The Duggar Family: Raking in Money with Instagram Ads!

The Duggar family is rich. Jim Bob made his fortune through real estate investments, and after all of their reality television ups and downs, he's worth over $ 3 million.

But 19 Kids and Counting isn't on television anymore, and Counting On doesn't rake in the same kind of money. But this family of over 30 members has found another revenue stream.

Fans believe that the Duggars are engaging in Instagram ads, like so many other reality stars.

Curiously, they don't seem to tag what appear to be product endorsements — usually of food — as #ads, but these posts are not subtle. At all.

Perhaps the Duggars are violating FTC regulations because they believe that they're above secular laws.

It's possible that they're just getting free products, but the volume of the posts seems to indicate to some fans that the Duggars must be getting paid for these promotions.

Take a look:

1. First of all, the Duggars LOVE Chick-fil-A

Duggars at chick fil a
They’re not even remotely subtle about it. This strikes many fans as a clear sign that they’re getting more than just free food out of this deal.

2. There’s a difference betwen Instagramming your meal …

Joy anna duggar with jill and derick
… And product placement. This, folks, looks like a straight-up endorsement to many Duggar fans.

3. Even Josh Duggar’s gotten in on the action

Josh duggar chick fil a photo
Which, you know, kind of reads like a Jared from Subway situation. But since these are unofficial ads, Chick-fil-A has avoided the backlash.

4. But the Duggars love more than just one restaurant that fits their brand

Jill duggar promotes milk on instagram
Jill Duggar tagged this whole milk brand in her captions, and alert fans note that it all really looks like a paid endorsement.

5. Derick helps out with these alleged promotions, too

Derick dillard and jill duggar on instagram
You know, Derick claimed that they don’t get paid for their roles on Counting On, so plugging a restaurant is certainly one way to make money. When fans get wise to your dubious requests for “mission funds,” that is.

6. Not the worst thing that we’ve seen in an IHOP parking lot…

Jill duggar and derick dillard at ihop
Not only did they photograph themselves standing in front of the restaurant, they heaped praises on how affordable it was for their family to eat there.

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Jinger Duggar Flaunts Baby Bump, Shares Parenting Advice on Instagram

As you’ve likely heard by now, Jinger Duggar is expecting her first child.

For the most obsessive fans of her famous family, the news of Jinger’s pregnancy was a long time coming.

After all, Jinger was married to Jeremy Vuolo for more than a year before she announced that she has a bun in the oven.

That timeline might make perfect sense for most people, but Duggar women frequently get knocked up on their honeymoons.

Of course, Jinger has always been her family’s resident rebel, as evidenced by the fact that she was the first female of her generation to wear pants in public.

(Duggar women are typically limited to floor-length skirts, even while playing sports or engaging in other physical activities.)

So it’s not terribly surprising that when it comes to starting a family, Jinger has decided to dance to the beat of her own drummer.

Jinger Duggar and Friend

And when it comes to parenting advice, she’s also bucking tradition by accepting input from outside her own family.

Jinger and Jeremy were in Los Angeles over the weekend for an event called the Shepherds’ Conference, a gathering of male Christian leaders.

Jeremy posted the above photo of his wife sitting next to a family friend named Emma Hatter.

“‘The days are long, but the years are short.’ Wise words to my beautiful wife from Emma Hatter, a dear member of @gracecomchurch for 50 years,” Jeremy captioned the photo.

The quote, from author Gretchen Rubin, was apparently Hatter’s response to Jinger and Jeremy’s request for parenting advice.

The words of wisdom have become a popular way of reminding new parents to cherish their time with their young children.

Particularly in the era of mobile devices and social media, it can be easy to forget that what really matters is face-to-face time with loved ones.

For all their many controversial parenting techniques, the Duggars deserve a tip of the hat for prioritizing family time over screen time.

Of course, when you star on a reality show with your parents and siblings, family time often is screen time.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial clan.


Blac Chyna Cries Her Eyes Out on Instagram

In a new Instagram video, Blac Chyna appears to be crying out for help.


The reality star and occasional sex tape participant shared the footage below this week, causing many followers to be both confused and concerned over her actions.

And we can understand why.

In the following video, Chyna remains silent, but the waterworks flow freely and clearly out of her eye sockets.

She mouths along to the track "Fade Away" by Logic, which isn't exactly an uplifting single.

Just consider a few of these lyrics from the song:

This life, yeah, it done ate away, hard times never stayed away/But one thing I know day to day, I’mma do somethin' 'fore I fade away…

Fade away, fade away/They gon’ know my name until it fade away.

Why might Chyna be so sad at the moment?

