Jenelle Evans Almost Got SHOT During Road Rage Incident! (Report)

Earlier this week, reports about a Jenelle Evans road rage incident that nearly led to led to tragedy left Teen Mom 2 fans stunned.

Witnesses say Evans brandished a weapon and threatened to kill the other driver, all while her eldest son, Jace, was in the car with her.

Thankfully, no one was injured, but the incident is likely to carry major legal ramifications for Jenelle, and it looks as though it'll at least result in the controversial reality star being fired from the series that made her famous.

Now, new details have emerged which confirm that Evans was the aggressor – and that she nearly paid the ultimate price.

1. Jenelle Being Jenelle

Jenelle pointing fingers
Last week, Jenelle was involved in a near-fatal encounter that reportedly began when another driver cut her off. Evans claims the motorist “intentionally” slammed on his brakes in front of her, hoping to cause an accident.

2. A New Level of Insanity

Jenelle evans sunglasses son jace
With her 8-year old son in the car, Jenelle pursued the other driver, eventually chasing him down a dirt road and onto his own property.

3. Flirting With Disaster

Jenelle evans promoting lipstick
Now, the other driver is speaking out for the first time and revealing that Jenelle risked not only her life but the life of her son when she drove straight into an ambush situation.

4. Jenelle on the Warpath

Jenelle evans promotes weight loss tea
“She drove down my dirt road, way down in the woods to my house,” the driver tells Radar Online. “I didn’t know who was inside the car at the time. It could have been a carload of guys…the windows were tinted.”

5. It’s a Trap!

Jenelle eason gun photo
We knew from the start that the Jenelle situation got out of hand in a hurry, but what we didn’t know is that Jenelle came frighteningly close to being involved in a violent shootout.

6. Weapons All Around

Jenelle evans gun photo
“We didn’t know and we had to treat it for the worst possible situation,” claims the other driver. “My son was outside waiting in an azalea bush, he was armed, my wife was pulling in, she was armed, my cousin was out there and they were armed.”

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David Eason Goes on INSANE Rant After Jenelle Evans’ Gun Incident!

It’s been a crazy week for the Eason clan, huh?

Or a crazy year, honestly –2018 has been mighty eventful for them so far.

Technically, things have been crazy for them ever since they first got together, as is tradition when Jenelle finds herself a new soulmate.

But let’s just zero in on this week, OK?

On Monday, we learned that our dear Jenelle recently had … a bit of an incident, we’ll say.

Last week, she was involved in a big, terrifying fiasco while driving her son Jace home from a therapy appointment — remember that little tidbit, because the irony of that will be revealed in a moment.

Something happened with another driver, and she called 911, complaining that the driver had “purposely slammed on the brakes,” and when she braked to avoid hitting the car, Jace “almost got whiplash and almost hit the dash.”

Well, that was her story, anyway.

According to the driver that found himself in this situation with Jenelle, things went down a lot differently.

In this version of events, Jenelle was driving erratically, so this guy passed her, and she immediately flipped out.

She allegedly flipped out so hard that she followed him back to his house, hit two cars on his property as well as his mailbox, then “pulled a gun.”

Those are some pretty big details she omitted, huh?

She left the guy’s house before police arrived, so the assumption is that the incident is currently being investigated.

With reports that Teen Mom 2 was filming during all of this, one would think it would be relatively easy to figure out exactly what happened.

But, wouldn’t you know, David’s got his own story.

In a comment on Facebook, he said that we’ve only heard one side of the story, and that what actually happened was that the other driver “tried to kidnap her.”

… What?!

That doesn’t make any sense for multiple reasons, one being that we’ve heard Jenelle’s 911 call, and you’d think that if the guy tried to kidnap her then it would have come up.

Also, at what point did he try to kidnap her? Was it when they were both driving or after she followed him home, hit his mailbox, and pulled out a gun with two children in her car?

It’s just a really dumb thing to say, but since this is David, there’s been no shortage of dumb statements this week.

After Kailyn Lowry spoke out about David’s comments on Leah Messer’s daughter — lots of drama between Teen Mom 2 cast members lately! — he decided to attack Kailyn in a Facebook post.

“So I guess Kailyn Lowry got her keyboard so greasy from cheetos that her finger slipped and said some more tough guy sh-t about me and my wife,” he wrote.

“Apparently her plastic surgeon filled her head with the same sh-t he filled her ass with.”

We’ve already talked about how ridiculous that was, so let’s skip ahead to the comments on that post because, for some reason, he thought it was appropriate to slam Jenelle’s mother there.

He claimed that “Barb got fired from Walmart and wouldn’t have sh-t right now if it wasn’t for keeping Jace from his mother so she can get a MTV paycheck.”

“I make more in a month than she made in a year (before she got fired).”

The rage is real, right?

