Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra: Divorce Isn’t So Bad!

Last week, rumors that Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were headed for divorce made their way across the social media landscape with surprising speed.

Typically, when such reports surface but are not confirmed by either half of the couple in question, it’s easy to dismiss them as unfounded gossip.

But in this case, there was real reason to believe Catelynn and Tyler may have called it quits.

Fans began to talk after noticing that Catelynn had unfollowed Tyler on Instagram.

(There was also much chatter about the fact that she had changed her name to “Catelynn Lowell” on Instagram, but in fact, that had always been her display name.)

And while that may have been the most recent indication of trouble in paradise, it certainly wasn’t the only one.

On top of the suspicious social media activity, the fact that Tyler and Catelynn spent Mother’s Day weekend in separate states had fans on high alert.

All of this came on the heels of a very public rough patch that was documented on the latest Teen Mom OG season finale.

In the episode, Catelynn – who was fresh from a 6-week stint in Arizona rehab center – told Tyler that she feels she may need to return to the facility for further treatment.

Tyler encouraged his wife to seek out a facility closer to home for the sake of their daughter, prompting Lowell to reply, “She’ll manage.”

Later in the episode, Tyler confessed to his sister that he had begun to grapple with fears that Catelynn might not be the right partner for him.

Fans were stunned, and many pointed out that it was not the first time that season that Tyler and Catelynn had broached the subject of divorce. 

Needless to say, it’s not hard to see why fans were so quick to buy into the latest round of breakup rumors.

But against tough odds, it seems the Baltierras are determined to make their relationship work:

Tyler posted the above photo to Instagram earlier this week.

“Damn! I think divorce looks pretty good on us,” he captioned the pic.

“But we are getting a divorce #nothingcanstopus,” Catelynn added.

It’s important to note, of course, that Tyler and Catelynn both seem to have posted those comments sarcastically.

Catelynn even added a series of cry-laughing emojis to drive the point home.

And fans who are rooting for the beloved couple have found further encouragement in recent comments from Catelynn’s father, David Lowell:

“Tyler is in Texas visiting his dad Butch and Catelynn is in Florida with Nova visiting her older sister,” David said of the couple’s weekend apart.

“Everything is good as far as I know. I don’t know about the Instagram name change. I didn’t notice.”

Catelynn also addressed the rumors with a candid social media post:

“[Tyler Baltierra] and I are not getting a divorce,” she wrote.

“Couples go through ups and downs that’s normal life. We are a solid couple that will work through anything life throws at us!” 

So we guess it’s safe to say Tyler and Catelynn won’t be calling it quits anytime soon.

It’s a refreshing change of pace, as TMOG couples don’t have the greatest success rate.

Watch Teen Mom OG online for more on one the Baltierras’ many ups and downs.


Javi Marroquin Confirms New Romance, Admits He Still Isn’t Over Briana DeJesus

Over the past few days, nearly every member of the Teen Mom 2 cast hasn’t had to worry about getting a sunburn.

This is because they’ve had shade hurled at them from practically every direction.

Kailyn Lowry is feuding with Briana DeJesus. Chelsea Houska is storming off reunion sets. Jenelle Evans isn’t showing up for tapings.

Even by the scandalous standards of this MTV series, it’s been quite a wild week.

But not for Javi Marroquin!

Lowry’s baby daddy and Briana’s ex-boyfriend has been pretty darn quiet while chaos breaks out all around him, despite the fact that Kailyn and Briana are basically at odds over him.

(For the record: Javi got divorced from Kailyn in 2016. He then dated DeJesus for a few months toward the end of 2017.

Sources now claim that Lowry admitted at this past weekend’s Teen Mom 2 reunion that she and Javi hooked up shortly after his romance with Briana ended.)

Indeed, while most of the women on Teen Mom 2 are at each other’s throats right now, Javi has been sort of sitting back and staying out of it.

Until, that is, he sat down with MTV on Monday night as part of the Teen Mom 2 after-show.

He was asked in this Q&A about yet another romance, his latest, the one that started with yet another ex-girlfriend just a couple months ago.

Is he really back together with Lauren Comeau?


For the first time in public, Marroquin has acknowledged this relationship.

“Me and Lauren dated last summer, but it was just bad timing and we both had a lot going on,” Marroquin revealed, adding:

“And then we just rekindled, she texted me, and we were talking for a little bit. Then we hung out and the chemistry was still there, and now we’re together.”

Why would Comeau take Javi back, following chatter last year that he cheated on her?

We can’t say. But he says it won’t happen again.

When the MTV host mentioned last night that Marroquin moves quickly from relationship to relationship, the reality star didn’t dispute this assessment.

“I’m trying to get over the ex,” he said rather candidly.

We assume this was a reference to DeJesus, only because he and Lowry split such a long time ago.

It was seen as a pretty big deal back when Briana and Javi started dating, but the romance didn’t last long.

It concluded in January; not on the worst terms of all-time, but not on the most amicable, either.

