Victor Cruz Jerry Rice Is Insane … Eli’s A Hall Of Famer!


Victor Cruz is going to bat for his former quarterback … ‘cause the ex-Giants WR says Jerry Rice is absolutely INSANE for saying Eli Manning isn’t a Hall of Famer.

“Jerry Rice is outta his mind. You hear me??” Cruz tells TMZ Sports … “I’ll look right in the camera — Jerry Rice, you’re outta your mind, sir.”

As we previously reported … Jerry said he doesn’t think Eli belongs in the Hall — saying the NY quarterback just ain’t good enough to get in.

Cruz has a serious bone to pick with that hot take … saying Manning’s two Super Bowl rings ALONE put him squarely among the NFL’s legends.

“He’s definitely a Hall of Famer. Are you kidding me?! What are you talking about, Jerry?? C’mon man, you know better than this!”

We also asked Cruz for his Super Bowl pick … and no, he doesn’t think Eli’s gettin’ a third ring this season — but he says another legendary QB will get his 2nd!

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Stephan Bonnar Insane DUI Arrest Video, ‘You Picked the Wrong Group of Guys’

Cops have released video of Stephen Bonnar’s DUI arrest — when he was taken down by a group of concerned citizens — and the footage is crazy and scary at the same time.  TMZ Sports broke the story … the UFC Hall of Famer was driving like a…


Brittani Fulfer From My 600-lb Life: See Her Insane Transformation!

Not everyone from My 600-lb Life gets a happily ever after.

LB Bonner died of apparent suicide. Others have compromised physical health — or struggle with their mental health.

Brittani Fulfer has a much more positive life update and is flaunting some serious weight loss. Take a look:

Brittani Fulfer before photo 01

It was only a few years ago that Brittani Fuller struggled to even move because of her weight.

Even years later, as you’ll see in photos below, she was still overweight, and had a lot of excess skin after losing nearly 300 pounds.

Now, however, she is showing the world that she is a real weight loss success story.

“Me on my birthday a couple weeks ago,” she wrote on Facebook, sharing a stunning photo.

Brittani is almost unrecognizable.

She looks so good!

“Three years ago I weighed 600 pounds,” Brittani writes.

Her post continues: “Now I am stronger, healthier, and more alive than I thought was ever possible!”

“Am I skinny?” she asks herself. “Nope!”

“Am I okay with that?” Brittani asks, answering: “Yep!”

That is an extremely healthy mindset.

Brittani Fulfer before photo 02

“My goal is to be healthy,” Brittani explains. “Not skinny!”

We hope that we do not have to explain that there are small people who are unhealthy and large people who are doing just fine.

Brittani advises her fans: “Remember to love yourself today!”

Brittani then wishes her followers well, writing: “Be blessed!”

As you may recall, Brittani dropped her weight by 230 pounds on her episode of My 600-lb Life.

In her follow-up episode, she lost another 103 pounds, and had 27 pounds of fat removed from her abdomen.

Brittani Fulfer before photo 03

As we mentioned, you can see in these photos that, even after losing a lot of weight, she had a great deal of excess skin.

That is the sick joke of massive weight loss — your body might shrink, but your skin does not.

Brittani revealed on My 600-lb Life that her eating was a coping mechanism for the horrific childhood sexual abuse that she survived.

The abuse began when she was only five years old, and continued for another six years.

Like most people who use food — or drugs, or self-harm — as a coping mechanism, she was essentially self-medicating herself with food.

Different people cope in different ways. We’re glad that she was able to overcome her weight issue.

Brittani Fulfer before photo 04

In a recent post, Brittani reflected upon her weight loss journey on My 600-lb Life.

“One of the questions I get the most is would I do this whole experience over again,” Brittani wrote.

“The answer is…in less than a heartbeat,” she revealed.

“I have become much more the me I have always wanted to be,” she said. “I WILL ALWAYS be forever grateful for this experience.”

“I believe that nothing in life worth doing is easy,” she concluded. “It is hard work every day.”

Good for her.


Shannon Beador: INSANE Spending Exposed in Divorce Documents!

The Beador divorce is still ongoing, and Shannon and David had a hearing this week over David paying spousal support.

David wants to pay less, but the judge said that the court needs to review their financial information.

Here’s a look at what the two of them are allegedly making — and the eye-popping expenses that they both have every month.