We're just a couple weeks removed from yet another sex tape scandal, as there's footage out there of Blac giving a blow job to an ex-lover named Mechie.

That's gotta be pretty embarrassing for her.

"Seems like the world is getting to her… gained the world, soul feeling lost,” one commenter wrote, while another fan added:

“she a human just like the rest of us, she has feelings too."

It's true.

And even though Chyna is now dating a virile 18-year old, she has been through A LOT over the past several months.

Remember that whole revenge porn thing? We can't blame Chyna if she's still struggling with that incident.

Whatever is going on, we do send Blac our best. We never want to see any celebrity looking this depressed.

Check out the following video to see what we mean:

Blac chyna cries her eyes out on instagram

Lauren Burnham: See Her Sexiest Instagram Photos!

Lauren Burnham is now known as the Bachelor winner/runner-up who Arie Luyendyk finally decided he wanted to be his wife.

After a good bit of waffling on the issue, of course.

But Lauren Burnham used to be known as an aspiring model.

It's true!

Under that alias of "Libby," which was short for her middle name of Elizabeth, Burhman has a profile on the website

We don't know the last time she updated it, but Lauren's bio currently reads as follows:

I started modeling about 8 years ago when I lived in Seattle and took a bit of a break, but I would love to start getting back into it.

I’m on MM because modeling for me is a way to express myself and have fun. I’ve also been super lucky to have met so many awesome people through different shoots and shows I’ve been a part of.

I’m partial to doing swimwear, fitness, fashion, editorial and beauty/glamour shots. However, I’m open to other concepts as well.

We're guessing Burnham's modeling dreams are now over.

But scroll through the Instagram photos below to see why she may very well have succeeded in this industry.

In short: it's because she looks REALLY good in a bikini…

1. Happy with Arie

Love them or hate them
Burnham is happy to have aspirations now that include being Mrs. Arie, as opposed to being a magazine centerfold. But you’re about to find out why plenty of magazines out there may have wanted Lauren to pose for them.

2. Burnham on a Boat!

Burnham on a boat
Lauren Burnham sure is enjoying herself on this boat. In turn, we are enjoying looking at her on this boat.

3. A Dog Day

A dog day
Arie’s chosen wife-to-be is rocking a bikini in this photo, while also chilling with a very cute dog. Sexy and adorable!

4. Butting Way Out

Butting way out
Lauren Burnham is the woman on the left in this photo. We’d understand if you weren’t entirely sure, based on the direction she is facing.

5. Coming Right at Ya!

Coming right at ya
Lauren confidently struts her stuff in this sizzling look at the Bachelor runner-up/champion of Season 22.

6. Is She Topless?!?

Is she topless
We don’t think so. We think Lauren’s friend’s are simply covering up the top half of Lauren’s bikini here.

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Josh Duggar Resurfaces on Instagram For 30th Birthday, Gets SLAMMED By Fans

For obvious reasons, Josh Duggar doesn’t make many appearances on social media these days.

It’s been three years since the world learned that Josh molested five young girls and was aided by his parents in his efforts to cover up his crimes.

Somehow, Jim Bob and Michelle have managed to rebuild their reputations, but needless to say, Josh hasn’t been quite as lucky.

The former lobbyist remains in virtual exile, and it’s rare for Josh’s parents and siblings to even acknowledge his existence in public settings.

Unfortunately for his long-suffering wife, Anna Duggar, not everyone is so able to so easily distance themselves from Josh.

Josh celebrated his 30th birthday over the weekend, and while most of the Duggars didn’t acknowledge the occasion, Anna paid tribute to her disgraced husband on Instagram.

And not surprisingly, her post wasn’t terribly well-received by fans:

Anna posted the video above in which an assemblage of Duggars serenades Josh in celebration of his milestone birthday.

Even Josiah Duggar’s new courting partner Lauren Swanson was on hand for the occasion and can be seen in Anna’s video.

But not everyone has proven quite so forgiving of Josh’s many indiscretions.

“Once a cheater always a cheater,” wrote one fan.

“She’s gonna get heartbroken again. Just caring for the woman’s well being.”

Others took issue with the manner in which Josh is holding his and Anna’s youngest child:

“This is disgusting, nobody wants to see your cheating child molester husband who’s holding his baby’s toes only cm from that flame. You should probably delete this post, the fat lump is disgusting me. Hope he burns in hell.”

Many pointed out that Jessa Duggar – who was revealed to be one of Josh’s victims – can be seen in the clip.

Others commented that Anna’s willingness to post such footage in a public forum points to a disturbing trend.

For two years after news of his sex scandals broke, Josh was nowhere to be seen on social media.