“Javi and I are not together anymore,” DeJesus told Blasting News at the time, adding:

“Our future just doesn’t line up. He doesn’t want me to get my surgery for a breast lift, lipo, and tummy tuck because it’ll look bad on his name at work.

“Also, I don’t plan on moving in with him in the summer and for these reasons, he broke up with me.”

Added Marroquin several weeks ago, following this Briana break-up:

“Unfortunately it didn’t work out for us. Bri is an amazing person with the biggest heart I’ve ever got to hold. Everything she goes through and she’s still selfless and does her best to please others.

“She’s got a bright future and she’ll make any guy feel special.”

Wow, huh?

Should Lauren be a little jealous here?

Maybe. But things appear pretty serious between Javi and Comeau, considering they actually went on vacation with the former’s son.

Will they actually get married and buy a house together, as Briana claims Javi wanted to do with her?

Only time will tell.


Jenelle Evans Isn’t Filming Teen Mom 2; Is She Fired Yet?

David Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2 after, entirely of his own accord, he launched into a very public, bigoted rant against the LGBT+ community.

Jenelle's response has been nothing if not puzzling. She's even gone so far as to say that she should have been fired before David

It's very weird, and there have been a number of signs that have led fans to believe that she and MTV are going their separate ways.

Sources tell RadarOnline that Jenelle won't be filming again any time soon, and that she also hasn't filmed for a while.

But is Jenelle actually fired?

Costar Briana DeJesus is weighing in. Remember, folks — Briana is an actual friend of Jenelle's.

And she has a lot to say about the whole situation.

Briana also teases that, given everything that's been going on, this reunion will be bonkers. As in, even more explosive and meltdown-laden than usual. Which is saying something.

So … is Jenelle fired or what?

1. The story begins with a Twitter rant

Jenelle eason david eason photo
David Eason went on a massive anti-gay, anti-trans rant, and was promptly fired from MTV’s Teen Mom 2. But where does that leave his wife, Jenelle?

2. She’s in career limbo

Jenelle evans gun photo
Reportedly, Jenelle has not filmed for Teen Mom 2 since February.

3. And it looks like things are going to stay that way for a while

Jenelle and david top of the mountain
According to Radar’s source, “There are no plans to film with Jenelle for at least six weeks.”

4. And it doesn’t sound like there are concrete plans to put Jenelle back on camera.

Jenelle evans pregnant again
“There is no filming schedule with her right now,” the source reveals.

5. It sounds like Jenelle’s gambling her career for David … and losing

Jenelle evans in a bikini and shades
“Jenelle has been trying to get MTV to hire David back, as well as making outrageous money demands,” the source divulges. “And they’re not backing down.”

6. You know what else is reportedly an issue?

Jenelle evans advertises her youtube channel
Jenelle keeps uploading home videos, and she’s trying to push her YouTube channel. She’s trying to prove that she doesn’t need MTV, and they are not amused.

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Mackenzie Standifer: Ryan Edwards Isn’t on Drugs! Stop the Lies!

If some random person told you that Ryan Edwards of Teen Mom OG fame had failed a drug test and was back in rehab, you’d probably believe it, right?

After all, it’s not that hard to believe.

For the past few years, tons of Teen Mom viewers suspected that he had a drug problem, what with the way his eyes often appeared to be on the verge of popping out of his head in several scenes.

If that wasn’t the issue, it was his habit of nodding off — like he notably did in the scene when he drove himself and Mackenzie Standifer to their first wedding.

That footage was filmed in May of last year, and it was alarming, to say the least.

At one point, Mackenzie even had to grab the wheel for him, and we heard her asking him if he’d been taking Xanax “again” as she turned off the cameras in the car.

Shortly after that, Ryan was sent off to rehab, and in the current season of Teen Mom OG, it was revealed that he’d been addicted to heroin.

So for the timeline, he was doing heroin for a while, went to rehab, checked out early, got absolutely wasted at his November wedding, and now here we are.

And that’s why if we heard that he’d relapsed it wouldn’t exactly be the most shocking news in the world.

Earlier this week, a story began making the rounds — a story that claimed he had, in fact, had a bit of a setback with his sobriety.

The story was originally posted in a Teen Mom group on Facebook, where a person with “inside information” alleged that Ryan had failed a court-ordered drug test last Friday.

According to this supposed insider, he had meth and “various types of pills” in his system, and because of this, he lost visitation rights with Bentley.

A hilarious detail: the rumor also claims that he tried to bring in some secret urine to pass the test, but his little plan was ruined when he dropped the container and spilled it all.

The day after that, this person says that he checked himself into rehab, and that Mackenzie is telling everyone that he’s out of town “attending a truck driving school.”

Oh, and speaking of Mackenzie, because of this mess, she allegedly lost custody of her son, and now she’s only allowed to see him once a week at Ryan’s parents’ house (???).

Finally, the post claimed that Ryan “had a $ 1500 a day habit that included not only heroin, but cocaine, meth, xanax, and klonopin.”

That’s a whole, whole lot of information, right?

And Mackenzie is not here for it.

Pretty much immediately after this story began to get some attention, she made a statement to Radar Online — and she denied everything.

