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Gucci Issues Guidelines to Deal w/ Angry Customers … CEO Confesses Blackface Ignorance


As Gucci’s blackface controversy rages on, the company’s taking steps to make sure it doesn’t get any worse … by training employees how to handle “disruptive behavior.”

Gucci sent out an “updated security protocol” playbook — obtained by TMZ — to its staff, suggesting ways to deal with protesters or potential troublemakers.

According to the internal memo, Gucci anticipates, “individuals may be coming into our stores to express their concerns or looking for a reaction, and it is important to be extremely cautious, empathetic and focused on de-escalation in the current heightened situation.”

Check out the protocols … Gucci provides employees a script for different situations and specifically spells out how to approach possible pranksters or people recording video on the premises.

As for the blackface sweater — Gucci authorizes its workers to apologize on behalf of the company and accept any return of the item … even if it’s past the company policy of 14 days. Any other item purchased more than 14 days ago cannot be returned, however.

The overall the message to employees couldn’t be clearer, though — “ALWAYS FOCUS ON DE-ESCALATION. NEVER ENGAGE IN A VERBAL OR PHYSICAL ALTERCATION WITH A CLIENT.”

There’s more … Gucci’s CEO, Marco Bizzarri, also sent a letter to employees saying he initially thought the luxury brand’s blackface sweater was a minor snafu and people were overreacting.

He insists the mistake was unintentional, though … and admits in the letter of being ignorant of “the history and significance of blackface.”

Bizzarri says the company’s going to hire 5 new designers from around the world to fill positions within the Rome design office to increase the company’s diversity of perspectives and vows that, “any product that is, or may be perceived as, culturally insensitive does not get to the production stage.”

Bill Belichick Hopes Josh Gordon Handles His Issues … ‘Unfortunate Situation’

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Bill Belichick says Josh Gordon‘s departure from the Patriots is “an unfortunate situation” … and the coach is hoping his troubled wideout is able to handle his issues going forward.

“Personally, I wish him the very best as we all do on this team,” Bill told reporters Friday.

Gordon announced Thursday he was stepping away from the Pats to focus on his mental health … just minutes before the NFL announced he violated the league’s substance abuse policy once again.

Belichick declined to get into specifics of Gordon’s problems with media members — callin’ it, “a private matter” — but repeated he hopes the WR gets the help he needs.

“I hope that he’s able to deal with it successfully,” Belichick said.

As for if the Pats will continue to help Josh while he’s away from the team … Bill said, “We’re going to get ready for Buffalo and play Buffalo on Sunday.” 

The Patriots traded for Gordon earlier in the season after the Cleveland Browns decided to cut bait. Over the years, Gordon had been suspended multiple times for substance abuse issues

But, the final straw for Cleveland was when Gordon suffered an injury in Sept. while shooting a promotional video. 

Gordon played 11 games for the Patriots and racked up 40 catches for 720 yards and 3 TDs. 

Pete Davidson Turning a Corner on Mental Health Issues


Pete Davidson is turning over a new leaf thanks to the immense support of his loved ones … and he’s getting professional help as well. 

Sources close to the ‘SNL’ star tell TMZ … he’s now hunkering down and focusing on his mental health issues and his well-being. We’re told friends and family members rallied around him this week, and calls of support and encouragement have been coming in nonstop.

Our sources say Pete’s been overwhelmed by all the love and it’s lifted his spirits … and he plans to be back on ‘SNL’ when it returns in mid-January.

We broke the story … Davidson was really in a dark place last weekend when he posted an ominous note suggesting he wanted to die, and he even believed his friends and colleagues didn’t care about him. We’re told what spun him into that dark place was Ariana Grande’s tweet seemingly making fun of mental health issues.

Pete now realizes … his friends and family do indeed care about him … a lot. 

As for his ex-fiance, Ariana Grande, being turned away by security when she rushed to comfort him … we’re told it’s because he was hurt by what she tweeted