Amber Portwood: Suffering from Mental Health Issues During Pregnancy

Amber Portwood is not in a good place right now.

But then again, she’s never been in a good place, not once in all the years we’ve known her, so it’s to be expected at this point.

After years of dealing with drug addiction and massive anger management problems and, you know, prison, not to mention the supreme creepiness of Matt Baier …

She’s been through a lot, to say the least.

So now that she’s settled down a little bit, since she’s cut Matt loose and found a new creeper to play house with and since she’s pregnant again, you’d think things would be easier, right?

At least a little bit.

But if you honestly thought that, then you must not be too familiar with Ms. Portwood.

While it looks like she gets along better with Andrew Glennon than she did with Matt, we don’t imagine that will be the case forever — Andrew has two exes with restraining orders against him, so a happy ending with Teen Mom’s OG felon doesn’t seem likely.

And while it may look like she’s in a better situation to have a child now than she was when she was a broke teenager, it really doesn’t feel that way.

After all, she doesn’t really parent the child she already has, and we all saw how maternal she was when she did have custody of Leah.

Spoiler if you missed the first few seasons of Teen Mom: most inanimate objects appear to be more maternal than Amber.

Look, the point is that it’s all just bad, everything about this whole situation is bad and weird and scary.

And in a new interview Amber just did with People, she’s opening up about how bad things are for her these days.

In the interview, Amber revealed that she “had a concern” with her depression recently, and after speaking with her doctor, they concluded that “it was a concern that postpartum [depression] was something that could happen because of how I’m doing right now.”

She explained that she wants to “nip it in the bud before anything gets too bad or you go into a really deep depression, which is not good for me right now, obviously.”

So she began taking antidepressants, which she said is “just something you have to do to make yourself feel better, and you have to make sure it’s safe for the baby and just move forward from that.”

First of all, it’s sincerely wonderful that Amber took the steps to get help if she’s been feeling depressed. Lots of antidepressants are perfectly safe during pregnancy, and it’s a great thing that she’s taking care of herself like this.

Obviously there’s no shame in admitting you’re struggling, and if she does develop postpartum depression down the line, she’s got a head start on battling it.

It’s also good that she seems to be wising up a little when it comes to her health.

Last year, after Amber broke up with Matt, she made statements about how she’d stopped taking her medications because she thought it was just her situation that was making her feel depressed.

Except she’s said many times that she’s bipolar, which isn’t something you just get over by getting out of a bad situation — not that depression is either, but bipolar disorder is a lifelong thing.

She’s also said before that the medications she normally took weren’t safe for pregnancy, but maybe since she’s already on antidepressants, she’ll consult her doctor about any other meds she made need after having the baby.

Maybe this is the first step to a whole new and improved Amber!

We can dream, right?

Oh, also in the interview, she specified that she’s 33 weeks pregnant right now, which means that she conceived within the first few weeks of dating Andrew.

What a world.


Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl LII Halftime Show Riddled with Disastrous Audio Issues

Justin Timberlake’s gonna have words with the audio guys, because they ruined his Super Bowl halftime performance. INCREDIBLE, @JTimberlake! #PepsiHalftime #SBLII — NFL (@NFL) February 5, 2018 JT hit the stage…


Javi Marroquin Issues Actual Apology to Kailyn Lowry

Look out, celebrity gossip lovers across the world!

You may want to duck and take cover.

Because we’re pretty sure pigs will start flying at any moment.

We have this inkling because Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin went ahead and did the unthinkable on Friday night:

He issued what appears to be a heartfelt apology to Kailyn Lowry.

For real!

“At the end of the day a good relationship with my sons mother will make Lincoln the happiest. I lost sight of that,” Javi wrote, referencing the child he shares with his ex-wife.

The mea culpa was prompted by Marroquin’s actions while visiting current (or maybe ex) girlfriend, Briana DeJesus, in Miami last week. (More on that down below.)

“This trip made me realize that and I’ve apologized to kail for my actions,” Marroquin added, regarding Lowry and their relationship.

javi m tweet

The formerly married reality stars co-parent their four-year-old son.

Through all their ups and downs (and there have been A LOT of ups and downs!), Javi and Kailyn have at least always seemed dedicated to raising their toddler in as happy and as healthy an environment as possible.

The couple was together as husband and wife for three years prior to their split in 2016.

Both have since moved on with other lovers, as Marroquin’s ongoing, up-and-down relationship with fellow MTV personality DeJesus is a constant source of tension.

Early last week, Javi visited Briana in Florida, where she had gone to get some plastic surgery.

It’s unclear exactly what transpired between the pair, but Marroquin peaced out quickly, sparking chatter that the twosome had broken up once again.