“It’s not true at all,” she insisted. “He’s right here next to me.”

She also added that “it’s disgusting to say something that has absolutely no merit,” and that “if Ryan failed a court-ordered drug test he would be in jail.”

Normally we’d have a hard time believing her, because goodness knows she’s struggled with being believable in the past — remember when she tried to say that she didn’t know anything about Ryan’s drug use until their wedding day?

But this time around, we definitely think she’s telling the truth.

If Ryan had failed a court-ordered drug test and if Mackenzie had subsequently lost custody of her child, there’s no way someone in a Facebook group would be the one to break that news.

As popular as Teen Mom gossip has become, there are several sites that keep an eye out for court documents concerning any of these people. Just think of how many court-related stories we’ve heard about Adam Lind.

Besides, the reunion was filmed last weekend in New York, the same day Ryan was supposed to have checked into rehab, and several people in attendance have confirmed that he was there.

Obviously Ryan isn’t doing super well with everything — the scenes from his second wedding proved that.

But making up elaborate stories about fake urine and failed drug tests and all kinds of child custody woes?

Not cool, guys. Not cool at all.


Bekah Martinez: Arie Luyendyk Jr Isn’t Ready to Get Married

Are you ready for The Bachelor's finale? One of the contestants thinks that Arie Luyendyk Jr. wasn't ready to film it. Not in his heart, anyway.

Bekah Martinez isn't divulging any The Bachelor Spoilers, exactly, but it's clear that she knows how things end.

In the video below, she isn't mincing words when she tells the world exactly what Arie is really like. She doesn't paint a pretty picture.

Bekah and arie

As we all saw in the preview for The Bachelor's epic finale, Arie Luyendyk Jr. feels like a monster. He says so himself.

It turns out that Bekah Martinez, the notoriously young contestant who was also very briefly a "missing person," has a similar view of the man whose heart she once vied to win.

She doesn't quite use the word "monster," but she describes a man who isn't being honest — with the world or with himself — about what he really wants.

Bekah is forthright and charming, but even so, some might be tempted to dismiss her words as sour grapes from a woman who cried literal black tears when she was sent home.

But … listen to her words and decide their merit for yourself.

Bekah martinez tells all

Bekah isn't revealing any spoilers about the woman Arie chooses, but she has a prediction.

"I don't see him being with this person for the rest of his life."

Well, the world's known for a while that Arie changes his mind after the finale and goes back to the runner-up, so … she's not wrong.

But more to the point, she says that he's not actually ready for marriage.

"I don't. I just don't think that's what he wants right now, if he's being honest with himself and honest with the world. I think it's odd [that he would worry about choosing the wrong person]."

She goes on to point out that Arie's outspoken indecisiveness is a sign that he's not cut out for marriage just yet.

"I think that if you fear yourself making a wrong decision that much, you're probably not very in touch with yourself."

Bekah from the bachelor

As fans await the finale, Bekah teases that it's going to defy expectations.

"I genuinely think this is going to be the most dramatic season ever."

The most dramatic finale, at any rate. And one of the most divisive.

"I'm not just being Chris Harrison on that. I think it's going to be very dramatic and very shocking. And I think people will have very strong emotions about the way that this season ends. That's for sure."

She thinks that Arie's fans are going to have some strong, potentially negative opinions about things.

Keep in mind that she has the inside scoop.

"I saw everything play out behind the scenes. You know, you are friends with the people [on the show], so you have people calling you, telling you what's going on, and it's rough."

Bekah martinez eliminated

Bekah is still in touch with most of the women from her season, and she says that her first response to hearing what went on after she left was … disbelief.

"At first, I was just like, 'Oh, my gosh, this cannot actually be happening.' And then, honestly, my reaction after was like, 'Oh, well, that kind of makes sense.'"

She's such a tease, but she has to be — she is contractually prohibited from dropping the spoilers that the Bachelor Nation craves.

"I think Arie has a conflict between how he wants to present himself and what kind of woman he thinks he should be with, and what kind of woman he knows he should be with."

Plenty of guys are in that position — even plenty of guys as old as Arie. But not all of those guys star on The Bachelor.

"And then what he really wants. I mean, you just don't change dating patterns you had for years and years at the drop of a hat because you're on a TV show. That doesn't just change overnight."

Basically, Bekah thinks that Arie likes to be in charge in his relationships and that he's not prepared to be honest about that or to get married.

Is she right?

Arie luyendyk jr and his final two

She says that these last five hours (yes, it's a two-day, five-hour finale) could change the way that Arie's fans feel about him.

"Arie doesn't have a huge fan base as it is, and I think the small fan base will be affected negatively [by the finale]."

So he's not doing his brand any favors.

That said, she doesn't think that he's a bad person.

"He may be a misguided person, perhaps, but I think he's a good person, and a fun person."

Honestly, Bekah might be the breakout star of this season of The Bachelor. She's such a delight.

Watch her interview for yourself. This girl needs to be back on everybody's televisions. Forever.

Bekah martinez arie luyendyk jr isnt ready to get married