Joy-Anna Duggar Wedding Invitation: Revealed! (Exclusive)

After months of wedding rumors, Joy-Anna Duggar tied the knot with Austin Forsyth earlier this spring in the couple’s native Arkansas.

Despite false reports of a fall wedding (on Joy’s birthday), the Duggars sent out invites to relatives and friends like any family would.

Invitations that (obviously) include the date:

Why is this invite – sent to The Hollywood Gossip exclusively from a source lucky enough to receive one – significant, you ask?

In many ways, really most ways, it’s not at all.

We can see the Facebook comments now:

“Ooh, A wedding invitation was sent out that included the date and the names of the duo getting hitched. What a BOMBSHELL exclusive, THG!”

We concede the point. It is worth noting, however, that this was sent to hundreds of people, each of whom honored a request on the back:

Do not post this on social media.

If you watch Counting On online, you saw Joy-Anna and Austin’s road to the altar culminate in the season premiere early last month.

That’s barely two weeks after this wedding.

Which means the Duggars either kept TLC in the dark, or the network is equally good at keeping secrets, and either way … it’s impressive.

Up until the night Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth married (and Joseph and Kendra Caldwell got engaged), we were in the dark.

So was the rest of the celebrity gossip world.

There were the aforementioned reports, complete with a fake registry, suggesting that the two would tie the knot later this year.

A week before the wedding took pace, an erroneous report indicated that Joy would become Mrs. Forsyth the previous Friday night.

Some critics, including our source (who wishes to remain anonymous), say this is just a classic example of deceit by Jim Bob Duggar.

We’re not sure we would go that far.

To be sure, Jim Bob knows that the courtships, weddings and pregnancies of his adult daughters are keeping his reality TV empire afloat.

(We won’t bother to point out the irony of a show about a deeply patriarchal family being rescued by a generation of young women.)

To be sure, JBD will shamelessly attempt to choreograph the release of details (most notably photos and videos) from such milestones. 

Still, he’s hardly the first person to use public interest in his family to get paid … nor would he want to sabotage his daughter’s wedding.

If you were to give him the benefit of the doubt:

Do you really expect him to spread the word publicly, not only impeding efforts to control media coverage but inviting unwanted attention?

Controversial as they are, the Duggar family could easily become targets of unwanted paparazzi, even protesters or deranged fans.

Not exactly a dream come true for Joy, is it?

Some Jim Bob detractors believe he is motivated by riches, fame and public perception more than the religious views he vocally espouses.

That very well may be the case.

Many of his actions through the years would support that argument … we’re just not sure guarding Joy-Anna’s wedding date qualifies.

At the end of the day, we’re just surprised he was able to guard it so successfully, all while mailing invites out like any father of the bride.

Perhaps his biggest asset is Northwest Arkansas.

Living there, so far from New York or L.A., even such a famously huge family and community can remain relatively tight-knit and private.

(At least until 6-7 weeks go by and some lucky invitee finds theirs and tips us off after the fact … and for that, we thank them.)

Can you believe, though, that in the digital age, and given their popularity and the tabloid scrutiny surrounding them, that his plan worked?

Love him or loathe him, what a big win for JBD.

Maybe keeping all the kids off of Instagram and other social media platforms until they get engaged is even more diabolical than we thought …


The Real Housewives of New York City Season 9 Episode 6 Recap: Wishful Invitation

Is Ramona Singer going off the rails?

That thought crossed Dorinda Medley’s mind on The Real Housewives of New York City Season 9 Episode 6 when it became apparent there was something going on with the veteran housewife. 

When the episode got underway, Bethenny met up with Sonja for some light lunch, and the ladies immediately started chatting about Dorinda and why she was mad at Bethenny for not showing up to Ramona’s party. 

Bethenny was quick to comment that she was just so over Ramona and her foul mouth, to the point she did not even want to be in the same room as her. 

Sonja then started chatting about how many of the cast members have dated her former boyfriends, and boy, Bethenny had the best zinger of the entire series: “You’re like a curator of c–t.”

While this was going down, Dorinda rallied her family, and they went to visit her late husband, Richard Medley’s grave. Hannah opened up with a speech, which basically said even though Richard was not her biological father, he was a great man. 

Elsewhere, LuAnn de Lesseps continued to prepare for her nuptials to love rat, Tom D’Agostino. She showed off her gown to the girls, who did not seem overly excited by the number. 