That changed in 2017 when his wife and parents once again began posting photos and videos in which he was featured.

Fans of the Duggars now fear that Josh is being slowly reintroduced to the public in an effort to normalize the father of five.

Some have even gone so far as to suggest that Josh might appear on Counting On, the Duggar’s popular TLC reality series.

That seems like quite a leap, but we’re sure the Duggars have often envisioned a future in which their eldest son’s misconduct is forgotten and forgiven.

Fortunately, there are many who seen intent on preventing that from happening.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Justin Theroux Finally Breaks His Instagram Silence

A couple of weeks ago, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux confirmed their split. It’s over. But hey, they’re still friends.

Since their confirmation, they haven’t been very outspoken … but now, Justin Theroux is finally breaking his Instagram silence.

So what does he have to say?

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston’s relationship did not last forever.

Though the couple only mentioned going their separate ways when they announced to the world that they were going to remain friends, it was clear to many that they’ve resolved to divorce.

The fact that they can go through a split so amicably is a sign that their bond is healthy and strong.

While fans wonder and tabloids speculate about what went wrong, the couple themselves don’t seem to feel especially driven to tell the world anything beyond that they’re breaking up and will remain friends.

But now, Justin Theroux has broken his silence on Instagram.

In the captions beside some adorable photos, Theroux wrote:

“Texas!!! [star emoji]”

A star emoji. Get it? Because Texas is the Lone Star State.

“Another very inspiring visit with the incredible people and pups @austinpetsalive.”


Not only is it wonderful that he lends his fame and platform to such a worthy cause — no-kill shelters and animal adoption — but he has to know that interest in his social media activity is at a high point.

His captions marvel at the work that the people at the shelter do.

“I cannot understand how they do what they do, day after day, so consistently and lovingly to save so many dogs and cats.”

And he endorses anyone and everyone going by to see the precious dogs.

“I HIGHLY recommend going in and getting your nose bit by a toothless baby pitbull.”

That is a very compelling sales pitch.

“These two aren’t yet ready to go, but when they are go get em…”

He gives some shout outs.

“Oh! And hey Houston! You have a Pets Alive no kill shelter there too! @houstonpetsalive Thank you APA!”

He then adds a series of tags.

“#pitbull #austin #texas #adoptdontshop #seniordogsrule …and #selenagomez”

That last one, while falling short of actually tagging Selena Gomez, is followed by a lengthy message that is perhaps the most absurd use of Instagram tagging that we’ve ever seen.


That reads: “Yeah, that’s right, Selena. I did it to you again. But if you saw these guys you’d do whatever you could, too. Also, I know you’re chill like that.”

Now, Selena Gomez and Jennifer Aniston are known to be friends, which is almost certainly how Justin Theroux and Selena know each other.

But it’s funny that he should mention her.

After all, Jennifer Aniston was spotted cozying up to The Weeknd at Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday party … in a photo snapped by Oprah herself.

The two of their exes were spotted side-by-side, and now he’s (almost) messaging Selena Gomez with animal adoption.

Some might wonder if he’s looking to get revenge.

Much more likely, however, Justin Theroux knows that Selena has a weakness for puppies (who doesn’t?) and also that her Instagram power is unmatched.

Who better to help get the word out than a fellow Texan?


Kendall Jenner: Nude on Instagram! Like, Completely Nude!

Kendall Jenner just boldly went where… pretty much every other female member of her family has gone before.

But that doesn’t make it any less surprising to see Kendall posing in her birthday suit.

Yes, we said birthday suit.

‘As in: Kendall Jenner just shared two photos of herself totally and completely naked.

We’re talking no clothing at all here,people.

This wouldn’t really be news if it were sisters Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian baring their goodies online because that’s pretty much all those young women do on the Internet.

But Jenner is a well established model.

She’s the Kardashian/Jenner who keeps the most to herself and, to be blunt, who keeps her clothes on more often when it comes to her Instagram account.

So, what prompted the 22-year old to share an image such as the one below:

Kendall Jenner poses naked… Take One!

We can’t say for certain because Jenner didn’t really include a caption with the sexy snapshots.

She simply tagged photographer Sasha Samsonova, who we presume was the person behind the camera for this pictorial.

But here’s a theory:

Kendall is dating basketball star Blake Griffin.

The Detroit Pistons power forward was recently hit with a palimony lawsuit by ex-fiancee Brynn Cameron, who alleges he convinced her to give up her career in order to support him…

… only to then ditch her for a Hollywood star as soon as he got the chance.

Sources say Jenner is really irritated by this development because she doesn’t like being at the center of this kind of controversy.