RadarOnline has the details that might give fans a better understanding of why Shannon and David are squabbling in court over money.

To hear David tell it, he’s scraping by on a middle class income while Shannon is living like a queen while making three times as much..

Apparently David claims that he makes $ 20,000 a month.

That amounts to a six-figure salary, but it’s not pocket change.

David claims that Shannon is raking in $ 65,000 per month.

Shannon tells a very different story, and she may have the paperwork to prove it.

Shannon says that David makes about $ 108,168 per month.

(So, from what she claims, he makes more in three months than he says that he makes in a year)

Shannon’s 2017 tax returns show that she made $ 423,206 for the whole year.

That points to a monthly income of about half of what he suggests.

Shannon’s monthly expenses allegedly amount to $ 30,235, and here’s the breakdown:

$ 10,191 go to what she refers to as “film preparation.”

$ 12,000 go to rent. Yes, per month. She’s rich and she’s renting a house.

$ 1,625 on eating out (which, especially if she’s eating at nice places and leaving even a minimally decent tip, looks totally reasonable)

$ 5,000 goes to “entertainment,” which … is a lot of money in a very broad and vague category.

$ 2,250 is then spent each month on clothing.

David’s monthly expenses are apparently only $ 12,250.

$ 7,500 goes to rent. Again, these are rich people paying rich people prices for rich people homes.

$ 2,000 then go to groceries and household supplies. That doesn’t really sound unreasonable.

$ 1,000 on eating out on top of those groceries is a bit more, but sure.

$ 1,000 go to entertainment, gifts, and vacation combined.

These budgets sound like they’re self-described, so let’s take everything involved with a grain of salt.

The reason that all of this is coming up is because Shannon and David are fighting in court again.

David wants to amend the $ 22,500 per month that he is currently paying in support.

Specifically, he wants to tweak — or do away with entirely — the $ 10,500 that he is paying in spousal support.

(Nobody seems to be fighting directly over the rest, which is child support for their three daughters)

The result of David’s attempt to change the arrangement ws a three hour hearing, which apparently got on Shannon’s last nerve.

She was spotted holding back tears afterwards and heard telling him: “You are such a nickel and dimer! It’s disgusting!”

This sort of itemization of a person’s life is pretty common during a divorce if there’s any kind of support payment involved.

People explain their budget, and hand it off to a judge to evaluate.

Generally speaking, the “breadwinner” is going to present themselves as the sort of person who doesn’t spend much and keeps to a tighter budget.

The person who relies upon spousal support is more likely to list as many expenses as possible to show that they need the money.

It’s not that people lie, necessarily, just that they stretch the truth as far as it will go in the most convenient direction.

The court figures out the rest.


Kim Kardashian Reveals Her INSANE Weight Loss!

Though fans say that Kourtney is still hotter than Kim, there are few bodies on the planet more legendary than Kim Kardashian and her internet-breaking booty.

But Kim’s body has had some changes lately. And she has come forward to reveal that she is proud to have lost 20 pounds.

Kim is even revealing how she pulled it off. And no, feuding with Kourtney does not burn calories.

In an interview with E! that aired on Wednesday, Kim shares the new routine that helped her to lose 20 pounds.

“I work out about an hour-and-a-half every single day,” Kim reveals, sharing that she practices using “heavy weights.”

A lot of exercise intended to result in weight loss focuses upon sustained activity to burn calories, but Kim’s approach is a little different.

“I don’t do a lot of cardio,” Kim shares.

She teases that even her family has been marveling at the results.

“But honestly,” Kim says. “Like even my mom pulled me aside maybe a week ago and pulls me in a closet and is like, ‘What are you doing?’”

Why … why did this conversation need to take place in a closet?

Kim continues her anecdote about her mother’s desperate question: “She says, ‘I don’t care what, I just need to know.’”

That is … a phenomenally Kris Jenner way to ask something. Beautiful.

“I’ve been working out really hardcore with a bodybuilder for one year,” Kim announces.

“September,” Kim continues. “Is our one-year anniversary.”

In under one year, Kim has managed to sculpt her body beyond its already enviable shape.

“I’ve lost 20 pounds,” Kim reveals. “And I’m really proud of that.”

That’s impressive! Especially for someone so small who had so little, body-wise, to lose.

Kim shares her previous stats, saying: “I was almost 140 forever.”