Dorinda was there, but she was the only one who had not quizzed LuAnn about what was going on with Tom, so there’s that. Now, that’s not to say she has kept her mouth shut when LuAnn is out of earshot. 

Also, Bethenny went to find out what the heck was going on with Carole. It turned out that she wanted Adam out of the house, but claimed they were still all fine and dandy. 

Bethenny claimed that it was a major red flag for the couple, one that would likely signal the end of their relationship. While Carole’s relationship was on thin ice, Bethenny opened up about her drama with Jason Hoppy. 

He was sending horrible emails, and even made her want to get rid of her apartment for somewhere nicer. 

While Dorinda was implying she was the keeper of the peace, she seemed to be trying to cause $ hit between Bethenny and Ramona. She decided it was a good idea to confront both LuAnn and Bethenny. 

Ramona quickly turned on LuAnn, wanting to know why she was not invited to her wedding because she already had her location booked. She felt like she was unfairly treated.

“Now you’re doubly not invited,” Bethenny shouted at Ramona, while LuAnn looked ready to duck for cover. Ramona then claimed she was happy for LuAnn. 

Yeah, right. 

When LuAnn made her getaway, Bethenny tried to do the same, but she was cornered by Ramona. Yikes.

“With your girlfriends, we all have situations that are good, but sometimes when it’s a bad time in their lives, do you like to be there for them?”

Bethenny was not impressed and tried to run off, but Ramona wanted Bethenny to know she was pissed at her.

“You can’t even have a conversation,” Ramona squealed. “I’m very disappointed in you in so many ways. I was there for you every day when you were sick.”

When Bethenny fired back that she was there for Ramona during her divorce, it sent Ramona into overdrive, but Bethenny escaped. 

The episode ended with her trying to get close with Carole, who wanted to run off. 

Is Ramona on thin ice with the ladies?

We have no idea. 


Kate Middleton: Snubbing the Queen’s Christmas Invitation?

If you watched The Crown on Netflix, you know that Queen Elizabeth II is a bad bish with zero f-cks to give.

Unfortunately, even the world’s longest-serving autocrat (“See ya in hell, Castro!” – QE2) is bound to occasionally come up against a rival that she can’t decimate with a withering glare.

Unfortunately, it seems the Queen is currently squaring off against two formidable foes, both of which are conspiring to deliver gifts of unwanted drama this Christmas:

The first unwelcome guest is a mystery illness – described by Buckingham Palace officials as a “heavy cold” – which forced the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, to delay their annual train trip to Sandringham Hall.

Bad colds may not sound like cause for concern, but Elizabeth and Philip are 90 and 95, respectively, and at that advanced age, the slightest illness can have dire consequences.

Palace insiders say the royal couple did make the trip today, about 24 hours behind schedule, and traveled by helicopter instead of train in order to make up lost time.

Some of the more ridiculous tabloids are breathlessly fretting about the Queen’s health, but they’ve been doing that for about 20 years.

Still, her illness serves as a reminder that Elizabeth doesn’t have too many Christmases remaining, which has made Prince William and Kate Middleton’s decision to spend the holidays with her family all the more scandalous.

Not surprisingly, the decision has prompted the usual round of rumors that Kate and the Queen are feuding.

(There have even been some reports that Kate decided to stay closer to home because she’s pregnant with her third child, which doesn’t make much sense, but hey – those headlines aren’t gonna click themselves!)

But now, sources close to the Duke and Duchess say that the decision is simply the result of Kate’s desire to give her two children a kid-friendly Christmas that isn’t packed with wall-to-wall photo ops and stuffy formal occasions.

“The decision has been made out of a desire to put Charlotte and George first,” parenting expert Lisa Clegg tells the Daily Mail.

“If William and Kate can take a step back from Official Royal duties at certain times, in order to keep life as simple and normal as possible for George and Charlotte then that’s absolutely the right decision.”

We hate to keep coming back to The Crown (although, seriously, binge that shiz over your Christmas break. It’s more House of Cards than Downton Abbey.), but it’s interesting that so much of the show dealt wit theh difficulties that arise when duty to family conflicts with duty to country, and now the Kate seems to be sending a clear message that her family will always come first.

It’s like she watched the show and had a horrific vision of her kids growing up to look and act like Prince Charles, and she immediately turned to William like:

“Tell ya granny we ain’t goin’ to Sandringham, fam.”

We hear Kate is 100% hood behind closed doors. True story.