one more season of TM: OG.

We’re sure being a cam girl pays well, but being an MTV reality star pays better.

And there are no curiously oversized “toys” involved.

Watch Teen Mom: OG online for more of the ridiculous life of Farrah Abraham.


Audrey Roloff: Sorry, God, I’ll Instagram Less Often!

Audrey Roloff has an important and surprising announcement to make.

Actually, before she does so, Audrey Roloff has a precious and adorable photo to share:

Perfect, right?

How does the Little People, Big World star do anything that doesn’t involve cuddling her daughter, Ember Jean?!?

Sadly, however, fans of the reality star may not be seeing many more pictures such as this going forward.

Audrey announced as a caption to the cute snapshot that she may be posting less frequently on Instagram going forward.

And she share an interesting reason why.

“All cozied up with my sweet little Ember. She warms my heart, get it. Snuggling her is my favorite,” opened Roloff.

She then delved into more profound and religious detail:

“Ok so… I’ve been convicted on something lately… As much as l love sharing my life with y’all and what I’ve learned/am learning, l never want to be someone who spends more time sharing on social media than l do seeking the Lord and searching His truths.”

Audrey, of course, has always been very open about her faith.

“I know this might sound a little contradictory, cause here l am sharing this, but maybe some of you can relate?” she continued,adding:

“In a world that invites us to share share share, l want to seek seek seek. Instead of always reaching for my phone to document a moment or share on social media, l want to be more concerned with seeking God in those moments and listening for what He might have to share with me!

This is a common critique of social media, of course.

Not the connection to God necessarily, but the fact that some people spend more time documenting their lives than living their lives.

“Don’t get me wrong, l love sharing and engaging with you all in this space,” Audrey concluded.

“But it should always come second to time with my Creator and redeemer.

“I want to be someone who spends more time reading truth, engaging wisdom, and listing for His still small voice, than sharing my own incomplete oversimplified perspectives.”

Roloff has also faced a lot of unfair criticism as a result of her frequent Instagram posting.

She was somehow dragged online for this simple photo of her daughter, for example.

This may explain why Jeremy recently expressed support for his beloved soulmate.

“Im so proud of my wife. These last few weeks have been pretty tough on her,” Jeremy wrote yesterday.

“(If you watch our stories you know what I’m talking about) But she’s been a trooper and I’m thankful that I have her as a teammate.”

Hey, whatever makes you feel happy and content, Audrey.

We adore seeing these Ember Jean photos, but we support whatever decision you make in this regard.