Barbara isn’t keeping Jace from Jenelle, Jenelle signed over custody to her and then last year she agreed to visitation instead of going for custody.

Barbara has also worked hard for her entire life to take care of her kids, and now her kids’ kids, and she’s said that she puts all the Teen Mom money away for Jace’s future.

Also, David quit his job when he started dating Jenelle, and now he’s been fired from the show, so where exactly is his money coming from?

We’re not sure, but in another comment, he told someone “I probably make at least 100x more money than you.”

He explained that “I don’t have what you would call a ‘job,’ I’m an investor and business owner but that’s none of your business, is it?”

OK, so let’s say, just for fun, that this person David’s speaking with makes $ 10,000 a year — a super, super low amount well below poverty level.

We’re saying that because if David thinks he makes 100 times more than that, that would make him a literal millionaire, even besides the money Jenelle makes from MTV.

And that is obviously very, very untrue.

What business does he own? What has he invested in? What does he do that has him making more money than Jenelle?

Why does he say these things that are so clearly false? Does he actually think people will believe it? Does he believe it himself?

So many questions, and absolutely zero answers — yet another way these people have proven themselves to be disappointments.


Jenelle Evans Gun Incident: Teen Mom 2 Co-Stars React!

If you're a Teen Mom 2 fan, then by now, you've likely heard about the infamous Jenelle Evans road rage incident.

In case you somehow missed it, here's a brief rundown:

Basically, Jenelle is even more nuts than we thought, and she chased a guy down and threatened to shoot him on his own lawn all because he cut her off in traffic.

Oh, did we mention her son was in the passenger seat the whole time?

Like we said, it was bad. Very bad.

And naturally, Jenelle's esteemed colleagues over at MTV have had a lot to say on the subject:

1. A New Low

Jenelle evans attends 2017 vmas
Family, friends, and fans are used to erratic and even violent behavior from Jenelle. But endangering multiple lives – including that of her 8-year-old son, Jace – is a new low for Evans, and her latest controversy is sure to carry some serious consequences.

2. The End of an Era?

Jenelle evans promoting lipstick
There’s even been talk of Jenelle getting fired from Teen Mom 2. The decision has been escalated from TM2 producers to MTV execs, who are currently in discussions about Jenelle’s future with the network.

3. The Fallout Continues

Jenelle nathan and kaiser
It also looks as though Jenelle might lose custody of her youngest son, Kaiser, as a result of her latest brush with the law. She’s already lost custody of Jace, who is currently being raised by Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans.

4. Uncharacteristically Quiet

Jenelle evans twitter self portrait
Thus far, Jenelle has kept mum on the issue, possibly at the advice of her legal counsel. But her co-stars have been quick to offer their two cents on the situation.

5. Calling For Her Head

Jenelle evans cracked out
Not surprisingly, many are calling for Jenelle to be fired as a result of the incident, including her longtime co-star Jeremy Calvert.

6. Jeremy Sounds Off

Leah messer jeremy calvert photo
Calvert – the former husband of Leah Messer – is an outspoken opponent of gun control legislation, but even he feels that left-leaning TM2 producers should put their money where their mouth is and can Jenelle for brandishing a weapon.

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Jenelle Evans: Will She Lose Custody of Kaiser Over Gun Incident?!

Earlier today, we reported on the shocking news that Jenelle Evans pulled a gun on another driver in a frightening road rage incident.

Thankfully (and astonishingly), no one was injured when Jenelle chased the other motorist into his home while brandishing a weapon, but that doesn’t mean the episode won’t carry serious consequences for the Teen Mom 2 star fans love to hate.

Already, there have been rumors that Jenelle might be fired by MTV as a result of her actions.

Obviously, Ms. Evans has had many, many brushes with the law since first gaining fame over a decade ago, and thus far, none of them has cost her her job.

But this time might be different.

An MTV camera crew was following close behind during Jenelle’s wild ride, which means not only was the whole thing captured on film, Jenelle may have put network employees in danger.

The footage is already beng reviewed by MTV execs, who are reportedly discussing the matter of Jenelle’s future in closed meetings.

Needless to say, things aren’t looking great for Evans her on the career front – or any other front, for that matter.

In fact, insiders now say Jenelle’s ex-fiancé, Nathan Griffith, is planning to use this latest brush with the law as grounds to obtain sole custody of 3-year-old Kaiser, his son with Evans

“We are fearful,” Griffith’s girlfriend, Ashley Lanhardt, told Radar Online. “Her erratic behavior is frightening.

“Who follows someone home and trespasses on someone else’s property?” Lanhardt adds.

We can’t help but think that Ashley is burying the lede a bit by not focusing on the gun part, but hey – trespassing is bad too, right?

Anyway, it seems Griffith and his loved ones are in the process of beginning their effort to strip Jenelle of all custody and visitation rights.

“They’re consulting with a lawyer about next steps,” one insider tells Radar Online.