What the heck happened between Marroquin and DeJesus that prompted him to leave earlier than planned AND to subsequently apologize to Lowry?

“I should’ve never went. I should’ve went to LA like I was supposed to. We broke up for a reason and yesterday reassured me that,” Javi simple said mysteriously to Radar Online when asked this question.

It’s since been rumored that Briana’s baby daddy, Devoin Austin, also showed up in Miami, creating quite the awkward situation.

Clearly having heard this rumor, and likely having been asked about it on Twitter, Lowry took the high road on Friday.

She refused to rub any salt in Javi’s latest wound, writing to followers instead:

“Everyone’s asking where tea is at but javis been through enough so I’m not gona put him through more s—t.”

kailyn tea

Man. It was a lot more fun when these two were at each other’s throats, huh?

For Lincoln’s sake, we’re glad his parents look like they’re maturing and acting like real adults.

But it’s a real bummer from our side of things!

Marroquin and DeJesus, meanwhile, called it quits in January after dating for just a few months, although it’s apparent the nail wasn’t fully stuck into their romantic coffin at the time.

“It’s none of my business, so my mouth is closed. I wish Javi the best, as always,” Lowry told Us Weekly about the break-up last month.

But then Kailyn went ahead and sort of made it her business by bringing Marroquin on her podcast and asking him about his split from DeJesus.

Briana was not very happy about this development.

She WENT OFF on Lowry and Marroquin in an epic Twitter rant shortly after this appearance.

“Call me ratchet, trashy all you want but don’t mention my name again and there will be no issues,” Briana wrote as one of many messages aimed at Kailyn and Javi, adding:


She also wrote this:

dejesus rant

Is there any chance these three bury their hatchet over a cup of coffee?

Or on a special Teen Mom episode?

Don’t count on it.

“It would never happen. We would never get along. You allowed her to disrespect me to my face, also on camera, also in text messages,” Kailyn told Javi on the aforementioned podcast, concluding:

“When I said what I had to say in a nice way, you defended her and not me. We raise a son together, you don’t raise a son with her.”


T.J. Miller Accused of Sexual Assault; Actor Issues Firm Denial

Even if you don’t recognize the name T.J. Miller, you’re almost certainly familiar with the comic and actor’s work.

Star of the popular HBO sitcom Silicon Valley, Miller’s distinctive voice can be heard often, in everything from commercials to cartoons.

And now, his name has been added to the ever-growing list of powerful men in Hollywood who have been accused of sexual assault.

The Daily Beast has published an account by a woman whose name was not given due to fears of reprisal.

She says she dated Miller when they were both students at George Washington University in Washington.

The relationship reportedly ended following a violent sexual encounter that left the woman traumatized.

“He just tried a lot of things without asking me, and at no point asked me if I was all right,” she tells the outlet.

“He choke[d] me, and I kept staring at his face hoping he would see that I was afraid and [that he] would stop… I couldn’t say anything.”

The woman, who was referred to only as “Sarah” in the piece, says Miller punched her in the face during the encounter, bloodying her lip and breaking a tooth.

Others who attended GWU with Sarah and Miller have come forward to corroborate her account, revealing that the allegations against the actor were common knowledge on campus.

“I attended George Washington University for undergraduate studies from 2000 until December 2003… I had a romantic relationship with [this] woman, who spoke with me about T.J. Miller sexually assaulting her,” attorney Matt Lord wrote in a statement issued to The Daily Beast.

“At the time I believed the statements she made regarding the assault by Mr. Miller, and I continue to believe the statements she made are true.”

Lord added:

“She was engaged in student conduct proceedings regarding the sexual assault, and I remember the emotional toll that the assault and the subsequent conduct hearings placed on her.”

Anonymous sources who have worked with Miller claim the actor has a history of dismissing the allegations by making light of them.

Many believe that it’s for this reason that prominent female comics and actresses have declined to work with Miller.

T.J. and wife Kate Miller issued a statement today in which they denied the allegations and attempted to discredit the accuser.

This is the couple’s statement (which was posted alongside the photo below on Kate’s Instagram page) in its entirety:

“We met this woman over a decade ago while studying together in college, she attempted to break us up back then by plotting for over a year before making contradictory claims and accusations.

“She attempted to discredit both of our voices and use us against one another by trying to portray Kate to be a continuous abuse victim of T.J. (further efforts to hurt the two of us).

“She was asked to leave our university comedy group because of worrisome and disturbing behavior, which angered her immensely, she then became fixated on our relationship, and began telling people around campus “I’m going to destroy them” & “I’m going to ruin him.

