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Lindsey Vonn Still Clinging to Hope … After Devastating Knee Injury

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Lindsey Vonn ain’t throwing in the towel just yet … but she’s close … saying she’s still holding out hope she won’t have to retire from skiing after suffering another major knee injury. 

Vonn pulled out of the World Cup super-G run at Cortina in Italy on Sunday due to pain in her knee — the latest in a spectacular career riddled with injuries. 

Now, the 34-year-old Vonn — the greatest female downhill skier ever — is opening up about the reality she might have to hang up her skis for good. 

“After a lot of physical therapy and time to clearly think things through, we have come to some conclusions about my knee,” Vonn said on Wednesday. 

“First, we discovered the reason I had so much pain and muscle shut down in Cortina was due to an impact injury to my peroneal nerve.”

Vonn says the pain got worse each day and by Sunday “my lower leg was in a lot of pain and my muscles had completely shut down.”

“Now that we know the problem the next issue is fixing it. So far we haven’t found a solution and as a result I will not be able to compete in tomorrow’s downhill training run. However, since this is a new ‘injury’ per say, I remain hopeful that we can fix it.”

“I’m taking things day by day and we will see what happens.”

“I know that I might not get the ending to my career that I had hoped for, but if there is a chance, I will take it. Thanks for all of the support you have shown me, it helps keep me going.”

Alex Smith In Gnarly Leg Brace … 2 Months After Injury

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Alex Smith ain’t out of the woods yet — the QB is still using crutches and a complex brace around his leg … 2 months after suffering a gruesome injury against the Texans. 

The Washington Redskins star finally surfaced in public Monday at the Wizards-Pistons game in D.C. with his leg wrapped in bandages and what appears to be a Taylor Spatial Frame

FYI, a TSF is often used by doctors to treat compound fractures. It essentially helps the bone heal correctly with the use of pins, wires and rods. 

Smith’s right leg was snapped in half in a game against the Texans on Nov. 18 … with Smith ending up breaking both his fibula and tibia to the point where bone poked through the skin.

In fact, the injury was so devastating … reports say Alex needed further surgeries to correct an infection he got following the first operation to fix the issue.

But, Smith seemed to be in good spirits as he watched the hometown Wizards from a press box … even smiling as he spoke with people in the arena.

It’s unclear whether Smith plans to play ever again … releasing a statement just a few weeks ago, saying, “Although this is a serious injury, Alex and his family remain strong.”

“We would ask that everyone please honor the Smith family’s request for privacy at this time.”

Dez Bryant Scooter Life … After Gnarly Injury


Dez Bryant is all about the wheel routes now … ’cause dude’s using a scooter to get around these days after that devastating leg injury back in November. 

The ex-Cowboys superstar blew out his Achilles just hours after inking a deal with the Saints last month … and the injury’s expected to keep the WR off the field for the next year.

Dez underwent surgery days after the injury — but it’s clear docs want him to stay off the leg during the first part of the recovery process … ’cause Dez was seen living the scooter life around DFW on Wednesday night.

We’re told Bryant was in good spirits … scootin’ around the airport and even taking selfies with fans.

Dez has a long way to go until he’s cleared to run actual routes again … but, in the meantime — he’s sure making a blue scooter look cool!!

Magic Johnson Not Panicking Over LeBron Injury Here’s the Plan …


Magic Johnson doesn’t seem too concerned that his franchise player is sidelined with a groin injury — telling TMZ Sports it’s all gonna be okay! 

Of course, LeBron James scared the entire NBA when he left the Lakers’ Christmas Day game against the Golden State Warriors after coming up limpy after an awkward fall. 

Bron later announced the injury was just a groin strain — nothing more serious — but still, people are wondering if this is the beginning of the end for a soon-to-be 34-year-old who’s never had any serious injuries. 

“We don’t worry about what people say,” Johnson told us on the way out of Craig’s in Los Angeles … “We’re having a great season, you can’t worry about what people say.”

“I’m happy and we’ll be okay.”

We asked if the injury scare increased Magic’s sense of urgency in getting another superstar to the Lakers — to which he replied, “Nope. Nope. Nope.”

So, what’s the message to the rest of the Lakers who will have to soldier on without LeBron? 

“Play hard, play together, play Laker basketball.”

As for LeBron’s return date, Magic wasn’t specific — saying James is “taking a little time.”

We also asked Magic how he felt about LeBron’s controversy regarding his “Jewish Money” comments earlier this week … and the NBA legend seemed satisfied with how James has handled it. 

“He apologized so that’s a good thing,” Magic said. 

“He’s a great man and he apologized and everybody moves on, right?”