140 and under is not a lot for a human being to weigh, but, at 5-foot-3, Kim is so very tiny that she felt heavy.

“And now,” Kim divulges. “I’m like 116 and it just feels good.”

Kim shares that this fitness habit is not the kind that boasts instant results.

“I didn’t see results right away,” she admits.

Very few sustainable workouts do see much initial change — unless you just shed water weight.

“But when you stick with something and you’re consistent,” Kim promises. “You will.”

“So,” Kim continues. “I love it.”

Kim notes that she has also made some adjustments to her diet that have contributed to her weight loss.

“I don’t really eat sugar the way that I used to,” Kim admits. “It doesn’t really do it for me.”

Different people crave different tastes. Though it is of course possible that Kim has just managed to convince herself that sweet things don’t taste as good as her new figure feels.

“I’ve kind of been trained to just eat a lot healthier than I used to,” Kim shares. “I used to just eat anything and everything and I loved it.”

One day, when medical science allows people to pop a $ 10 pill and lose 10 pounds of fat with zero consequences, maybe the whole world will be able to eat like that.

Kim explains that she has devoted herself to regulating what she eats and how much.

“And so I really do control that now,” Kim expresses. “I don’t want to ruin it by just stuffing my face.”

Some would say that the whole point of an exercise routine is to allow you to eat more of what you would like to eat.

Kim does reveal her cheat food: “I love Häagen-Dazs ice cream. That’s like my one go-to.”

Obviously, training with a bodybuilder and even eating healthy can be difficult or impossible if you’re not, you know, a millionaire. But it’s good of her to share her story with fans.


Kim Zolciak Shows Off INSANE New Lip Fillers!

OK, so Kim Zolciak loves to mess with her face, right?

You know it, we know it, everybody knows it.

She’s been getting lip fillers for several years now, and even though she looks like a completely different person than she did back in the day, she denies getting any other surgeries on her face.

Your nose just changes its entire shape as you age, apparently.

We don’t know why Kim’s always been so adament with her plastic surgery denials, but at least she’s always been open about pumping up her lips.

And it’s a good thing, because there’s simply no denying whatever it is that’s happening now.

We present Kim’s latest selfie:


The photo also features one of her children, precious little Kaia, and Kim tried to make the whole post about her.

“My heart hurts just thinking about this nugget starting Pre-K next week!!” she wrote in her caption.

She also tagged Kaia’s own Instagram account, because of course this four-year-old has her own account, and wrote “you light up our world!! Big Big Personality and lots of Sass.”

Which is sweet and all, but still … those lips.

Here’s another photo of them, just for good measure:

It’s too much, isn’t it?

Way, way too much.

And Kim’s followers agreed.

Many of them tried to be sweet about it, telling her things like “Kim you’re such a gorgeous woman you don’t need the lip fillers!!”

Others started off sweet before taking a turn, like the person that wrote “Kim, You are beautiful. But your top lip is not even looking human anymore.”

“Kim!!!! I love you!!” another person commented. “For the love of GAWD, quit with the mouth!!!!!!”

But some people just got straight to the point.

“It’s a caricature at this point,” one of those people said, and another asked “OMG! What have you done to your face.”

Now you look like you could belong on the E! show ‘Botched,'” someone pointed out. “You are overdoing it sis!”

For some extra real talk, one of Kim’s followers said “My lip hurts just looking at it. She’s so pretty she is, it looks like it’s about to burst.”

And it really does, doesn’t it?

One person commented on her lips in relation to her parenting, writing “You are deforming your face and what message does that send to your daughters.”

And one even called out her doctor, saying that he “should be ashamed” of himself for doing this to her.

But before you start to feel too bad for Kim over all this, don’t.

She’s been checking the comments and her feelings aren’t hurt!

When someone told her that she didn’t need that much filler in her lips, she replied “I love them for now.”

And when someone else said that looking like Kim does in these photos would be her “nightmare,” Kim responded with “don’t worry sweetie you don’t stand a chance to be as beautiful as me.”

It’s good she still has her confidence, at least!

Look, Kim really is gorgeous, and she always has been. No one’s ever denied that.

Up until now, she’s even worked the lip fillers, though they may have been a tad too much for some people’s tastes.

But this look she has going on now?

It’s just … it’s not good. It really, truly is not.