Farrah Abraham Undergoes Cosmetic Surgery … Inspired By Kylie Jenner?!

If you were worried that motherhood would slow down Kylie Jenner’s career, fear not.

The 20-year-old is crushing it harder than ever these days.

Kylie covers the new issue of Forbes thanks to her wildly popular cosmetics line, which the magazine estimates wilkl soon be worth more than $ 1 billion.

Of course, Kylie’s brand is based largely on her look, and it seems that in the style department, Stormi’s mom is still setting teends without even trying.

As you may have heard, Kylie got her lip fillers removed recently, and apparently big lips are not officially “out” as a result.

(We didn’t know facial features could be “in” or “out,” but  we guess that’s a testament to Kylie’s power.)

Most of the people who emulate Kylie’s style are young (like, can’t but booze yet young) and highly impressionable … but some folks think 27-year-old Farrah is also taking her cues from the cosmetics queen:

Yes, that’s video of Farrah getting her lip filler remove.

Many were quick to assume that Farrah was jumping on the Kylie-driven small lip bandwagon, but she claims that’s not the case.

“June 14th: Get your lip filler out the right way for more see,” Farrah captioned the above video on Instagram.

Yes, Farrah was careful to point out that she had her procedure done before the world learned that Kylie had reverted to her natural lips.

And she claims she got zapped with the “golden vibrator” for medical reasons, not cosmetic ones:

“Some filler migrated above my lip and I didn’t look like myself,” Farrah tells Radar Online.

“I did not want to keep waiting for it to dissolve, so Dr. Nazarian dissolved it for me.”

But that doesn’t mean that Kylie doesn’t play a role in all of this.

After all, Farrah waited almost a month to post this video, and she encourages her followers to have their lip fillers removed “the right way.”

We’re guessing she was paid by the doc to post this video.

Furthermore, we’re guessing this piece of sponsored content was inspired by one very young soon-to-be-billionaire.

Kylizzle is freakin’ everywhere these days.