As longtime TM2 fans know, Jenelle has already lost custody of her eldest son, Jace, who is currently being raised by her mother, Barbara Evans.

Her legal battle with Nathan has been raging for years, and while Kaiser was not present at the time of the incident, more legal trouble for Jenelle could result in a big change in Evans’ parental rights.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of just how much evidence of erratic behavior Griffith’s lawyers have on video.


Jenelle Evans: Will She Be Fired By MTV For Latest Gun Incident?

Earlier today, we reported on the shocking news that Jenelle Evans pulled a gun on another driver during a road rage incident that was apparently caught on camera.

Now, it looks as though Jenelle’s time on the show that made her famour may have finally come to an end.

For years, rumors about Jenelle getting fired have surfaced at the rate of about one per week.

This time, however, there’s real reason to believe that MTV and Teen Mom 2 producers will finally kick the Carolina Hurricane to the curb.

In case you missed it, police records indicate that some guy cut Jenelle off, and – as she’s wont to do – the troubled mother of three absolutely flipped out.

“Suspect [Jenelle] hit two vehicles in the yard and then she pulled a 10-84/G [suspect has a gun],” reads a report of the incident.

A witness told officers that Jenelle “hit his truck, ran over his mailbox and pulled a gun on him.” 

Naturally, Jenelle has her own version of events.

She claims that the other driver “purposely slammed on the brakes,” and she was only trying to protect her son when she … sped down the highway in hot pursuit.

Unfortunately for Jenelle, it seems the whole thing was documented by a TM2 film crew, which means she might soon be out of a job.

“The whole thing was definitely filmed,” a production source tells The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“It was all filmed on GoPro cameras. There was a full crew was there.”

The insider adds that MTV execs are “furious” about the incident and are currently discussing Jenelle’s future with the network.

“The higher-ups–and not the show higher-ups but the network execs– have the footage and are figuring out what to do with it,” the source said.

“They’re extremely upset by what they’re seeing.”

The incident is particularly troubling as taping for the TM2 reunion show is just a few weeks away, and Jenelle was involved in a controversy surrounding a weapon during last year’s reunion.

You may recall that Evans’ husband, David Eason, drunkenly stabbed some balloons with a knife during a cast party.

Eason has since been fired from the show, and it’s looking more and more like Jenelle will be next.

“This latest gun-pulling incident has a lot of people– cast and crew– freaked out since the reunion is coming up in a few weeks,” the source says.

“Because of David pulling a knife, everyone now has to go through metal detectors before entering the soundstage, but there’s still a concern that Jenelle could bring a weapon to set.”

One informant says that MTV bigwigs are concerned that if they Jenelle engages in any further violent activity, they might be blamed for enabling her by bringing her back to the show season after season.

“A lot of the cast and crew are feeling angry at the show’s producers for allowing it to get to this point,” another source told The Ashley.

“They wanted the drama, and now it’s too big for them to handle.”

Needless to say, lots of people would be very surprised if Jenelle is back for another season on MTV.

It might be a good time for her to complete that nursing degree she’s always talking about.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Jenelle’s decade of atrocious behavior.


Jenelle Evans Pulls Gun During Shocking Road Rage Incident!

When Jenelle Evans started getting into guns, many assumed it was only a matter of time before an incident like this took place.

But even Jenelle's harshest critics didn't think it would happen this quickly.

Radar Online is reporting today that Evans pulled a gun on another driver during an altercation in her native North Carolina.

Her eldest son, 8-year-old Kaiser, was in the car at the time of the incident.

The incident takes place just weeks after Jenelle joined the NRA and began ranting about her newfound love of firearms on social media.

Here's what we know so far:

1. The Incident

Jenelle eason gun photo
According to a police report, Jenelle called 911 on April 26 and stated that her son was injured when another driver “purposely slammed on the brakes” in front of her. However, she left out several key pieces of information…

2. A Pre-Emptive Call

Jenelle evans sunglasses son jace
It seems that Jenelle called police knowing that it would be her word against the accounts of several witnesses following a frightening incident that might ensure she never regains custody of Jace.

3. What Really Happened

Jenelle evans promoting lipstick
According to a report from the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Communication Center CFS, another driver claims that Jenelle “hit his truck, ran over his mailbox and pulled a gun on him.”

4. That Famous Temper

Jenelle evans promotes weight loss tea
According to witnesses, Jenelle became irate while driving behind the man and proceeded to follow him to his house, where she threatened him physically.

5. One Crazy Lady

Jenelle evans pic
“A crazy lady followed him to his house, she is fixing to get shot,” one onlooker told the police. Anyone who’s ever seen Teen Mom 2 knows that’s an apt description.

6. Flipping Out Is What She Does

Jenelle evans cracked out
“She was driving blocking traffic, he tried to pass her on the inside like everyone else and she flipped out,” the witness adds.

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