How might this explain the sultry photos above and below?

Kendall Jenner poses naked… Take Two!

Perhaps this is Kendall’s passive aggressive form of revenge… or of sending a message at least.

She likely doesn’t want to get into a public war of words with Cameron, making these pictures a subtle way of reminding her that:

A) Griffin has moved on to a new woman.

B) That woman is pretty darn nice to look at!

We could be wrong, of course.

These images may have nothing do with Cameron or Griffin at all.

It’s just hard not speculate because it’s so unlike Jenner to strip down in this kind of fashion.

What do you think of Jenner’s decision to go nude?

Is a sex tape on the way? A spread in Playboy? Or maybe just a spread in Paper Magazine?

Take your best guess as to Kendall’s motivation and then ogle away!


Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard: Drinking Alcohol on Instagram?!

Like millions of Americans, you might have shared a bottle of wine with your significant other on Valentine’s Day.

But because you’re not a Duggar (we assume) your massive social media following probably didn’t freak the eff out over it.

That’s a photo of Derick Dillard that Jill Duggar posted on Instagram.

“My hubby is the best,” she wrote.

“He totally turned our house into a steakhouse, serving me a wonderful Valentine’s Day dinner last night! #besthubby @derickdillard I love you babe!”

Nothing scandalous about that, right?

Well, normally there wouldn’t be, but the Duggars have strict rules about … well, everything, and one of the many, many things that’s strictly forbidden to them is alcohol.

Fans love catching Jim Bob and Michelle’s offspring breaking the insanely strict code of conduct they were raised under, so it’s not surprising that they zeroed right in on that bottle in Derick’s hand.

Is it really booze or some sort of sparkling cider, like you’d drink at a middle school dance?

It’s tough to say, but the Duggars aren’t talking, which has led many fans to conclude that Jill and Derick have been caught sampling satan’s bubbly.

Whatever the case, Jill and Derick really can’t catch a break these days.

Ever since Derick got fired by TLC for harassing a fellow network star on Twitter, Duggar obsessives have been watching their every move.

You might think it would be a good time for the Dillards to simply keep a low profile, but unfortunately, they don’t really have that option.

Throughout thair adult lives, Jill and Derick have supported themselves with monetary donations from Duggar fans.

Now that they no longer have those sweet reality TV dollars pouring in, those donations are their only means of supporting themselves.

As such, Jill and Derick have no choice but to continue engaging with fans. 

Even if it means being accused of totally normal activities that her parents have decided are worth a one-way ticket to hell.

Watch Counting On online for more hypocritical behavior from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Blake Lively Shows Off Insane Post-Pregnancy Body on Instagram!

It’s only been 18 months since Blake Lively welcomed her second child, and yet somehow, she’s rocking a summer body in February.

That may be almost impossible to believe but the actress posted photographic evidence on her Instagram page today:

“Turns out you can’t lose the 61 lbs. you gained during pregnancy by just scrolling through Instagram and wondering why you don’t look like all the bikini models,” Lively captioned the pic.

“Thanks @donsaladino for kickin my A double S into shape. 10 months to gain, 14 months to lose. Feeling very proud.”

Funny, in shape, and married to Deadpool?

“It’s not fair!” we cry, as we wipe Trump-colored Cheeto dust on our threadbare pajama pants.

Yes, yes … we know Blake has worked hard to get in such stellar shape, and we applaud her for it.

But what about those of us who don’t want to work out, but still don’t want an ounce of fat anywhere on our bodies?

You can see the predicament we’re in!

Amazingly, this is not the first time Blake has hit the gym hard soon after bringing a child into the world

“After I had a kid I thought, ‘Okay, this is what my body looks like. This is amazing — I earned this body,’ ” she said in 2016.

“‘And it’s not as good as it was before I had a kid, but, oh well.’”

Can we apply that mentality to eating one of every item on the Taco Bell menu in a single sitting?

It’s not as hard as having a kid, but we’re still proud of it, dammit!

Blake says that after her first kid, she was essentially forced to dedicate herself to nutrition and working out due to the fact that she was cast as a wetsuit-clad surfer in The Shallows.

“I’ve never been in that great a shape in my whole life,” she said. 

“So to do it after having a kid was actually really nice. Because you see your body after having a kid and it’s beautiful because you just gave birth, but it’s also ‘Oh my god, this is not what my body looks like.’ You feel like you’re never going to get your body back again.”

Okay … there’s our excuse.

We’re never gonna be cast in a Hollywood movie, so it’s okay for us to continue living the slovenly life.

We’re feeling better already.

Anyone wanna split a pizza?