“We are confident that a full consideration of accounts from and since that time will shed light and clarity on the true nature of not only this person’s character, but also on the real facts of the matter. (See the e-mails referenced).

“We stand together in stating this is nothing more than an unfortunate resurgence of her lies designed to wreak havoc on two happily married people in the public eye.”

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.


Rain Brown Issues Catfishing Warning: That’s NOT Gabe Brown!

For reality stars, the Brown family isn't the most active on social media. Sure, Bam Bam and his girlfriend provide some updates, but it's mostly only Rain Brown who speaks for Alaskan Bush People on the interwebs.

Which means that a strange task fell to her, as you'll see in the video below.

Rain Brown took to social media to share that Gabe Brown hasn't been online and is going through a rough time right now. Because apparently a catfisher has been pretending otherwise. …

Gabe brown hauling wood

Most reality stars use the fame that they acquire on the small screen to make their star shine even brighter.

That can mean product endorsements. It can mean crossover reality appearances (especially if anybody's marriage or relationship isn't going so well).

But, bare minimum, it means using social media to the fullest extent. You can grow your audience that way. You can also market yourself and your fame to companies that way.

The stars of Alaskan Bush People, however, don't do that so much.

Rain Brown, the family's youngest — she just turned 15 — has become the Brown family's de facto spokesperson.

Which led her to share this strange, strange message on Instagram:

Gabe brown bird brown rain brown in target

In the video that you'll see below, Rain (who seems a bit anxious as she speaks, but we get it) warns of a stranger who is spreading misinformation about Gabe Brown.

"There's this girl posing to be Gabe's girlfriend. I wanted to quickly [clear] some things up for you guys."

That's super alarming. It sounds like either the girl herself is just seeking fame over an imagined relationship, or someone is pretending to be Gabe online in order to catfish Alaskan Bush People fans.

It sounds like it's the latter situation, because Rain goes out of her way to assure the world that Gabe is not online at the moment.

"Gabe does not have his phone; hasn't had his phone in a long time."

That's unusual for anyone these days.

"Please don't listen to anything that anyone says about him."

That's not uncommon for reality star siblings to say about each other — it's natural to be protective.

But it's good to remember that being contacted by someone claiming to be a celebrity … well, you should almost always assume that it's not really them. Look for that blue checkmark of verification and even then, consider that they may have been hacked.

Rain elaborates on Gabe's circumstances, and though she's pretty vague, it doesn't sound good:

"He's going through a very hard time and his phone broke and he does not have it."

Considering that the Brown family has been living large in a Beverly Hills mansion recently, we're guessing that there's much more to Gabe's lack of a phone than the first one getting damaged.

Because surely they could just buy another. It sounds like he's in a really bad place, emotionally.

Rain brown and gabe brown

Rain takes the opportunity to share a message about her sister, Birdie.

"And also Birdie likes to be kept very private."

Again, the Brown family is much, much more privacy-oriented than you'd expect for a bunch of reality stars.

"And so she doesn't, you know, she doesn't really let anyone follow her. And she doesn't like people messaging her."

Rain then seems to almost immediately contradict herself (again, she's talking about a serious subject; some anxiety goes with the territory).

"But you are welcome to message her, and she'll read it, and sometimes I think she replies — I'm not positive."

So maybe Rain should have checked with Birdie before she spoke about what Birdie likes or doesn't, but Rain's doing her best.

"My family's really private, and that's really the only reason that I'm the only one on here."

No 15-year-old should have to be the spokesperson for her famous family, but here we are.

"And I never say anything about the rest of my family because they're all very private people."

Gabe brown and best friend

So, first of all: catfishing is bad, but catfishing as a celebrity who is already going through a hard time — we're guessing that Ami Brown's lung cancer is just one of his current struggles — is worse.

You might think that only a fool would get caught by that, but that doesn't mean that a foolish person deserves to be deceived.

There are a lot of desperate, lonely people who would love to believe that they're in a relationship with a famous person.

And there are some truly unhealthy people who would get a thrill out of tricking someone into believing that.

Second of all, though, the Browns are continuing to make a big mistake by staying off of social media.

Remember the fan controversy over that photo of Billy Brown? If Ami and Billy were active on social media, they'd have a chance at controlling the narrative about Billy continuing to smoke while his wife battles lung cancer.

At the very least, they could bombard fans with enough content that a random photo of them would have gotten less scrutiny.

Also, Rain uses the video to share that she has "almost" 40,000 followers on Instagram. She actually has more than 40K, now.

Anyway, here's the video of Rain Brown. As we said, she seems a little anxious, but that's more than understandable.

Rain brown issues catfishing warning thats not gabe brown